Blue Movie Review

Blue is one of the most anticipated movies of the year and according to the makers, its by far the costliest Bollywood movie ever. Starring Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Lara Dutta, Zayed Khan and Katrina Kaif (special appearance) Blue directed by Anthony D’Silva is the much hyped Diwali release. Does it live upto expectations and justify the Rs 800 odd millions spent on this action adventure thriller?

Blue Review

3 reasons to watch Blue

  • Underwater visuals†: Sequences filmed underwater are a pure visual treat, something never witnessed in Bollywood before. †Credit : Peter Zuccarini (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Fabulous Action : About 4 Bike sequences provide the necessary adrenaline rush, the sequence on the train is the best of the lot.
  • Lara Dutta : †Not in the history of Bollywood has an actress managed to look so stunning in a Bikini. Lara Dutta, for two thirds of her role, is clad looking super-hot in a variety of two-piece bikini’s.

Several reasons why Blue should be avoided!

  • Where’s the script? Like every other Akshay Kumar movie, Blue has a utterly stupid plot and completely lacks substance. Watching Blue is like flipping between Discovery (or National Geographic) and MTV on television. Just that the later would be much more informative, interesting and entertaining.
  • The director takes his own sweet time to get the point, the treasure hunt begins 20 mins into the second half and ends before you could blink an eye lid! The whole build up and the fall-out after the discovery of the treasure is a joke!
  • Dialogues are unintentionally funny.
  • Music by A.R Rahman surprisingly isn’t up to his usual high standards.
  • Background score is weak.
  • In a poorly sketched character, Akshay Kumar sleep walks through his role.
  • Sanjay Dutt looks tired and old.
  • Zayed Khan looks good, but makes no impact.
  • Katrina Kaif looks stunning, all good until she gets to mouth dialogues.

What’s laugh-worthy (Possible Spoilers)

  • The first half is wasted establishing the characters and to set-up the hunt for the treasure. Now getting to the treasure is one hellava risky task, something many have tried and lost their lives. Only the pot-bellied Sagar (Sanjay Dutt) looking horribly unfit can get there. But the ease with which the characters get the lost chest, surrounded by sharks, you wonder why no one could ever get to it in 50 odd years!
  • The 50 year old Sanjay Dutt romancing the stunning Lara Dutta was unintentionally funny. Seriously, the role demanded a much younger actor!

Overall, Blue is about 80 – 100 crores of money drowned deep into the Sea. And for the makers, recovering it wouldn’t be close to as easy as shown in the film.

Save money and enjoy Diwali with Family and Friends. At the box office, the opening is expected to be huge, but recovering the bucket loads of money that has gone into the making would prove to be extremely difficult.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ For Lara Dutta and those underwater and bike sequences.



  • why you bloody critics always support yash raj banner or karan johar or ashuthosh gowariker kind shit movies?grow up..leave the bloody tradition and stupid family dramas behind…for how many yeras you idiots are going to support these?this is the reason why indian cinema never manages to escape.i’m not a die hard fan of akshaykumar..but atleast have the humanity to appreciate his movies and his work..he’s still yhr only actor in india who never uses a body double for stunts…god can see that he’s been richly awarded with superhits like BLUE which broke ghajini’s opening collections..and 4 movies lined up with different genre in 2010.

  • Excellent movie, akshay done great job. it took the biggest box office opening. people who are saying this movie is not good they are SRK fans, they don’t want to see akshay on top, they are trying to show him down with their stupid comments. A super star can only guarantee a huge opening the rest depend on how good or bad the script

  • Parveen:
    plz tell me in which site u got that BLUE has 40 cr collection in her 3 days ??? i am die hard fan of akki but it doesnt mean i like all of his movies i didnt like CC2C and 8 x 10 i gave CC2C 2.5 stars and 8×10 1.5 star but Blue is realy good movie but end could be batter like if akki explained in a phone call to sanju that how did he made a plan and how did he involved karteena and rahul dav in his plan like Race when saif told to akshay khunna that he didnt die . and under ground sceens should be more and may be more advantures like fight with sharks and strom in a sea. then it could be 4.5 star but over all movie was awesom.
    you guys didnt tell me so far wht script do u want and where is flow in script where story is weak ??? i am waiting ur reply.
    and i am in sydney it is 3rd day that every show is house full and advance booking is closing before 2,3 hrs of the show

  • I don’t know if you remember, but I told you that I had a feeling that Blue will not work. No matter how big an opening it gets, recovering something even close to 80 crore would be impossible.

  • I donít know how INDCINE rate Blue One and half star, all other website rated this movie 4 or 3 and half stars:

    1- bollywoodhungama : ****
    2- the times of India: *** and half
    3- star dust *** and half
    4- ndtv *** and half
    5- bollywoodworld: ****
    6- Indiglitz **** and half

    And many more, now I donít know that you people right or they are joking with people.

  • Ahsan khan:U make mistake tht ndtv (english) has given it 2 star…But u miss which have given 3 star!!!!!!!Hope movie does well

  • INdicine team:U have not answer my question!!!How was the reaction of people where u see thix movie!!!Whether it will be just do huge bussiness in first 4 days and after tht it will be low????????

  • hey, you ignorant morons.

    wake up.

    blue is the only bollywood movie that i have seen that can be compared pound for pound to a hollywood movie. after watching blue, one can safely say they were actually watching a hollywood movie.

    it is a very stylised, superb and technically brilliant movie. in fact i dont think there has ever been a bollywood movie technically that superb. so why knock the film down ?? it is definately 10 x better than the ground breaking dhoom 2.

    sure, the ending was a bit of a dissapointed, but hey the movie is still much much better than all of the other bollywood movies out there. so it is definately worth a watch. in my opinion this movie has taken bollywood up to the next level in terms of competing with hollywood on the international stage. you traditional indian folks are really narrow minded and backwards. stop knocking the movie down. you dont appreciate brilliance when you see it.

    the story is nothing to shout about, but it is uniquely different and does keep you engaged as it is pleasently told without any stupidness like in previous akshay kumar films. it is a visual delight, so one finds it hard to get bored with it. the movie is for the intelligent viewer not for idiots who expect the same old bollywood crap that comes our way, and expect silly storylines and silly scenes thrown in left right and centre for the sake of entertainment.

    so get a life people and enjoy this ground breaking movie. it may not be the best movie in the world, but i can safely see it is very much watchable and far better than the other releases.

    why do people keep on knocking akshay kumar down ?? he made a good movie after a serious of crap movies, but people are still not giving him any credit. the guy can never win. it seems the forces unknown are after him and trying to destroy his career. leave him alone. enjoy the movie.

    it is one of the better movies to come out of bollywood recently. so let it be.

    if you dont like it, then go and watch the low budget crap films with no class. and waste your life on those.
    leave blue alone.

    for those die hard sceptics of akshay, the movie is definately worth a watch if anything.

    my rating 7/10

  • Sudeep n Spiderman:
    u both r right and indicine didnt give me asnwer so far coz now they are also watching that business is going higher and higher in australia it is biggest opener so far in indian bigger then ghajini and wht more do u expect from this movie .
    Ahsan Khan:
    u forgot lahrien TV joginder tanuja he also gave 4 star.
    and i just watch MAMK it is too boing and salman looks like a 50 + beleave me he can do a father’s role of Ranbeer Kapoor and shahid kapoor with out any makeup he looks like a father now and AKKI looks like not more then 28 in BLue he looks more young then his last couple of releases.

  • Blue Breaks Box Office Records with biggest opening in the history of Bollywood its bigger than ghajini……great movie………

  • Indicine Team: I agree with your review.. even 1.5/5 is too much for this silly movie!! I’ve wasted my time today in cinema watching this bad movie.. I was just.. dissapointed!! what?! 80 crores were spent on this shit!! but why?!! ( Indicine Team: you said earlier that there were some positive reviews about this movie.. I think they were paid some money to do so!)

    The movie started and I was fully conciuous to enjoy it and 2 concentrate on the movie, but.. I was going to sleep, started to close my eyes then after 30 minutes, the song chiggy wiggy started.. so this scene awankened me.. enjoyed that scene.. when it finished.. again I got bored.. what’s this film.. and why did they spend these crores doing it? I was asking myself this question and while watching the actor’s performance

    Akshay: zero acting!!
    Sanjy Dutt: not very bad
    Lara: 2/5 she’s similar to Vivek Oberoi.. can’t be serious in some scenes which requires some face expression, but she smiles.. we can see the smile that she tries to hide and she couldn’t!!
    Katrina: no comments
    Zayed: he was the best in the movie.. his acting was good and he deserves some strong roles in movies
    the villain actor: didn’t leave any impact on the audience.
    The script: point
    The director: who’s this director who did this movie?!!! they spent money on some explosions here and there, on sharks, on bike races and over a train!!!!!!! what else? I don’t know.. oh yeah.. probably they paid Kylie Mynoge 40crores to accept doing that song!! haha

    I’m going to watch Main aur Mrs. Khanna also in this week and hope.. I just hope that it’ll be a good movie.. so far Wake up Sid & Dil Bole Hadippa are the 2 best movies which i saw lately.

    And yeah.. the movie Blue will be a flop for sure in our country.. indian ppl also didn’t like it


  • Wow! I haven’t seen the movie yet but judging from the comments, looks like I should stay away from this one. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but from the trailers I didn’t like blue much either, I’ll just wait for it to come out on dvd. Fathiya’s comments are usually close to mine, but like her many people here didn’t like the movie. But I can see some people here are still trying to declare the movie based on its box office collections. Get this people, hindi cinema is all about hit and run these days, box office collecetions are not a good judge of a hit or miss these days okay.

  • Even Wanted was being criticised brutally by critics, but see its result. There is difference between the perception of critics and normal mass audience, n when I was seeing Blue in theatre there were so much appraisals among the audience. Its a complete entertainer, providing something different. N the films assets are Akshay, Lara n the stunt scenes which are mind blowing for Indian Cinema. We shld praise them for their efforts n support them to make something different but with more better script. For me Blue is definitely watchable…

  • INDICINE please dont post FAATHIYA’S misguiding comments.she will spoil entire nation’s senses about a movie…please.she is a crack and SRK fan ..even if she wont admit it…and we dont want to fight it over here in net.becos already the movie is the blockbuster of 2009…as main aur mrs.khanna and all the best has flopped BLUE HAS A GREAT OPPURTUNITY TO BREAK GHAJINI’S OVERALL COLLECTIONS OF 200 CRORES,AND FATHIYA AND KIRAN DONT EVEN THINK OF POSTING ANY CRAP REVIEW OVER HERE.ASSES.

  • again that stupid FAAT HIYA …why you indicine team posting her wrong comments?she dont deserve to see any of akshaykumar movies…she is just fine with the bloody crap movies of karan johar.ashutosh gowariker or yash raj banners…i already mentioned that in my early reviews..these are the people who are curses of indian cinema…and the reason why we cant never match to hollywood movies..KIRAN please stay awy from that divorced bitch…

  • to be frank fathiya can never like AKKI’s movie . actually this is the problem with SRK fans that they cant Like AKKI or AAmir’s movie. becoz they have been the biggest competition for SRK . srk ‘s fan like whatever SRK do even it wd be a crap .
    This Movie takes bollywood to a higher level , the ending is something that cd have been better but still iut is something new in bollywood , i hope it takes bollywood to new level and make it competitive with hollywood. however Srk ‘s fan likes to see same crap love stories in diffreent set ups .
    nice movie . must watch for guys who want to see something new, AKKI’s fan , AQction freaks
    And must avoid for SRK’s fan becoz they wd not be able to see bollywood forward

  • what da hell people who r saying bad abt bluie r just jealous of akki.what da hell u think that he is a fool doing all dese stunts for u .he tries his best to entertain people can shahrukh do these kinda stunts, never he can not get into da sea he can only cry for his girlfriend or wife in his films in blue akki gave his best shot death defying stunts and still people dnt appreciate his performance shame on u guys go and lick srk,s ass

  • hey.. you guys.. didn’t u see the rating by Indicine Team.. 1.5/5.. so..does this mean it’s a good movie?! and as I said, if you think that I’m biased and love only Shahrukh’s movies so u r wrong ppl.. I really didn’t enjoy this movie.. I found it boring and lacked substance , as Indicine team confirmed.

    Even indian ppl didn’t like this movie in our country.. a friend of mine who’s indian told me, that they weren’t happy watching it.. and I noticed while I was at cinema that ppl wheren’t enjoying it, and some were criticisng the movie

  • @ klanto..buddy this is suppose to b “Blue” review nawt mamk..LMAO..this shows how disappointed u r from the flop of mamk…LOL

    Gud goin nauman…these ppl can’t lift their standard from stupid srk movies…
    like seriousli how can rani geh pregnant from a bhoot in paheli…hahaha…well i guess this is wahh they consider a STORY…

    i think these ppl feel bad n are insecure abt srk future, thats why they r rating such a good movie as a bad movie…

    oh god srk shd retire…LOL

    anywayzz blueee a superbb movie
    a MUST MUST MUST watch
    i wld give it 10/10 :)
    akki u rockkkkkkkkkkk

  • i am posting this comment from this movie BLUE is running for its18th show housefull…and you people dont need any more evidance that its a superhit.then why this debate ?now from my freinds and cousins in SYDNEY,BELGIUM,SYRIA,PANAMA AND JAKARTA the condition is same …they are leaving without getting tickets for the third continous day…and INDICINE please dont post misguiding comments of FATHIYA OR MANISH ,they are such bad critics who just dont leave any film other than SRKs.

  • hey you stupid critics who want to see a downfall of akki,just switch onto ZOOM TV you can see the success bash party of BLUE GOING ON AIR. they have grossed the biggest opening collections worldwide,even from europe its bringing 10 million pounds and euros every day.[refer box office-channel 9 india tv] and those who are sitting to give bad reviews on akshaykumar’s movies you hav to do that for another 3 more years without a break bcos his 17 movies are lined up under production and postproduction…he dont hav a date to give callsheet for any producer for another 3 years…got it?all bcos he is the only actor who is reliable..and giving back to back hits [ignore cc2c]

  • yuk, such a stupid and boring movie….i dun know y dey spent so much money for dis shit movie…..@least dere has 2 b a theme….no story……dere is no sense in dat movie………overall da movie sucks like hell ……

  • Salman: the problem is that the movie has no “content”.. it’s nothing to do with Akshay.. even if Akshay’s performance was good in this movie.. the movie wasn’t interesting.. was boring, and some scenes under the water will not make it a good movie.. those sharks which were srrounded everyone.

    Why u feel bad if we found the movie.. bad?!!!

  • hey fathiya,i like da comments wich u posted bcoz i also dint like da movie…… fact i hate it…….and ya even i m a great fan of srk….he is da best!!!

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