Blue Movie Review

Blue is one of the most anticipated movies of the year and according to the makers, its by far the costliest Bollywood movie ever. Starring Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Lara Dutta, Zayed Khan and Katrina Kaif (special appearance) Blue directed by Anthony D’Silva is the much hyped Diwali release. Does it live upto expectations and justify the Rs 800 odd millions spent on this action adventure thriller?

Blue Review

3 reasons to watch Blue

  • Underwater visuals : Sequences filmed underwater are a pure visual treat, something never witnessed in Bollywood before.  Credit : Peter Zuccarini (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Fabulous Action : About 4 Bike sequences provide the necessary adrenaline rush, the sequence on the train is the best of the lot.
  • Lara Dutta :  Not in the history of Bollywood has an actress managed to look so stunning in a Bikini. Lara Dutta, for two thirds of her role, is clad looking super-hot in a variety of two-piece bikini’s.

Several reasons why Blue should be avoided!

  • Where’s the script? Like every other Akshay Kumar movie, Blue has a utterly stupid plot and completely lacks substance. Watching Blue is like flipping between Discovery (or National Geographic) and MTV on television. Just that the later would be much more informative, interesting and entertaining.
  • The director takes his own sweet time to get the point, the treasure hunt begins 20 mins into the second half and ends before you could blink an eye lid! The whole build up and the fall-out after the discovery of the treasure is a joke!
  • Dialogues are unintentionally funny.
  • Music by A.R Rahman surprisingly isn’t up to his usual high standards.
  • Background score is weak.
  • In a poorly sketched character, Akshay Kumar sleep walks through his role.
  • Sanjay Dutt looks tired and old.
  • Zayed Khan looks good, but makes no impact.
  • Katrina Kaif looks stunning, all good until she gets to mouth dialogues.

What’s laugh-worthy (Possible Spoilers)

  • The first half is wasted establishing the characters and to set-up the hunt for the treasure. Now getting to the treasure is one hellava risky task, something many have tried and lost their lives. Only the pot-bellied Sagar (Sanjay Dutt) looking horribly unfit can get there. But the ease with which the characters get the lost chest, surrounded by sharks, you wonder why no one could ever get to it in 50 odd years!
  • The 50 year old Sanjay Dutt romancing the stunning Lara Dutta was unintentionally funny. Seriously, the role demanded a much younger actor!

Overall, Blue is about 80 – 100 crores of money drowned deep into the Sea. And for the makers, recovering it wouldn’t be close to as easy as shown in the film.

Save money and enjoy Diwali with Family and Friends. At the box office, the opening is expected to be huge, but recovering the bucket loads of money that has gone into the making would prove to be extremely difficult.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ For Lara Dutta and those underwater and bike sequences.



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  • for your kind information you retard FAAAATHIYA….kambakht ishq is the third blockbuster of 2009 along with WANTED AND LOVE AAJ KAL..and present sources say BLUE has collected 67 crores worlwide in 1200 screens and in india is running in packed houses…gotthat to your down’s syndrome brain..?and never misguide people that akki’s movies are losing…and we dont hav to make a bitch like you understand wat are akki’s potentials…you hav never learned to respect others or others’s hardwork…and you will remain same in your life too weith your family ;;a total loser..wre all pray to ALLAH that atleast your kids will be saved…pity on them.

  • thankyou SUDEEP,Y2J.SATA AND PRAVEEN.for knocking harsh on that bitch FATHIYA..she is indeed fat with all wrong motives and evil attitude.and just now watching NDTV.COM blue is the diwali blockbuster of 2009,and the producers have roped in akshay again for their next action movie with john abraham. coool.and i wish akshaykumar allthe best for his first HOLLYWOOD MOVIE DIRECTED BY DAVID ELLIS of FINAL DESTINATION FAME…YOU ROCK KINNGGG…

  • Jennifer:Thnks hehe….He will surely rock!!!!!!!

    Although,i havenot watch this movie but still feel it will make around 50-60 crs business and + music is already earning more than 5-10 crs…It can be just hit not more than that!!!

    And bad news is although blue was rock steady in some place in tuesday but its collection is dropping!!!!hope it can just earn 50-60!!!other wise it will be avg to above avg just like KI being Above avg

    And all for akshay fan:Don’t be too rude to some one other who donot like the movie.Its their choice…They can have their own choice and we can….We can say similar if we donot like SRK movie but it is not right sometime to show bad image..especially ,Fathiya(she is senior citizen )….We know she have different taste!!!!

    Just hope BLue will become hit !!!!!Akshay rocks in the movie (I have listen from many)

  • just now i read some faulty comments about comparing akshay and cheap and idiotic this FAATIYA can be…if 95% of srk movies are excellent so be with akki too…and i dont have to convince you suckers for this…take the total movies akshay is doing an year…majority hits…srk does 1 film a year and its easy for any dumb actor like him to make it a hit ..let these actors make a movie with a new director,new music director ,new banner,poor script,and poor promotions…and still if SRK can deliver we all will praise him ..thios is our oath.but alas1 he is such a loser he cant think of any movie other than that of ADITYA CHOPRA,ASHUTOSH ,YASHRAJ BANNER,OR THE GAY BAST,,KARAN JOHAR..let him prove to all indians…we challenge..but on the contrary AKSHAYKUMAR has made allthe superhits with cheap script,cheap director,cheap musicians [except blue] and cheap banners ..thats the power of a superstar..and his stand in the industry..and his 17 movies lined up in a chain for release for next 3 years is an evidance for that you bitches over there KIRAN ,FATHIYA,SUNIL AND MINOSHKAA…

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    Sumon: just go to hell.. and yeah.. u need to go back inside yr mom’s womb, to bring u back in this world and teach u how to communicate with others!

  • OKAY TAKE THIS ..soME comparitive charts came in SUN MAGAZINE..AUG.ISSUE 2007.EDITION 43.. ACTION-AKKI 99%,SRK-23% romance-akki-47% srk -94%,comedy -akki-99%,srk -61%,emotional scenes akki-29% srk -76% ,dances akki-79% srk -45% ,overall looks and photogenecity akki-87%,srk -32%,physique akki -90% srk -23%,starvalue -srk -77% akki -49%,allround performance akki-57% srk -51%…so you got it where AKSHAYKUMAR stands…just use your commonsense…

  • Jennifer: Akshay’s movies are good for idiot people like you.. the producers “know” that millions in their country are JUST similar.. love some silly meaningless movies.. so congratulations for the success.. I don’t hv anything against yr Akki..your sick mind is telling you this!! but Akki is making movies to satisfy dumb ppl like you.. even Aamir Khan.. did his Ghajini to satisfy people who love some cartoon actions, and Salman too.. did his movie Wanted to pls the dumb audience


  • Fathiya:then how dumbass wht movie Don,OSO,Swades,RNBJ,Badshaah,phir bhi dil hai histustani,Bootnath,Pehali(biggest one).these type of movie is made for idiot people n all those Idiot SRK fan…THese are so cheap that no one except OLD srk fan and for old people
    I thought to keep myself quite but i cannot because of idiot like u….Saying other idiot n dumb audience who the hell you r.

  • Ohoo.. someone want to stop me from posting my comments on Akshay’s Kumar’s movies although there’re lots of negative comments on this page.. why?!!!!!! and someone said – I don’t remember who said on this page – that I’ll be able to change the entire ppl’s opinion.. something like that!!!!! is that true?! if it’s true.. so it’s a compliment.. am I that strong on this website to be able to stop people from watching this movie!!

    Oh.. I see.. there4 u guys want to stop me from publishing my comments.. coz u know, and as Kiran said, that I’m honest in my reviews, saying the truth, but u ppl – who uses bad language, swear and all these stuff are some lyers.. that’s what u are in fact

  • plsssssssss watch main aur mrs khanna…..its realy a nice movie…….mamak better then blue & all the best…..

  • @ fathiya : i hate SRK . what a joke . i dont like him but that dosent mean i hate him or i dont like all his movies .
    i didnt brought him into discussion , i was referring to the fat that how despite being so old u have not matured and fight with other ppl and even indicine ppl over the status of SrK movies . that itself says how immatured u r for ur age

    Blue hasnt flopped . check out the revenues flowing in fathiya , u’ll never see such figures for even SRK’s movie even blue has flopped that means All SrK movies are flop becoz it has shown a better opening and is sustaining as well.

    please fathiya get urself checked with some good doctor u have some mental problem

  • Punter:Tht true!!!!People goes on forgetting and donot realize wht they r talking when they become old n old..same case with fathiya aunty too

  • blue will flop , This bakwas movie will not sustain second weak.

    srk haters :

    srk is much better than akshay.

    you are just jealous .

    oso , chak de , swades , rab ne , paheli , kal ho na ho , mai ho na , are all very good movies.

    the problem with akki’s fans is that they will watch even crap movies of akki and tell that it is a vey good movie , excellent movie and so on. But can’t watch srk’s good movies.

    akki is star but not big as srk.

    sing is king , cc2c , tashan , ki , were totally crap.

    and why you blame fathiya , she gave sensible comments and you just attack her with just foolish

    well , watch blue all of die hard akshay fans , but that is not making this crap a hit.

    got it!!!

  • i agree tortally this movie is a wasteful expenditure .. there are no thrills in tthe climax.. in fact it reminds me of the travotas swordfish where he resurfaces again… so nothing unusual here ..the underwater scenery is from NG archives so no big shakes.. how this pot bellied actor sanjay dutt managed to get a gutka full mouth ona bahamas ship beats me sanju baba must quit this habit..arre picture me to mat khao yaar…that about sums it up .. this is big loser of a movie watch this space next wk and you will get your answer

  • @amit : it clearly shows ur choice . if u think OSO, Main hOon na,rab ne,apheliand kal ho na ho is any better than AKKI’s movie then u r mistaken AND IT CLEARLY SHOWS UR STUPID CHOICE AND THE FACT THAT U DONT WANT BOLLYWOOD TO MOVE FORWARD YOU WANT TO SEE SAME STORY SAME PIC .

    is SRK booked for 2-3 years , the answer is no . but AKKI is .
    the AMount AKKI charges , SRK cant think of getting that .


    As far as blue is concerned check out it has grossed more than ANY of that SRK movie and keep ur mouuth shut

    Check out trade analyst’s view they will tell u that AKKI is bigger than SRK . srk does only one film an year . and that has to become a hit because of his fan base . however AKKI is the king who DO 3-4 Movies a year , take negative critic rating and still give bigger hits than SRK

  • and if u think fathiya is sensible , please get urself checked as well . she is someone who argue even with Indicine team regarding the status of movie .
    if she is sensibel as per u then it clearly shows how sensible u urself are ;)

  • Amit: I don’t care about these ppl’s comments.. I know their mentality.. when they love any actor so they love his shit too.. they can’t distinguish any good from bad and they consider whatever was a hit at the box office as a good movie!!!! and I said 100 of times to them.. to these idiots.. that although I’m a big shahrukh’s fan, but I also criticized some of his movies which I didn’t like.. but these ppl “ignore” what I say.. it’s their habbit.. they can’t stand someone post negative comments about their hero (not their heroine!).. are they some gay people on this website and I didn’t know, in love with Akki or Salman?!!!!

  • Hey u stupid asshole.. who’s name is Punter.. do u think that bollywood will go forward by doing a movie like “Blue” hahahahahahahahahahahahha.. really?!!!!!! I didn’t know that?!!!! well I think u guys.. the new generation are going reverse, by loving movies like Wanted, Welcome, JTYJN ( and Golmaal & Golmaal Returns, Hera Phery or Phir Hera or Bhag n Bhag….hahahah… u guys hv rejected a movie which was the 1st step to hollywood kinda movie, a movie about the future LS2050!!! and u think diving in the water and the sharks surrouding Akshay and his friends ( similar to discovery channels or nat. geography) so this movie will take bollywood to a higher step?!!

    I don’t need a doctor but u guys need to stop loving some kachra movies.. well Blue is not that bad, but it wasn’t upto my expectations, was better than those silly comedy movies but nothing special in the movie and not interesting at all.

  • punter : what’s the benefit in getting booked for 3 years and producing craps after craps .

    he should work on good scripts and take his time like aamir , srk , hritik . otherwise he will be salman’s brother soon.

    well it’s not srk movies which are not worth or your review but it’s the other way round.

    you can’t stop someone to put their review or thought because this site is all about this.

    i don’t like srk movies just because srk, but it is the movie which is very good. his recent movies made me his fan.

    although i like akshay movies also , hera-pheri , phir hera pheri, bhagam bhag , welcome only.

    and i have seen trade analysis and know the situation very well , you can’t change anything except shouting ” blue is a super hit movie , listen guys , go and watch. akki is better than srk “.

    or you will blame srk as usual.

  • Y r people always critizing Akshay kumar movie?????He had done very hard work n has come to this stage where anyother dream of…Akshay had come after many flop movie but he have given very nice movie too in past 14-15 year.Now he is going neck to neck with SRK,aamir,salman..nowadays

    I agree akshay movie had no good story but still the way his acting is,everyone fall in love with him….He may not act like SRK in serious role but still no one can give him competion on Comedy.He may not be tht nice in emotional role but still he is actor n have try hard to come in tht situation too.

    He always try to do different movie although no great story but still he have same fan following which never will be decrease….

    And another note:If You want to chat with akshay live then login at around 11:30 IST am today …….He will come online live for 30 mins..

  • News from glamsham site:

    Akshay is being touted as the overseas king. His film BLUE has garnered a phenomenal response from overseas markets. Dubai, US, UK, Fiji Islands, Thailand have opened to packed houses” said a trade analyst.

    In a period of five years Akshay Kumar’s films have generated a whopping 1000 crores. Right from WELCOME to BLUE Akshay Kumar’s films have netted huge profits clearly indicating that he is definitely the box office king. Fascinatingly, Akshay is the only star to have had the maximum number of releases in the 5 years, most of which have been hits.

    A trade analyst said “Most of Akshay’s releases are hits and almost always open with a good collection at the box office. This clearly indicates that when it comes to box office success Akshay is the most dependable” The analyst confirms “Akshay is definitely No.1 today. Directors are still queuing up to sign him. His films spell profits immaterial of its content. Any film starring Akshay Kumar in the lead is already half sold to the audience”

    And BLUE is no exception to this.

  • hey sudeep,
    just leave theses guys , fathiya herself told us that she likes SRK’s shit as well so u can understand what type of person is he herself.
    look whats she saying that love story 2050 wd have taken bollywoood forward a nearly 4 hour film with pathetic acting from harman wd have taken bollywood forward. what a choice.
    check out indicine earlier post smewhere in ask us section u’ll knw how SrK has to use media in order to garner good review but AKKI despite negative review gave hits this is STAR power and Most of the SRK fans are unsecured just like SRk himself as said by SAllu as well. SRK has gone nuts since AKKI and AAMIR has dethroned him and same goes for SRK fans they have also gone mad and whenever some AKKI movie comes up they gave negative reviews so that ppl’s perception change but unfortunately for them the movies have good run .
    check out indicine new post that clearly shows that BLUE can be a hit

    AMit dekh liya sudeep ne jo glamsham ka article dikhaya tumhe bahot jaante ho tum trade analyst ko ;)

    fathiya being gay is better than being SRK’s keep which u r and now dont stary crying abt my language becoz it was u who started

  • Punter:Wht the f u r saying down their(being gay is better than being SRK’s keep which u r and now dont stary crying abt my language becoz it was u who started) !!!!!!to fathiya..I agree above thing but not thing one!!!!!!I hate SRK even though my girlfriend loves him!!!!!

    I always n forever will hate SRK not because of his Sucess but because of his attitude which he show outside movie!!!

  • One very good news for all Akshay,katrina,Paresh and Sunil shetty fan:

    De Dana Dhan has fetched 30 crore for its all India theatrical rights. The film has been bought by Baba Arts for its all India theatrical release.

    The film now being sold in various territories around India by Baba Arts at fabulous prices. The film is super hot due as it is the return of the Hera Pheri (2000) team which has turned out to be one the most successful films ever on satellite and video circuits after average box office results and the hit combination Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif.

    The film is due for a 27th November release and with Kurbaan now moving to 20th November making De Dana Dhan a solo release it will be expected to recover a a share of at least 20 crore in week one alone.

  • Sudeep: haha.. now you’ve admitted.. right.. so your girlfiend likes Shahrukh and there4 u hate him.. didn’t I tell you.. that you’re a jealous person.. it’s not only you.. lots of men don’t like Shahrukh because he’s an ideal for all women on this earth, a perfrect man in his look and in his attitude.. I faced the same with some ppl in the office I used to work, some colleagues loved me, admired me, and wanted to draw my attention, and when they failed, and they “knew” that I’ve no interest in any relationship with any guy and I admire “only” one man in this world who’s Shahrukh Khan.. so a guy went mad saying: I’ll kill this Shahrukh Khan.. why do u like him” that’s the way men are in fact!!

    And don’t dare calling me “old woman” coz I’m not old in my look, in my energy, and in my soul, and that’s what’s important.. u find girls who r only in the age of 28 or 30 and they look over 40.. isn’t that true.. so u guys didn’t see me, when I was in the age of 30, my colleagues never believed me.. they thought I’m 18 years old.. and that’s true.. everyone see me now, they think I’m only 30 years old or less! I even look younger than Madhuri Dixit.. the perfect actresss which I admire and love.

  • Fathiya:I m not jealous tht she loves SRK…I m happy tht she loves me and we r happy together…She also loves akshay comedy!!!!!!!And which i m happy of….I just say u r old ..i read ur comment somewhere in past and u said u have already married and divorce too..i feel u r old ..If u r old or not it doesnot matter…>u keep loving SRK and i m like akshay as a actor

  • yes yes yes …and finally the gross collections of BLUE has arrived according to trade analysts and producers of the movie that BLUE has done a business of 67 crores in 800 theatres worldwide…and in the coming 2 days it will be declared a hit[sources-NDTV.COM]with only one big release LONDON DREAMS on oct.30th producers wish the collections will touch 95 crores including the music rights sold out for 25 crores and overseas sattelite rights for 20 crores…so enough of debate you assholes.

  • hey FATHIYA…bfore accepting somebody like SRK as your idol ,check his own revelations and his freind circle comments published in dec.issue woman’s era 2004…he is a regular narcotic addicted,chain smoker,and attitude for destroying othrs movies by paying to critics…its been reported also his gay partner karan johar is responsible for the misunderstandingds with wife gauri khan.ppl like you only will like such pig nosed SRK..AND STUTTERING LIKE KKK…KKK…KIRAN..HA HA HA HE HE HE…SHITFACE.

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