Chance Pe Dance Movie Review

Chance Pe Dance for starters wasn’t promoted well. Like someone mentioned in the comments section, there could probably be only two reasons; One, the makers weren’t too confident of their product or two, they were over confident. Sadly, it turned out to be the former as no hype or money wasted on marketing, would have saved this struggler’s tale directed by Ken Ghosh of Ishq Vishq fame.

Chance Pe Dance is about Sameer (Shahid Kapoor) and his struggle to make it big in the film industry. He fights against every hurdle that comes his way to achieve his dream. He is helped by choreographer and good friend Tina (Genelia D’Souza), who pushes him to participate in a dance competition, which finally helps him get his ‘dream role’.

The biggest flaw in Chance Pe Dance is the script, which is full of glaring loopholes. The story is nothing new, again a underdog tale, but just that you never feel or connect with any of the characters. Apart from the well choreographed dance sequences and exactly 2 well directed scenes, almost everything falls flat – which includes music and performances by the lead stars.


Story: Boring, predictable and clichéd with unnecessary melo-drama that is too hard to digest in today’s times.

Direction: Below average at best. Ken Ghosh seems to be slipping with each film.

Music: So very important for a film like Chance Pe Dance. But 4 music composers combined (Adnan Sami, Pritam, Sandeep Shirodkar and the director Ken Ghosh himself) don’t get one song right.

Acting: Girls would swoon over his 6 packs, but performance-wise this has to be Shahid’s weakest in a long long time. Genelia D’Douza hams, never gets her diction right. The rest are wasted.

Choreography: Is fantastic by Marty Kudelka and Ahmed Khan. Shahid is in top-form on the dance floor, but bad music kind of ruins the experience.


Overall, Chance Pe Dance is a weak product that makes Ghosh’s previous work – Fida – look like a classic. At the box office, the film has no chance whatsoever. Yet another open week for 3 Idiots to continue its mind numbing run.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ Avoid



  • @ indicine

    although i have already bought the tickets for midnight show tonight, yet I have this gut feeling that i’ll more or less agree with your review after watching it. I tried my best to resist the urge to buy the tickets, but then me and my wife…both are movie freaks and decided to go for it (thought we both share the opinion that its not going to be a good experience)

    and just to show off a little bit…it was me who wrote the two possible reasons for low publicity (as quoted by you in the begining of the review) :) … thanks for remembering my words. this shows how carefully you read the user comments.

    Will share my views after watching the movie.

  • Chance Pe Dance is very important for Shahid Kapoor because after great success of Jab we Met and Kaminay now Shahid has gotten good value in bollywood. Another thing his last release Dil Bole Haddipa wasn’t work good on box office.Will it works? Let’s see


    Shahid Kapoor ( Samir Behl ) is strugging actor who came from Delhi to Mumbai to be an actor. He meets to Genelia ( Tina ) who is also struggling to be a choreographer. Both fall in love and that’s it.
    Story is very old. We have already watched a lots of movies about struggling hero or struggling singers. Last year farhan Akhtar’s Luck By Chance was also this kind of movie which did average business on box office.Movie starts very well with introduction and daily routine of Shahid. His first meeting with genilia was also good. But after 15 minute audience can understand that what will happened next and you won’t be disappoint about your prediction. Everything happened the way you think.

    Worth of the movie:

    1. Shahid kapoor’s mind blowing performance
    2. Genelia’s beautiful look
    3. Some emotional scenes are well executed
    4. At interval and Shahid’s Final audition which telecast on TV is really well
    5. Shahid and Genelia’s chemistry is very good and in recent some movies except Pyaar Impossible at this time main female lead got good chance to perform. And she did


    1. Shahid Kapoor is rocking again , after Jab We Met and Kaminay he proved his self again that he is one of the good actors in bollywood. He danced very well like Hritik Roshan style and in emotional scenes he was also awesome.
    2. Genelia performed very good her performance was batter then Jany Tu Ya Janay Na and she looks beautiful and more mature.
    3. Mohnish Behl wasted and did over acting .


    Ken Ghosh made Ishq Vishq and Fida which were good movies but didn’t work well on box office. At this time he should have select good idea and batter script but he failed to get good script and then fail to execute it in well direction.


    Music is by Adnan Sami and Pritam. If you are making dancing musical movie then you should have best music. But Ken didn’t get good music. None of any song is good.‘Pump it up’ and ‘Pal main he’ are batter songs. Dance are good in all songs but may be Ken Ghosh didn’t know that people buy music for listening not for watching.

    Negative Points:

    1. Lack of Script. Movie hasn’t one theme. It changed its track
    2. There wasn’t necessary school scenes and kids dance competition. It stucked the main story.
    3. There wasn’t necessary Shahid’s fathers scenes in second half. But Ken made it well.
    4. Climax is very weak. You are watching movie and you think that now movie got good track and it will be batter and suddenly u will see ‘The End’ then you will surprise that suddenly what happened with movie how can it finish so early within 110 minute running time .
    5. A musical dancing movie without any good song looks like Bariyani without meat.

    Over All

    Chance Pe Dance is good in some parts like Shahid’s Performance, Genelia’s cute look and some good emotional scenes. These plus points can take it to average business. And CPD has only one week for work since most awaited movie Veer is releasing very next week.


    2/ 5 XX (Very less chance for dance with joy for director Ken Ghosh)

  • Guru Paa jee
    this movies doenst have enough stuff to say , so indicine didnt bother their self to put more effort .

    indicine nice review i am agree with u and u again also noticed that points which i noticed and taran was also thought like us.
    it means this movie is univarsally 1.5 – 2.5 star
    i personally like emotional movies , like tum bin , mann , london dreams so in begining i thought 2.5 star but i know that this movie deserve maximum 2 stars.
    1 star for shahid’s another good performance.
    1 star for genelia’s cute look.
    .5 star for good emotions.
    indicine team:
    did u like interval scene ??? i really liked that and shahid’s audition in hall where u told about his mom.
    and what did u feel when u say that shahid has become a star and then suddenly movie finished ???
    i was surprised and shocked that how come this movie finish within 2 hrs
    plz tell me ur comments abt it.

  • Guru Paa jee
    yeh movie bhi shoro hote hi khatam ho jati hai
    especially post interval part is only 45 min.

    indicine team
    when i watched Paa then there were only 9 people in hall and today i broke my record
    do u know how many people with me ???
    beleive me i watched this movie alone in 150 seated hall.
    i asked security officer that
    heyyy mate am i the only one ?
    he said yes
    i said thx God it is not a horrer movie.

  • Gurvinderpal, not many are interested in reading long reviews. Most just go through the performances and rating. And also Chance Pe Dance doesn’t even deserve a detailed analysis. It just didn’t work. If you wanna know more, you can always ask here and we’d be only glad to respond.

    Nauman, thought Shahid wasn’t too great in the film and where was the chemistry that you were talking about? There were no emotions involved and as a viewer you never even feel the struggle of the struggler.

  • indicine team:
    shahid wasnt great like jab we met or kaminay but he was batter then Dil Bole Haddipa…
    and their were a lots of scens combine with Shahid and Genelia, especially 2nd half when they spend a night in Shahid’s car and raing scene.
    at interval movie looks good ,
    tell me abt ending wasnt u in shock when suddenly movie finished ???
    i was really thinking that now his next career has started and they will show that after getting star power how will he feel and how will he handle these things, even i thought that now he will kicked out Genelia and he will start romance with any other super star hereon , just like Luck By Chance. but nothing happened and movie finished.
    wasnt it a jok from ken Ghosh ??

  • now time to sleep already 12:35 am and i hv to wake up at 5 am so 4 hrs for sleep.
    see u early in the morning with other veiwers comments
    and u said that u will send me e mail on this weekend, but u didnt send me yet .
    i am still waiting ur reply.

  • Indicine team, I just want to know if you are using any SEO techniques for indicine. Please reply in yes or no if you dont want to go into details

  • Boring movie which puts you to sleep after 15 -20 mins. Watch it only if you want to see Genelia and Shahid for 2 hours. As indicine said movie was very predictable.

    1 / 5

  • My Review for CPD

    There is one simple question for Mr. Ken Ghosh…”Why did he ever felt the need to make this movie?”…The question would probably make more sense if I translate it into Urdu / Hindi…”Aakhir eisi kya museebat paree thee film bananey ki janab??”

    I mean what was the point behind making this film? I just want to sit on Ken Ghosh’s place and i want to find out one good reason to motivate me to go ahead for the film…Is the subject so different that even my poor execution will be overshadowed?? do i have such a brilliant execution in my mind which will make even an ordinary subject look fresh and appealing?? Do i have brilliant dialogues and a wonderful script which will ensure the return of investments and efforts??? do i have a soundtrack which can pull the crow to theaters???

    If i had asked these questions to my own self and if i had been honest in answering them…i wouldn’t have found a single reason to proceed with making the film.

    Ok fine…I rope a very talented actor in the shape of Shahid Kapoor, who is an emerging star…but then, in order to act, any actor would need a script and some dialogues with substance. The strongest of talents can not work without a direction.

    Thus, the only good thing about the film…Shahid Kapoor’s sincere attempts to save it from becoming a complete disaster…doesn’t work. He is fresh and tries to infuse as much energy as possible into an extremely weak plot and lifeless dialogues.

    The film suffers with an immense absence of script and there is practically no direction involved to come out with good results. It seems that while making the film, it was clear to everyone that it won’t work and that is why the publicity expenditures were kept at a bare minimum.

    There is not a single song which can be termed as a chart-buster; there is not a single scene which is properly written. The only good segments (and believe me, they are very minimal in number) are those where Shahid throws a good expression or speaks a dialogue in an effective manner. And these scenes too were bearable due to Shahid’s talent rather than the scene itself being effective.

    Genelia looks ravishing, but again, her role doesn’t give her any meat at all to work upon. Mohnish Behl, Vikas Bhalla and each and every supporting actor (including child artists) seem artificial and try too hard to appear good.

    I had gone to the cinema with a very low level of expectations from this film…and even then, the film turned out to be below my expectations. I can’t figure out why they make such films; why they take the audience for granted; and above all, why do we still have such people who give practically no importance to the content and execution.

    There is no point discussing if the film will work or not; it definitely has no chance at all. Try to save yourself from the agony and if you are a die-hard Shahid Kapoor fan, then wait for the DVD.

    My Rating: 1/5

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