Salman – Katrina not together anymore?

A few statements made by Salman Khan over the last couple of days, while promoting his upcoming film Veer, seem to indicate that his much talked about relationship with Katrina Kaif, may have actually ended sometime back.

On Monday afternoon, shooting for a television reality show Dance India Dance with Mithun Chakraborty, Salman said “Katrina has changed” to the surprise of most present.

The very next day at the FICCI Auditorium, Salman talking about his relationships and commitments said “I’m a very committed person. If it (commitment) breaks, its always the other person who breaks it and not me. I don’t interfere much because it matters a lot to me.”

He also went on to say “When I commit, I stick to it”

In the recent past, Katrina post a minor surgery, went off to UK for a short holiday amidst heavy rumours of a break up.

At 44, after suffering from far too many break-up’s to list, is it yet another relationship down the drain for Salman?



  • Y Fathiya alz have 2 say bad things abt Salman ? U dnt like Salman den shut ur mouth up. We love Salman so we cant take dese rubbish from u. We never tell anything bad abt oder heroes whom we dnt like. den y should u ?

  • Heh you.. who’s name is “Nazeer” who are you to stop me of what I think or what I post?!!! is this page or this website your home? you’ve no right to say all this.. this page is about both Katrina and Salman they’re not together any more.. and there must be reasons for that.. Salman never proposed marriage to any of his ex- girlfriends.. I always used to read about him on Indian magazines, heard about him in tv and some channels.. that he never propose to any girl.. he’ll hv an affair for few years and when it comes to marriage.. then he’s not making any decision.. even on zeeaflam channel, 2 weeks ago the announcer talked about him.. that he’d rather stay bacholar..doesn’t want to marry.. even his mom hit him on Farah Khan’s show Tere Mere Beech Mein, and told him that he reached 44 years, getting old and still doesn’t want to marry.. he was serious “only” with Aishwariya, but she dumped him.. that’s his fate, and probably she’s the reason that he doesn’t want to get married anymore
    I think I know about yr Sallu more than you do!

    Srijon: who said that I don’t like Salman? I didn’t like him in the roles he used to played in the past, trying to be funny and repeating his roles in some crap comedy movies, but he’s improving now..I always liked him and wished that he become a bit serious, and now.. he’s doing the roles which satisfy me as an audience, movies like London Dreams, Main aur Mrs. Khanna and now Veer.. and hahahahahahaha.. u just make me laugh.. u guys don’t say anything bad about any actor whom u don’t like?!!!!!!! Is this a joke?!!!!! I think u r new on this page or what? Didn’t u read all the crap about Shahrukh Khan on different pages of this website since last year?!!

  • Tawny: don’t say that.. his fans will kill you now!! they never admit that people see things differently.. you see Salman as ugly, even some members in my family see his the same way.. but I see him as a good looking guy ( in the past he was more than now) I see Shahrukh the most attractive man in this world, but some ladies in my family say: nothing special in his look.. that’s the way we’re all in fact and that’s natural.. you might see the colour red as a very attractive colour.. and I would say: it’s a bad colour.. I hate it.

    So some ppl are narrow minded, immature.. so they think that we’ve (no right) to express our opinions about any actor or film in any negative way!

  • for sallu fans
    i am watching veer today and gonna put my review at 2 pm IST thursday
    best of luck with salman veer khan

  • guyz Nauman just sent me a text. he said he iz in da theatre and VEER iz bout to start. told me to tell every1 dat he will put hiz review up at 2pm ist

  • Listen Salman Fans,

    Nauman liked Veer n he thinks its a gud movie.N he is giving it 2.5 stars.So plz boycott these akki fans they can only like crap movies like DDD,blue KI

  • To all the people who said i was wrong,
    told you so. Salman and Katrina are not togeeather no more. Its’s more like Ranbir and Katrina. Fomr Katrina Kaif, came a actress in need for suport, Katrina Khan, and then rose the rightful one, the girl who knows what she deserves and look about the future, Katrina Kapoor. Notice how it’s always KK, no matter what situation she’s in.

  • hey i just want to say salman admitted in a interview that he is not single and is in a relationship.maybe obviously it is with katrina kaif just because they are always in the limelight because of being actors does not mean they want to broadcast their relationship after all it is their personal life which does not mean public.all the best to salman whoever he is with and i hope and pray 2allah that one day he does become a father and get married which is his dream hope veer becomes a blockbuster hit Inshallah, ameen.

  • Lies!!! he said in almost every interview
    that his still with katrina gosh this stupid
    media is starting to get on my nerves. katrina
    and sallu are happy get over it! leave them alone

  • sallu-kat r together frm 6-7 years.
    kat knows him frm 6-7 years.
    they love each other.
    wen kat ill n admitted in hospital.
    sallu lived wid her 4 long times
    in hospital,n his family caring her.
    hospital staff shooted photo wid sallu,after tht sallu n kat went sallu farm house alone
    n sallu caring her,he always want tht kat bcome no1 actress.he gave her expensive car
    expensive flat,diomond,2cr braslet,filled her bill of mobile,she said sm years ago tht
    sallu is her love n she is mosy lucky grl in world,bcoz of sallus grlfrnd,he helped n loved her too much
    she declared tht she did married in 2012,n thn wl b live in her husbands home.
    dis pair is not cheap as kareena,saif,
    sallu-kat dont show their love to public.its their personal matter.
    media is enemy of sallu,they always want n try tht abt sallu-kat break up.
    n said lie abt their relations

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