Pics: Aamir, Katrina attend special screening of Veer

Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif were the major star attractions at the special screening of Veer, held at the Ketnav Dubbing and Preview Theatre here in Mumbai.

Others present at the screening – Veer director Anil Sharma, Faisal Khan, Kiran Rao, Atul Agnihotri with wife Alvira, producer Vijay Galani, Sonakshi Sinha and others.

And before you ask, no, Shahrukh Khan wasn’t invited to the special screening.



  • Just saw the first screening of Veer in Fiji at 10am today. This was meant to be a big movie with a lot of expectations. I am a huge fan of Salman Khan and loved his last movie WANTED…what can I say about this…Just a short review from me: Please do not read if you don’t want to!!

    The movie started with a bang and Salman came into the screen about 15 mins later with long hair and a tired look.he sings the best song of the album but you can’t help wishing he had short hair. The first half concentrates on the background of Salman and his family and the reason for their hatred for the heroine’s family..after 45 minutes Salman is in London ..and what do you know…my wish is granted ..he sings the same song with short hair while he woos Zarine Khan. She is a fat version of Katrina Kaif and unfortunately for her the remaining first half reminds me of another Salman Khan movie…Yes …I almost expect her to start playing a musical instrument and have Salman singing TUM TO MERI DOST HO!!!In fact I am pretty sure Salman borrowed some of the clothes from Yuvraj…

    The second half of the movie is about ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ …Yawn Yawn…I honestly can’t remember…There was a script with a major plot and within that there were quite a few subplots…Of course there were other minor details like the tomato sauce was replaced by BBQ sauce and quite a few unnecessary killing and chopping scenes..The movie became unbearable and before the end a few people left…not that there were many to begin with…On the other hand I didn’t leave but I kept saying ….what!!! is there more…I thought it had finished…but no ..there was torture right till the end…

    Performance wise: Salman is great as usual but his script let him down…He should stick to acting. After watching Suryavanshi many years ago I hoped like hell he would not repeat that performance… but to my horror no listened..
    Anil Sharma was sleeping or trying to make the audience sleep..Zarine Khan was ok..Sohail was usual…Mithun looked great…No one else worth mentioning unless you want me talk about the horses..

    The music has a couple of good songs..and thank god the best ones are played more than once.
    Sets and costumes are ok…On the whole if you compare it Jodha Akbar…it is no where near it…If you compare it to the last few releases…well what can I say…better to place your money on 3 idiots and be assured that ALL IS WELL…

  • Actors: Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Mithun Chakraborty, Jack
    Director: Anil Sharma
    Genre: Period / Romance
    Rating: TBC

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    @Amit ….please mind your language…go to

    Sorry to disappoint I can verify it by giving you the website for all releases in Fiji..go to
    I could always give you the ending but do not want to spoil it for others…however here is a tip…keep an eye out for Zarine Khan as an old woman….!!! it is worth a laugh!!

  • GZP…If aamir khan likes a movie it can’t be bad.Stop saying u r a Salman fan.Without watching don’t give false reports.N its first time I have seen u comenting on Salman on this site.It just shows how insecure u r.



    you are lucky to see veer preview today i am happy,

    but sad b,coz no preview shows in bombay/mum and i am verry much dissapoint for the step of no preview show in bombay.

  • @afrid khan..Walaikum Salaam.Oh sad u should have also seen the Premier Show.But dun worry I will post my feedback asap coz I have seen many Sallu haters trying to down him by criticizing his movie even b4 its release in India.I want to answer these haters back.

  • hina ……….whatever comments the unknown person is giving were 100% fake ….b,coz if in salman city mumbai movie is not preview yet ? how it can be shown in some village ? i think the one who is giving comments is one of the sallu bhai biggest haiter who comes on this site to make all intention towards him and he is just saying fake story and biggest lier by saying that he is sallu fan ….he is comparing with jodha akbar, he is surely the fan of hrithik or srk who hates salman and just for getting intention of all he is saying that he is sallu bhai fan which i think is 100% fake b,coz sallu bhai fans will never make any single comments again sallu bhai .

  • guyz Nauman just sent me a text. he said he iz in da theatre and VEER iz bout to start. told me to tell every1 dat he will put hiz review up at 2pm ist

  • @afrid khan ..I agree with you.Even if he has seen the movie,he is posting fake review.But it doesn’t matter to us we will c it no matter what.INSHALLAH Veer will rock the world.

    @Naveed..Tell Nauman I 4gt my cell phone at home otherwise I would have called him 4 Veer during interval.

  • @afridi,the only unknown person is me.n that is dön’t use the unknown will creat confusion in future.btw best of luck for veer.hope it will be a good film.

  • hey gzp who r u!! man m nearly got n heart attack by ur review.. bt i know its nt true . m damn sure veer gna rock

  • @ Hina and Zakir

    he texted me at 5 in da morning. lol i just woke up coz i had uni work to do but yeah the film should have finished by now. so he will probably post his review in bout half an hour. lookin forward to it

    @ Afrid Khan and Sallu fans

    fikar na karo (dont worry) dis GZP guy iz fake. deres been many fake reviews. nothing to worry about. am gonna go 2moz and den ill let every1 know wat da reaction is in England. am takin a group of friends and we simply cant wait. i expect da film to be good.

    @ Indicine. ur rite a good film is a good film and a bad film is a bad film. but den how come LD didint do well. its not always da case. so many poor films have done well recently and some good films have gone completely under da radar and failed to collect any decent collections at da box office.

  • Hey guys why u people r waiting 4 d review yaar if we r bhai fan we have to go to watch it and about critics they rarely go with sallu so forget that bhai has done his job he has really promoted dis movie to extend now it’s our turn buddies to go and watch it for us bhai presence on the screen make d movie special and about fate it’s finally d janta who makes it.

  • @ Arshan i completely agree wid u yaar. i went to watch MAMK even though it had bad reviews and i knew Salman wasnt gonna be da main lead. heck i even went to watch APKGK coz of Sallu 2 min appearanc and to see Kat. lol (hated da film btw)

    but yeah am gonna watch it irrespective of da reviews but i want da film to be commercially and critically good.

  • Thanks for d review GZP..:) Nauman will post his review by 2 Pm. Ya in Fiji movie releases earlier than al places so i trust GZP.

  • STFU Amish

    man why r u and others bringing VEER down. man i dont do dis to Akki films. i even spent my money on DDD. show some respect. if Amir and others r sayin da film is good den who r u lot.

    ALL Salman fans. dis GZP idiot and Amish r only 2 individuals (or maybe 1) but dont go by according to wat dey say. dere not gonna decide da fate of VEER.

    also i humbly request any1 who posts da reviews for VEER to be honest and genuine and to not reveal da story. coz am watchin it 2moz.


  • @amish .lolz well even i know its about 7 or 8pm there at the moment in fiji n he is telling the correct show timings.But he is not a Salman fan,coz even if he had disliked the movie he would have not disgaced Salman the way he has done here.Not even one thing goes in his favour tht he has actually watched the movie regarding the review.Without watching even i can paste such a review.

    N abt Nauman he is quite sarcastic at times he can give DDD 4 stars.So u neva know with him.M damn sure Salman won’t dissapoint me n anybody who loves Good Cinema and not a particular actor :)

    So trust ppl with open eyes,Not with a blindfold :)

  • @ Naveed- was not bringin it down but only sayin i trust GZP for watchin d movie. ppl wer sayin he has not watched na so. thats all.. wat r u doin here man commenting.. go watch it.. am not stopin u rt..;)

    Most salman fans only comment here dont watch any of his movies n start abusing or hurtin others.. ;)

    And tell me one actor in d industry who will say other actors movie s bad..;) even amitabh who went to watch CC2C came back tellin its a wonderful movie..;)

  • @ Hina-“M damn sure Salman won’t dissapoint me”- then it will be like fathiya who watches every SRK movie even if others dont like it..;)

  • @ Amish lol

    i promise u no matter wat review people give VEER am gonna watch it wid friends 2moz at 21:30. only death is gonna stop me. lol

    most people in Bollywood r 2 faced. i trust Amir and Salman’s friendship. so watever dey say bout each oder i trust.

  • Guys..I just saw Zarine Khan’s Interview on Bollywood Hungama.She says Veer has created such hype dat even if all ppl come to c the movie once in a theatre it will b a HIT.So guys go to the theaters….

  • @ Naveed- Go ahead dude.. am sure u will like it no matter wat others say..;) And also u have ur healthy well nourished Zarine in it so double enjoyment guaranteed..;)

  • As an ardent fan of SK myself, I agree with Arshan! I don’t think GZP shud be crucified for writing his/her review + stating his/her opinion. If I want to watch a movie I’ll watch it irrespective of whether the review is good or not. Let’s be realistic guys, not all our fav stars manage to give us blockbusters so what if the movie does not do well? Are we going to continue to criticise each other (fan following)? If so then it’s really silly coz no one but yrselves are going to be frustrated, upset and cause bad ‘friendship’ amongst each other.

    I hope for SK’s sake that the movie is a hit – I think he’s done so much good (charity wise) that he deserves some pay-back. Really looking fwd to the release (22nd in SA too).

  • @amish ..You are comparing me with Fathiya???? Well I still remmber ur words after DDD when I asked wht was funny in it?You said onlyAkshay’s expressins are enuf 4 making us laugh.So what u call this 4 me then u r also like Fathiyia !!!!!!!
    N I always watch Salman’s movie in cinema ever since it start geting released in Pakistan.

    WheN Fathiyia wrote a good review in favour of Pyar Impossible(Where was SRK in dat????) n later on sh praised DMG u all called her mad.Now when GZP is slone saing something bad about Veer u r trusting him…

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