Katrina Kaif in Tees Maar Khan!

Many names have been doing the rounds over the last few days, with regards to the casting of Tees Maar Khan. But finally here’s some confirmation.

According to very reliable sources, Katrina Kaif has been confirmed to play the female lead opposite Akshay Kumar in Tees Maar Khan.

The Hit-jodi who have featured in several films together like Hum Ko Deewana Kar Gaye, Namaste London, Welcome, Singh Is King, Blue (special appearance) and De Dana Dan are expected to sizzle on screen, once again in this Farah Khan directed masala entertainer.

If their fantastic success-ratio is anything to go by, this should be yet another super-success for Akki and Kat! What say?

Tees Maar Khan is expected to be ready for release by the end of the year.



  • @ Unknown

    i agree all ov Kat films do well here in England. people love her irrespective of da film, cast, content etc.

    personally am a bit bored now of dis jodi. if kat has been chosen den i wanna watch it but wat bout Akshaye Khanna whoz opposite him.

    @ Indicine

    yes dis is good newz for kat and Akki fans. wid all due respect dis film is bout 11 months away. long time left. plz continue to post relevant and recent topics. keep up da good work.

  • @ Naveed- “plz continue to post relevant and recent topics”.. if an article was posted on Dabaang u would have made d same statement?? ;)

  • IC team – I don’t think it’s AK + KK alone who will make it a ‘super success’. It’s a Farah Khan movie so I’m sure it’s going to be a success (judging fr her past movies).

    As much as I like both AK/KK, I have to agree with Naveed – this couple’s become a bit boring – predictable too. But let’s wait and see, maybe FK will wave her magic wand yet again and add some flame to this jodi.

  • Sallu Fans if u think that i am akki fan and i am based so there is my rating for some movies
    Tashan 1.5/5
    CC2C 2/5
    8 x 10 1.5 /5
    Wanted 3/5
    London Dreams 4/5 ( that was my 2nd fav movie after 3 Idiots in 2009)
    and i am hopefull that other critics like Taran and Indicine wont opposite to me

  • guys katrina kaif was also to be cast opp. akshay in Thank YOu directed by aneeze bazmee but she is not doing it bcause of tees maar khan clashing dates….so the news is that sonam kapoor has been roped in for Thank YOu……i think these 2 will make a cute pair…….wat do u think guyz nd indicine

  • akshay kumar is a nerd. he seems to come with really wierd and silly names for his films. examples:

    welcome , thank you, housefull, heyy babyy, blue, de dhana dhan, etc.

    what an idiot.

  • OMG! not agian! Akki and Kaf. It’s getting annoying to see the same couple in every recent movie togeather. How about Raveena Tandon ? Holy Fuck! Now, Tees Maar Khan… I know one person who might not watch it!
    Anyhow, no offence to the muslims out there, but what does Tees MaaR Khan mean ?

  • @ Aliyah- r u not Muslim (no offence intended)

    i think tees maar khan means taking da mick or ridiculing khan. someat like dat. plz some1 correct me kif am wrong

  • This couple is getting boring. Even though AKKI + KAT have given hits together in the past, people might just get bored seeing them together in every single film.

  • Tees mean 30 Maar mean hit Khan means khan…..May Be it is:

    Khan who have ability to hit or fight/win 30 people…AKshay playing cowboy role…….(It is not really meaning ..i just make it)

  • oh shut up. katrina and akshay are a great couple!
    that’s why all there movies are hit’s duhh ofc farah
    signed them plus they havea great chemstry. if your
    bored with them than that’s just you because i know a LOT
    of people want to see them together again. how did katrina use
    salman? omg jealous much? just leave the girl alone geez. anyways
    i can’t wait for this movie! (; i am for sure this movie will be a BIG HIT
    just as singh is king was. so get over it people there gonna be in the movie
    together and they are gonna rock! if you don’t like them than don’t bother
    reading there article ugh people these days.

  • kat and akki rules bollywood

    no actor is so good in comic timing other than pares rawal and akshay kumar.
    akshay can do any role whether its comedy,action or emotion

  • Woooow another Blockbuster, sincerely speaking i like them in this movie since d time i saw there picture together on the Frah khan show, they look “jodi no 1” . I think this film is going to be there best film together ever. I am happy.

  • This film was really a worst film i have ever seen.This jodi is sewy but becoming boring these days.

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