Pics: Zarine Khan Pictures

Latest pictures of Salman Khan’s new find Zarine Khan. Frankly, we don’t really think she resembles Katrina Kaif. She looks different, slightly unconventional and carries off traditional Indian clothing as gracefully as Vidya Balan.

Is she a potential Bollywood star? Find out, when Veer releases just a week from now.

For now, check out some of Zarine Khan’s pictures. 



  • I think she resembles Katrina a bit. But I don’t think she will do it big in Bollywood…There is something missing abt her. But I haven’t seen much of her..So let’s wait for the movie.

  • hey amish we all know that if she is there in front of media then she must have something special now look at you you have no job beside criticising anyone on net. dont take it seriously but criticizing is easier job than to do something

  • She looks lovely – Amish a woman who is a little bit moti, looks better than thin woman who look like a bag of bones.

  • @ Amit– it was a bit tuff dude.. couldnt complete all 300. means didnt have time. dunno hw many i attempted also;) hz it for u? ab kaunse exam likh rahe ho?

  • surgery let me down.pharma was simple.overall ok..dint take much presure as it was my first next is comed than haryana pg

  • @ NITHESH– ha ha dude. “criticizing is easier job than to do something” ?? wow. but didnt get it..;) nw wat u want me to ‘do’..?

    and i dont like Moti characters.. thats my liking..:) if some1 likes then its their wish..:)
    We r here to critisize. Nw look at u ppl.. u r critisizin me..;) so nothin serious..;)

  • Katrina is much more gorgeous than her and she doesnt stand in front of her as far as looks are concerned so stop comparing

  • All I know is they needed Zarine for the character in “Veer”,coz she has to portray a women 4m 19th Century.N in that very era I dun think ppl borthered abt being smart,infact a fat person was considered as healthy.Infact Salman has also written in his blog that he didn’t cared about 6/8 packs in Veer n he has kept flat stomach coz who knew abt 6/8packs in 19th century??
    Zarine is Portraying her character n if she is dat brave dat in her 1st movie she has put on some weight just 4 the sake of her role in the movie…! Surely she can go long way.
    For me she is perfect 4 Mahrani character,comparisons with Katrina are baseless.Just watch the movie n then criticize.Just by looking at pics how can u rate an actress?Look at Vidiya Balan she has stunned everybody in Paa.Does she look sexy in any of her photos?

  • ^ True Hina. she was made to eat a lot of chocolates n icecreams for this look..;) But atleast wen she comes infront of d media she shud have trimmed herself a bit.;) howeva al depends on her actin skills or else as Nauman said it might just be her first n last film..;)

  • @amish ..Yep she should have but I think may b its a strategy to carry Veer’s look atleast until the release of the movie.She is a new-commer,she needs time to settle down.Even if u c rani or priety’s early movies or even Kareena in Refugee–They all look bit out-dated in both Persona and Clothing..But with time they have groomed themselves remarkably.

  • @ Amish

    shez gorgeous and i would much rather prefer a woman of dat siz dan to kareena in tashan. at least she looks healthy.

    plus like Hina has siad women like Bipasha, lara looked horrible wen dey first came. over time deve improved dere bodies and now look at dem.

  • @agree wid u hina. its really easy to gain weight bt hard to loose it. shez is tryin hard….dnt u ppl c da difference between her in d movie promo nd in dis pix !!

  • she’s gorgeous,sexy n beautiful…………..well v all can wish that she will give her best in the near future……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zarine khan is so beautifull.she looks very well.she is better than katrina caif.she play her role very well.

  • well friend’s. it’s a personal opinion.
    i saw her movie. and i must say that she is a gorgeous girl in the planet.
    no one can compare her beauty with another. she is a master piece of work, most beautiful painting of a painter.

  • Hi Zareen,
    u know what happened wth me whn i saw u in “VEER”,,the same that happend wth ‘VEER’….
    I’m in true love with u….miss u immensely…would that we may soon met !!

  • wel i don’t know much about filmi dunya but just finished veer…i think that by investing hundreds and hundreds thousands on a movie is a big deal to do…one won’t spoil his money by having an actress good for nothing….specialy when the man is like salman khan… guys apni think in a way those people think…zarine khan did a great job…katrina is at her place outstanding but zarine is also a perfect character for this movie…if u see the 1st movie of she looks like in that movie….hina is right…she is good,not good better and she will b groomed enough to rock……so just watch and wait

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