AR Rahman shortlisted for the Oscars!

Bollywood Legend and Oscar winning Music composer AR Rahman has been shortlisted for the 82nd Academy Awards to be held on March 7th 2010 in Hollywood, California.

Rahman’s song ‘Na Na’ from ‘Couple Retreat’ is one among the 60 odd songs competing against each other for the Best Original Song category nomination.

Rahman had a great 2009, when he swept almost every award that was to be won, including two Oscars for his award winning original score for Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire.

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  • AR Rahman is the best Indian music composer that ever lived! His originality and consistency in creating masterpieces of everything that he lays his hands on, is astounding, breathtaking and unreal. I wish him all the best of luck and I really hope that he wins every award that there is to be won. He deserves it.

  • There have been even greater music directors in India. The only reason for Mr. A. R Rahman to be so popular in Hollywood is because he rendered music for a foreigner who cashed on with everything in the movie at the cost of Indians. A. R Rahman is a good music director but giving him so much credit is going too far away. We have had music maestros like Naushad Ali, Shanker Jaikishan, S. D Burman and his son R. D. Burman, Madanmohan, Roshan and there is an endless list. Yes we are proud that one man has taken us to the Hollywood standards, but the others are forgotten too soon.

  • He deserved the oscar for Jay Ho.. but there’re lot’s of composers, singers in India who deserve attention e.g. Sonu Nigham, Pritam & Atif Aslam.. why only A.R. Rahman?

  • Hi guys – I’m fairly new to this site and it’s the first time I’m commenting but I’ve been ardently following past comments by regulars. I’m South African and a die-hard fan of BW movies – together with a lot of other SA Indians – so am quite interested in reading all about BW and found this site quite good – especially the fact that the Indicine team make it a point of reading comments and responding to them. Well done on a fantastic job!

    As far as commenting on this topic is concerned, I would like to add my two cents worth. I must agree with #2 Fiemie Du Preez – AR Rahman is truly a deserving candidate – talented all round in music, be it singing, directing or composing – the man’s just too good!

    I also agree with the other correspondents (Mithu + Fathiya) that there are other brilliant musicians who have not been recognised or perhaps even forgotten. However, and I stand to be corrected – I doubt the others made a break in HWood so obviously there’s no chance of being nominated at the Oscars. Secondly I don’t think that likes of RD + SD Burman, etc. are totally forgotten as their music still lives on to this day. This can be verified by their songs still being downloaded.

    I also think it’s a bit unfair to say D Boyle ‘cashed in at the cost of Indians’. Many foreigners have made movies in India and about Indians but none appear to have been criticised as much as D Boyle. The man made an excellent movie – with Indian stars – that alone should give us all reason to be proud of him and the movie. I even read elsewhere that he was responsible for moving some of the slum child stars to better homes when there was the threat of demolition. I think he deserves praise for this gesture – he didn’t just make his money and ignore the rest – he continued to do things for them.

    Having said all of that and to return to the topic – I will be crossing fingers for AR Rahman and hope he does us Indians proud again!

    Cheers from sunny SA

  • @ Fathiya

    We talking about original score here … which of the pritam’s song has an original score lol … and atif aslam is okay … to mention i like both of them pritam and atif but they aint matching the international standard.
    Sonu Nigam for sure is an amazing singer.

  • First of all I must say that A.R.Rahman sir was brought up in a poor family. His mother was his only companion. His mother rented his father’s musical instruments to earn. Thus his talent led his ultimate success since Roja and till now. So no question of money comes here. One of the main reason of his success is that he gives a chance to other musicians, singers or technicians to show their talent as he believes that everybody has got some talent inside them. Thus, when many talents come together then a great thing is created. You can read what Lata ji (Mangeskar) says about him. You can get it any where in the internet. Secondly, he experiments music and due to this he creates new things. The song ‘Na Na’ is one of the new things. And I’m sure that no other Indian composers may be that Pritam, or S.D.Burman or others can compose this type of music as this type of music will never come to their mind. Rahman is only a god gifted genius. ‘Sajna’ is good to hear but ‘Na Na’ is totally different. Excellent combination of voice, brass, trumpet and saxophone is there. If you know anything about ‘Salsa'(Latin rhythm) then you can feel it. And you can’t realise how extraordinarily he combined Tamil lyrics with a Latin rhythm. Oscar for this song is too small.
    Now I must say what Atif and Pritam is. They are in Rahman’s feet level. They know only ‘Rocks’ and nothing else and only the digital system and ‘Dj’. No sort of originality is present in them. And so they cannot create any mood. But I must praise Pritam for the song ‘Ami Je tomar’ from ‘Bhul Bhulaiya’, its nice to hear. And I’m sure people who commented here against Rahman, will never like this song. But Rahman is the only best. Sonu Nigam has a god gifted voice and nothing else and so he is famous. I must say Amitabh Bachchan sings better than Sonu but he has not got that voice.
    A.R.Rahman sir produces original music with minimum amount of digital system except his synthesizers(as it is very much needed). He has the ability to create a different mood with different music.
    The only composer next to Rahman is The Shankar Ehsaan Loy trio. They are the one who can be compared and produces good music.
    Thus he very much deserves Oscar. But he must have got it earlier. The Oscar team is very late to realise his music.
    The comment of cashing Indians, by Mithu Hiranand shocked me. I want to know where from you get this news. Please post a comment on this. I wanna know that is this your mind’s creation or not. Please donot write whatever comes to your mind about any Legend.

  • Hello Kyem. Thanks for your opinion. You posted yours and I posted mine. No hard feelings. Have a nice day.

  • I have a question for Rooksana…Is your surname Carim and do you live in Durban in South Africa? Because I also live in South Africa, but I live in the Eastern Cape and I am a huge fan of Bollywood movies and everything that has to do with Indians…Haha! I’m also learning to speak Hindi now, so maybe we could contact each other some time since we live in the same country and share a common interest…Bollywood movies. It would be great. Anyway. I thought I’d at least give it a try.

  • AR Rahman changed the music of the world and he’s the one and only….nothing to say if u analyze his cording relation,composition,use of instruments its amazing…

  • A.R. Rahman the genius music director, a born talent and everybody praise him for his work. The only deserving candidate for Oscars other than A.R. Rahman is Ilayaraja who composed music for more than 950 films. But A.R. Rahman is genius in terms of composing and in terms of making tunes in different languages..for eg. He composed tunes for Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and off course for English. He is truly the genius and deserves more than Oscars!

  • Bollywood Singers and Others are jealous to A.R.Rahman because he is from our region he is from Chennai. Isai Puyal you deserved the best in Indian Music. Whatever people will said we don’t feel sad. We love you more than the Actor Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan…..

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