Top 12 Actors in Bollywood

Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama has put up a very interesting list of Top 12 Actors in the industry, based on the box office collections of films of each actor, overseas and India combined.

The Top 3 stars have all appeared in 3 films, Aamir Khan as expected tops the list by quite a distance. He is followed by Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan at 2 and 3. Akshay Kumar is at Number 4 appearing in more than 10 films, followed by Saif Ali Khan and Ranbir Kapoor.

Salman Khan is down at No 7 ahead of Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham, Shahid Kapoor, Imran Khan and Ajay Devgan.

With Veer, My Name Is Khan, Housefull, Kites, Rajneeti set for release in the first half of the year, except some changes in the list.

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  • Its fact i mean FACT Aamir is no 1 actor by far in bollywood!!!!!if there is still doubt about Aamir than you all aamir haters need to grow up!taran adarsh has put business collections and compared with so called king and sing of bollywood and still aamir is far ahead of them!!and if you knw about films the quality of aamirs films speaks about the Great actor!!he is superior to any of his contemparary actors!!!

  • aamir is the king of bollywood ..

    i think sallu’s rank is misleading.. he’s bigger than the likes of ranbir and saif and veer will show that!!

    the thing with sallu, the movie’s about him and his star power whereas ranbir and saif are part of movie packages!! their solo power is weak!!

  • aamir is the best and akki will has a better position this year, its because of last year flops that he is so far

  • aamir is now way ahead of the game.he is un-touchable at the moment.but this year he has no big if srk or hrithik films do great job they hav chances to be no 1.i m sure that akki n salman will rock in their will be big changes in the list.let’s see wat next.but don’t forget dhobi-ghat though it is not that big budget film but can do wonders.

  • by the end of this year akshay should be heading towards no 2 battling it with srk thats if mnik is successful at the box office, and you also got hrithik with 2 releases kites and guzarish so thats a another interesting thing about it

  • Our pick from the list is Akki, for two reasons

    1) Crap films, critically thrashed yet his average worldwide share is more than half of SRK, Hrithik.
    2) Number of films, 4 times to the Top 3 while maintaining a healthy average – not easy.

    The man has immense star power, but just isn’t smart enough.

  • Agree with u Indicine. with max releases and max flops maintainin such a high standard is difficult..;)

    Have u watched Apsara awards wer he spoke bout big B? It was just amazing..;)

  • Thank you very much…….Aamir is the best not only by my stands, but so does the rest of the world think so. I rest my case.

  • cant digest d list bt it is quite true.salman is definitly nt d no7 his charity films brought him in this position…i strongly bliv it ll change after veer and dabaang release….wat do u think indicine???waiting for ur response indicine

  • yaar duggu ki to koi movie bhi nahin aayi hai itne time se still he is on charts n at no 3…

    n aamir n srk to seniors hain unka list mein hona banta bhi hai.

  • Shivalaya, Hrithik is extremely popular both overseas and India. All through the last decade he right up there in the Top 3.

    Zakir, Veer should increase Salman’s average drastically. We’ll put up a similar list after the release of Kites.

  • i dont think, john abraham and shahid kapoor deserves the position better than ajay devagan..
    if u see the acting skills then it is not the right list….

  • Vishal:
    this is chart is not about acting skills. this is about world wide collections. if u will acting in one movie and that movie will get 250 cr then u will be on top. and if this chart was about inbetween 2002-2004 then amir khan was on num 20 becuase in these years he didnt release any movie.
    there is very big mistake which i want to tell u guys
    this chart is from 2007 to 2009 .
    and in this period Hritik did only 1 movie which was Jodha Akbar . i dont know why taran included his 2 releases from 2006 ( Krishh and Dhoom 2). if every actor has 3 years then why Hritik has 4 ?
    if we include 2006 then Aamir had to super hit ( RDB and Fanna ) Akki had Pher Hera Pheri and Bhagambhag
    Srk had KANK and Don . and Shahid had Vivah which was blockbuster.
    it is not fair that every one has 3 years and Duggu had 4.
    i know he released only 1 movie in last 3 years , but is it my fault ?? is it his fan’s fault ????

  • Ranking them according to the box office collections.. true.. but who’s the most “loveable” actor among all the twelve actors? Who “won” people’s heart? who’s yr favourite actore.. that is completely a different issue.. the one who tops all which is Aamir Khan could be at no. 12 for ppl who don’t like him.. Ranbir could be loved more than him.. with me.. I never admired Aamir Khan as a person, didn’t like his character, but appreciated his acting.. that’s all, and after calling his dog with Shahrukh ‘s name.. I’ve lost my respect for him as a person.. even if he does 400 or 500 crores at the box office..I can never consider him as the king of bollywood.. he’ll remian for me the same guy.. arrogant and rude.. the king of bollywood must (rule) eveyone’s heart, not only the box office.. that’s the correct and the honest way to consider someone as a king.. why Shahrukh won all these years? was it because of the collection at the box office only or because everyone just loved him.

  • Fathiya:SRK won award not because of many people love but becz of His good relationship of big banner production house n people who r judge of These all fake award!!!!!!!! SRK never gonna be loved..
    WHat u say abt other hah??/Loss faith hahaha…SRK is so simple actor ..he never say anything .haha!!!! SRK is most cheap person of all actor…..Simply u r jealous of aamir success!!!! Thats so Unfair for Aamir Dog, There is animal right too..Y dog name is Sarukh ,we must protest it….Dog deserve A better name that junk name Saharukh…..So Aamir plz change ur dog name n make him happy….

  • Sudeep: are u the same guy.. Nepali or someone else with the same name? coz u sound a bit different!!

    Just shut up u asshole.. if u don’t like him.. millions in this world love Shahrukh..u r a lousy stupid hater.. and..oh yeah.. u r sooooo right by saying that the awards are fabricated, not only u, but even those ppl who get sad when their favourite actor never win.. so they’d say the same!! Shahrukh got them because he agrees to dance or participate in these functions!! not becuase he deserved them.. but Aamir or Salman never get because they dont.. Salman participated in many awards function, danced in most of them, but didn’t get awards, Akshay too and some other actors.. Aamir got the best film Award for TZP but he didn’t attend the show!! so what would u say about that?!! Ohhhh yeahhh.. he got it because he deserved it.. right?!!!!!

    So would u all say the same thing about Aamir, Salman or Akshay.. if they just “won” best actor’s award this year orin the coming years?? No ofcourse.. and u know the reason.. idiots!!

    I’m not jealous.. but you are!

  • Indicine Team: would u please delete the last para of Sudeep’s comment.. he’s no right to say all that about a celibrity

  • people – please ignore all SKR fans – they are in a class of their own…..they are know as the ” million Idiots”

    Lotsa luv

  • @Fathyia

    I thing you do not have any work, nd u r so disappointed with Aamirs success. Plz stop making noiz nd accept the truth. How desparet u r . I feel very sorry for u. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • Dear All Aamir Khan Fans

    I just cant understand the logic behind all your hue & cry for proving Aamir Khan No 1 most of the times , Come on guys – u all need to grow up now , Its high time we should stop comparing SRK & Aamir , Instead we should be Proud that SRK & Aamir both have fantastically taken Bollywood to new Heights worldwide creating a Brand of Indian Cinema , In my Opinion SRK & Aamir both prefer Different breed of Cinema & Both are Executing their brand of Cinema in an Excellent Way , While SRK Can Fantastically play a Raj in DDLJ but cant play a Sarfarosh part , Aamir Cant Play a Darr or DDLJ but Sarfarosh , 3 I , Lagaan in an excellent way – The Comparison is itself very clear – SRK is at its best even uncomarable when he does any Romantic Movie, He is a Total Entertainer without whom Every award Function , Chat shows looks dead while Aamir is at its Best when he does the most Meaningful Cinema in Bollywood

    Pls Stop such Vague Comparisons & Be a More Sensible & Matured Audience , We should be Rather Thankful to both SRK & Aamir for giving us the Prievilage to Watch suuch Fantastic Movies over a Decade now & Hope They will Continue Ever


  • anybody who calls dil bole hadippa best movie of 2009 must be psycho…ND ABT SRK HE IS THE MOST BORING ND CHEAPEST ACTOR IN BOLLYWOOD..HE ND his fans always jealous abt sallu popularity akki star power nd aamirs acting..VEER 22JAN 2009 PHOD DENGE HUM.

  • Guys one Surprise news for u
    Fathiya is watching Dulha Mil Gaya again today…
    she told me on facebook that she gonna watch Dulha Mil Gaya again on tuseday becuase it is really good movie.

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