Video: My Name Is Khan – Trailer Review

The trailer of My Name Is Khan was, a few minutes ago, aired on Star Plus.

It starts off with Shahrukh Khan introducing his character of Rizwan Khan that he plays in My Name Is Khan. We are also told about his mom, the values she has imbibed in him and finally his love, Mandira (Kajol).

Then the 2 -3 min long trailer was aired, the music was good, but frankly, we have mixed feelings of SRK’s performance. Too hard to judge from a short trailer though.

Shahrukh Khan’s character apart from the Autism disorder, could be an extended version of John’s character in this year’s super-hit New York.

We’ll put up the trailer (video) here soon, if you did manage to catch it on Star, post your thoughts below.




  • it’ s indeed a promising trailer … i really loved SRK’S new role…the movie seems to revolve around the topic “HUMANITY” which is a very good and a new theme….

    hope it rocks in box office and bags all the awards….

  • It looks like Rizwan’s journey of meeting Barack Obama, the US President.. Doesn’t look like there would be too many scenes between Kajol and SRK.

    Hope its not a mixture of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum and Kurbaan. Kidding.

  • ^ ya really looks like that.. mixture..;) lacks d Impact Indicine… but d press conference was nice..;)
    Say KHAN from ur epiglottis nahi tho kan ne neeche baja dunga..;)

  • My star channel was not clear so couldnot see…plz put video of tht tralier…..

    Indicine team:What’s ur review abt AVATAR?????


    i heard that there will be no songs for this movie…
    how true is it??

  • The promo was a little bit cheesy at the start (showing srk’s childhood and his disorder) but it got better from there on before the end, where srk says “i am khan, not a terrorist”.
    overall, this movie will break all box- office records internationally, but in india it won’t break ghajjni’s record.

  • Avatar, story was nothing new. Love Story, Good versus Evil battle with good eventually winning. Apart from that, its a great movie. Watch it, but only on 3D.. Its worth traveling miles to watch on a 3D screen.

    By the way, video of My Name Is Khan is up. Watch it.

  • promo is slow, BUT this movie don’t work on trailor like chak de india, taare zameen par, etc.
    movie rocks & SRK acting skills so charm great works.

  • @ Rex Salman iz makin guest appearance. JOKIN.
    yeah da film looks good SRK looks like has done justice to da role
    Kajol looks extremely beautiful
    like others i also sense a lack of chemistry between the 2
    my gut feelin waz dat it waz a mixture of NEW-YORK and bits of KURBAAN
    lets see wat happens.

  • Loved the trailer, looks good.

    “Mixed reaction to SRK’s performance?”

    What are you talking about? This is the guy who has won more critical and audience acclaim all his career.

  • @ Saju Dey

    Hey don’t b that harsh, srk- kajol has shared good onscreen in their prev. films. But it was pretty absent in the promo….it might b that the film is much more than srk-kajol chemistry, after all it is diff from’s previous family based films. Neway, hope it will turn up just fine in the longer version :-)

  • the trailer is not that bad, but you can know that the movie will be a blockbuster that for sure, and am pretty sure this will be srk career best perfomance mark my word people.

  • No info on the special appearances as of now.

    No Barack Obama, his role is being played by Christopher B. Duncan. Check the video


  • plz Salman fans. les not abuse anything associated wid dis film or da stars.
    lets concentrate on VEER. our film comes first so lets make it da first big hit of 2010.

  • Me nt a shahrukh fan but hav 2 acknwleg dat trailer was 2 gud, likd d musiq 2…but me hav sum reservatns regardng if an autistic behaves dat way!!! But lets c d mv nd judge

  • Naveed I am a salman fan and also a srk fan. I do not only concentrate on only one actor, I appreciate even a newbie as long as the work is good. one actor can not make bollywod.

  • i m in rush to go to my job so i ll put my comments abt this trailer later , but i one thing to say srk’s performance is batter then sallu ‘s veer.

  • was disappointed with the trailer. it was ok. SRK looks like he is going to give a great performance. Music will probably be good as it is KJO..but srk-kajol chemistry was not as good. trailer was quite slow and not very interesting.

  • Nauman, thought the comparison was unnecessary. Both are different films and they haven’t even released as yet.

    Avoid making such comments, else every discussion in every topic will be restricted to actor-related fights..

  • @ ABroxy

    Kurbaan wasn’t that bad man…may be the pace in the 2’nd half was a little bit slow. Everybody has given a gutsy performance in that movie xcept maybe kareena :-(

    MNIK is a social awareness theme movie & the promo gave the exact picture of that :-)

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