Veer Runtime : Less than 3 Hours

Costume Drama’s have always been 3 hours plus. Bollywood’s last period film Jodha Akbar directed by Ashutosh Gowariker had a runtime in excess of 3 and a half hours.

Veer, director Anil Sharma promises, will break the trend. The film’s final runtime is expected to be less than 180 mins (3 hours).

Talking to Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama, Sharma says “The final length of the film is 3.04 hours, which includes the opening and end titles. And I plan to bring it further down to 2.50 hours. The length of the film never shot up to 3.30 hours. Even when I watched the loose edit, it was barely a few minutes more than the final length. But, as I said, I plan to limit the running time to less than 3 hours.”

Anil Sharma directed Gadar was exactly 2 hours 57 minutes in runtime, a numerologist would probably suggest the director to trim Veer down to exactly the same to repeat the success of the yesteryear blockbuster. What say?

We’d like to believe though that runtime doesn’t really matter for good films, Hollywood’s recent release Avatar was 3 hours plus and the Oscar nominated Lagaan too was close to 4 hours in runtime.



  • Agree abt the runtime. But if the script of the movie is not that good, then the length should be cut. Lagaan had a good script and direction so even the movie was long, it was worth watching.

  • SALAAM to all

    amit bhai nice to see you back again and to indicine team

    as some people have worried of sallu veer duration of approx 3 hrs

    but we know as
    3 idiots be approximately

    3 hrs ki thi and even ghajni also ….

    but result is with us both are all time blocbuster …

    3 idiots 315 crores in 19 days….

    ghajni 250 approximately


    this time this is sallu bhai unki ek jhalak paane kliye kahi log kai ghante , din saal ruke rehte

    than what is this 3 hrs , till yet people are watching maine pyaar kiyaa and hum aapke hain kaun with advertisment on channels till ending with many movie of sallu bhai ….

    so, 3 hrs doesnt matter for sallu bhai lovers across the globe ALHAMDULILLAAH

    ALLAAH ki rehmatse aur sallu fans with true entertaining people round the globe ki duaa se


    sallu bhai akkaa salman ki veer

    min 150 + crores


    max 300+ crores

    kaa business


  • Chance Pe Dance Movie Review:

    Chance Pe Dance is very important for Shahid Kapoor because after great success of Jab we Met and Kaminay now Shahid has gotten good value in bollywood. Another thing his last release Dil Bole Haddipa wasn’t work good on box office.
    Will it works? Let’s see


    Shahid Kapoor ( Sameer Behal ) is strugging actor who came from Delhi to Mumbai to be an actor. He meets to Genelia ( Tina ) who is also struggling to be a choreographer. Both fall in love and that’s it.
    Story is very old. We have already watched a lots of movies about struggling hero or struggling singers. Last year farhan Akhtar’s Luck By Chance was also this kind of movie which did average business on box office.
    Movie starts very well with introduction and daily routine of Shahid. His first meeting with genilia was also good. But after 15 minute audience can understand that what will happened next and you won’t be disappoint about your prediction. Everything happened the way you think.

    Worth of the movie:

    1. Shahid kapoor’s mind blowing performance
    2. Genelia’s beautiful look
    3. Some emotional scenes are well executed
    4. At interval and Shahid’s Final audition which telecast on TV is really well
    5. Shahid and Genelia’s chemistry is very good and in recent some movies except Pyaar Impossible at this time main female lead got good chance to perform. And she did


    1. Shahid Kapoor is rocking again , after Jab We Met and Kaminay he proved his self again that he is one of the good actors in bollywood. He danced very well like Hritik Roshan style and in emotional scenes he was also awesome.
    2. Genelia performed very good her performance was batter then Jany Tu Ya Janay Na and she looks beautiful and more mature.
    3. Mohnish Behal did over acting .


    Ken Ghosh made Ishq Vishq and Fida which were good movies but didn’t work well on box office. At this time he should have select good idea and batter script but he failed to get good script and then fail to execute it in well direction.


    Music is by Adnan Sami and Pritam. If you are making dancing musical movie then you should have best music. But Ken didn’t get good music. None of any song is good.
    ‘Pump it up’ and ‘Pal main he’ are batter songs. Dance are good in all songs but may be Ken Ghosh didn’t know that people buy music for listening not for watching.

    Negative Points:

    1. Lack of Script. Movie hasn’t one theme. It changed its track
    2. There wasn’t necessary school scenes and kids dance competition. It stucked the main story.
    3. There wasn’t necessary Shahid’s fathers scenes in second half. But Ken made it well.
    4. Climax is very weak. You are watching movie and you think that now movie got good track and it will be batter and suddenly u will see ‘The End’ then you will surprise that suddenly what happened with movie how can it finish so early within 110 minute running time .
    5. A musical dancing movie without any good song looks like Bariyani without meat.

    Over All

    Chance Pe Dance is good in some parts like Shahid’s Performance, Genelia’s cute look and some good emotional scenes. These plus points can take it to average business. And CPD has only one week for work since most awaited movie Veer is releasing very next week.

    2.5 / 5 (Very less chance for dance with joy for director Ken Ghosh)

  • @afridi:Donot go over the top by being curious Veer earning 100+ crs….JUst hope it has good story line n movie is good….If movie is good,it will definately rock…..But predicting it getting more than 100 crs is not good~~~~Every movie is not 3 idiots.. I mean When Ghajini reach more than 100 crs, Many people say BLue,CCTC,Kurbaan,Wanted will beat it….Infact!!! it is rare thing that any movie crossing 100 crs nett. It is not impossible either….Only thing is A BETTER script with some entertainment for all type of audience whether class or mass…then it have chance to do good!!!!!

    I really hope Veer is good….

  • My prediction for Veer
    friday 7 cr
    saturday 8 cr
    sunday 8 cr
    weekend 23 – 24 cr
    1st week ( if Good ) 40 cr ( tuseday is public holiday)
    1st week ( if avg) 36 cr
    1st week ( if bad ) 30 cr
    life time (if good ) 70 cr
    life time ( if avg ) 55 cr
    life time ( if bad ) 45 cr

    tell me wht is the budget and how much it wants to get hit status?


  • veer bussiness prediction by me-

    if paid preview then ,
    paid preview- 1 cr
    ist friday- 6 cr
    saturday-6 cr
    sunday-8 cr
    21 cr in weeknd
    and it s 1st week aproxmately
    36-38 cr
    and its lifetime
    60 cr.
    it will avrage coz
    veer budget is 45 cr.
    prediction about mnik
    it will do above 90 cr bussiness.
    if veer most entertaining movie than 3 idiot. it will easily earn up to 90cr.

  • Multiplex ticket prices should be raised for Veer, as it was for Three Idiots. It is a gamble worth taking because Veer is generating tremendous buzz and secondly, the public is indeed eagerly waiting for the film. The Aam Janta is counting the days to Veer’s release – this is true, although media which is nowadays paid to hype up other films, is ignoring it!! Our urgent advice to producers of Veer – raise the multiplex ticket rates immediately, at least for the first two weeks like Three Idiots. This was one of the factors behind the huge revenues of TIs. The single screen janta will watch Veer in any case as it is a Salman film.

  • indicine u deleted all our comments ??
    thx i really appricate i know that u were in cinema so u couldnt moniter our comments, and now u r writing review
    so hope fully see ur review soon.
    and sorry if u didnt like my comments abt amit s

  • indicine team well done

    i respect you for your action

    & plz say when is your new updated version is updatating………

  • hi

    every body is complaning ab the sound quality of bubed dialogs of veer. but it made for theater. there u hav dolbii sorounded sound. so dont worry guys


    Salman Khan won’t have to make much of an effort to take his film Veer, an Eros International Media Ltd presentation and Vijay Galani Moviez production, to international audiences.

    “The grandeur, budget, sets, its action, writing, the acting, cinematography, and score put it on par with Hollywood films like Gladiator, Troy and Braveheart,” said a trade analyst. Coincidentally, Mel Gibson wrote Braveheart while Salman penned Veer himself!

    “Salman is the ideal star to play a warrior; his gravelly voice and impressive physique combine to give him a huge presence. He is larger than life and adds charisma to a vengeance-driven heroic character,” said Galani. Director Anil Sharma without the use of computer effects has given Veer the feel of a classic epic project. “It was shot extensively in Rajasthan where action sequences involving thousands of fighters, horses, hundreds of elephants and camels, including huge sequences such as a train robbery and a full-fledged war were shot. Shootings also took place across the United Kingdom using chariots, vintage costumes, horse carts and items peculiar to the late 19th century. In fact, it’s the first Bollywood film that has been shot in Buckingham Palace,” said a source from the film unit.

    Salman took almost 20 years to write this saga of a freedom fighter, a Pindari soldier who fought for social justice and independence. “Rarely does an entertainment house get the opportunity to work with superstars to produce a movie of the grandeur and scale of Veer; which is the magic of storytelling on a large canvas, a story written by the lead star himself. At Eros, we believe this could well kickstart a trend in Indian cinema,” says Managing Director and Group CEO – India, Eros International Media Ltd, A P Parigi, about the film that’s “waiting to break records on January 22”.

  • Mine Prediction for VEER :-

    Opening Weekend: 20 – 25 crores
    Week 1 (if good): 40 – 45 crores
    Week 1 (if okay): 30 crores
    Week 1 (if bad): 22– 25 crores
    Lifetime Net (if good): 75-80 crores
    Life time net (if okay): 50-55 crores
    Life time net (if bad): less than 40 crores



  • guys runtime of veer is just 2hr 40min confirmed by pratik veer galani son of vijay galani.
    @Aditi agree with u ..prices of multiplexes can be rised,even producer of veer is considering this though prices at single screen will remain same.

  • ” VEER” will create history in Indian cinema . Buzz is huge for ” VEER” . I am looking forward to this movie .

  • ADITI , I agree with you dear that prizes of tickets should be rise up in multiplexes. ” VEER” will break all records of Indian cinema hopefully thanks.

  • I agree with those that say that many films were 3hrs+ but Salman said in an interview that people don’t have that much time to watch a historical film that is more than 3hrs or something like that. Inshallah Veer will be a super hit. Just praying for the best for Salman and all of his upcoming films.

  • i think 3 idiots can affect veer’s collection small way because many also prefering to see this muvi what u guys think?

  • anuparno aamir ki itni hasiyat bhi nahi uski movie bas multiplex mein hi chali hai and ticket ka daam zyada kar ke collections zyada hui hai otherwise its a copy of taare zameen par the plot is toally copied and some of the instances are copy from munnabhai series as well. for ex the role of dean ditto cheating but hamare saare media wale ise aise dabate hain jaise aamir unka bhatija ho ab main kya bolu

  • ya one thing more i notice is that the collections of aamir film are told in gross but all other films in net.
    so pls guys say this that 160cr in 3weeks and not 300cr because they want to show that its even bigger than sholay and HAHK. sholay gross was 650cr and that of hahk was 560cr.

  • @ NITESH 100% agree wid ur comment bout nett and gross.

    deres no doubt 3i was a fantastic film but dont worry HAHK will still remain in da top 3 of highest earners.

  • @nitesh.dun give wrong info here…i m a bhai fan but thats a truth ki 3idiots is the biggest hit 165cr hahk 106cr gadar 94cr sholay 150cr wid inflation..ND BTW BHAI NE PHOD DIYA HYDERABAD ME.

  • veer to phod degi chaye uski length jada ho ya kam, it will break all records for sure………..

    sallu bhaai jindabad…………..

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