Vote: 3 Khans 3 Films in 3 months – Your pick?

Never mind the disappointment that 2009 has been thus far, the action is all set to begin as we enter the last week of the year and await 3 huge mega budget releases from the biggest Khan’s in the industry.

Its Aamir Khan’s turn first with 3 Idiots directed by Rajkumar Hirani. The expectations are high, but the good news is, those who have watched it, have loved it. Kajol Devgan, who was the first choice for the role that eventually went to Kareena was all praises for the film on twitter “Just came back from 3 Idiots!!! Laughed till death… cried till death!! In one word- MASTERPIECE. Want to work with Aamir Once Again.”

Come January, its time for Veer with Salman Khan. The promos have created enough buzz, the music is pretty good and Salman along with Anil Sharma promise a classic that will be watched for years to come. The film though, looks the riskiest of the lot with high costs and the fact that costume drama’s never really carry the craze of a masala actioner like Wanted or Ghajini. Veer’s opening isn’t expected to be earth shattering and a lot would depend on the quality of content and word of mouth. It could go either way, disaster or masterpiece!

Shahrukh Khan returns to the big screen in February with My Name Is Khan, a film that is expected to break every single box office record overseas. Business here in India too is expected to be very good. More on My Name is Khan HERE and HERE

Our Picks (off the 3)

  • Best Film – 3 Idiots
  • Biggest Opener both India and Overseas – My Name Is Khan
  • Biggest Hit – 3 Idiots
  • Best Performance Male – Aamir Khan / Salman Khan
  • Best Performance Female – Kajol

What’s yours? Vote now!

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  • srkajol roxxx they are great couple and no.1 jodi of bollywood and all over the world… best up luck srkajol and karan

  • now itz proved that the poll is wrong coz 3 idiots is bigger hit than veer. I guess that mnik can’t beat 3 idiots. Aamir Khan rocks.

  • Best Film — My Name is Khan
    Best Male Performance — Shahrukh Khan (MNIK)
    Best Female Performance — Kajol (MNIK)
    Biggest Hit — My Name is Khan
    Biggest Opener — My Name is Khan

    MNIK will be the best.

  • Best social message giving movie – my name is khan
    (male) best performance – srk
    (female) best performance- kajol
    Veer is a DISASTER
    sallu performance is WORST
    script written by sallu -very very weak (totally washout)

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