Aamir Khan: The only centurion and double centurion!

The business of Aamir Khan’s last two films (Ghajini and 3 Idiots), to put it mildly, is quite unbelievable. Many believed the Ghajini record would stand tall for atleast a couple of years, until Hirani’s 3 Idiots hit screens and like many in the trade, Aamir himself was left stunned. “I have no idea how to describe what is happening. Some suggestions and explanations” said Khan on his blog.

After a super-strong Week 4, the film now looks likely to cross (hold your breath) the 200 crore mark at the Indian box office.

Here are some staggering facts and records that the film has broken during it historic run.

1) More than 65 million people have watched 3 Idiots all over the world, which is the highest theatrical viewer ship for any Hindi film in the last decade. Probably a billion others, unfortunately, may have watched it on pirated copies.

2) No other film except Ghajini and now 3 Idiots has managed to cross the 100 crore milestone at the box office.

3) The Week 2 business of 3 Idiots (54 crores)  was close to 10 crores more than the first week of any other film, except Ghajini.

3) The Week 3 business of 3 Idiots (30 crores) is more than the Week 2 business of any film, ever.

4) According to the trade, 3 Idiots has affected the collections of every subsequently released films including last week’s release Veer.

5) Lastly, 3 Idiots now, also holds the record for the highest grossing film overseas beating the 3 year old record set by Shahrukh Khan’s Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.

And if 3 Idiots does indeed manage to cross 200 crores in India, Aamir would be the only star to have both the 100 crore and 200 crore records to his credit!



  • Nice Article Indicine …. Respect to Aamir :)
    He is in deed the biggest superstar of Indian Cinema at the moment.

  • its now official dat aamir is da biggest star of ol tym..he’s kohinoor of bollywood..i hav no words 4 aamir bcoz he is da best actor,star india hav eva produced..thanks Allah 4 giving us such a huge multitalented person..aamir u r truly a winner..my idol..my inspiration..thank u..with lots of love..

  • Nice article & Yeah Amir is great, no doubt :)

    But Indicine, i was just wondering what about Hum Aapke Hain Koun??? I’m a regular reader of Superstar Dust & they have always said (Of course before 3 idiots) that Hum Aapke Hain Koun is the only bollywood movie which has more 100 crores profit.

  • Only the one who did century and going to do double century on box office of india. Its a matter of just more a week to have double century. What would be the life time net business of 3 idiot including statelight and Video rights. How many years it’ll take to break this record for other producers,Directors or Actors? Has Aamir created and stabilished an different kind of race of box office in india? Is Aamir took him so far away where none can touch or catch him in indian cinema? I think yes. Only the One Aamir can touch or catch himself and can break his record in near future. Hats off to you Mr. Aamir Khan.
    Goverment should give him the Bharat ratna award. He really deserve the bharat ratna title. Whats you think the friends of indicine?

  • Well this shows that at the end of the last year two land mark movies were released …and these are AVATAR and 3idiots both have bumper success and the amazing thing is that now james cameron is the top director in holly wood with two back to back all time grossers and in india we have amir khan with simmilar status …good luck aamir well done …. i am affraid u ill soon go for triple century :)

  • NO nO nO No He isnt a star he is actor,the best character actor the world have ever seen!!!he is not self acclaimed king or badshah khan but he is truly a superb artist!he is not a shahenshah or singh or so called superhero but he has changed millions peoples lives through his films!!and he had never backin of media(who have always tried to pull him back)but still he has emerged and conquered the world!!
    KAABIL BANO AUR SAFALTA TO ZAKH MAAR KE AAYEGI!!He believed in that and he proved it!but am tellin you he is not a king khan or badshah khan or shahensha no he is not but for us he is above them all!cuz he changed the way we look at our kidz and he changed millions peoples lives!!!

  • Thanks Nauman. Thats whole i want to say to you all. From lagan to 3 idiots he really changed our views in every social moral topic. And after piple live movie one more will be added by him. Thats why i propose to give him bharat ratna award. Am i wrong friends?

  • aamir is indeed the biggest superstar in indian cinema
    remaining stars such as srk,akki will never reach to the position of aamir

  • Relax Folks, indeed aamir is on top at the moment but you should remeber and go back in history a little bit. In 2006 Aaamir’s RDB released and producers of the film declared it the 2nd biggest hit of the decade and they all are over the moon but they didn’t realized that business trends changed dramatically due to the invasion of multiplexes and that year we saw block busters and super hits and RDB claim gone washed within 2 months time.
    This year we should wait for MNIK & KITES & after the release of those films we exactly know who is on top.
    I sure about on thing that MNIK will broke the overseas record of 3 Idiots.

  • Think so too, overseas, MNIK is likely to go past 3 idiots even if its a average movie. If good, chances are it could cross $20 million.

  • befor declaring aamir as the top star i think we should wait till the release of MNIK….abt 200 crore mark i dont kno. . but MNIK wil achieve 150crore mark and also top grosser in overseas…

  • hey that’s a realy great news.the record seems to be untouchable for atleast next 10 years.i think mnik will be a huge blockbuster but will not come close to 3 idiots because it is a serious kind of movie and does not have that mass appeal.anyways both aamir and sharukh roxxxx.

  • Ace khan rocks.waiting for peepli live.i hav read peepli live review.those who hav seen the film,liking it very much…..:)

  • who cares about how much a movie earns ? thts nt gonna make a movie good or bad! aamir is indeed on top but nt after ghajini or 3 idiots bt right frm sarfarosh , a classic movie n thn dch , a cult.. n rest we all know!

  • Here we go, Aamir is on top of the world. Keep dreaming SRK lover to break the reacords & try to find the words you would say after 12 feb.

  • @Indicine

    There is a confusion about the films which made 100 crore , I saw a report at E24 that, there is more than 2 films which cross 100 crore landmark. Can u help @Indicine to remove the confusion. What about sholey, DDLG. Why 3 Idiots still in the 2nd of all time top grossers list. Pls help me to understand.

  • hi indicine!I read on boxoffice india that the adjusted gross of sholay is 162 cr.can you tell the exact meaning of adjusted gross and how is it calculated?can we realy say that 3 idts have gone past sholay?where does 3 idiots stand in the list of all time blockbusters such sholay mughl-e-azam,ddlj etc?

  • hey all…
    till the completion of the 5th week; 3 idiots has crossed 192 crore mark; by the end of the seventh week, the film will go touch another 11 crores and will du a business of around 203 crore mark, by the end of the 10th week, the life time business of 3i would be around 210 crores… ghajini has done 117 crores life time so far which is the highest box office collection till 3 idiots .. 3 idiots should do more than 93 crores what ghajini had done. the inflation figures of sholay is 167 crores as such..

  • We have now seen this film, and wonder what was so special about it-although Aamir Khan looked quite young and thin in the film. The script of the film is copied, needless to discuss here as most of the movie buffs know, but who cares even if the central idea is a borrowed one, the thing is that the result simply is not outstanding as it was hoped with much publicity hype.

    Aamir is no doubt a senior and good actor but on this occasion we felt the characters were overblown mixture of crude humor and forced emotional content. The Music of film in our view was biggest disappointment, however one song of film with Kareena is good.

    We had seen this movie in a group of 75 people and booked the half grand circle of the cinema. 65% of my friends did like this movie, but rest of friends (35%) were irritated and frustrated. Well, unfortunately I am in the 35% lot who felt a bit upset and disappointed after watching this movie.

    The other irritating aspect is that the characters looked totally artificial and off hooked. The plot of film is wafer thin and very predictable as many films on college life of friends have been made over the decades, but the only thing which was apparently added was the indigestible cracker jack ingenuity of the three idiots.

    Moreover, the unnecessary bathroom tarts shown in the film is repulsive. It is good to see that this film turned out to be highest grosser in India and overseas and it would be hard to beat in coming years. Aamir Khan is our favorite star and he is distinguishable from other actors, solely due to his performance. 7.1/10. Best of luck for the film team.

    Natasha, Mahwish and Nikki

  • many says that the tamil movie shivaji the boss starring rajnikanth and telugu movie magadheera starring ram cheran teja have grossed more than 100 crores

  • have a look at inflation adjusted figures of sholay , ddlj and hum apke hain kaun … will know the reality .. they r much above then 3i

  • So 6.5 crore people watched 3 Idiots

    3 Idiots eventually crossed mnik in the overseas too because 3 Idiots’ initial release there was smaller compared to mnik

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