Vote: 3 Khans 3 Films in 3 months – Your pick?

Never mind the disappointment that 2009 has been thus far, the action is all set to begin as we enter the last week of the year and await 3 huge mega budget releases from the biggest Khan’s in the industry.

Its Aamir Khan’s turn first with 3 Idiots directed by Rajkumar Hirani. The expectations are high, but the good news is, those who have watched it, have loved it. Kajol Devgan, who was the first choice for the role that eventually went to Kareena was all praises for the film on twitter “Just came back from 3 Idiots!!! Laughed till death… cried till death!! In one word- MASTERPIECE. Want to work with Aamir Once Again.”

Come January, its time for Veer with Salman Khan. The promos have created enough buzz, the music is pretty good and Salman along with Anil Sharma promise a classic that will be watched for years to come. The film though, looks the riskiest of the lot with high costs and the fact that costume drama’s never really carry the craze of a masala actioner like Wanted or Ghajini. Veer’s opening isn’t expected to be earth shattering and a lot would depend on the quality of content and word of mouth. It could go either way, disaster or masterpiece!

Shahrukh Khan returns to the big screen in February with My Name Is Khan, a film that is expected to break every single box office record overseas. Business here in India too is expected to be very good. More on My Name is Khan HERE and HERE

Our Picks (off the 3)

  • Best Film – 3 Idiots
  • Biggest Opener both India and Overseas – My Name Is Khan
  • Biggest Hit – 3 Idiots
  • Best Performance Male – Aamir Khan / Salman Khan
  • Best Performance Female – Kajol

What’s yours? Vote now!

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  • Looks like aamir and hirani made hat-trick.those who hav seen 3i loving it to the most.some r saying a mastarpiz and some r saying aamir’s best performence.indicine wat do u think?

  • luks like no ones stoppin 3 idiots its gettin good response frm everyone at da moment imagine wen da film releases on friday should break records deserves ta if the film pops out good

  • luks like no ones stoppin 3 idiots its gettin good response frm everyone at da moment imagine wen da film releases on friday should break records deserves ta if the film pops out gd

  • 3 Idiots works best for me

    a. It releases around X-mas this means a big opening can be considered
    b. Movie is easily relatable
    c. Trailers and music rock
    d. Rajkumar Hirani and the Aamir Khan combo will work well

    i have no kind of neglection towards Veer and MNIK but what i feel is that

    1. MNIK didnot make a humungous impact with its trailer for me but it might be too early to say
    Expexting sumthing new from a story revolving around 9/11 is a bit difficult
    2. I have seen Taras bulba and troy and veer seems too much inspired from them
    it might turn out as a dark horse in the race but it doesn’t hit the right keys for me


    face the facts, we all know that MNIK will be bigger than stupid aamir idiot and whatever veer is *rolleyes*

    why compare MNIK with those two other movies?

  • Mehak:
    u r right so now indicine need to change their style as well with this site.
    i started to visit this site in septamber when we were talking abt prediction of Blue and in this 4 months i found that doenst matter wht is topic every one is fighting with each others
    sallu fan’s hate akki
    srk fan’s hate sallu
    sallu fan’s hate srk
    doenst matter movie released or not agianst poeple will start talking bad about movie
    this is flop
    this is bad
    dont go
    plz let it release then we will find that movie is good or not .
    indicine i am also not intrested in these kind of topics

  • 3 Idiots is releasing in sydney thursday 7:45 pm
    i m going 1st day 1st show movie will start 7:45 and finish 10:45 pm running time is 160 min.
    i will reach at my home at 12 am coz cinema is very far from my home and i will but my review at 12:30 am AST which would be 7 pm IST.
    so guys u can see my review at 7 pm IST
    i know may be u guys are not waiting my review but i hv to put coz it is my dream to be a good reviewer.
    lets see when it will come true.
    and i will put in this page unless indicine put their review before me, but i think they will put after 10 pm coz they r going in evening abt 5 pm show, as they mentioned before.

  • srk ki overseas populirity dekhke veer or 3 idoit wale dare huve hai or maan bhi liya hai mnik overseas me superhit hogi ….mnik india me phad degi veer and 3 idiot ko lol haha

  • 2009 me akshay flop after flop,salman 3 me 2 flop apne aapko saabit karne ka mauka tha par besr actor ka award shahid le udega haha ab mat kahna salo award fix hote hai …………..srk aa rha hai be ready sunne ke liye 2010 best actor award goes to shahrukh khan haha

  • i got ticket of 3 idiots so i am going tomorrow to watch a great movie. tum sab log yaha larte marte raho i dont care.
    indicine i am writing a mail to u about my script , hopefully i will send u today, so plz give me reply.

  • ghajini tamil remake same to same bana ke and srk ki rabne bana di jodi jha lagi thi waha ghajni ke poster chipa ke ghajni to hit kara li dekhta hoon is baar bina srk ke support ke aamir ki gand me kitna dum hai movie chlane ka haha

  • MY NAME IS KHAN is looking more intresting den 3 idiots n veer … n yaaa after almost 1 year srk ki moviee aarhai hai kuch toh baat hogiii na….so ma point of view is …MY NAME IS KHAN N SRK WILLL WIN DA BATTLE ….

  • obviously people are not voting for the truth here

    salman has never topped and will never ever top in his life

    MNIK & SRK all the way, the biggest blockbuster of all movies, it will rock for sure. SRK is the best. King Khan forever. no one can top him

  • Aakash:
    main akki ki comedy movies dekh ke itna nahi hansa aaj tak jitna tera yeh comment parh ke hunsa hoon
    ok ghajini ka to maan liya ab yeh batao ke
    what about TZP , RDB , Fanaa , Dil chahta hai , Lagaan, Sarfarosh, Ghulam, Raja Hindustani , Rangeela, Hum Hain rahi pyar ke , dil hai ke manta nahi , dil , qayamat se qayamat tak ….
    in sab movie ke time srk ki kon kon si movie 1,2 weeks pahle release hoi thi jis pe aamir ne poster chipkae the ???
    yeh sochte raho jab tak yeh socho ge tab tak aamir ki next release Dhobi Ghat bhi release ho kar hit ho jae gi.
    indicine team:
    Aakash used very bad word in his comment so plz delete it or give him last warning because he is also like Saju Dey and he is his younger Brother..

  • give 3I 3.5 star!!!!!!!!Saying it has not new story but way the director have make the movie is good!!!!!!All izz well

  • sallu will rock and then aamir will rock…………………………….

    not sure abt srk………..

    and aakash plz mind ur language, indicine plz read aakash 2nd comment and take some strict action against him otherwise it will affect ur site……………..

  • I think 3 idiots will be a nice movie…….My name is khan will be hugely depend on shahruks performance …… veer looks very promising n looks well taken film with good quality …. N may become a block buster out of rest 2 khans


    In India- MULTIPLEXES- 3 Idiots

    SINGLE SCREENS- VEER(Salman is the hero of the Masses, around 60% of India’s Population)

    BEST FILM- 3Idiots/VEER

    BIGGEST HIT-3 Idiots(bcoz of low budget)


    In Overseas- 1. 3 Idiots

    2. VEER/MNIK

  • Wow.. d premier of 3 Idiots was surely star-studded… with SRK n Salman attending it today..:0
    Wonder where wer d Bachchan`s..;)

  • I wonder where were Bachans,they called Aamir on Paa Premier..Answer is Salman was attending the Premier how could they come then..lolz

  • look at the poll….salman nd his veer is top on the list…means salman roxxx no one touches himmmmmmmmmmmmm……….he is the superstar of mass people…get that……

  • three khans are bck again afrtr their 08 clash…GHAJNI ws d clear winner…dis tym around d scenario is a bit same….bt sallu wont b a looser dts for sure. Though period drama occasionally wrk in here bt Veer does have mch more explosive to set the box office in fire.

  • sudeep, seem you are the one that is an idiot. You are running your mouth off not knowing the truth LOL
    who is the bigger idiot now?
    you are so fool and you are talking LOL
    shows how stupid you are
    Kajol is not on twitter!!!

  • whoever thinks dat dis site of fulll of salman fans and indicine team is biased.let salman promote veer like amir and srk ,den on 22 nd jan u’ll realize not only dis site but whole world is full of salman fans.prmotion is d key for veer.salman is d hero of masses nd dey love him in action roles,nd in veer he is a warrior,wat more 2 ask for.

    as far as iam concerned

    biggest movie craze out of 3 VEER

  • I am again repeating… If VEER is promoted aggressively…. No doubt it will be the Biggest HIT amongst the 3 movies…

    Salman’s movies suffers a lot due to poor promotions..

    The two flicks he promoted heavily in recent times were PARTNER & WANTED… And everyone knows how successful were these two movies… One Being BLOCKBUSTER…. Other Being SUPERHIT…. The biggest hit of 2009 till now…

    So, if VEER’s promotions are heavy… Then guys no one will stop it becoming ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER as it has immense MASS appeal as well as it appeals to CLASSES as well.

    If WANTED can rock big time with just the help of Single Screen… Think how much Thunder VEER will make.

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