Blue Movie Review

Blue is one of the most anticipated movies of the year and according to the makers, its by far the costliest Bollywood movie ever. Starring Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Lara Dutta, Zayed Khan and Katrina Kaif (special appearance) Blue directed by Anthony D’Silva is the much hyped Diwali release. Does it live upto expectations and justify the Rs 800 odd millions spent on this action adventure thriller?

Blue Review

3 reasons to watch Blue

  • Underwater visuals : Sequences filmed underwater are a pure visual treat, something never witnessed in Bollywood before.  Credit : Peter Zuccarini (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Fabulous Action : About 4 Bike sequences provide the necessary adrenaline rush, the sequence on the train is the best of the lot.
  • Lara Dutta :  Not in the history of Bollywood has an actress managed to look so stunning in a Bikini. Lara Dutta, for two thirds of her role, is clad looking super-hot in a variety of two-piece bikini’s.

Several reasons why Blue should be avoided!

  • Where’s the script? Like every other Akshay Kumar movie, Blue has a utterly stupid plot and completely lacks substance. Watching Blue is like flipping between Discovery (or National Geographic) and MTV on television. Just that the later would be much more informative, interesting and entertaining.
  • The director takes his own sweet time to get the point, the treasure hunt begins 20 mins into the second half and ends before you could blink an eye lid! The whole build up and the fall-out after the discovery of the treasure is a joke!
  • Dialogues are unintentionally funny.
  • Music by A.R Rahman surprisingly isn’t up to his usual high standards.
  • Background score is weak.
  • In a poorly sketched character, Akshay Kumar sleep walks through his role.
  • Sanjay Dutt looks tired and old.
  • Zayed Khan looks good, but makes no impact.
  • Katrina Kaif looks stunning, all good until she gets to mouth dialogues.

What’s laugh-worthy (Possible Spoilers)

  • The first half is wasted establishing the characters and to set-up the hunt for the treasure. Now getting to the treasure is one hellava risky task, something many have tried and lost their lives. Only the pot-bellied Sagar (Sanjay Dutt) looking horribly unfit can get there. But the ease with which the characters get the lost chest, surrounded by sharks, you wonder why no one could ever get to it in 50 odd years!
  • The 50 year old Sanjay Dutt romancing the stunning Lara Dutta was unintentionally funny. Seriously, the role demanded a much younger actor!

Overall, Blue is about 80 – 100 crores of money drowned deep into the Sea. And for the makers, recovering it wouldn’t be close to as easy as shown in the film.

Save money and enjoy Diwali with Family and Friends. At the box office, the opening is expected to be huge, but recovering the bucket loads of money that has gone into the making would prove to be extremely difficult.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ For Lara Dutta and those underwater and bike sequences.



  • Jennifer: if u r such an idiot and believe everything media would say.. so I’m not.. I believe in my eyes, my senses & my heart.

    And why the hell u talk about someone’s personal life? If shahrukh smokes so it’s an old habbit and probably he’s sorry for that and can’t risist doing it, to overcome this problem.. that’s non of yr business.. well.. I didn’t want to say anything about your Akshay.. do u think that he’s a good husband?!! well I’m sure that you’ll say yes although I read in magazines that he’d an affair with Priyanka.. he did an ad for levis trousers which was an ad for his body and the sexual attitude only!! he asked his wife in public to unbottion his pants.

    Don’t try to raise some private issues about actors.. we’re criticising movies only on this page.. and we’ve no right talkig about their personal issues.

    Indicine Team: please delete all the bad sentences posted by this girl and by others on this page.

  • News from Star box office:

    Akshay and Katrina have proved to be a very successful pair in movies like Humko Deewana Kar Gaye, Welcome, Namastey London and Singh is Kinng.

    Katrina is moving away from glam doll roles towards serious, performance films as if evident from New York, Rajneeti and Ajab Prem Ki Ghajab Kahani. She did De Dana Dan, a multi-starrer comedy on Akshay’s insistence. They will be seen as an on-screen couple in Anthony D’souza’s next film reportedly titled Aasman which is a sequel to Blue.

    The film’s cast is even bigger than that of Blue. Along with Akshay and Katrina, Lara, Sanjay and Zayed will reprise their roles. Neha Uberoi who made an unsuccessful debut in Woodstock Villa and followed it up with another flop in the form of EMI will star opposite Zayed in the film. A special role is being written for John Abraham who will have Sonal Chauhan (of Jannat fame) as his heroine. AR Rahman has agreed to score the music for this film as well.

    A source tells us that Anthony wants to make a film with John because they both have been friends for a long time and John helped him find producers for Blue. Moreover, it will be great to have four hunks on screen. John and Akshay have previously worked in Garam Masala while John and Sanjay were at loggerheads in Zinda. Lara will have to maintain her bikini figure and Sonal and Neha have been asked to tone up to look super hot. Aasman will start off as an underwater adventure and then move to the sky. It is most likely to borrow elements from Top Gun and Behind Enemy Lines.

    Anthony D’souza confirmed the news saying, “I can’t say much about the film now as it’s too early. I am currently busy because of the success of Blue. I am keen on having John on board.” “I am currently reading a lot of scripts, and when I decide to do a film, it will be a multi-starrer, most definitely with the same cast from Blue,” he added.

  • Sudeep:
    thx for ur information but plz let me know that from which sources u got this info which site plzz tell me . one more thing if same cast is making a sequal of Blue then it means they are happy with the business of Blue .

  • Nauman:It is from but donot trust this rumour this may be true ,or this may not be…but hope this is true!!!!

  • yes SUDEEP AND NAUMAN…the news is right..but still doubtful of having sanjay and zayed in it…john abraham is been confirmed with akki..and of course the blockbuster BLUE which already fetched 67 crores and producers lookin forward to vanquish ghajini’s record in coming 2 weeks ,you can expect the news about AASMAN IS 100%true.

  • hey where is our OLD WOMAN FAAAAATHIYA…????i think she is now hiding over the success of BLUE and now [may be realized] she might be thinking no need of posting any crap material over here…idiot.

  • Roma D’Cruz: hahaha.. no dear.. I’m not a coward woman.. when I post my opinion about any movie.. I don’t care what the hell the box office or the world would say about any movie.. if I didn’t like it, didn’t enjoy it, didn’t find it good.. so stupid ppl and stupid box office would never let me change my mind.. Main aur Mrs. Khanna flopped in yr country but I was sure that the movie is not that bad.. and true.. I saw it yesterday and it was much much better than your Blue idiot.. you’re some blind ppl who can’t make any decision about any movie except waiting and see the box office collection and see if ppl loved it or not.. that’s what you’re in fact.. could never decide with yr own eyes and senses ( and I’m sure Roma D’cruz that even if u loved Blue and found it good, and lateron u got the news that the movie is not doing well at the box office so u immediately change yr mind about it!)

    So thank God that you blessed me with a brain and I’m not one of yr ppl otherwise I’d hv considered myself as dumb and fool.

  • Guys,one of the big news is coming!!!this one is biggest of all For akshay kumar fan or all other:


    After the success of Hera Pheri sequel, the trio Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, Suneil Shetty are once again coming together for Hera Pheri 3. The movie will also have a fourth important character – Amitabh Bachchan.

    A source reveals, “After the success of the sequels, they decided to add some more masala to the film. Director Anees Bazmee has scripted a very strong character which is the fourth character and of a lot of importance to the story.”

    The source continues, “This third sequel will have more twists and turns and one had to play more with the characters. Mr. Bachchan is a wonderful actor and it was very long since one saw him in a comedy role. He will very beautifully essay the role.”

    Director Anees Bazmee says, “We are still in the scripting stage. The script is being written keeping Amitabh Bachchan in mind. I still have to narrate the script to him. We both are keen on working with each other. Things yet have to be finalised.”

    The movie will be produced by Firoz Nadiadwala and will be directed by Anees Bazmee. The movie will go on floors in March 2011 with Katrina in the lead. The movie will be called Hera Pheri 4.

    plz dont use these words for Fathiya. agar ussay akki nahi pasnad then doesnt matter if she didnt life Blue it doesnt matter she is one of them who didnt Like Blue and me , u , sudeep , praveen one of them who liked it who like AKKI .
    plz now leave this fighting and thing forword Now BLue issue has old now we have some other options to discuss like LONDON DREAMS VS ALLADIN , AJAB PREM KI GAZAB KAHANI , TUM MILE , QURBAAN , DE DHANA DAN
    now we need to discuess abt november movies.
    i thing LONDON DREAMS will be rock coz ajay devgan and vipul shah both are in form and salman is also ok he looks old but ajay can cover the movie and ASIN is bonus for the movie.
    ALLADIN is good but i think it will be avg coz children will like this movie but movie wont have any sense. so it can reach till 15 cr and LONDON DREAMS deffinately above 40 cr.
    wht do u think guys tell me especially

  • Nauman:I have not watched blue…But i m big fan of akshay asin and salman
    You r right!!London dreams look good movie.I have big hope from this movie since my fav actor n actress are there..But i cannot see movie till nov 17 ..But will surely interact and will wait to see how critics and audience response.Hope this will be good

    Other movie which look promosing are Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani n really want to see how Salman khan has acted in his short cameo role…..Other my interest is De dana dan!!look like fun movie

    Qurbaan -i donot like both actor n actress but know tht karan johar production is always praised by critics .it may be nice n even hit but i m not interested in this movie..except this other is nothing especial …Oh ya,aamir khan 3 idiot is another promising movie ,have to wait for first promo which will be released in time of London dream

  • sudeep:
    we will discuss abt december movies later. but now i hv to discuss abt nov movies. i dont know why i am thinking that ranbir’s every movie can get abt 15 – 20 cr he has a worth of this amount he can get back 20 cr like bachna aae haseeno n wake up sid.
    and one more thing if in london dreams main hero is salman then it can be flop but if main hero is ajay then deffinately i will rocksss. n i dont know why vipul didnt sign akki do u know wht was the reason why he didnt sign akki ???
    tum mile is deffinately hit coz emran is also on rocks qurbaan i cant say any thing and de dhana den will be real hit of 2009 for akki coz this kind of movie can get 40 cr and if it will get 40 cr in only indian and 10 cr in oversease then surely it will real hit for akki this yr.
    aladin doesnt hv worth but 10-15 cr
    wht do u thing ?

  • Nauman:In London dream,i donot know but by the way promo is showing looks like Ajay is main actor n salman is also but screen space of ajay is more..They both loves asin n asin loves salman …and Salman become more famous as a singer n with the jealous of tht,ajay do negative character ,making Salman accuse of drug abuse and enjoying with other girl so tht Asin can be his!!!!!

    No idea wht the movie will be but promos shows similar thing!!!!!!

    And about ajab prem ki ghazab kahani–it looks romantic comedy and have good chance for earning money but with the clash with movie jail and how the London dream is…it has touf chance tht it will earn 40+ money .May be it possible because Salman khan is guess role …He is superstar and people want to see his role in tht role since his role is suprising !!!hope same thing happen

    About de dana dan:Might be it will be hit!!but Once priyadarsan have said tht in interview after getting national award”I kown my next movie de dana dan,critics will say i have used the same old formula for making movie”which doubt me tht it is same typical type of comedy which priyadarsan make and his last two movie “billu and mere baap pehle aap ” were flop…he have also real test this time!!!!!And one more this The chemisty between akshay,suniel and paresh in their hera fheri series is not quite similar in this movie”But hope movie does well…Especially

    I really wish London dream and de dana dan appreciate by people!!!!!!Hope Asin will make back to back hit!!!Such a good actress with lot of talent

  • Aladin:We know fantasy movie doesnot work in your country”india” and have less hope too..if this is good it will be get around 20-30 crs not then totally crash !!!

  • @ nauman : i knw why AKKI wasnt signed . vipul shah said i showed both singh is king and london dreams script to AKKI he chose SINGH IS KING . then he said i wd have repeated both AKKI and KAT but they have done the punjabi guy and gal role in namastey london as well so i wan to offer AKKI something diffrent so he signed him for Action replay

  • I like the comments of nauman…he thinks like me…and Fathiya is old Akshay critic from past 2 years since Sing is king days…
    and Indicine is always known as Khandicine….
    Blue is not soo gud but yet it has something new to watch…Sanjay and other Khan was pthatic but Akki and Lara are gud…how can these people give it 1.5….Its deserve atleast 2.5 to 3….when they can give it to RNJ…ha ha ha….mushtache and wife cant get ofoooooooooo he he he :-PPPPP

  • Guys: ( sudeep , neeraj , praveen , fathiya, punter)
    according to weekly territory business is BLue only 3 cr all the best 13 cr and MAMK is 59 lakhs. wht is this how they got these figures i couldnt understand. always in top 5 they give original figures but in domestic box office why they give veryyyyyyyyy lowwww figures . could u plz tell me abt this .

  • BOllywoodhungama havenot include all the collection of theather !!!!!It is totally false news…Blue has earn 32.50 crs in week 1 and 24 crs by All the best

  • sudeep:
    from where did u get this figure??? and i think blue cant get more then 10 cr in next week so if it will be earn only 45 cr then wht will be final verdict for BLUE ????

  • @nauman : it says for select centres not all over india on bollywood hungama . sudeep is right blue earned 32.50 . i have read that the budget of blue is not 120 crore as is being projected rather its is just 60 cr +

    regarding : london dreams and aladdin . i think london dreams will have better start but both will not touch hit status. i think although london dreams wd be a good movie but it wont become a hit . i have noted on onething that in india a big budget movie shd not be more than 50 crore as its is very difficult to recover . AAmir and SRK keep the budget of the movie within these limits and earn when the movie earns. i dont knw abt the budget of london dreams but i think its high budget movie .

    i think blue just needs 8-10 crores more to be a hit because the budget is less than what indicine team and other thought its budget to be

  • One interesting fact which i always get confused:All have said their own cost of making of Blue.Like IBN7 said Blue is 100 crs movie,NDTV say it is 80 crs movie,STarnews say it is 90 crs movie,zoom tv say it is 115 crs movie!!!WTF …..Everyone is saying their own….Personally i donot think tht much money is used.These all are media created..Blue is somewhere 55-60 crs.I think once it hit above 55 crs,it will be declare hit

  • Sudeep:
    st week 32 cr and i dont think so it will get more then 10 cr in nd week like SIK got 13 cr KI got 10 cr and i think it can get till 10 – 13 cr aur may be 5 cr more for 3,4,5 week so it can get more then 50 cr in india and may be oversease 7,8 cr so it will be abt 55 – 60 cr in between.
    it will be avg like KI .
    wht do u think ???
    but i m hope full abt de dhana dan coz 30 cr can be recover and one good news for every akki loves that 30 nov on monday may be eid so de dhana dan can get 4 days week end .

  • Nauman:SIK second week collection was 18 crs ,not 13 crs..I donot know,if Blue can do decent 15-20 crs in week 2 only then it will be hit other wise,just an avg…And another KI was above avg..

    De dana dan cost is 30 crs??R u sure..if it is then,it have big chance to be blockbuster if it is nice and depend on promotion of movie

    But i have big hope from London dream..i donot know how it is but i think it has lot of emotions,comedy and a good story..Ajay look perfect at his role n salman as a villager is also very good..He is funnier part in the movie i think so …but want to see how he act in emotional scene…But hope this movie work and work in big time!!!

  • Sudeep: I saw the trailer of De Dana Dan today.. I don’t think it’s the comedy which will please me.. might be in the category of the movies which I don’t like.. I don’t know.. I’m not sure.. let them show some more scenes then will decide.

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