A Veeroic effort!

Love it or hate it, but Salman Khan’s Veer is one heck of a brave effort, something we would like to call a “Veeroic” effort.

At a time when comedies rule the roost in Bollywood, Salman Khan and co. opted for something distinctly different. A mixture of history, mythology and nationalism narrated with a fine balance of romance, comedy, action and the age old formulaic masala.

Also, Salman is a writer to watch out for in the future. He has great sense of drama and sets up the movie pretty well. The romantic portions were well-written and the dilemma of the princess – to choose between her kingdom or lover – was potentially a great plot for a thrilling second half, that it didn’t happen is the director and screenplay writer’s fault.

Sure, the film is not without its share of major flaws, but then its the effort we are talking about here, something both the media and critics for some reason have overlooked.

Quick recall, and history based films have always been risky, the mightiest of them have failed (Read SRK with Asoka and Aamir with Mangal Pandey). Spending 50 crores plus makes it even more riskier.

So purely for the risk and effort the makers have taken and the fact that the film has managed to do reasonably well at the box office, Veer deserves a mention as one of the first successful films of the year and the decade.



  • veer is the one of the best film of the year and salman done his job very well excellent sallu we are always be ur fan

    Ur write ups are getting pathetic day by day.It amazes me how can you appreciate dis shitty movie. U re doing it Just to please salman’s fans who visit ur site.. Ur credibility I feel has gone down as wel..these days I just don’t feel lyk dropping my comments…
    Used to love indicine…but not any more:-S

  • wen i ist read ur review i told u dat ur d most honest site.no wonder u hv so many followers.nd dis article proves more.veer is a clean mass entertainer.i dun know why people who don like veer visit veer page more den der own actors page.sun li bhai aapki baat nahin achi lagi move aapko thik hain,jaao apne fav actor ki movie dekho.

  • @ Sahil

    Ur write ups are getting pathetic day by day.It amazes me how can you appreciate dis shitty movie.


    Just like how it amazes u … it amazes us how u shitty people can try to downplay this classic movie.o

    Go Veer and Phoddd Dal

  • thnx indicine, u r gr8.
    thnx to IBN7 channel,bcoz dis channel rsaying positivr abt veer
    frm 22nd jan
    they said- chaa gai dadda ki talwar.
    thnx to indiatv to give 3 star on 22nd.
    n yesterday,4 telling pindharies history of devas.

  • Thankz Indicine !!1
    should have been posted couple of days back,,,
    ok by the way Veer is doing great
    dont think so Ishkiya and Rann will affect as it is bakwaas movie

    just chillll

  • YES VEER IS a veeroic effort.they made movie for poor people nd poor audience accept their veeroic effort.
    but some inteligent like me deslike their poor effort.coz i m not any poor people.

  • thanks indicine for the article i am sure veer will do tremendus business in the second week also no matter what critics and media has to say salmaan’s fans are always with him i have already watched the movie 3 times and i am planning to go again this weekend.and i am sure veer will be the first superhit of this decade
    and sahil and megha if you don’t agree plz avoid commenting b’coz this is only for those who appreciate good work

  • Adiii, u r not a poor people but an ignorant people. Learn English spellings b4 writing any comments any english. Ur parents r so rich, din’t dey send u 2 school ???????? LMFAO. Poor people r da backbone of a nation nd dey r greater in number. Dat means u admit Salman z liked by da most of da ppl ? Lolz. Megha, u r a mental freak. U will never understand da standard of Veer, bcoz Veer z 4 normal ppl, not 4 mental freaks.

  • Sahil, it really doesn’t matter what others think, but we have never written fan-pleasing articles here.

    Your free to have your own judgement, but don’t restrict it only to Veer. You have been here long enough and I guess you know us better :)

  • @ Indicine

    Megha and Adii r like a disease n VEER threads. plz dont ban dem. i laugh at dere immature comments. so plz u retards keep em comin.

    Eagerly waiting for ur reviews of Ishqiya and Rann..:-)
    Both f them are gettin pretty gud reports..

  • i always love salman n i know that he has a great sense of cinema thts y he never doing negative characters or never giving kissing scene on screen. he prove it again

  • if people actually think bout it. Veer is an heroic effort. at least da film is trying to give us da audeince something new. Salman is exprimenting wid his roles and working with different directors. he should be appluaded for da dat.

    many actors just stick wid certain groups and certain roles. yes, as long as dey r successful ders nowt wrong wid it. but dey should try to experiment also.

    @ Sahil

    u can say wat u want. nowt wrong wid dat. but no1 can stop VEER from becoming minimum HIT.

    @ Hina, Rajib, Adhideb and evry1 else. kepp up da good work.

  • Rann and Ishqiya are getting more than 3.5 stars
    all critics are giving 3.5 or 4 stars for both movies.
    so all sallu fans now u will say again that critics hv conspiracy agains veer.

  • Deepak
    both movies didnt release in australia, so i will watch DVD n then i will write my review, may be tomorrow

  • 1st choice is Ishqiya
    2nd choice is Ishqiya
    3rd choice is Rann
    4th choice is Road to Sangam
    5th Choice is ………. spend some time with friends or watch DVD of London Dreams

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