A Veeroic effort!

Love it or hate it, but Salman Khan’s Veer is one heck of a brave effort, something we would like to call a “Veeroic” effort.

At a time when comedies rule the roost in Bollywood, Salman Khan and co. opted for something distinctly different. A mixture of history, mythology and nationalism narrated with a fine balance of romance, comedy, action and the age old formulaic masala.

Also, Salman is a writer to watch out for in the future. He has great sense of drama and sets up the movie pretty well. The romantic portions were well-written and the dilemma of the princess – to choose between her kingdom or lover – was potentially a great plot for a thrilling second half, that it didn’t happen is the director and screenplay writer’s fault.

Sure, the film is not without its share of major flaws, but then its the effort we are talking about here, something both the media and critics for some reason have overlooked.

Quick recall, and history based films have always been risky, the mightiest of them have failed (Read SRK with Asoka and Aamir with Mangal Pandey). Spending 50 crores plus makes it even more riskier.

So purely for the risk and effort the makers have taken and the fact that the film has managed to do reasonably well at the box office, Veer deserves a mention as one of the first successful films of the year and the decade.



  • Respected Indicine Team , you are a honest critics & reviewer . All salmans fans are feeling proud for you .
    ” VEER” indicine team ki jai ho .

  • @indicine
    Thanks indicine team for posting this article ….this is really brave to make such kind of movie especially with the past experiences in which heavy weights like SRK and AMIR were fallen and dispite all these facts VEER is doing reasonable business which is great for future of these kind of movies

  • Thanks Indicine for recognizing VEER..i wish you had written this a week before..box office colleciton would be been much higher but still thanks… i wish all other critics will leran from you..
    once again thanks agian to makes and salman for making VEER..hope 2 see this kinds of heavy movie in future.

  • Respect to Indicine Team. Prove again that they are not biased or dishonest. They are honest to everyone, Chahe Salman ho, Amir ho Ya Akshay. Great Article, Loved it…!

  • Thanks a lot Indicine. Finally All The Media Channels are also accepting the fact that VEER is the first success of 2010.

    Saw it on STAR NEWS as well as NDTV NEWS. Good News For Salman, His Sincere Effort Paid off.

  • Thanks a lot Indicine. Finally All The Media Channels are also accepting the fact that VEER is the first success of 2010.

    Saw it on STAR NEWS as well as NDTV NEWS. Good News For Salman, His Sincere Effort Paid off.

    INDICINE, Check out this Video :-


    Someday back i wrote here that CRITICS are more harmful than PIRACY, and it should be to the Audiences to decide the final outcome of the movie.

    Same has been said by Salman in the above video.

    With Due Respect to 3 IDIOT’s Success, i feel that had it not enjoyed such fabulous Response from critics, it may not have turned out to be the BIG HIT now it is.

    Similarly for VEER, had not it been thrashed it would have done much better than what it has actually done given the HUGE BUZZ VEER was carrying.

    An opening of 7 crores (which in terms of DS) , is the 3rd HIGHEST EVER after Ghajini & 3I, is a testimony to it.

    I strongly Feel that REVIEWS must come after 1 WEEK, and let the audience decide whether a film is success or not. IT”S HIGH TIME NOW

  • imshocked reading this write up.. in that case why have you forgotton his earlier efforts … suryavanshi ..this movie is of that genre ..this is salman DRONA .u call this effort praiseworthy???? this is shattering…. and wrong reporting.. from no angle is this movie a craft worth praising.. the story just moves according to the writers pen.. how daft>>>!!!!. nothing is well executed here.. and what romance are we talking about.. salman merrily enters the princess castle and starts singing….is this your idea of romance>>?? where is the pathos of hum dil de chuke sanam???

    this film should reside amongst the worst of hindi cinema and you all are praising it???

  • Megha…
    Have you watch the movie or not? If yes, you will understand what the writer try to say…. I’m sorry, but the person like you put the good film went unnoticed. Try to do your own film… that you know how it feel to be condemnd and pull down.

    Just wanna say that, such a shame to the Indian ppl. They all praising film from Hollywood (which is the same avatar as VEER) but condeming their own epic. Shame shame shame

  • @Indicine

    Thanks a lot for appreciating this movie.
    It realy doesn’t deserve what media and critics were trying to do.
    The movie is really enetertaing … we know it has its flaws but which movie doesn’t .
    I thank you again and respect to you and your team.

    U r such a stuck up retard. Get the hell outta here if you don’t wanna appreciate the movie

  • @indicine- thnx a lot 4 ur unbiased appreciation…… that’s y we all r here today….. as 4 veer…… it has been already declares as d “FIRST SUCCESS OF THE DECADE”……. verry happy 4 dat!!

  • Salman answering to his fans, saw on times now yesterday:-


    check this out guys!!!!

  • I think we all are salmans great fan….when the film is released then media news channels has down salman veer …but when comes to the public then u see the result…..the movie is first success of this year…..now this is a great news for all salman fans…..because we all know salman khan is salman khan…thank u indicine team for this great news

  • Thanx indicine… Now i m happy dat veer is going to be a runaway hit…. GLORY FOR ALL SALMAN FANS…THNX FOR D SUPPORT

  • Guys watching Salmans new interview in Bollywoodhungama(Taran’s den)…whr salman bashes Taran in his own den…haha

  • SALAAM 2all

    to make veer second week collection down
    strategy of salman enemies are started
    ”in mumbai already multiplex mein sirf gina chune shows rakhe hai 2week mein
    and in single screen ….woh logone evening shows kam rakhe hai joh shows mein families jaati hain ….”

    i also want to go veer on sat or sun with family to watch veer evening show

    but they had not made available evening shows dissapoint to me……..

    ”yeh salman k dushmano ki strategy hai …..”

    salman fans including me i placed my hand on heart and say ALHAMDULILLAAH

    ”’all izz wel all izz welll “‘

    ” veer is succeed ALHAMDULILLAAH and will get huge success INSHAAAALLAAH AAMEEN ”

  • @afrid khan .. Walaikum Salam ..No probs on sunday u can attend even the day shows..N nobody can stop Veer now.INSHALLAH it will rock the world.

  • @Hina now no need 2 worry…VEERis a runaway hit….No media person can deny this…ya ill c one more time on sunday…u too shud c it bcoz as u said Salman loves his fan and i love salman’s fan…lmao

  • Salam to All

    I m very much glad after watching salman salman everywhere and so happy for his and our success ALHAMDULILLAH
    Walaikum us salam afridi bhai. Strategy to bring veer down is goint to fail coz half of audience not goint to watch both films as u can see at bollybusiness.com.
    Veer will rock this week 2. INSHAALLAH

  • sallu fans join hand for veer huge success

    we have to go again and again with our family and friends for a huge success
    and to make sallu bhai enemies strategies fails INSHAAALLAAH AAMEEN


    2indicine team





    for you wonderful words for veer akaa sallu bhai as i always respects you and so you are from mine 35% pure critics around the globe ALHAMDULILLAAH


    Salman Khan’s veer still playing at 468 Single screen theatres of satellite better than RANN and ISHQIYA which have opened to about 254 and 230 screens respectively.

    Means it will have a good weekend this week too in single screens.

    So Salman fans please celebrate the success the VEER and watch it again and again.

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