Vote: Gonna watch 3 Idiots? When?

3 Idiots is releasing this week and the advance booking is already open.

So when do you plan to watch the film? Vote now!

When do you plan to watch 3 Idiots?

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  • Indicine team:
    there is no option for me because i m watching on thursday afternoon show.
    put one more option for overseas audience.

  • 3 idiots is easily the most expected movie of 2009, with the combo of Aamir and Raju Hirani the expectations are sky high, any thing less than outstanding would be a disappointment specially in this year which has been a pretty disappointing year for the industry with only a handful of hits and good films. The only really good films to have come out this year are Kaminey, Dev D and Paa. The good ones include Gulal, Luck by Chance, Wake up Sid, Raaz.

    3 idiots shud be one of the best films of the year if not the best.

  • 3 idiots’ taran’s review is out 4.5/5
    my question is taht where did u watch this movie on monday coz movie didnt release yet. may be he watched with makers and when any one will watch movie with makers then it means after the show his pocket was full ,so we can hope 4.5 / 5 doesnt matter.
    guys original and 100 % true review will be out on thursday and i will let u know the timming .

  • The usual silly, slapstick nonsense from Aamir Khan, a very over-rated actor. Might see it on a friend’s DVD, sometime in the future.

  • 3 idiots is like a film festival….watch it first day itself guys…u will love it…read d review at bollywood hungAMA….IT WILL B A CULT CLASSIC MOVIE

  • ONLY insecure srk fans are voting “will not watch” for OBVIOUS reasons! jealousy kills.

    3 idiots has a bumper paid previews. especially south india, mumbai are going nuts!

  • If it was i n my control, i would’ve gone ahead to watch a special show of this movie before anyone else watches it…but i will have to wait for a week atleast, as the movie is going to be released in Pakistan with a delay of one week because of the 9th and 10th Moharram.

    So please do me a favor…flood this site with your reviews and take my curiosity to peak before i actually watch the film.

    BTW…Tarun has already come up with his review (4.5 stars)…but cant trust his reviews now a days…so will be waiting with bated breath for reviews by Indicine, Nauman and the others.

  • @Akhlaq ..Samehere..I will have to wait for a week due to Muharram.

    Last few promos of 3i are very impressive n hilarious n moving at the sametime.

  • Saw the first screening today (thursday) at 10am. Just loved it. The movie is about friendship and has some great scenes that will make one cry. The comedy is on par with MunnaBhai if not more. The story is unusual and interesting, The music is just great and people will appreciate it more after having watched the movie. Kareena was good, as was Madhavan and Sharman. Boman really gets into the skin of the character.. As for Aamir…what can I say..I wait all year just to see him and he never seems to let me down. In fact if you are a real Aamir Khan will agree with me..Just seeing his name in the opening credits made me realize how much we miss him throughout the year..and would love to see more of him..the song ‘Behti Hawa sa tha woh’ is exactly how we feel about you Aamir..Till next year..Wishing u all the luck and success..Thanks a million for 3 idiots…WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!!!

  • GZP
    when did u watch this movie?? in Fiji when it released ? coz in sydney didnt release yet 1st show in on thurday evening after 6 pm

  • The film seems to have got a bumper opening in Mumbai . I was at Inorbit, Malad which is having 26 shows today and the crowd there was to be seen to be believed . It should only get better tomorrow

  • Nauman..I watched it on Wednesday at 10am first screening..Normally our movies start on a thursday but this one started on Wednesday..I guess because of Christmas..with english ones like Alvin and the chipmunks starting today(thursday) and Sherlock Holmes on Friday..Fiji has always been one of the first ones in the world to screen movies..

  • Sorry..i should have said in my first email that 3 idiots started on Wed (23rd of Dec) at 10am in Fiji with 4 shows a day..thanks

  • Just read it Nauman..thanks..I totally agree with your review..Sensible and unbiased..You are so right about Behti Hawa..had goosebumps just watching that scene..simply awesome.Also agree with the Kareena and chemistry bit…M watching this movie again..has to be the best this year!! Damn they didnt show the trailer you got to see..we only saw Pyaar impossible and Dance per Chance.

  • all is well,3 idiots is oscar winning type of movie,dear friends go and watch this movie .it’s really fantastic.

  • awesome movie..i watched on 22 dec..awesome..hilarious..heys paksitanis nd bollywood fans all over the world, watch it on cinema halls only..great movie..ull fell sorry if u doont..worth the wait and each and every penny u will spend on it..

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