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  • Veer movie review:

    Veer is most important and ambitious movie in Salmanís Career. In one interview he said that it is my dream project and I wrote this story 20 years ago after success of Main Ne Pyaar Kiya .
    Veer is historical periodical movie which mostly donít work on Box office in India. But, Last periodical release Jodha Akbar worked on box office with critical and commercially success. Now we have to see that at this time what is Salman Khanís fate


    Salman Khan (Veer) and his father Mithun (Prithvi Singh) belong to a tribe Pindari who are enemy of another tribe Madhavgarh because king of Madhavgarh (Jeckie Shrof ) is supporting British Empire. Salman fall in love with Jeckieís daughter Zarine Khan (Yashadhara). When Salman knows that her love is daughter of King of Madhavgarh then he decided to win both instead of chosen one.
    Script is well written and had strong feelings. Writer showed that an educator person can deal good rather than an illiterate person. Salman studied in UK and when he came back then he decided that how to win this war.


    Veer belongs to only one person which is Salman Khan, he is on peak now a days of his acting career. Last year Wanted and London Dreams and now he proved again his self that he is one of the best and finest actors in recent bollywood. When Wanted released then critics said that it is his best performance ever, when London Dreams released then same comments came and now in Veer he proved again his self. But he looks over hero like in 1900s he has a muscular body and grab stomach of one Pindari and took out his 5 kg meat. It looks like very unusual.
    New actress Zarine Khan is also good. She looks good and sometimes she resemble to Katrina Kaif in some scenes. But she needs more improvement.
    Mithun Chakrobati , Purab Rajkumar, Jeckie Shrof all are good in their roles. Sohail Khan was really pathetic.


    Veer is directed by Anil Sharma who gave us a good historical movie Gadar-EK Prem Katha which was most successful movie in 2001.
    At this time he chose a good idea and well story. He was successful in some parts and some parts he failed like love story part is very usual and fighting scenes and not well executed.


    Veer has good sound track especially two songs Salam Aaya and Surili Akhiyon Wale are already chart buster. Both songs have good melody and execution. Rest of other songs like Taali and Meharbania is average.
    Back ground score is very touchy and melodious. Especially tune of Surili Ankhiyon Wale is fantastic which comes lots of time in romantic scenes.

    Negative Points:

    1. Script is too lengthy. Movie running time is 165 minutes . Audience feel boring it could trim at least 15 minute. There are so many scenes which were not necessary like Slamanís fight with one Pindari for leadership.
    2. Sohail Khan his self is a weak point. He was trying to make laugh in whole movie but he couldnít successful.
    3. War and fighting scens are not well executed. They could be batter.
    4. Love part is very usual same like a lots of movies which we have seen before and same story like girl and boy belongs to different cast or tribes, both fall in love and then some twists.
    5. Sometimes movie looks copy of Hollywood movie Troy. So many same situations like fight between 2 different tribes, hereon belongs to enemy tribe, fight between hero and hereonís brother and hero kills him. Climax is also resembled to Troy to some extents.

    Veer is well made movie which has good story line and best performances by Salman and Mithun.
    It has good hype among all Salman fans and movie will take good start. Mostly people donít like periodical movies so it is bad for Veer.

    3/5 xxx ( One time watch )

  • @nauman
    Good review nauman, and also thanks for the review.

    Why Indian filmakers cant be original like you said action scenes are copied from TROY. I sensed them from the promos also. JA also had Troy like war scenes and its ending is exact similar to TROY.
    How was the rush in the mivie and audience reaction and what happened to the announcement you are going to make. If I missed it

  • nauman u have mentioned negative point can u post some positive points as well please the once which u like most cause i trust ur taste thanks bro

  • guru paa jee
    i didnt say that actions scenes are copy of Troy… if u are making historical movie then it means u hv to show that period and on that time for fight people used Swords and Horses, so it doesn’t mean every movie is copy of each other.
    i said that story line is similar to Troy, like Jodha Akbar had different script , Mangal Panday was also different , didn’t see Asoka so cant say abt it, but veer is 50 % copy of Troy.
    but it is ok now we are remaking movies 100% same , if veer is 50 % same then not a big deal.

  • Guru Paa Jee
    remembered ??? i said that i gonna watch it on friday because in sydney movie is not releasing on thursday . but when i checked site of that cinema where it is showing i say 1st show was 3:15 pm , so suddenly i called to my friends that movie is releasing today…
    i watched with 14,15 more poeple in 200 seated cinema hall.
    i dont know u will believe or not but it is true
    may be poeple didnt know that veer is showing on thursday becuase cinema made a plan suddenly , and it ws working day so poeple were busy.
    for australian business of veer u can visit select veer and then cinema name and show name and then u can see advance booking .

  • Nauman, Tell the audience reaction….. Also write positive aspects…. Ur Review is Incomplete….

    Also if i am not wrong u r the same guy who gave DDD 4/5…. Really?? How can u do so…

    Anyways, plz answer my queries..

  • @Nauman- u’ve done a gr8 job being d 1st 1 to put a review… n i liked it a lot……. but as others are saying please highlight the positive points…. u’ve mentioned only the negative points in a review, which is not fair!!!!

  • Vicky
    when i mentioned that it is well made movie with powerfull well written script with Salman’s career best performance and good sound track and melodious music , then what do u want from me more ??
    what can i tell u when only 14 people were in whole cinema hall, i asked a person he said good , and batter then some last releases.

    Afrid khan :
    can u send me that link where u post my review ?

  • Vicky :
    i know that at this time i didnt mentioned
    Scenes which have worth :
    because so many people said me that when i put all scens then it looks like i hv narrated whole story and whole movie, so at this time i kept some limits of my review.

  • dun worry guys.this is a review cuming from a akki fan,..its totaly biased..wait for official reviews. phod denge phod denge.

  • Hi Nauman.

    After reading your review of Veer, I think you were hugely Disappointed with the film. I think If somebody says that a movie is one time watch, it itself shows that the movie did not live upto expectations. A good movie is watched again & again.

    Iam a very big fan of Salman.

    Iam very disappointed that his dream project has turned out to be a mere one time watch

    What a SHAME!

  • its just an ordinary movie…. nothing so great about it and watched it in dubai… sohail khan was waste of time…. salman was pretty ok… a time pass movie… its quite lengthy…. one time watch ….

  • You guys would be better off going with lower expectations. More the expectations, higher the chances of walking out disappointed.

  • it looks like other actors fans like pracie here acting like a salman fan to downplay veer….and u salman fans r encouraging it??shame on u guyz…dont you hv your own taste and choice?? go watch it urself and decide how is d movie and plz dont depend on a review from a hardcore akki fan..they can never praise a salman movie

  • @Prachie …Thats watz Mr nauman wants,u haven’t seen the movie n u r dissapointed.Go to theater waTch it n then get disappointed.IF Real Sallu fan wAtch his dream project.

    @Nauman..Your review is ok n thnx 4 hilighting the negative points more than the positive points.I still remember just by lookng Veer’s trailer u said Salman’s Performance is no where near to SRK’s perfomance in Mnik.Your review this time lacks balance.N 4 u if Taali is an ok song??? Its ur poor taste.4m last Week its only been Veer Songs on radio,tv,cars,office and markets.N btw if u evEr had dream u wil know what is a Dream Project.

    Salman Khan Fans go to Theaters

  • Cumon guys how come a pakistani guy ll like anil sharma movie after gadar..shame on all sallu fans 4 supporting that wanabe loser nauman…phod DENGE

  • now this is the joke of the era we all know that nauman is a biased akki fan.
    even before this film releases he started saying negative things about movie sorry but only a fool can trust nauman. common guys even if you are a srk fan we all know he gave ddd 4stars such a crap was that.

    and to sallu fans just think that even a sallu hater is forced to give a 3star i think unbiased critics will give it 4 or something like that

  • Nice Review Nauman…I always doubted the presence of Sohail Khan. I dont know why Salman has to carry him along in every film !! anyways i’m watching the movie tomorrow midnight. Will post my review and let u know the audience reaction here in Pakistan.

  • my god what happening here all sallu haters have gone and watch sallu movie like sam and nauman.
    i remember you sam you posted a lot of things against sallman.
    comm guys we all know that you are trying to bring veer down but only the first rays of sun tommorow will tell who wins the battle of veer

  • Atmosphere in Pakistani theaters should be good, loads of Salman Khan fans there.

    By the way Akhlaq, there was a time not too long ago when Indian films were banned in Pakistan.. So how was it like back then? Pirated copies were screened at theaters too?

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