Vote: 3 Khans 3 Films in 3 months – Your pick?

Never mind the disappointment that 2009 has been thus far, the action is all set to begin as we enter the last week of the year and await 3 huge mega budget releases from the biggest Khan’s in the industry.

Its Aamir Khan’s turn first with 3 Idiots directed by Rajkumar Hirani. The expectations are high, but the good news is, those who have watched it, have loved it. Kajol Devgan, who was the first choice for the role that eventually went to Kareena was all praises for the film on twitter “Just came back from 3 Idiots!!! Laughed till death… cried till death!! In one word- MASTERPIECE. Want to work with Aamir Once Again.”

Come January, its time for Veer with Salman Khan. The promos have created enough buzz, the music is pretty good and Salman along with Anil Sharma promise a classic that will be watched for years to come. The film though, looks the riskiest of the lot with high costs and the fact that costume drama’s never really carry the craze of a masala actioner like Wanted or Ghajini. Veer’s opening isn’t expected to be earth shattering and a lot would depend on the quality of content and word of mouth. It could go either way, disaster or masterpiece!

Shahrukh Khan returns to the big screen in February with My Name Is Khan, a film that is expected to break every single box office record overseas. Business here in India too is expected to be very good. More on My Name is Khan HERE and HERE

Our Picks (off the 3)

  • Best Film – 3 Idiots
  • Biggest Opener both India and Overseas – My Name Is Khan
  • Biggest Hit – 3 Idiots
  • Best Performance Male – Aamir Khan / Salman Khan
  • Best Performance Female – Kajol

What’s yours? Vote now!

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  • hmmm
    start disscussion on orginality or copy of movies from other moviese.

    wanted copy or remake of pokiri (south)
    ghajini remake or copy ghajini(south)
    partner copy or remake of hitch and hitch was inspired frm choti si baat.

  • No more such polls in the near future, its pointless really. We weren’t too keen on this topic either, but decided to put it up after receiving more than 50 emails in the last 2 weeks.

    Saifa’s comment makes a lot of sense, we need to get down to covering smaller actors and potential stars of the future. And movies like Ishqiya deserve more coverage.

    The comment moderation will be strict henceforth, any exaggerated, stupid or abusive comments will be deleted.

  • i wanna talk about some masterpiece film of this decade
    1st i talk about lagaan- it was an masterpiece of ownself. this film was pure original. every charactor , evey scene and mostly dialoguest original. never copied from other film.this film was well written and well diriected by a gworikar.
    dil chahta hai- it was another pure , well written and directed by frahan akhtar. also well performed by all three idiots of that time.(amir,akshay and saif).
    rang de basanti-it was another pure original social drama. lots of masti ,romance and message frm th film.
    munna bhai mbbs and lage raheo munna bhai-oh my gods” well written ,well prformed and well directed by raj kumar hirani. mast hai mamu. lots of new dilogues and new story we wre seen in it. think about munnaa bhai seriese. it were masterpieces in ownself.
    tare jameen par-what film this was. never seen this film before that.
    kaminey and omakara- well written and directed by bharadwaj. every scene and dilogue of both films r different.

  • thx God Indicine:
    u got sense now that these kind of comparison is worthless and it creats fight with each others.
    indicine i need to ask 1 question from u
    if we all start to promote one movie like Ishqiya can it get good business ?
    i mean we should promote that kind of movies it will batter for those low budget movies like A Wednesday , Welcome to Sajjanpur , Phhonk , Gulaal , Dev D, Ishqiya , and shayam banegal’s new movie Weldone Abba
    wht do u think will it works ???
    we all already promote alots of high budget movies like all akki , srk , sallu n aamir’s movies now we hv to look small but good movies as well.


    The Ticket Price of 3 IDIOTS have been increased upto 35% by Multiplexes All over India..

    No Idea About Single Screens.. Though A MasterStroke from point of view of Buisness… But the Youths on which the film is targetted are giving it a thums down…

    Lets wait and watch if this Plan Succeeds..

  • indicine team … nauman is right now we hv to talk abt small movies and all these biggies are really suck i visited alots of times ur site but never put any comment because i dont like to talk on same topics . u r changing ur site so u need to change your style as well may be people will more attract to your site.

  • Very sad 4 Sanju Dey, Indicine why cant u give him another chance, i know his problem which i my self advice him to stop it, but the Salman fan are missing him he encourage them always. Pls give him last chance.

  • indiacine team
    u also start the pole sc as .
    top 5 music director of bollywood
    top 5 director of bollywood
    top 5 lyricist of bollywood
    top 5 song of bollywood
    top 5 comedian of bollywood
    top 5 worst film of this 2009

    and also start d discussion on music ,lyrics and song composition.

    best singer ,

    best scene of th2009

    lots of other option.
    try these.

  • Best Film – Veer

    Biggest Opener India – Veer

    Biggest Hit – Veer

    Best Performance Male – Salman Khan,srk

    Best Performance Female – Kajol


    But it shows indicine have liking for Aamir as it gave best film , biggest hit , best actor to aamir and 3 idiot.

    so why indicine left best heroine….?

    Indicine is carzy for 3 idiots and I am crazy for MNIK.

    wait for release then decide.

    acting : srk is best without doubt

  • There is no use conducting such polls! Fans of a particular star vote in his favour and the actual merit of films is ignored! It’s simple as that – nobody would vote rationally, everyone would vote for their favourite and his movie! And votes for 200 or 300 people can’t decide or predict the fate of a film. Maybe, Veer might be voted as the one likely to be the biggest hit and actually it may turn out to be a flop, similar case for 3i and MNIK too. Their fate is unknown and unpredictable.

    Why do you always start battles between big stars to attract more people to your site? Please do something innovative instead of the usual star wars stuff.

    Predictions don’t help much. Many so-called big films of big stars tanked at the box office and turned out to be crap films this year. So the actual merit of films will be revealed when they actually release!

    Comparing 3 Idiots to Veer and MNIK is rubbish! Veer and MNIK’s release is still far away. Those movies belong to the next year, while 3 Idiots is the only BIG film left for this year! The genres of all films are different, the time of release is different, target audience is different – still comparisons? Rubbish!

  • Best Film – Veer
    Biggest Opener both India and Overseas – Veer
    Biggest Hit – Veer
    Best Performance Male – Salman Khan
    Best Performance Female – Kajol

  • @KANISHKA– most of ur comments r sensible. Gud..:) Rare to find unbiased frnds here..:)
    @Ramya– gud comment ..;)

    Gud to c INDICINE making a rt move at a rt time…. thanku..:) “Better late than never”..;)

  • yaar veer will take a big strat, i know the craze abt the veer, every where there is talk abt veer only, in my college also there is a lot of buzz abt veer, every one is talking abt veer only, i m sure it will take a big start and rest it depends on a script……………so let,s hope ki veer should be biggest blockbuster of the decade…………….

    i have not compare any actor in my comment, ok………………

  • mnik , veer and 3 idiots will breaks all records.
    bomb barding of hits start frm end 2009 and till end feb 2010. hope all breaks all previous records. it will good for our bollywood industry.

  • I also think all of these three movies will break all previous records. I am big fan of all of these three stars.
    In my opinion
    Best film: Mnik
    Best male performance: King khan( srk)
    Best female performance: Kajol
    Biggest hit: Mnik/ veer
    Biggest opener: Mnik

  • Well all 3 movies will rock due to trio-Khanz.

    Best film: Veer
    Best male performance: Aamir/Salman
    Best female performance: Kajol
    Biggest hit:Veer/3idiots
    Biggest opener:3idiots

  • HI


  • Okay, there are lots of commenter on films and superstars actually would my opinion identical to you I don’t know but my votes are –
    1) Best Film – “3 Idiots” because of Director “Raju Hirani” & “Mr. Perfectionist” have worked together first time with each other and as we know the previous performances of these two talents, Aamir’s in “Ghajini” & “Taare Zameen Par” and Raju’s in “Lage Raho Munnabhai” & “Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.” All these performance were award winning and heart winning. So no doubt this film will be the “Best Film”
    2) Biggest Box-Office Opener – “My Name is Khan” because the film has near about two months to be released and surely, “Karan Johar” will promote his film at the above of all and another plus points for this film is evergreen pair of “Shahrukh” & “Kajol”. So if it will promoted well this film will be the biggest Box-Office Opener
    3) Biggest Hit – “Veer” because it is Salman’s show time, he is rocking everywhere because of his outstanding and most successful film “Wanted”, this film has built his position more strong than earlier in Top Actors list. “Veer” is the concept he had been making from past 20 years so there will be something interesting in it & from its promos we can anticipate its budget which is too high, so we can hope new year will be inaugurated by Salman’s blockbuster “Veer”
    4) Best Performance Male – “Shahrukh Khan”, I have voted for “Shahrukh” because any time the combination of “Karan” & “Shahrukh” has making history, “Shahrukh” is really a perfect actor as we have seen from the combination of these dynamic duos films, like “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”, “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham” & “Kal Ho Na Ho – “Nikhil Advani” under Dharma Production”. It doesn’t mean that the acting of “Aamir” in “3 Idiots” and “Salman” in “Veer” will be lagging to Shahrukh’s, these are the best competitors for him and another reason for it is that “Aamir” has his supporting actors so I don’t think that he will have enough time to be on screen some time will be required to “Sharman” and “Madhvan” also, same is for “Salman”, he also has his supporting actors like “Mithun Da” and “Jackie Shroff”, so who knows how long he will remain on screen and will able to enchant audiences towards him.
    5) Best Performance Female – No doubt this credit has to go for “Kajol” because there is no actress as like as her, though there is “Kareena” in “3 Idiots” but she has a negligible role in it and “Zarine” she is new and can’t compete “Kajol” for her acting so soon, she requires time to be settled down in Film Industry prominently.

  • Well well I do think indicine is definitely biased! Salman best actor well u all must be living in parallel worlds! really
    Indicine whoever u r pls dont be soo biased u should check ur facts before u print anything.I agree most of the bloggers here are sallu fans…Veer i’m sure will be a decent fare but not entertaining bcos perid based …3 idiots will be a feel good movie and MNIK is a humanitarian tale will make u start to believe in humanity..again

    Best Film- MNIK hands down
    Best Actor- SRK
    Best Movie 3 idiots or MNIK
    Big Hit- MNIK
    Best Actress-HAnds down Kajol

  • Best film: Veer
    Best male performance: Salman
    Best female performance: Kajol
    Biggest hit: Veer
    Biggest opener: Veer/Mnik/3I

    best of luck to all and all 3 movie will be blockbuster

  • Frankly Speaking without taking anyside…. :-

    BIGGEST HIT :- VEER could be the biggest HIT amongst all the three if only if VEER is promoted as well as 3I or MNIK.
    I am sure MNIK will have huge promotions…

    If VEER has similar huge promotions then definetely VEER will be the Biggest HIT amongst the 3..

    But OverSeas it will be MNIK…

    Best Film :- 3 IDIOTS will be the Best Film for sure…

    Fingers Crossed.. Best of Luck to all three films… !!!!!

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