Housefull preponed

When Rakesh Roshan officially announced the release date of Kites, it turned out to be the exact same day that Akshay Kumar’s Sajid Khan directed Housefull was planned for release.

Soon, the hot topic of discussion everywhere – media, trade and fans – was the clash between Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar. While we thought there are now enough screens in India, for two biggies to release on the same day – which was probably one of the reasons the Roshan’s picked the release date in the first place – the makers of Housefull thought otherwise.

Housefull has been preponed to April and could now clash with the T20 Cricket World Cup.

It also remains to be seen if Rajneeti sticks on to its earlier confirmed release date (May 27th, a week after Kites) or will the makers of the Prakash Jha directed film postpone its release?

For now though, what’s 100% confirmed is the release date of Kites. Finally a Hrithik Roshan film after more than 26 months, Phew!



  • Dtas a gud newzz for hrithik..bcoz Housefull is d movie wich peoples r w8ing so it definatly gonna rock..
    hrithik now feel happy as he knew if housefull will release wid kites den mass appeal will favour Housefull..
    Akki really rocks..nd Housefull will b one of the blockbuster of 2010

  • I know t20 may affect the HOusefull but i m confident that Movie gonna rock….Biggest hit of year coming!!!!!HOUSEFULL

  • yes T-20 will affect then business of Housefull dats true..but still i blv dat being a Akshya Kumar movie and dats also after 4 months will favour the people really want to see the gr8 entertainer and housefull wiill b one of them..
    One more thing is 30 April is not the official release date of Housefull,its only guess and the rumours of media..

  • To sudeep abhi we all know that housefull can never be the biggest hit of the year. the only reason kite will not score big is because of barbara mori but other than that kites will be better than housefull.
    hrithik always remain bigger than akshay.
    the biggest hit will be either MNIK OR RA1 OR VEER. as no full fledge aamir film will release this year

  • Nitesh,my frnd,who told u dat hrithik always remain bigger than akshay…Akshya is quite bigger than akshya..and i m not tellng u dis bcoz akshya is my fav actor,infact dis is the truth and even Indicine team can’t deny it.

  • brother,releasing date of housefull is not lets w8 n watch..who knws it will clash wid kites..nd its my wish dat it will dat all people came to knw abt the start power of Akki..

  • yaa man houseful goona rock as like tasveer n cc2c n KI n blue …..hehehe

    u guys jus wisk ki ki aaki ko akkal aa jaae ki ab bas kar “kuch aachi scripts bhi dekh le” …

    n hosefull to honge hi kites ke no doubt abt that

  • heyy guys this some sort of good news because he film will have 3 weeks of no competion, indeed a dent will be done because india is playing on sat and sun the matches will start @7pm indian time soo i think the first weekend will be affected some hoow but does not because if the film is good theen it will doo huge business :D and we can expect a very good movie here i am 100 % sure.

  • and by the way…….

    in 20-20 world cup…….

    india plays matches on 1 st and 2 nd may……..

    and commentry starts on 7 pm IST …..

    while actual match starts on 8 pm IST….. which is 9:30 local time in WESTINDIES….that’s 2 early for a 20-20 game

    and INDIA’s 1 st match is with a Qualifier team……so no one will watch this match as result is known….

  • kites the international launch of Hrithk is going to clash with “””Shrek Forever After””….

    whose 1 three parts had a opening weekend of….
    opening weekend life collections
    SHREK 1st — $42,347,760 :::::::: $267,665,011

    SHREK 2nd — $108,037,878 ::::::: $441,226,247

    SHREK 3rd — $121,629,270 ::::::: $322,719,944

    so……..what r u expecting for kites……..may be

    opening weekend life collections

    $ 5,00,000 $ 10,00,000

    which means a flop……….

  • Blockbusters of 2010:
    9.TOM & JERRY

  • so basically theres only 2 good releases coming up VEER and MNIK, then no big films coming out for about 10 weeks until housefull releases so housefull should do good business

  • housefull will be a disaster lyk blue.a crap actor wid a crap director.kuch chance tha 2 recover da investment bt during world cup, no chance.. A big Nooooooo.kites wl b a superhir 4 sure.eagarly waiting 4 veer..mark my wl b a 130 cr blockbuster.salman n aamir love u..both r da best.

  • Actors Rank in 2009 by total Box office turnover in 2009 (Rs. Nett)
    1. Aamir Khan, 1 film, 185 crore total or 200……
    2. Akshay Kumar, 5 films, 170 crore total
    3. Ranbir Kapoor, 3 films, 109 crore total
    4. Abhishek Bachchan, 2 films, 80 crore total
    5. Salman Khan, 3 films, 79 crore total

    Actresses Rank in 2009 by total Box office turnover in 2009 (Rs. Nett)
    1. Kareena Kapoor, 4 films, 260 crore total
    2. Katrina Kaif, 4 films, 184 crore total
    3. Lara Dutta, 3 films, 74 crore total
    4. Priyanka Chopra, 2 films, 65 crore total
    5. Deepika Padukone, 1 film, 55 crore total

  • btw ppl keep in mind that akshay has made 4 hits in 1 year…..and also its nt as good to xpect that all film of an actors to be a hit! some turn out to be bad as well…..

  • FINALLY, we can see another hrithik roshan film- i dont care bout housefull,that doesnt interest me- hrithik’ll always remain bigger then akshay- and people wanted to see kites more-it was on the most awaited movie’s list-no.2 on that after MNIK obviously,nothing can beat that. good luck duggu, we love you!

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