IPL Auction Pics: Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta

The IPL auction held last afternoon, was attending by Bollywood stars and franchisee owners Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta.

Here are some pictures straight from the 3rd Indian Premier League action. Check them out



  • sonakshisinha daughter of shatrugan sinha watched veer few hrs back…thts wat she tweeted abt veer

    sonakshisinha VEER was an awesome visual treat! Great performances, amazing effects and a gripping plot! :)

  • @saurabh.. Not everytime the indicine team listen.. right now they are promoting cricket instead of bollywood..
    @indicine.. Why u guyz updating the less happening a single news specialy in mid nights from the couple of days..?

  • So budy IPL wil start may be from 1st week of march & Yes i visit this site(spcly 2day) 4 bulk of times.. But i get disapointment..

  • Hmmm… Mail us, or tell us.. What would you like to read? :)

    This mid-night thing is temporary. Our technical guys are working on the new version, we don’t have access to the backend during the day time. Some of us are working night shifts. Everything should be back to normal in a week :)


  • Alright indicine.. Its fine, Now the site is quite updated..

    Ok akash Salman may will attend the auction for 2011 to buy the team not for the players firstly.. Because the new teams were not release for this Year..

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