“Too much preaching in movies is not good” – Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar in this interview talks about his love for Canada, why some of his films have failed at the box office, his favorite films and a lot more. – What made you accept the invitation?

Akshay: I am honoured to have carried the torch on behalf of all my fans across the world. It is a great honour for India. Olympics are a symbol of peace in all continents. What statesmen and politicians cannot do, major sporting events like the Olympics can accomplish. These games bring athletes from over 150 countries together and it means a lot to me.

– How was it running on the streets of Toronto?

Akshay: I loved it. Toronto is my second home. It has given me so much love. Carrying the Olympic torch is my way of reciprocating the love to my Canadian fans. It is a bonus for me that I have family in Toronto.

– How did you feel when the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper met you in Mumbai and invited you?

Akshay: It was a great feeling. There were so many children present at the occasion. Children always bring joy and enrich our lives. It reminded me of my own childhood. Children have all kinds of dreams. I know that from my own experience. So I must say it was a great feeling to see those children present who came to greet me.

– Did you speak to Harper about the film industry and the role it could play in strengthening relations between the two countries?

Akshay: Yes. He and I discussed a few issues. I told him what a great country he leads. He was very complimentary towards my accomplishments and invited me to visit his cottage at the Harrington Lake.

– What did you think of Harper’s keynote address in Mumbai on Canada-India relations?

Akshay: It is great that Canada has finally put India on the list of its top trading and tourism partners. How can any country now ignore India’s economy, its manpower and middle class buying capabilities? It is absolutely a win-win situation.

– You have acted in about 125 movies, some of which failed at the box office.

Akshay: We work hard in every movie. But it is up to the audiences to accept or reject our films. Sometimes, we succeed and sometimes we don’t. We learn from our experience and move on. Luck plays an important role many a time.

– How would you list your best movies?

Akshay: I enjoyed the phase of my Khiladi movies, then all my comedies Hera Pheri, Namaste London and Singh is Kinng.

– Do you attribute your appeal to your rugged looks or to the fact that you do almost all your stunts by yourself?

Akshay: Looks can be deceptive. It is a matter of opinion. I thank my genes and parents for how I look. And yes, of course, I like to do my own stunts as that gives me the utmost satisfaction. My wife and my mother don’t like me doing the stunts. They always advise me against taking risks but then there’s risk in everything you do.

– Do you have any message in your movies for your fans?

Akshay: I always try to have something quiet since too much preaching in movies is not good. I try and tell my fans ‘please believe in God, respect your parents and believe in yourself’. These are my three personal beliefs as well.

– Don’t you think you need to slow down a bit to maintain quality in your films?

Akshay: The more I work the more I am able to deliver. Any slowing down will be for my family. I am seriously considering that.

– Would you say that the stage when Bollywood was all song and dance passed?

Akshay: Bollywood is now delivering quality entertainment: delivering value for the money and entertaining people who want to forget all worries of the world for those two hours. If I am successful in doing that, then I would say I have succeeded.

– Would you like to say anything else to your fans in Canada?

Akshay: I want to thank all my fans in Canada for their love and support. It is an honour for me to represent them and being part of history. It was a bonus to run on Yonge Street, the longest street in the world. I would continue to try my best to deliver great entertaining films.

– You are acting in a film about ice hockey?

Akshay: Yes, that is one of my future projects in Canada. It will be a cross-cultural community ice hockey film. We are yet to find a suitable title for this film.



  • Too much preaching in our comments n daily life s also not good..;)
    And Believe in urself and dont compare urself with any1 or else u r insulting none else but urself..;) he he ok tat was again preachy…(*_^)

  • heyy

    i am a canadian and also a fan of akki and i have enjoyed all of his films….i am happy that he loves canada and that he lighted the torch of the olympics. i cant wait for his ice hockey movie to release because i will definetly watch it. akki i luved all ur performances and u do ur roles very well and i luv when u do funny comedian role like in hera pheri and i am quite entertained when i see u on tv. thanks for loving canada and i good luck for ur future films and always be careful with the dangerous stunts u do,we do not want to lose such a talented actor ;)

    may akki and his family always be successful safe and happy : ) peace on earth

  • Wooow Akshay is worldwide porpular i remember last time i visited montreal where i discussed Akshay’s issue with my citizen friend, he told me many things about how the people of canada are going gaga over akshay in each passing day. Keep roking apna akki…..

    @Lucky Ameeeeeeennnnnn summa ameeeeeeennnnn.

  • usman solo
    thx i am watching waqt it was realy great movie very very emotional and power full script between father – son relation.
    did u like it
    i will give it 4.5/5

  • akkiiiiiiiiii you are the real hero in bollywood
    you are superstar, king of comody,real stuntman
    i like your attitude to respect others
    you are unbelivable person
    your way of speaking,style i like

    i am one of the your biggest fan

  • Nauman hei haven’t u watched waqt yet………It was a masterpiece…………………..Akshay’s best performance in a dramatic film

  • King:
    how did u think that i didnt watch Waqt yet? i hv watched it more then 4,5 times but last night i watched it again i know it is master piece and it was best performance of akki on that time and after that movie pople took him seriously and he also took his self series in his career and u can see that after 2005 akki started to big super duper hit movies.

  • @Nauman: what a coincidence! i watched it yesterday night too, that is why i pity those who called Akshay a comedy hero only. Check out films like Waqt, Dosti, Dhadkan, Bewaafa, Andaaz, Aitraaz and Namastey London all in this decade. Nauman main apse pooch na chahta hoon ke in teen filmoko kitne sitare aap de satta hai, Andaaz,Waqt n Namastey London?

  • Usman Solo:
    ok … i will put my rating about akki’s all romantic , social , drama and emotional movies
    Dhadkan 3/5
    mere jeevan saathi 2/5
    Dosti 2.5/5
    Aitraaz 4/5
    Bewafa 3/5
    Waqt 4.5/5
    Namaste London 4.5/5
    Heyy Babyy 4/5
    Bhulbhuliayna 4/5
    Blue 3/5
    i m sorry i didnt watch Andaaz yet . i dont know why but its true i watched it in some peices but couldnt watch whole movie in one sitting, now i will watch it when i will get time i ll watch Andaaz and then i will give u my rating.

  • For me:
    Mere jeevan saathi=havenot watch
    Dosti=havenot watch
    Aitraaz=havenot watch
    Bewafa:Havenot watch
    Namaste london=5/5(my fav. movie)
    Heyy baby=3.5/5
    Singh is king=4/5
    De dana dan=3.5/5

  • @Nauman: Why Dosti 2.5? can u explain to me the lapses of it?

    @Sudeep: Dosti, Bewaafa and Aitraaz u have not watch any, why?

  • @usman solo:I wasnot fan of akshay before 2005….I was salman fan…but after i saw movie waqt andaz…i become his fan…so!!!!! I want to aitraaz ,i have heard it is good movie..other doesnot know!!!!!!!But will try to watch!!!!


    my appeal to CRITICS is — if you can please hold your reviews for a day or two, let our movies breathe. We put in a lot of hard work and sweat into the movies and sometimes they are dismissed one day prior to the world release. If 35 per cent is LOST to PIRACY, then the film industry LOSES at least 20 per cent revenue because of the REVIEWS. Your pen is very powerful and a critic can make or break a movie.

    A small incidence in kolkata where in a man says–“We have booked tickets in advance. But this critic has panned it. Let us cancel the 11 tickets and go for an Italian meal instead. Why torture ourselves watching a movie that has got a one star rating!”

    Ideally the industry and critics should work in tandem with each other. I’m hardly saying that the critic shouldn’t do his job. And, he has the freedom of speech — that is every Indian’s fundamental right — so I’m not even trying to tamper with that. My request as a film industry person — an actor first, now also a producer — is, to critics, to be slightly more responsible. Like I said again, this is an appeal.

  • Dhadkan:3.5/5
    Mere jeevan saathi=2/5
    Dosti 2.5/5
    Namaste london=5/5
    Heyy baby=3.5/5
    Singh is king=3.5/5
    De dana dan=3.5/5

  • @Sudeep: Ok, u can also watch Dosti i simply love that film i dont know why people are not interest with it, i cry when ever i am watching it. So pls watch it n tell me ur view, anytime from now.

    @Neeraj: Why u rated Blue 1/5 u dont like adventure, or can u explain to me why? We shared the same opinion about Namastey London, i agreed with u 5/5, Akshay’s best film in this decade, what is ur view?

  • @ Usmaan….
    Dosti was an OK movie but seems a bit like Kal Ho Na Ho…though i felt it was OK…Infact i’l give
    Hera Phrei-5/5
    Janwar 3.5/5
    Mujhse Shadi Karogi-4.5/5
    sangharsh 3.5/5
    I did’nt liked Blue coz of its Bad climax…It ended suddenly..the movie was built well and collapsed badly…anhyways may be im to harsh at it…
    its worth 2/5 atleast for underwaTER SEQUENCES

  • @Neeraj: I agreed with u it has Bad climax, it ended suddenly,the movie was built well and collapsed badly, very good point i hope next time they will take care about the story morethan underwater sequences.

  • akshay kumar is the king of bling. was once a superstar, but now no more, thanks to his silly fims. he could have been really big if he took his films seriously.

    too bad.

    aamir khan is the man.

  • Akshay Kumarji apke liye ek sawal hai – You told that u do respect ur parents, then how u asked ur wife to open ur jeans button in front of the world. Is this kind of respect u pay to ur family & ask ur fans to give to there family ?

    Kisi na kisi interview main iska jawab jaru dena akshay Kumarji. Mumbai ka ek typical dialoge hai jo tumpe suit hota hai ” badi badi bate aur wada pav khate “.

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