Blue Movie Review

Blue is one of the most anticipated movies of the year and according to the makers, its by far the costliest Bollywood movie ever. Starring Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Lara Dutta, Zayed Khan and Katrina Kaif (special appearance) Blue directed by Anthony D’Silva is the much hyped Diwali release. Does it live upto expectations and justify the Rs 800 odd millions spent on this action adventure thriller?

Blue Review

3 reasons to watch Blue

  • Underwater visuals†: Sequences filmed underwater are a pure visual treat, something never witnessed in Bollywood before. †Credit : Peter Zuccarini (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Fabulous Action : About 4 Bike sequences provide the necessary adrenaline rush, the sequence on the train is the best of the lot.
  • Lara Dutta : †Not in the history of Bollywood has an actress managed to look so stunning in a Bikini. Lara Dutta, for two thirds of her role, is clad looking super-hot in a variety of two-piece bikini’s.

Several reasons why Blue should be avoided!

  • Where’s the script? Like every other Akshay Kumar movie, Blue has a utterly stupid plot and completely lacks substance. Watching Blue is like flipping between Discovery (or National Geographic) and MTV on television. Just that the later would be much more informative, interesting and entertaining.
  • The director takes his own sweet time to get the point, the treasure hunt begins 20 mins into the second half and ends before you could blink an eye lid! The whole build up and the fall-out after the discovery of the treasure is a joke!
  • Dialogues are unintentionally funny.
  • Music by A.R Rahman surprisingly isn’t up to his usual high standards.
  • Background score is weak.
  • In a poorly sketched character, Akshay Kumar sleep walks through his role.
  • Sanjay Dutt looks tired and old.
  • Zayed Khan looks good, but makes no impact.
  • Katrina Kaif looks stunning, all good until she gets to mouth dialogues.

What’s laugh-worthy (Possible Spoilers)

  • The first half is wasted establishing the characters and to set-up the hunt for the treasure. Now getting to the treasure is one hellava risky task, something many have tried and lost their lives. Only the pot-bellied Sagar (Sanjay Dutt) looking horribly unfit can get there. But the ease with which the characters get the lost chest, surrounded by sharks, you wonder why no one could ever get to it in 50 odd years!
  • The 50 year old Sanjay Dutt romancing the stunning Lara Dutta was unintentionally funny. Seriously, the role demanded a much younger actor!

Overall, Blue is about 80 – 100 crores of money drowned deep into the Sea. And for the makers, recovering it wouldn’t be close to as easy as shown in the film.

Save money and enjoy Diwali with Family and Friends. At the box office, the opening is expected to be huge, but recovering the bucket loads of money that has gone into the making would prove to be extremely difficult.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ For Lara Dutta and those underwater and bike sequences.



  • 1st some clarifications:

    Is it an underwater adventure.- not really. There is about only 20-25 min underwater sequence.
    Blue is a never seen before bollywood muv- u can say that but not much. The actions on land are not that new after Dhoom 1 &2, don 2006 etc. the underwater scenes are definitely new.
    Its an akshay kumar film Ė not really. Its mainly sanjay dutt film.

    Now the +ve things abt the muv: –

    If u like action without caring much about the story then blue is perfect for u.
    Very stylish film, cool bikes, actions and skin shows.
    Songs, music an d background score are gud.
    Its less than 2 hrs so u will not feel bore.
    International quality film.
    Good VFX and DI.
    A very good attempt.

    Now the -ve things abt the muv: –

    Very poor story. No substance. No one scene lara asks help in hindi from coast guards of Bahamas. : D
    All the twists are predictable.
    I couldnít emotionally connect with the characters.
    You donít feel much adrenalin rush during the action scenes as in Dhoom 1 &2, don 2006 etc.

    So if u expected a lot from the muv (like me) u will be disappointed.

    My ratings 2.5/5

  • Stupid film, i was sleeping for half an hour, eating for half an hour, repenting for half an hour, weeping for rest of the time… The makers should b ashamed of wasting 80 crore for such a crap.


  • Critics review r mix…tarah adash have given it 4 star,another one i forget name from lehern channel given it 4..timesofindia have give it 3 and half,ndtv has given it 2,ibn7 rajeev mashad has given it 1 and half zoom tv has given it 2 and half

    Indicine team:Can you tell the reaction of people who watch blue??Majority of chance is it will be flopped…What do u think

  • Indicine team:You r only one who is saying akshay sleepwalk but all other review have said akshay have done good job and only he is doing better among three….

  • Mr Jacky i agree that the film has got a new plot and magnificent looks but these two can b better watched on a discovery channel, these can only help in increasing the face value. A complete lack of script, ordinary performances, predictable sequences, no twists at all.. Dont know what was in the directors mind, probably to fool peopl like u by showing some water and sharks..!! Grow up…

  • blue was a big dissapointment for me….i saw the film…..only lara is luking cool….akshay…again the flop master……pls post the review of all the best

  • Hi All,
    Tis was the most anticipated movie for me n like it happens to most anticipated movies this movie too dint live upto its supreme expectations…
    the movie is visual spectacle, a good step forward for bollywood…
    fantastic stunts…lets agree to the fact tat it takes a lot to shoot such scenes..
    acting was good, backgrnd score disappoints a little.
    backgrnd music of thrillers hav to b spot on…

    One very good thng the director has done here is to make it 1hr57min affair which wont bore to many viewers.
    Overall the movie is touch above Dhoom-2 in my opinion.
    ter r many chances tat it might jus emulate the box-office results of D:2
    Akshay is grt8 all thru the movie…i dont undrstand present Critics using the phrase “Sleepwalks”

    My take as a movie buff : 5/10
    As a normal viewer it wud b : 6.5-7/10

  • Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision, the producers of BLUE, have reasons to rejoice. The film has fetched one of the biggest starts ever in the domestic market on Day 1, grossing a mammoth Rs. 16 crore [gross], which works out to approx. Rs. 10 crore [nett] on Friday. The collections are mind-boggling and the film is expected to have a humungous weekend, setting a new benchmark as far as weekend business goes.

  • I have seen BLUE last night it is rock and my star rating was 3.5 coz end wasnt up to the mark and who the hell say this their is no story it was a complete movie 2 dostoo ki kahani jis main se aik chahhta hai ke samandar ke andar ja ke treasure dhoodna jae aur dosra nahi chahta kion ke woh darta hai ke koi accident na ho jae jaisa pahle aik baar us ke sath howa lekin jab us ke bhai ko problem aati hai to woh deep sea janay ka faisla kar leta hai . aur kia story chahie aap logoo ko ??? . INDICINE and Harry give me answer wht story do u expect ?? that shahid kapoor ko rani kabhi larki aur kabhi larka mil ke milti hi aur ussay pata nahi chalta anushka sharma ko shahrukh ghar main moochien laga ke husbend aur bahir cleave shave ho ke as a boy friend milta hai aur anushka ko pata nahi chalta ya phir dilli 6 main aik kala bandar baar baar chandani chowk main aa ke logoo ko darata hai yeh story chahie aap ko ??? plz give me reply.

  • Mr. NAuman is very currect,I watched blue first day first show…..
    Only the bloody SRK fans or any other khan fans will say the movie has no story like what indicine have said.
    Akki sleepwalk ha ha ha…bloody fools………indicine or khandicine…………………idiots……………………………
    First of all AKKI films are not made to enjoyed by the non human critics……………………………………….Go and lick khans.@##$$%^&^&*()……………………

  • Beeky : thx for ur kind information just tell me one thing which movie is not copy of any other old movie??? all time blockbuster Ghajini is remake of 2 movies one tamil and one tilegu . and we can remake a movie but we cant copy a movie why ??? give me answer i am asking from every one when some one copy a movie then every one says that this is copy this is copy and we can remake a movie and no one have any objection davdas, don, ghajini all are remakes and now karan is making agniputh’s remake with his boy friend SRK .

  • Super movie,
    Box-office reports are very good, 16 cr on the opening day, this is new record in the history of bollywood,
    akshay proved again that he is the real box-office king, a super star can guarantee huge opening the rest depend on how good or bad the movie

  • i had watch blue movie. i will tell it is very supureb movie made and all the action in the movie is superb and excellent. i can tell akshay kumar is the best in the film industry and nobody can match him. the person who criticise the movie i know the reason behind him as they are jealous of akashy kumar or from other camp. i will request all the viewer to watch the movie and enjoy diwali

  • i think this movie little copied from english Fools Gold – same in water searching for treasure bla bla bla
    movie is flop

  • Blue is boring. Mamk & all the best is good. Mamk is a pure family movie & all the best is a pure comedy but blue is boring.

  • I do think the movie is not so dull as it does depends on the view of person no one of us have a same views over the movie so i jst say for sum1 the movie is good for sum1 movie is not realy on the track what they have expected frm it but if you think or mean that ur r special and thinks that u do have a perfectionist quality like aamir than the movie in view of ur’s will be a full flop 5paise movie or in sense free main bhi dikha do to nahi dekhenge!!!!!!!

  • Started to Housefull todays worldwide.heavy advance bookings. Times of India, India FM, MSN India, Yahoo India all given 4 or 4 n half stars to BLUE. This movie will register itself as the Biggest Blockbuster next to SHOLAY in Indian Cinema. Akshay Kumar is unstoppable.Undoubtedly number 1

  • Public health authorities should require “Toxic Waste” signs affixed to any theatre showing “Blue”. This sort of rubbish is a menace to society.

  • I haven’t seen the movie yet , but hello!! the music is fabulous I ve never been hooked on any movie songs before its realse like i have with blue songs , so please keep the music out of it ! cuz A R rehman couldn’t do a music that’s “isnít up to his usual high standards.”

  • thanks to ANWA,AHSAN KHAN,NAUMAN AND KING.atleast i feel there are a few thinking audience in this country.its so pity on these idiotic critics who just dont digest international branded films,atleast they can appreciate somebody elses work.indian audience on an average goes to cinema hall just to relax and to be entertained and not to sit and review about te script.try to understand.BLUE is a superbly created movie and the collections worldwide shows that…40 crores in last three days in800 theatres globally…can you digest retards.otherwise refer to BBC cinema has already beaten ghajini’s record in just three days.

  • i have been working as a press critic for times of india in the mid 90’s.i saw the movie BLUE and was fascinated at director tony d’souza’s work…simply magnanimous…no other words to explain that.he has rightly chosen the cast and crew members for this movie…he can surely be proud of his creation eventhough there are some flaws with the script.akshay kumar really needs an applause for living through the character..10 out of ten for him..

  • you shut your mouth ,retarded critics. isaw the movie and it totally deserves some better review than you explained.COLLECTION RECORDS WORLDWIDE SPEAKS A LOT than my comment..40 crores in three days is not so joke ..isnt it you morons..?blue is gonig to be next blockbuster after sholay..and its overall collections..still you can see advance booking in major cities in india getting closed by 11 a.m.or refer to BBC CINEMA INDIA .NET for the worldwide collections.

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