A Veeroic effort!

Love it or hate it, but Salman Khan’s Veer is one heck of a brave effort, something we would like to call a “Veeroic” effort.

At a time when comedies rule the roost in Bollywood, Salman Khan and co. opted for something distinctly different. A mixture of history, mythology and nationalism narrated with a fine balance of romance, comedy, action and the age old formulaic masala.

Also, Salman is a writer to watch out for in the future. He has great sense of drama and sets up the movie pretty well. The romantic portions were well-written and the dilemma of the princess – to choose between her kingdom or lover – was potentially a great plot for a thrilling second half, that it didn’t happen is the director and screenplay writer’s fault.

Sure, the film is not without its share of major flaws, but then its the effort we are talking about here, something both the media and critics for some reason have overlooked.

Quick recall, and history based films have always been risky, the mightiest of them have failed (Read SRK with Asoka and Aamir with Mangal Pandey). Spending 50 crores plus makes it even more riskier.

So purely for the risk and effort the makers have taken and the fact that the film has managed to do reasonably well at the box office, Veer deserves a mention as one of the first successful films of the year and the decade.



  • @Nauman…i take the first choice… Going for ishqiya now…Even 5th choice is gud…Bcoz i have London Dreams DVD and i love it…. Bt in love wid Vidya…so goin for ishqiya nw

  • to veeru fans ..why see the trash..just buy the ticket and take strolll that should fetch u 100 crores enough to feed haiti

  • Thankyou Indicine for this article. It shows that not everyone in the media is against Salman khans movies only Because THEY ARE THE BEST MOVIES. The movie Veer broke all records for the past 10 years with a tremendous story. Bravo for Veer and Indicine for recognizing an amazing movie like VEER.

  • A bad newz for sallu fans it says tat VEER is made on a bjet of 65cr n it is difficult to recover costs this article is posted on planetbollywood.com boxoffice newz :(

  • We all know how period dramas fail at the B.O . Even if it manage to get a hit status most of the revenue comes from multiplexes.Before veer how many period movies were able to attract audience to the single screen!!!!…….. Really Salman khan and his veer team done a veerioc effort…….making a period drama, then getting all sort of hostilities from the media/critics…also not so gud collection from the multiplexes………

    but the final world is veer manged to overcome all sort of hurdle and attract mango people to the theater that too for a period drama….:)..wt else needed…!!.

    thanx indicine for showcasing those facts…:)

  • any news abt veer ist week collection, indicine.nd yes indeed its a veerioc effort.dis movie may end up hit or superhit but it really deserved all time blockbuster status.but thanks 2 dose rubbish reviews it didnot get superhit by d end of ist week.i think critics shd hv applauded makers of veer for trying out somethign different but instead dey made mockery of d movie.dis movie derves 2 b apllauded for d sheer patriotism in it if not something else.

  • Bollywood Film Review: Veer ****

    Jan 29 2010 By Manish Gajjar

    DIRECTOR: Anil Sharma

    STARRING: Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Jackie Shroff.

    THE PLOT: This is a colourful 19th century tale with a race called Pindaris. A bloody massacre unfolds when they are robbed of their land by the king of Madhavgarh (Jackie) who gives it to the British.

    With a long, drawn battle ahead, the Pindaris turn to their strongest and bravest comrade, Veer. But the conniving king joins hands with the British troops to fight against the Pindaris.

    Complications ensue when Veer falls in love with Yashodhara (Zarine), Madhavgarh’s daughter during one of his ‘help the poor and rob the rich’ schemes.

    When Veer comes to England for an insight into English culture, he meets Yashodhara once again and their love deepens.

    By the time Veer finds about Yashodhara’s family background it is too late – the couple have sworn to be with each other forever. And hence unfolds a battle between the sworn enemies.

    Will Veer and Yashodhara remain together or will they go their separate ways in this epic saga?

    THE VERDICT: Veer, is the most ambitious period epic to be attempted by director Anil Sharma of Gadar fame.

    The grandeur of 19th century India and England is beautifully depicted in the movie.

    This includes larger than life sets, colourful costumes and exotic locations in Rajasthan, Jaipur, Jodhpur and the UK.

    The film’s action sequences with hundreds of horses, elephant and fighters, depicting wars on battlefields is also impressive.

    Sharma’s attention to detailed characterisation of all the co-stars leaves no room for criticism. But praise goes to lead star Salman Khan for writing an entertaining and colourful script.

    With a massive fan following, Khan’s onscreen presence in every scene will be lapped up by fans.

    Veer is a compelling period epic full of love, treachery and action.

  • Thanks you Indicine.com. Thanks for accepting that VEER is a Super Hit of 2010 and Decade. I saw the video on indiafm.com. Salman’s VEER is excellent periodic film i have ever seen in India history. Salman’s performances as warrior was mind blowing. He deserves an award for the performance.
    All VEER team is celebrating the success of VEER. Congrats to Salman and Salman’s fan from me.
    Thanks once again to indicine.

  • Thanks Indicine. I know from first day when i watched film VEER, It will be Super Hit, as it had all ingredient to be SUPER HIT. Salman’s story telling and Performances in the film was excellent. Congratulations for salman and salman’s fans.

  • VEER is already a HIT on 26 th january when it collected the 41 crores at boxoffice all over india. It is massive Super Hit….GREAT FILM ALWAYS WILL BE SUPER HIT. Thanks Indicine, Thanks for salman for giving a superb film VEER. We are looking forward for your next film Partner2.

  • Thanks you very much Indicine for the true news. Salman’s VEER is already a Super Hit. VEER is excellent film with excellent performances from Salman and Mithun. VEER is rocking even in second week inspite of new releases of rann and ishqiyaa. VEER is showing to houseful crowds even in second week.
    Salman rocks…salman’s fan rocks….

  • Great news………….VEER is a Super Hit….First super hit of 2010 and first super hit of decade.
    I liked film very much. zarine is beautiful and salman looks handsome in the film. Thanks indicine. Thanks salman for giving good film in veer.

    According to a leading news paper sallubhai is geting d kind of fan follwing only associatd wid rajni. Apprantly sallu fans r worshipping him and der was some VEER rally in INDORE. While in delhi, kolkatta n rajashthan fans wer garlanding sallus posters and even performing AARTI for the star.
    Whats more astonishing is dat fans r pouring milk on huge cute outs of sallu in hyd n chennai.and believe it VEER is heralded as bigger than WANTED in single screens.


  • I think Salman in veer was great something completly different then what iv seen so far
    I recently saw veer and I have to say it was awesome I really enjoyed it and I think it deserves
    better credits then it got while indicine team is completly honest is a good thing so we know we can always
    come back to place where you find facts and not fiction
    Great Job for Veer and good luck Salman and a very nice job Indicine

  • Veer – 1st Week All India Box Office

    -By Taran Adarsh, January 30, 2010 – 09:37 IST

    Sr.No CIRCUITS 1st Week Net Total Screens

    1 Mumbai 2,56,19,255.00
    2 Maharashtra 2,07,43,137.00
    3 Thane 1,22,25,280.00
    4 Saurashtra 1,16,38,159.00 456
    5 Goa 27,76,548.82
    6 Gujrat 3,34,02,980.60
    7 Karnataka 33,94,016.92
    8 Delhi & UP 6,86,36,385.61 181
    9 EP 2,46,69,314.00 74
    10 Mysore 87,75,132.00 28
    11 Rajasthan 2,35,81,380.25 70
    12 Nizam/Andhra 2,56,76,184.00 108
    13 CP 1,98,12,069.24 96
    14 CI 1,38,55,948.19 44
    15 West Bengal 1,46,81,191.53 74
    16 Orissa 17,43,666.19 21
    17 Bihar 1,16,00,397.33 107
    18 Assam 20,76,713.08 24
    19 TN/Kerala 48,42,383.84 31
    20 Nepal NA 2

    TOTAL 32,97,50,142.60 1,316

  • Salam to all

    Watched veer yesterday nit show still going housefull in karachi cinema. Salman was outstanding yr.
    Veer is rocking in Pakistan or i would say Salman is rocking in Pakistan.

  • Do u all know guys ????
    Veer is one & only movie from bollywood that got permission to shoot outside the palace of Queen Elizabeth in England
    Hollywood movies had a only 5/6 movies to shoot in same place

    so tell me guys who is rocking in Bollywood ??????????

    Eventhough SRK is fav in overseas did any of his movie shooted near area of Qn Elzbt palace NO NEVER…
    also can include Aamir,,,,, nobody
    only our Salman Veer did….

  • one more thing 4got to tell ::

    good news for Srk haters::

    Recently SRk has messed up with Shiv Sena Leader Bal Thakre
    Bal thakre challenged srk’s new movie MNIK will not allow to run moveis in maharashtra
    according to indian news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bad luck to srk fans

    so All sallu fans cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Zeeshan ..I will miss today’s show coz i have to go somewhere urgently but my colleagues are going to watch 8:15pm show of Veer.I am glad dat u r going today 4 Veer.

  • thanks indicine, thankyou very much for appreciating veer and salman, now i have a great respect for u , u r a true critics not paid critics………………..

    a big thankyou to indicine………………………………………….

    salman bhaai jindabad…………………..

  • indicine… finally your comment about salman khan movie very very good news…
    salman khan love u….

    regards :


  • 1st week nett collections of “Veer” are 34-35 crores approx and gross collections are around 77-78 crores.it is the biggest ever grosser of Salman’s career in 1st week.so again all the best to “Veer” this week and hope it grosses more than 100 crores in order to get proper ‘hit’ tag and not average or above average tag.

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