Veer Box office Prediction

The expectations from Salman Khan’s Veer that releases next weekend, is neither too high nor too low, which is just about perfect for any film. Veer should also benefit from the curiosity around it, chartbusting music is missing but the songs (from the trailers) have been shot well and have a certain pleasing look to it.

Box office over the years, hasn’t been too kind to historicals, hence the opening weekend is very important for a film like Veer. Khan’s strong hold has always been single screens, but what remains to be seen is how Veer performs at the all important multiplexes, which should eventually decide the fate of this high budget epic.

Here’s our Veer Prediction

  • Opening Weekend: 18 – 19 crores nett
  • Opening Weekend if the film exceeds expectations: 22  crores nett
  • Week 1: 28 crores nett
  • Week 1 if liked: 30 – 32 crores nett
  • Lifetime collections if poor: less than 40 crores nett
  • Lifetime collections if mixed: 45 – 50 crores nett
  • Lifetime collections if good: 60 – 70 crores  nett


  • @indicine u want item no in an period always this prediction of urs is goin to flop..MINE WEEKAN 25CR WEEK 50CR TOTAL 100CR PLUS BLOCKBUSTER…

  • week1 collection sud cross 40cr.. ther is extended weekend in the form of 26th jan.. n veer is creating the buzz it required.. salmania hurted 5 people yesterday. everynews channel said nothing new that”no 1 can match salman starpower”… veer veer veer gng 2 rock….a superhit 4 sure..

    come on guys. join veer on 22nd.

  • I agree with Indicine team that predicting how much salman movie earn is difficult .Salman movie can turn into very big hit or go disaster……But This time Salman is going to rock as he rock in wanted…

  • u dont salman caz u predict sarukh khan flim to break all record and salman to be flop.veer has got enough rummer to be blockbaster,and the music are awesome much more appreciated then of mnik and good also.

    the fan following in face book has told u have deleated 500 or more massages of salman in vot saying that it was from one person………

    all salman khan fan i request u to comment after voting and alyas see the site bis responding nicely or not

  • hope veer will surprise u big time indicine.btw the dailouge promos of ‘pepli live’ r out.very interesting promos.nasiruddin shah is also there.looks like another masterpiece by aamir khan production.

  • only 70 , its looks quite low at the time when other movie is touching 200.

    at least we can hope veer to touch 100 cr mark.

  • Yet another frop from salman khan.
    movie will earn maximum 15 crore weekend and 25 crore 1st week
    a sureshot flop,people will save money for my name is khan not for these stupid pathetic salman khan films

  • if it is good than wanted then 70 core should be easy will earn more than wanted in multiplex for sure.

  • Indicine, like always your prediction will be wrong ;-) I will get back on you after the weekend & !st week ;)

    My Prediction :-

    Opening Weekend: 20 – 22 crores nett
    Opening Weekend if the film exceeds expectations: 25-26 crores nett
    Week 1: 35 crores nett (Tuesday is a Holiday)
    Week 1 if liked: 40 – 42 crores nett
    Lifetime collections if poor: less than 40 crores nett
    Lifetime collections if mixed: 50 – 55 crores nett
    Lifetime collections if good: 70 – 80 crores nett

  • veer wl b a 130 cr blockbuster.1st week collection wl b 2nd hightest after 3 idiots..veer is gonna rock da overseas as wel as indian wl b a great movie..even i predict dat salman’s hater wl become his great fan..

  • flop flop flop … after seen the expectations of london dreams even it was higher than VEER but it was flop so is this ……………… but i wish not for salman to safe his stardom this his last chance… after giving more than 10flops during 2007-2008-2009.. pitty him … plz support him go watch veer……….

  • What about SRK giving 2 back-to-back disaster ??? DMG 1 week collection is 2.5 crores…. Pity on the so called KING KHAN ;)

    Even A Salman Cameo like Hello & Heroes Did 10 crore buisness in 1st week…. Pity him…

    Those talkin about Salman’s stardom, did u checked out what haapened yesterday in HYD..??? I won’t say much…

    Even Media Agrees, When it comes to fan-Following No Khan or Kumar Can stand in front of Salman, thats a fact ;)


    Q : Can MNIK break Three Idiots record ?

    A : No, even getting close to opening weekend record of 3I is tough call, leave alone excellent trending. But yes, if movie turned out to be excellent, 100+ Crore business is quite possible from domestic market. Promos created just moderate hype among general audience. Terrorism base theme of movie which was plus point of movie during making, turned out to be most negative one near the release. Makers are trying their best to publicize it as love story. But comparison with newyork and kurbaan is inevitable.

    Promos created just moderate hype among general audience. Terrorism base theme of movie which was plus point of movie during making, turned out to be most negative one near the release. LOLZ

  • i watched da clip on youtube of wen Sallu attended Hyderabad.

    man people can say wat dey want but no tom dick and harry in Bollywood has dat much of a craze dan Salman in Bollywood.

    its a shame dat many Sallu fans dont even go watch his films. (i always do lol)

    some of it iz Salman’s fault coz he has appeared in some shit films (guest appearance and other mediocre films)

    @ Vicky 100% rite wid ur comment

    and plz can da haters just not post dere hatred here.

  • naveed bro and vicky bro………….

    we dont want to hear what overseas say………………our first priorty is that we are indian ………..and we all know ALHAMDULILLAAH from mumbai rickshawala …………to delhi paanwaala…………a common strugglers people who loved salman as much as they can and even in every next saloon of india big metros or small villages there is only one photographs tagged of sallu bhai and tthat is prove what indian people follow………….

    from maine pyaar kiyaa to being human foundation ……if sallu bhai heart feeling of peace doesnt change for common man ….with ALLAAH GRACE………so, whether it is of ups or down time time of sallu bhai, true speaking people across the globe has a special place in there heart and that never going to change INSHAAALLAAH … and down is part of life and every single person had ups and down in the life …, no is pure and no one had a right to say bad words in favour of sallu bhai……….

    and in short ….he had a grace of ALLAAH with him and so he get respect ALHAMDULILLAAH

    so ,it doesnt matter if any body make voice against sallu bhai………….

    no, one can change his love and respect with there words

    b,coz he is the person who is blessed with ALLAAH GRACE ALHAMDULILLAH AAMEEN

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