Main Aur Mrs Khanna Movie Review

Produced by Sohail Khan, Main Aur Mrs Khanna is yet another romantic drama set in the contemporary world. Directed by debutant Prem Soni, the movie stars Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor in lead roles along with Sohail Khan. For a  film released along with an action thriller ‘Blue’ and comic caper ‘All The Best’, promotions have been relatively low key, Salman hasn’t really gone all out to promote this like he did quite successfully with ‘Wanted’. Also Love triangles have been done to death in Bollywood. Does Main Aur Khanna hold any novelty? Or is it just another remix of the old versions? Read on

Main Aur Mrs Khanna evoles around three characters – Mr Samir Khanna (Salman Khan), Mrs Raina Khanna (Kareena Kapoor) and Mr Akash (Sohail Khan). Well, it happens so that Mr and Mrs Khanna’s wedlock is more or less like a fairytale. Eventually their happy marriage begins to fade with Samir’s career down the drains. One decision makes them go their separate ways. Enters Akash, a support to the trembling lady. So finally who wins the love of Mrs Khanna – Samir or Akash?

Main Aur Mrs Khanna Review

What works for Main Aur Mrs Khanna:

  • The story is simple and subtle. Prem Soni has avoided excessive melodrama and kept it short and neat.
  • Dialogues are wonderful. Music by Sajid Wajid is excellent. From the melody to the item number, all songs are pleasing. Also special mention for the stunning locales the movie has been shot in.
  • Sohail Khan is a good addition, for only he manages to raise a few laughs. Preity Zinta’s item number was nice, she manages to look great and also reminds you of Ash in Kajra Re.
  • Kareena Kapoor is fantastic throughout, in form after a poor outing with her over-the-top performance in Kambakht Ishq.
  • Salman Khan is good, but seems disinterested in certain scenes.
  • Plenty of special appearance apart from Preity’s. Deepika Padukone is good, Dino Morea has nothing much to do. Bappi Lahiri too has a role to play.

Why you should avoid Main Aur Mrs Khanna:

  • As mentioned above, the story is simple but it fails to be convincing, infact the relationship of Mr and Mrs Khanna has been handled rather immaturely. Also the movie lacks those moments of on-screen magic, which is a key for romantic tales. You hardly ever feel for any of the characters and while the director has avoided exaggerated emotional sequences, he has scarified a lot on drama.
  • From love to marriage, from marital bliss to break-up and eventually love once again – the director seemed to be in a rush.  The script is very inconsistent, many sequences feel detached from each other and most often you are left with many unanswered questions.
  • Although it is said to be a contemporary love story, except for the settings the movie scores a zero on freshness (storyline and direction), and is predictable throughout.
  • Deepika Padukone’s special appearance looses its charm especially because she carries the same name as our earlier Mrs Khanna and apparently so does her ex-boyfriend.

Overall, Main Aur Mrs Khanna is old stake served in a fancy dish. It has nothing new to offer and the lack of emotional connect makes it disappointing watch. At the box office, don’t expect much.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 2 stars for Kareena’s performance, good music and cinematography.

Other Notes : Blue Review coming up in a few minutes.



  • True…Most of cricitcs is trashing this movie….flop surely….But still Salman will be back in London dreams..

    And Blue is also trash by critics it look like flop too…

    Only All the best is acceptance by critics..and look like it will be big hit among three

  • @sudeep : the audience review regrading Blue has been good . apart from this more matured and experienced critics give blue a rating of 4 out of 5 and less known and lesser experienced critics have thrashed movie . so go and watch rather than relying on the review as the choice of all the critics is not the same , u might also like the movie . i watched and liked it

  • from zoom channel main aur mrs khanna got 3 star..that show that main aur mrs khanna is a hit movie and blue and all the best is flop movie..salman rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Here is Blue review: Too silly and ridiculous for words . A total fiasco. As for MAMK, what can you expect from cardboard cut-outs like Salman & Kareena, who sleepwalk through their roles with empty, dazed looks and spastic motions? Forget about it.

  • BLUE—stylist wit no story
    MAIN AUR MRS KHANNA—boring through out half the theatre was empty
    ALL THE BEST== all the very best COOL! best among three

  • slam khan is smash hit in main aur mrs khanna . no one can comitate with him he is blasted in bollywood . main aur mrs khanna is better than blue and all the best.

  • main aur mrs khanna is totally absurd…. a disaster movie…itz been so boring throughout.just felt like leaving the theatre after interval…

  • main or mrs. Khanna superb rathr den blue …blue is jus a crap n i donno hw critics rate it 4 stars i thnk dey al r sleeping while watching d movie

  • Salman khan starrer MAMK will do a decent business as the cost of making this movie is not much as the other 2 movies…it has already made 11 crores from music records so say yeah it will be an average movie not a flop….it looks tough for the other 2 movies especially blue to recover cost…..MAMk should do well in overseas

  • MAMK is not gr8 but certainly better than blue which is all glitz n glamor n no stuff watso ever… MAMK is not a bad movie dats y it will do good at d BO…

  • this type of romantic movie does not suite salman khan. hence it will be a flop.

    salman is a sher, and he is tailored made for dangerous action films or comedy films. such films work well for his image. e,g. wanted, partner etc

  • KLANTO..

  • Sallu r rock.MAMK IS SUPER r diaster. All the best is also hit. Mamk good family drama & so sweet song. Sallu r looking so beautiful and also sohail & kareena. So plz. Everyone go and watch MAMK and enjoy. Thanks

  • Guuyyyysss….Instaed of watching Commercial Blue film starring akshay get any non-commercial Blue film u guys can have fun….total waste of time no story line,no proper script except glamour….Akshay Suck man

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