Reasons to watch and not watch My Name Is Khan

Whether the reactions are good or bad, positive or negative.. the first look of My Name Is Khan is already the talk of the town.

Some reasons to watch out for My Name Is Khan

  • Stars Shahrukh Khan and Kajol, big enough reason, ain’t it?  SRK at the press conference to unveil the trailer claims that the chemistry between him and Kajol is three times more than Dilwale Dulhainya Le Jayenge!!
  • Its different from what Karan Johar has done ever before. MNIK is darker, deals with a Neurological disorder (autism) and also the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks.
  • SRK’s performance. The response so far has been mixed, it will be interesting to how Khan has pulled it off. It could go either way – brilliant or very inconsistent.
  • Shahrukh and Kajol have a 100% success ratio, every film they have come together for, has worked at the box office.
  • Karan Johar too, as a director, has a 100% success ratio. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum were huge blockbusters. Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna didn’t meet expectations and under-performed at the Indian box office.
  • Fox Studios marketed Slumdog Millionaire, which was a strong product in itself, to box office and Oscar gold. Can they achieve similar success with MNIK?

Where My Name Is Khan could go wrong..

  • SRK is at his best when, well, he is SRK on screen. In Swades and Chak De India, he was great, but those were normal restrained roles. His character in MNIK is such that, if he doesn’t get it right, it could look pretty weird, if not awful, on screen.
  • The “I want to meet the president of US” because it would help him re-unite with his wife Mandira, sounds clichéd – exaggerated.

Reasons not to watch My Name Is Khan

  • Just two reasons. One, too many films on 9/11 in the last 6 months or so. One of them was Kurbaan, produced by Karan Johar himself, which didn’t do too well at the box office.
  • Two, if you aren’t huge fans of SRK – Kajol – Karan and didn’t like the trailer either, you would be better off waiting for the critics and user reviews, before you go book your tickets.

Overall, the promotions for My Name Is Khan have already begun and SRK has already taken a potshot at  Aamir Khan “If we are asked to go to other states to promote the movie, we surely will do it. But if you are asking me if I will vanish, I don’t know. I am still here.” said SRK, referring to the “Disappear” act that Aamir has done to promote 3 Idiots!



  • i dont know that it is good movie or bad , rab ne… and oso wasnt good movies but both blockbuster due to only one man which is Shahrukh Khan…. his name is enough to get ticket of the movie . i m sure this movie will get historical weekend like 7 , 8 , 9 … minimum 24 cr .this is minimum which i think and if movie is good then from monday it will rock other wise like akki’s last some releases .
    indicine tell me why karan is releasing his 2 movies on same topic in 3 months ? do u think it is right dicision ??
    may be inside the movie is something else and we are getting wrong like rocket singh .


    Can u tell me about the Response to the trailor?? I m getting mixed reviews all over with only Shah Rukh’s fan liking it.. But otherwise the neutral public is not really liking this trailor…

    So do tell your thoughts on the Response on MNIK trailor..

  • i think u were a bit harsh on MNIK….. i m sure it will be a great film and evryone will watch it…..
    srk will surely live up to the character ………

  • Iidicine team: whether u mentioned 2 or 100 of reasons for the readers not to watch this movie.. they will.. everyone will.. even shahrukh’s haters.. they might be the first ppl to go and watch it!!

  • I think its high time shahrukh shud come out of Raj/Rahul characters…eventhough he tried he cannot forget his stammery dialogue delivery…i dont know so called self proclaimed BADSHAH has the creative hunger or not? How long can one sustain on RAJ/Rahul type roles…….Dear Karan Pls come out of the shell of SRK…friendship has got nothing to do with business….Karan please search for other avenues of challenging stories…U know wht happened to your last directed movie KANK?
    Gosh enough of 9/11 backdrop stories…we are really fed up of these…Dharma Production should do experimental movies rather than playing it safe in revenue terms

  • This movie is gonna be interesting for sure

    But i feel there will be some negative points which will take this movie into flop

  • Fathiya:Absolutely true…abt ur mention comment!!!!!

    In second watch of tralier ,i even like more than first one!!!!First time for SRK film,i m eager to watch. It will be surely hit or superhit ,may be not blockbuster (Because of its high budget) but looking forward for this movie. In jan.Veer n In Feb.MNIK!!!!!!!Bollywood looks promosing ahead in 2010

  • Fathiya- u r wrong.
    I hereby Commit that i will not watch MNIK, and for me 2 reasons are Haklu Khan & Gay Johar.

    I think u will be surprised to know that i havent watched OSO also.

    So never be over confident about audience and say that ” Iidicine team: whether u mentioned 2 or 100 of reasons for the readers not to watch this movie.. they will.. everyone will.. even shahrukh’s haters.. they might be the first ppl to go and watch it!! “

  • Allen who freaking cares, whether u watch it or not, that wouldn’t change the fact that millions will
    watch it. keep hating, successful people usually have the most haters so srk ride on.

  • i am very excited to watch srk’s movie my name is khan.. the trailer is very very very nice.. this is the best tailer ever… srkajol looking so different in this movie…

    i am also excited for srk’s other upcoming movie like Ra.1, Don2, Dhoom3 and Kuchhie kuchhie hota hai…
    srkajol no.1 jodi of bollywood till date…

  • fathiya tum kaha khogaya ho yar..

    hey sudeep tu dekhta nahi hain kya srk ko insult karne wala allien ko??? ye abusing nahi kar rahi hai..
    Indicine team first delete allen comment then u can delete my comment…

    sudeep tu kya hai tum do lok hai kya kabhi srkko support karte ho to kabhi negative lekhte ho… kya hai yar…

  • I saw the trailer very nice i like it, shah rukh khan acting reminded me darshal sapari from the movie tare zameen par. Good Trailer.

  • The response to the trailer isn’t that great. Some of srk’s die hard fans in my college has stated that the trailer was just about ok, though srk was good in it. the movie should attract multiplex audiences but the same can’t b said about the masses. So, i think ghajjni’s record will remain intact.

  • MNIK is surely be a flop or average no one can make it superhit the srk and kajol jodi is now old kajol looks like anuty ji so that the magic of srk and kajol jodi does not works again and SRK is not an good actor AMIR khan surely top’s the bollywood even MNIK tatol gross is not more than 3idiots of amir khan

  • it’s breaks all boxoffice record & also get OSCAR for best film & actor.
    MY NAME IS KING KHAN sirf naam hi kafi hain.
    SRK rockssss.

  • guys MNIK is good or bad it will dicide on 12 feb but i want to mention one thing that only 3 names Shahrukh , kajol and karan is enough to get 25 cr opening weekend.
    and we r talking abt trailer that it is good or not so believe me if any srk’s movie release without trailer and just mention that srk’s movie is releasing on this date it will get more then 5 cr in its first day.
    and only with trailer we cant guess abt movie we need some songs as well so plz wait for 1,2 songs and their vedios then we will think ke MNIK kitne pani main hai .

  • @nauman-dont agree with u dude……chak de india was a slow starter despite of big names like srk and yrf….tzp was also a slow starter despite aamir……rocket singh also was a slow starter despite apkgk’s super success and ranvir’s stardom…….all in all trailer have to be good and heavy promotions is needed for good opening……others depend on content…

  • zakir:
    chuk de got slow start coz their wasnt any heroen it wasnt romantic movie it looked like a documentory movie , and tzp also same case it was story of a child , for good opening movie should be masala , good cast , good songs , romance , action , if in trailer poeple will find all this stuff that movie will get good opening and if movie really good it will sustain other wise like last some releasing of akki in this yr.
    chuk de , tzp and paa were critical acclaim movies so aftre slow start picked up , MNIK is romantic masala movie in its 1st half may be some good songs , srk’s performance , srk n kajol’s chemistry , some funny scenes and all these things are enough for 25 cr weekend.

  • Rightly said zakir . promotion has to be good to ensure a solid start . no one amongst top 5 can give good weekends until or unless he movie is promoted heavily

  • @nauman bro forget d masala,heroine and whatever u said to zakir see ur comment before that only u wil say that srk is in the movie and without showing d promo it wil get good start then what about his movie which got d slow start now dnt say it was documentry or something ur condition is fulfilled with srk then why d slow start BRO no one is king in dis industry they are crowd puller the king is d script and d story if movie is good thn new comer like imran khan or kunal khemu can give hit but if it is boring then even superstar can give flops.

  • i will watch it for sure i ve been waiting for it two years so how come i miss the opportunity to see this world gega-superstar onscreen long live king khan king of acting
    the trailer looks promising i ve watched many documentaries on autism and i see that srk is brilliant and he got into the skin of the character in fact srk has worked with many autistic children at the theater during john barry period srk is the best indian actor for he has a solid background in acting plays and not any plays shakespeare’s and his british teacher gave him the credit as the best actor who played Hamlet

  • this movie will be inshaallah the highest grossing indian film ever so no need to say reason to watch or not and the haters let them devour the water of the 5 oceans all

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