No Housefull for Veer!

The theatrical trailer of Sajid Nadiadwala’s Sajid Khan directed Housefull was expected to hit screens with Vijay Gulani’s Veer, but unfortunately, the trailer isn’t ready just yet.

Sources say, there were issues with Akshay’s look in the film and the placement of his nerdy character.

The makers have now decided to distribute and release the trailer separately.

Housefull stars Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, Lara Dutta, Arjun Rampal, Jiah Khan and Ritesh Deshmukh. The film is expected to release on April 30th 2010.

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    INDICINE team

    good joke

    as salman khan fan watch first time article ….i got scared of veer box office collection as no houseful.

    but after reading it i get well.

    indicine request in your article Pics: Aamir, Katrina attend special screening of Veer one of the user had written review of veer by saying that he had watched veer in one of the village as per my knowledge if veer had even not preview till yet in mumbai , how can that person had watched in village ? i think he is making fake news , plz read that new user comment and plz, confirm us it is requst to you indicine team.

  • It was intentionally meant to scare ;) On a serious note, the advance booking is decent, Veer should open well.

  • We too were shocked by your heading – no housefull for Veer!! But after reading it understood that you were referring to the fact that the trailer of Akshay’s Housefull is not being shown with Veer. The heading is most misleading and creates a false impression. Is it deliberate? Pl change it immediately!!!!

  • @indicine, great joke.the headline will give sallu fans a huge shock,n srk fan will be very happy.but after reading it they will be calm……..:-)

  • i have to admit dat i was startled and completely shocked wen i read da heading. very clever Indicine.

    but yeah i expect da film to open big, lets just hope it sustains. am watchin it 2moz CANT WAIT.

  • Here are things which why VEER can’t flop,

    Salman Khan’s epic love story ‘Veer’ is all set for a worldwide release on 22nd January. With the previous releases of the year 2010 (Pyaar Impossible, Dulha Mil Gaya, Chance Pe Dance) not doing too well at the box office, hopes are hitched high with Veer.

    One of the strongest aspects associated to ‘Veer’ is that the movie will be released in Telugu on same day as its Hindi release. In the recent past, movies like ‘Magadheera’ and ‘Pazhassi Raja’ have ruled the Telugu box office. The films dealt with subjects similar to that of ‘Veer’.

    While ‘Veer’ is an epic love story of a warrior, ‘Magadheera’ revolved around Kalabhaiarava – a warrior in Udaigarh and ‘Pazhassi Raja’ told the story of a prince from the royal dynasty of Kottayam who revolted against the British. Also, the recent Tamil hit ‘Aayirathil Oruvan’, is dubbed as ‘Yuganiki Okkadu’ in Telugu and is about the Chola dynasty.

    The box office collections of these films are evidence to the fact that Telugu audience is hooked to films which are shot in grandiose and are based on historical characters, epics and larger than life characters. Interestingly, the Telugu promos of ‘Veer’ are already getting a good response, no wonder then that Salman got mobbed in Hyderabad’s mall at his recent visit.

    With a huge Bollywood fan base and an equally big Telugu fan following, Salman Khan’s chances of making it big at the box office with ‘Veer’ look very strong

    WELCOME ME AFRID,NAUMAN,HINA,AMIT SINGHANIA,NAVEED as addition to salman fans club in indicine.if i missed some one excuse me.


    thanks waseeq from my side also

    i also welome u on behalf of salman fans .

    veer se record INSHAAALLAAH phoddege AAMEEN

  • oh my god!!!! when i 1st read the main headin i was schocked!!!!!!!!!!!!! couldnt believe it!!!!!!!!
    but after i read the whole thing i was relieved coz im a very very very big salman fan

    really got a shock of my life after a long time:p

  • thanks nauman being akki fans if you gave good review to my sallu bhai films …it is good .

    so, as you had given 3 stars that means for sallu bhai fans it will be sure 5 stars movie .

    nauman bro i had posted your review to my salman veer coomunity in good manner and thanks for some good words for sallu bhai this time.

  • nauman u can do better ur review is some wat like a preview give us the way u presented the other movie reviews bit more into good parts and bad part and how u felt after watching it ?

  • @nauman thanx for ur review..i think 3 star is nt bad at all also nt just one time watch. remember indicine also giv 3i three star..

  • Sallu Fans if u think that i am akki fan and i am based so there is my rating for some movies
    Tashan 1.5/5
    CC2C 2/5
    8 x 10 1.5 /5
    Wanted 3/5
    London Dreams 4/5 ( that was my 2nd fav movie after 3 Idiots in 2009)
    and i am hopefull that other critics like Taran and Indicine wont opposite to me

  • thx Mystic River:
    u do understand me, i know none of any sallu fan will believe on my review but when tomorrow some critic will give less than 3 then they believe that i am not wrong.

  • Akash:
    i dont know but 1 thing is conferm that i found Jodha Akbar battar than Veer.
    if london dreams can flopp then every single movie can flop.
    but it can work , just delete 15-20 min movie and some un necessory scenes,
    there wasnt any importance of Sohail Khan’s role that role easily delete. believe me he will make u bore , and another thing rather then music is good but too many songs is also not good thing , surili ankhiyon wale is very long and it comes three times .

  • Akash:
    i am not anti sallu . u know our critics very well, u have more than 20 reviewers who give review on diffrent sites and newspapers, Ghajini , A Wednesday and 3 idiots got 2 stars and 4.5 star as well. so every movie gets 1.5 to 4.5 stars, u cant expect any thing from these reviewers.
    which things i found in this movie i wrote , and now i will see that what other critics think abt Veer.
    finger cross….

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