Pics: Aamir, Katrina attend special screening of Veer

Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif were the major star attractions at the special screening of Veer, held at the Ketnav Dubbing and Preview Theatre here in Mumbai.

Others present at the screening – Veer director Anil Sharma, Faisal Khan, Kiran Rao, Atul Agnihotri with wife Alvira, producer Vijay Galani, Sonakshi Sinha and others.

And before you ask, no, Shahrukh Khan wasn’t invited to the special screening.



  • checked out d site given by this GZP guy,he is right dat in fiji veer is running.but who damn cares abt vat he thinks,i dnt care i hope even u dnt care i m eagerly waitin fr dis film frm d day i got d news about dis film being guys dnt worry,now dis one from d core of my heart-
    22nd jan phod denge,really phod denge.

  • Listen Salman Fans,

    Nauman liked Veer n he thinks its a gud movie.N he is giving it 2.5 stars.So plz boycott these akki fans they can only like crap movies like DDD,blue KI


    and thanks to all sallu bhai fans being here ….

    yaa i wiil absolutely never going to appreciate if any akki or srk fans will gave 2.5 or less rating b, coz i know if it is there star movie they will easily gave min 3 , so it doesnt matter to me and all sallu bhai fans INSHAAALLAAH … but i hope nauman will review in possitive manner .

  • donts worry guys…veer gona rock at B.O…just believe in yourself nd believe our dearest Salman khan…

  • @unknown i a sorry for writing unknown but i dint want to take name and gave intention to sallu bhai haters apne apne fande hote hai yaar , but next time i try to use name assosicated with that person .

  • @ Hina he siad VEER is like da second Troy (blockbuster) and he is still givin it 3 stars.

    ur so rite let em enjoy films like KI,BLUE lmao.

    @ Amish ive said it before u could never get some1 like Zarine so u have to post stupid stuff. she iz extremely beautiful. watch her become another big name.

  • @hina forget d review yaar wht if veer gets 1 star wil u watch it or not m saying we r fans we have 2 go reviews r 4 rest of d audience forget what nauman says he wil be given his view we can’t argue bcoz he has own taste but 4 us salman is high preority then d story so stop thnkng about review nd go n watch d movie.

  • pratik veer galani at facebook said “Rajasthan distributor just called….says advance booking is a history record!!!!! unbelievable:):)…”… i think veer gona open really big at B.O

  • @Unknown

    friend i am aslo waiting for some veer news ….but if you are not watching veer today just watch today

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  • Assalamalikum, Naveed, Hina & other my new friends. Iam the new user of this site and iam the biggest biggest fine of sallu, and i got force from my heart to say a few words, when i saw that how u people r defending sallu by this stranger GZP. So i feel how much sallu is lucky to have fines ” like u people”…… In other hand my life also going parallel with sallu’s life…..u can understand.

  • @Unknown…2.5 stars is the worst rating for any good movie.

    @Naveed …I know he changed to 3 stars coz he thinks he is doing ehsaan on Sallu fans.He is worst than Taran Adarsh.

    @Arshan …Who cares about these mad reviews of Akki fanz.I have tickets n m going tonite

    @mystic river and afrid khan..Thanks 4 the Veer Updates

  • has nauman hais given 3 stars kya, mujhe pata tha akki ka fan hay tabhi aisa kar raha hay, kahan likha hay usne apna review………….

  • @ Naveed, Hina- If u dont understand ma comment do say u dont rather than commenting some unnecessary stuff, i can explain. So Dont become some Bhai`s n behan`s here.
    Wat R ma comments have to do with DDD here?? Speak sense rather than non sense!!

    Hina- I didnt compare u to fathiya. I just said Fathiya likes all srk movies no matter hw bad it s for others. wen u make a statement like “Salman won’t dissapoint me n anybody who loves Good Cinema and not a particular actor”. wat does this statement mean? R u saying salman only makes gud cinema( in that case u r similar to fathiya) or r u saying U like all actors who make gud cinema( in that case u shud not be arguing bout salman here) so u r contradicting ur own statement.

    Regardind Akshays acting i said- In DDD his expressions in some scenes do make me laugh but didnt say its enuff for d entire movie to make us laugh.

    Regarding Nauman wen he posts a honest review of other actors u dont mind but regarding salman`s movie u say he s sarcastic?? if he has msged u his rating wait till he gives his full review rather than say dont read his biased review!

    Moreover u ppl r biased rather than others!

  • hina friend be cool and think if nauman akki fan had given salu bhai 3 stars

    then, for all of us a sallu bhai fans and true entertainment loving people across the globe it will be 5 stars movie INSHAAALLAAH AAMEEN

  • @Rooksana…thank you

    @Amish…thanks and yes Nauman has posted his review.

    @the rest of you…sorry I am too dignified to comment on your comments. I suggest you read Nauman’s review…Instead of trashing his review..why don’t you try writing your own..

  • Hey guys i have seen the salman starrer Veer.. and do beleive me that its fabolous film. I saw it in Dublin today 4?o clock show.There were very few people in the theatre but all of them were applauding the stunts shown in the film. People dont miss this period drama because bollywood is capable of a very few periodic affairs…and this according to me is better than all periodic films in India..(have not seen early period flicks in India). Its very emotional and thrilling. Salman and Puru Rajkumar are awesome. Mithun brilliant. The new girl Zarine is terrific. Love to see her more. People do not wait and just grab it..Ma rating for this VEEr is 4stars out of 5.

  • All Salman fans. ignore da haters. infact dont reply back to dem unless dere comments r valid. just make sure u watch da film in theatres.

    @ GZP. ill post my review 2moz to shut u up.

  • Listen all salllu fans
    nauman had watched the movie declares as a good movie stiill rating it only 3 wat happened to him
    nauman ru trying to say it is boring

  • I hv seen dis movie 2day. . . .its a nyc movie. . . .salman’s performance is great. . . . .the movie is ful of entertainment from the beginning till the end. . . .you all must go and watch!!!!!

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