Vote: 3 Khans 3 Films in 3 months – Your pick?

Never mind the disappointment that 2009 has been thus far, the action is all set to begin as we enter the last week of the year and await 3 huge mega budget releases from the biggest Khan’s in the industry.

Its Aamir Khan’s turn first with 3 Idiots directed by Rajkumar Hirani. The expectations are high, but the good news is, those who have watched it, have loved it. Kajol Devgan, who was the first choice for the role that eventually went to Kareena was all praises for the film on twitter “Just came back from 3 Idiots!!! Laughed till death… cried till death!! In one word- MASTERPIECE. Want to work with Aamir Once Again.”

Come January, its time for Veer with Salman Khan. The promos have created enough buzz, the music is pretty good and Salman along with Anil Sharma promise a classic that will be watched for years to come. The film though, looks the riskiest of the lot with high costs and the fact that costume drama’s never really carry the craze of a masala actioner like Wanted or Ghajini. Veer’s opening isn’t expected to be earth shattering and a lot would depend on the quality of content and word of mouth. It could go either way, disaster or masterpiece!

Shahrukh Khan returns to the big screen in February with My Name Is Khan, a film that is expected to break every single box office record overseas. Business here in India too is expected to be very good. More on My Name is Khan HERE and HERE

Our Picks (off the 3)

  • Best Film – 3 Idiots
  • Biggest Opener both India and Overseas – My Name Is Khan
  • Biggest Hit – 3 Idiots
  • Best Performance Male – Aamir Khan / Salman Khan
  • Best Performance Female – Kajol

What’s yours? Vote now!

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  • @indicine….When r u watching!!!! I have voted for Bestfilm-veer(but it can be 3 idiots too because it has already getting praise from people who have seen it..Biggest hit &biggest opening is also 3 idiots because it will sure!!!my heart tell so…n coming to performance it will be kajol as in review of tarah,he said kareena has not too long role so…..

  • I m being baised at best performance male…can’t voted other than salman so…But i agree with u indicine team tht movie can go either way,DIsaster or masterpiece……

  • I sure
    best film = 3 idiots
    box office biggest opener= veer
    biggest hit = veer
    best performance male = salman khan
    best performance female = kajol

  • HI

    we always compare the salman khan , srk, amir and akki. coz they r all superstar of present time.
    but one things to be noted.- the r all changes the whole bollywood by there acting and film. they r all creates lots of milestone in their whole career.

    first i talk about amir khan betterlly know as mr. perfectionist
    he has cute and nice chocalate look.

    amir Khan’s first notable leading role came in 1988 in the film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak which was directed by his cousin and Nasir Hussain’s son Mansoor Khan. This film was a breakthrough commercial success, effectively launching Khan’s career as a leading actor. Having the typical ‘chocolate hero’ looks, he was publicised as a teen idol. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak was a youths icon film at that time.
    but his jo jeeta wahi sikandar changed the style of modern cinema at that time and also started the sports film in bollywood.after that “lagaan” also historic sports film.
    and he also best known as kisser in 90’s film like – ishq,earth,raja hindustani etc

    as comic- ishq, rangeela,andaz apna apna etc
    his biggest bolockbusters- raja hindustani,rang de bassanti , tare jameen par, ghajini.

    amir always give us all type of cinema.

    comic- andaz apna apna
    action- ghajini
    sports- lagaan
    social- rang de bassanti
    children- taare jameen par.

    also noted his first fil as child was ” yadoon ki baraat.” this film started the ” bhaiyion ka bachpan mein bichadna and bade hone par milna” in our film industry.

    salman khan betterlly known as sallu
    – salllu stared his career by film biwi ho to aisi. which is flop at that time after that his another family film ” “maine pyar kyun kiya” creates lots of milstone at that time and also changed hindi cinema. after his “hum aapke hain koun” break all previous records . it new jouners of film . and also started the new journer of film making in india. after that hum dil de chuke sanam he became bigest superstar at that time.

    best film
    -comic- mujhse saadi karogi
    -action- wanted
    family- maine pyar kyun kiya, humdil de chuke sanam and hum aapke hai koun

    biggest blocbuster
    maine pyar kyun kiya, hum aapke hai koun

    sharukh khan betterill known as badsha khan or king khan
    – he debuted as actor in film “dewana”
    after that his darr and bazigar created a new journer in hindi cinema. both r commercially hit film.
    his dilwale dhulahniya le jayenge creates many milestone at that time and also started new jouner of india cinema. indian film started good bussiness in oversiese market.
    his kuch kuch hota hai was new version of indian cinema at hat time.
    chak de was great sport film .

    his best film-
    comic- badshah
    social- swadesh
    action- main hoo na and one two ka four
    family- dilwale dhulahniya le jayenge, kabhi khushi kabhi gham.
    children- chamatkar

    biggest blockbusters- ddlj,oso,rnbdj,chak de india,kuch kuch hota and also veer zara, kank , kkkg and kal ho na ho is biggest blockbuster in oversiese.

    akshay kumar bettrlilly knows as akki or king kumar

    his second film “khiladi” started a new seriese of action film in india. his khiladi sreies all movie entertain us lots of action and comic
    after that his hera pheri started a new syle of comedy in bollywood.

    best film
    comic-hera pheri, mr and mrs khiladi, bhagam bhag, garam masala……………….(big list)
    action-khiladi………..(big list)
    family- waqt and dhadkan
    children- chandini chhowk to china and jumbo.

    biggest blockbuster- welcome, singh is king

    hmmm from above its clearly shows that amir and sharukh khan always doing different type of films.

    amir rocks and srk rocks

  • @adii…ur comment surely will create a war of words now…..but i donot agree with last one…Aamir is the first one n only one who play different type of role….not SRK !!!!

  • sudeep :- well why is that? ha ha…..i know this is true that srk is the lover boy as his debut is from the dewane as the loverboy……so sudeep what is ur dissatisfactiction?????

    there are a lot variety of movie he had played……so where u dint find him as different role???just try to compare once again amir vs shahrukh khan

  • this topic is being over talked about. i am so bored with the same talk that i do not want to watch or hear any of their names anymore. Indicine please find something more interesting to focus on. for the last couple weeks the three khans together with Akshay have been over talked about. Let the movies be released then we will decide what was good or not. Avathar is doing very well at the moment. Stop being sentimental about the aging stars. I hope Kites does well for Hrithik.

  • sure but not just for me….the world waiting for My name is khan and to watch srk’s performance:
    •Best Film – My name is khan
    •Biggest Opener both India and Overseas – My Name Is Khan
    •Biggest Hit – my name is khan
    •Best Performance Male – Shahrukh khan/amir
    •Best Performance Female – Kajol

  • adii:
    so u started war again on this page
    why did u compair top 4 actors
    now every one will start speaking and favour of his favorite

    i am akki fan so i hv to talk abt him

    Comedy …. akshay starts from mr. n mrs khiladi to de dana dan more that 15 movies

    Action …. he starts from khiladi then expect mr n mrs khiladi other 6 action and alos of police inspector movies then 2 brillient thrill Ankhien and Ajnabi

    Romance…. Namaste London, humko deewana kar gae, dhadkan, yeh dil lagi ,

    classic …. janwar , sangharsh , waqt , khaki , bhulbhuliya

    social …. Khatta Meetha

  • Honestly speaking,I think Best film – 3Idiots, best performer male – aamir, best performer female – kajol.
    Dont know about other things.but people will give all votes to mnik or veer……:-)

  • my voting is

    best film 3 idiot
    biggest opener 3 idiot due to xmas holidays and solo releas
    biggest hit 3 idiots
    best performance Shahrukh khan / Kajol

  • @khan… i know even i say something there r lot of srk fan..who will say bla n bla abt it…So it better to not to talk.. No one can deny tht All big four actor-Akshay,salman,aamir n srk have their own fan!!No matter how the movie is,they all will watch it!!!!N about 90-95% will be baised on their own fav. actor even movie is good or bad!!! So comparing these type of thing is just waste of time!!People will never go for aamir if u r die hard fan of srk…so these comparing is not worth voting!!!Anyhow the one who is ur fav.will cast their vote for them!!!

  • i m bored of such crap discussions abt srk,aamir,salman,akki etc….so i dont want to cmmnt on that… my fav is salman i voted for him and veer……best of luck to others…..lets c who wins!!!!!!

  • Best Film: My Name is Khan
    Best Performance: Srk/Kajol
    Biggest Opener: MNIK
    Biggest Hit: MNIK

    best of luck srkajol and karan johar..

    srk means Rocking Khan, Badshah of bollywood, best actor and megastar of bollywood.. best of luck srk..
    u r roxxxxxxx

  • I know is page main salman k fan bahat hain isliye veeer and salman hi jitega ye pool vi… but srk is the best and his movie also awesom srk and kajol’s performance is great.. they are roxxxxxxx
    karan is one of the best bollywood director………… so my name is khan will win but not in this page… in real

  • come what may the result of this poll but I think all the three movies are going to win altest one tag in their pocket and I completely agree with Indicine that the veer can go the either way but most of the chances are for positive side and even MNIK is seems to be risky as is as based some what on terrorism lets see but 3 IDOITS clean winner yaar.

  • Best Film – Veer

    Biggest Opener India – 3 Idiot / Overseas – My Name Is Khan

    Biggest Hit – Veer, but if the film is made well.

    Best Performance Male – Salman Khan, no doubt 4 this kind of film, even his body can explain.

    Best Performance Female – Kajol

  • ya saju dey we all know that this whole page ( for you (Salman’s Fans)… lekin iss page main jitne se kya hoga reality main bhi jitna chahiye na??? reality are here:
    best film : My Name is khan
    biggest opener: My name is khan
    Best perfomance: Srk/ Kajol
    Biggest Hit: My Name is Khan

    srk is the best of the best… he is king………….

  • saju dey ur my fav salman also salman fan.i really aprreciate ur loyality to far as voting is concerned,i voted for veer and salman.other movies can b good 2 but veer is a dream and alot of passion is involved in veer.

  • My name is khan ke samne Veer darr gaya and salman ne apni film ko 1 week agge aya pahele 29th Jan tha ab 22 th jan main release hone wala hai.. hahaha srk se samne salman dar gaya heheheheheheheheehhe ….
    saju dey ye page salman ke liye hi banaya dont worry tera salman hi jitega yis pool main…
    but reality is:
    best film : My Name is khan
    biggest opener: My name is khan
    Best perfomance: Srk/ Kajol
    Biggest Hit: My Name is Khan

    srk is the best of the best… he is king………….

  • I really do not find any significance of the polls by Indicine,because most of the people in this page are
    huge fans of Salman Khan and understandably the poll results are always biased towards him.
    So,the actual picture is never obtained.Also,no inference can be drawn from 200 votes.According
    to me
    best film-3 idiots
    biggest box office opener-Veer
    biggest hit-will depend on the reviews ,might be any of the 3,though MNIK should perform better overseas.
    best performance male-aamir khan
    best performance female-kajol

  • yes Twany u r right bollywood main sirf 3 superstar hain srk, akshaye and Govinda…
    srk is the biggest superstar : megastar….. real king of bollywood….

  • veer seems biggest hit only this pole. coz lots of sallu fans r here.
    but unfortunately mnik will be biggest hit in theatres .

    biggest hit- mnik and 3 idiots
    and stop disscussing same topic again and again.

  • indicine team:
    so u started war again . we were were quite for last couple of days even after Rocket singh we all were wery quite and we were waiting for 3 idiots that we will put our comments , but before releasing u start again.
    i know u r fair and u put this artical for voting and u want to see that which movie and which actor is more potential but they dont understand they are not waiting for 3 idiots or veer or mnik due to good movies they are just waiting for those movies coz they wana pul down these movies, srk fan’s wana pul down veer , sallu’s fans wana trash mnik and may be akki’s fan also wana trash veer ( i m not sure abt that coz i didnt see any akki fan who is abusing and saying bad things abt sallu or srk ).
    but Srk and sallu’s fan always fight and u r responsible of all these kind of stuffs
    thx God u banned SAJU DEY , and now may be Aakash’s turn.
    i m not intrested in this page i m just waiting for thursday when i will watch 3 idiots and then i will compair my comments with ur review then may be u can have some chat like rocket singh and Paa.
    batter watch old movie .
    i got dvd of WAQT so i gonna watch Waqt- the race agains time again. one of the classic movie of akki’s career.
    or may be after that i will listen some good songs of my tayler Swift or Miley Cyrus

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