Veer Race Pics: Salman Khan promotes Veer

Tons of pictures of Salman Khan from the Veer Race. Check them out, drop in your comments below

Some of the celebrities present : Salman Khan, Salma Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Zarine Khan, Shrelyn Chopra (Bigg Boss 3), Jacqueline Fernandes (Aladin actress), Shenaz Treasurywala,



  • thankx Indicine

    i just cant wait for dis film. fri cant come quick enough

    Indicine humble request. can u plz add a slideshow so u dont have to click on da images 1 by 1.


  • Winners of Max Stardust Awards 2010

    By Bollywood Hungama News Network, January 18, 2010 – 12:18 IST

    Superstar Of Tomorrow – Male
    Ranbir Kapoor – Wake Up Sid & Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

    Breakthrough Performance – Male
    Abhimanyu Singh – Gulaal

    Breakthrough Performance – Female
    Shahana Goswami – Firaaq

    Hottest Film Of The Year
    Love Aaj Kal

    Hottest New Director
    Ayaan Mukherjee – Wake Up Sid

    Exciting New Face
    Jacqueline Fernandez – Aladin


    Best Actress
    Preity Zinta – Videsh

    Best Film

    Best Director
    Ranjit Kapoor – Chintuji


    Dream Director
    Imtiaz Ali – Love Aaj Kal

    Best Film Of The Year – Comedy
    All The Best

    Best Film Of The Year – Action / Thriller

    Best Film Of The Year – Drama
    3 Idiots

    Star Of The Year – Male
    Amitabh Bachchan – Paa

    Star Of The Year – Female
    Kareena Kapoor – Kurbaan & 3 Idiots

    Best Actor In A Supporting Role
    Abhishek Bachchan – Paa

    Best Actress In A Supporting Role
    Kirron Kher – Kurbaan

    Best Actor In A Comedy Role
    Ajay Devgn – All The Best

    Best Actor – Popular
    Akshay Kumar – Blue

    Best Actress – Popular
    Katrina Kaif – New York, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

  • stardust Award is over, now peaple who hate akki will tell its fake award, once more, most popular actor is akki, hahaha. winners are:
    DREAM DIRECTOR: Imtiaz Ali – Love Aaj Kal
    STAR OF THE YEAR — MALE: Amitabh Bachchan – Paa
    STAR OF THE YEAR —FEMALE: Kareena Kapoor – Kurbaan & 3 Idiots
    BEST ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE:Abhishek Bachchan – Paa
    BEST ACTOR IN A COMEDY ROLE: Ajay Devgn – All The Best
    Best Actor – Popular: Akshay Kumar – Blue
    Best Actress – Popular: Katrina Kaif – New York, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

  • Indicine plz put dis youtube video up plz. Salman talks bout award shows. interesting watch

    Salman gets back at media || Intensive Interview || 1998 – type dis in youtube u will find da video.


  • @naveed ..thanx buddy…for d info…it ws really successfull event for veer promotion aftr hyd..veer will open really big at the b.o


    Guys Guys and Gals…. Plz Plz Plz Do watch VEER in a MULTIPLEX…. We Don’t have to worry about SINGLE SCREENS coz VEER gonna smash all record left, right & Center at Single Screens…

    So, all Lovely Sallu Fans… Watch VEER only & only in MULTIPLEXES along with your Family & Friends…

    We all must have to Watch VEER in MULTIPLEX if we want VEERto cross 100 crores…

    Otherwise we will have to remain content with 75-80 crore nett…

    So, Guys Rock it

    VEER 22nd JAN…. Phood Denge :)

  • prediction for veer by Bhavikk –

    “ The title ‘VEER’ adds up to Number 18 ( 9 ) – this octave of Number 9 is not considered auspicious. The symbol of this number is a rayed moon from which drops of blood are falling. A wolf and a dog are struggling to lick this blood. A crab is moving hastily to join them. Creepy, isnt’ ? ” asks Bhavikk without going further.

    He continues “ But luckily 2010 benefits Numbers 3, 6, 8 and 9 people the most and Salman falls directly in this bracket ( 27th December, 1965 ). Plus he has now entered his 45th year and this is THE year for ‘apna Sallubhai’ – be it personal or professional success! ” proclaims Bhavikk oozing dollops of confidence.

    “ In this male dominated industry, the luck of the main lead is considered of prime most importance and Salman has ‘lots’ of it this time. Going by this theory, the film is already a winner in my eyes ” predicts Bhavikk.

    “But alas, how I wish the film would have made a day earlier than the scheduled release date of 22nd January? All is still not lost. At least some paid previews on 21st January ( Thursday ) will make a world of difference to the film’s collections ” concludes Bhavikk advising on a strong note.

  • Indicine Team: how come this girl ( Zarine Khan) is Indian? Isn’t she Katrina Kaif’s sister? she looks like her alot.. her face isn’t a pure indian..a mixture of eastern and western, even her body language like Katrina, her face expression ( but Katrina is more beautiful.. this actress is fat, not in the above pictures but in the movie!).. I heard last year that Katrina’s sister wanted to join isn’t she the one?

  • ^ Her sis is Isabel Kaif. she s just 18yrs old. she s pretty but a bit shorter than katrina kaif..:) Ya she will be into movies soon and salman s gonna launch her..;)

  • Fathiya ru phsyco???? ur saying Zarine khan is sis of katrina ohh wat a joke
    dont know difference between KAIF and Khan
    she is not indian ????
    plz dont watch bollywood movies fathiyaji
    he he he he he he he he

  • to all sallu bhai fans and true entertainment loving people across the globe make pray duaa ….

    ALLAAH i pledge,pray 2you for veer&sallu success
    from my start and till my end being sallu bhai fan i tried my level best in his ups and down

    so,INSHAAALLAAH from 18 january advance booking opening date of veer to 22january releasing date of veer and throughout life life time …..i pledge and pray for sallu bhai akkaa salman khan
    that i am with him always INSHAAALLAAH AAMEEN and try to dedicate a part time from my life to pray duaa and promote sallu bhai for the success of current 20 year dream project veer and in every aspects of sallu bhai to make duaa to you that ALLAAH make sallu bhai din and duniyaa success with all of us makhlookh human being of yours INSHAAALLAAH AAMEEN

  • fathiya this is for you

    ALLAAH kaa bandaa sallu source in zarine sruggle

    A college dropout, Zarine Khan is living a dream as the heroine in Veer Salman Khan called her destiny’s child and she couldn’t agree more. ‘I pinched myself everyday on the sets of Veer to check if I was actually acting opposite Salman,’ says Zarine Khan, who is debuting in the film. (Text courtesy: The Indian Express)
    It is a lucky break for Zarine who was once a struggling model. ‘I did modelling for products that no one had even heard of. I was happy doing them because it gave me enough money to pay rent,’ says the 22-year-old, who is the only earning member in her troubled family. Her father walked out on her ailing mother when Zarine was in college, after which she was forced to leave her studies and get a job. ‘I had no educational qualifications so I decided to try my hand at modelling, since I had a pretty face. I didn’t expect to become famous; I just wanted enough money to run the house,’ she says.

    continued zarine says..
    Then one day, she got a call and was asked to reach the sets of Yuvvraaj. ‘I didn’t know why I was called, but who would refuse a chance to meet Salman Khan? So I went and nervously chatted with him for a few minutes. The next day I was told I was selected for Veer. It was all very surreal,’ she gushes. While she was initially intimidated by Salman’s presence, she says he went out of his way to make sure she was comfortable.
    We had several meetings before the film where he talked about my role of Princess Yashodhara. By the time we started shooting, I was relaxed,’ she smiles before she adds, ‘There were times when I couldn’t get a scene right and would get really nervous about making him angry. But not once did he get even slightly annoyed. In fact, he helped with through every scene.’
    Zarine is also talked about for her resemblance to Katrina Kaif. The young actor takes it as a compliment. “Katrina is so pretty and if I become half as successful as her, my life will be made,” she says.

    isilye hum sallu bhai ko ALLAAH kaa bandaa kehtein hai
    ALLAAH ki rehmat unke saath humeshaa rahengi INSHAAALLAAHAAMEEN

  • news from source:

    Salman Khan has first gone to his friend Sanjay Leela Bhansali to direct Taras Bulba. When Sanjay declined Salman bitterly vowed to make the same story with another director, and make it as an epic comparable with Sanjay’s vision.

    Anil Sharma was chosen because of Gadar : Ek Prem Katha.

    “But please don’t expect Gadar in Veer. Gadar was far more dramatic and emotional. Veer is targeted more at today’s younger audiences, ” warns the director.

    Stories about differences between Saslman Khan and his director Anil Sharma during the making of Veer abound.

    Speaking on the issue for the first time Anil Sharma admits there were differences. “Salman was not just the main actor in Veer he was also the writer. We had a lot differences of opinion. The way he narrated the story and the way I perceived it as a director were different

    Moreover I brought in other writers Shailesh Verma, Shaktimaan (who wrote my Gadar) and Krishna Raghav. Raghav did all the research. So Salman’s story has been interpreted in the way I thought right.In the original story Taras Balba”

    Salman insisted that Anil Sharma watch his source of inspiration the Yul-Brynner-Tony Curtis 1962 film Taras Bulba.

    “But we couldn’t get a single print of the film. So I had to make do with the images that I had in my mind from childhood. They made the film in Russia last year. I saw that version. Taras Bulba was the story of the father Yul Brynner, played by Mithun Chakraborty in my film.

    Veer is not the father’s story. It’s the son Salman’s story. And we had to relocate the entire story from 16th century Russia to Colonial India.”

    While Salman Khan has become the face of Veer, the film’s director Anil Sharma has taken a backseat so far.

    Speaking up finally he says, “For three years now all kinds of things have been said and written about Veer and my relationship with the project and actors. The truth is, we were making a very difficult film. And there were bound to be creative differences. But we sorted it out.”

    Anil admits he never wanted Salman’s favourite composers Sajid -Wajid to do the music of Veer.

    “I had heard his tunes in his earlier films and I was sure Sajid -Wajid wasn’t the right person for a period drama like Veer. I met them reluctantly and was surprised by their understanding of Hindustani music.

    We worked really well together. They were delighted to be told to compose a thumri or a bandish for the first time. And the fact that I could convince Gulzar Saab to work with Sajid-Wajid was a stroke of luck.”

    Says Anil Sharma, “We’ve reduced the length to approximately 2 hours 45 minutes. Only one 15-second action scene was removed by the censors. We had actually retained longer versions of the action sequences than we needed because the censors always shorten action scenes.
    To our surprise they didn’t touch anything!”

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