A Veeroic effort!

Love it or hate it, but Salman Khan’s Veer is one heck of a brave effort, something we would like to call a “Veeroic” effort.

At a time when comedies rule the roost in Bollywood, Salman Khan and co. opted for something distinctly different. A mixture of history, mythology and nationalism narrated with a fine balance of romance, comedy, action and the age old formulaic masala.

Also, Salman is a writer to watch out for in the future. He has great sense of drama and sets up the movie pretty well. The romantic portions were well-written and the dilemma of the princess – to choose between her kingdom or lover – was potentially a great plot for a thrilling second half, that it didn’t happen is the director and screenplay writer’s fault.

Sure, the film is not without its share of major flaws, but then its the effort we are talking about here, something both the media and critics for some reason have overlooked.

Quick recall, and history based films have always been risky, the mightiest of them have failed (Read SRK with Asoka and Aamir with Mangal Pandey). Spending 50 crores plus makes it even more riskier.

So purely for the risk and effort the makers have taken and the fact that the film has managed to do reasonably well at the box office, Veer deserves a mention as one of the first successful films of the year and the decade.



  • people here talk as if they have direct connection with eros people and they themselves count the cash money a t the counter … a flop movie can be sensed easily .. there is no talk about the film ..no repeat songs on tv no advt hailing the movie ..so the signs always show ..here people act like illitewrates and just keep plugging their lost venture

  • MEGHA, if it is right whatever u r saing then why r u soooo much woried abt VEER. Nw the critics nd everybdy knws abt the gr8 fan following of SALMAN BHAI which 2nd to none in INDIA. iM celebrating the success of VEER.
    u that im very happy wid the performance of VEER nd also producer distributors nd evrybdy hppy. Nw im looking forward to SALMAN’S nxt flick DABANGG. So watch out 4 it.

  • @ MEGHA

    Why u so J abt salman khan. We damn care all ur craps, and who cares if ur office team has not watched VEER.

    Salman has got Billions of fans all over the globe they will watch. Geniunely speaking VEER has done well at box office, EROS are quite happy with box office.

    So better shut dearů. What a craze sallu has got, did u watch the promotion of veer all over India people go nut Just to have a furtive glance of Him..

    Also he is the second man in the world after Michael Jackson, where people die to have a glimpse of him.

    LOLů.. veer ko to oscaar award milna chahiye…………….

  • the worst movie of the decade has flopped and we are very happy with the outcome ,,everybody lost money in this caper ..everyones wishes came true and it is a flop as of today with true collections of around 26 cr and this is final

  • People…why bother replying Megha?

    U have to be daft to reply to her! All she just spews is hatred and u just ignore people like her!

    I load up a page and I see her name! Infact my friends and I have been going through the posts to read her comments just to laugh cause we cannot understand why people would rubbish someone’s dream like that! Aren’t u supposed to appreciate people for who they are and what they have? We are not even Indians and we like bollywood movies so much, Infact we order almost any nice dvd that comes out! All five of us went to see Veer when it came out and we liked the movie. A film does not have to be a hit for u to appreciate it but I guess people think differently.

    I watch a lot of bollywood films and I really like the ones I have seen then I come on a post and see someone who spells illiterates as “llitewrates” thrashing someone’s efforts simply because she does not agree with the opinion of people who liked Veer is amazing.

    Sorry Megha, if u feel I am insulting you but u r going to far calling Sallu fans names and since I like his movies, I will tell u one thing….relax okay! U can only make fun of someone’s talent if you have something better innit?

  • @ hallee

    I completely agree with you. Guyz just stop replying back to her. Considering she doesnt like Salman and VEER, she has posted more comments on both more than anyone. LOL.

    Me being a big Salman fan cannot compete with her efforts.

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