All The Best Movie Review

All the Best doesn’t really carry the hype of Golmaal Returns that released during Diwali last year, but Rohit Shetty returns once again with a comedy produced by Ajay Devgn (he recently dropped the alphabet ‘a’ from his surname).  Currently, slapstick comedy films in Bollywood aren’t really enjoying the dream run we witnessed for the most part of the decade, the success ratio for comedies has dropped drastically in the last couple of years. Could it be the lack of freshness in the treatment or is it the banter that is getting repetitive, which is boring the audience? We don’t really know.. Lets get on with the review

All The Best Review

What works for All the Best

  • Good performances make All the Best an enjoyable experience, without which it would really be hard to sit through this Rohit Shetty film. Ajay Devgn is good, but tries too hard in certain scenes. Fardeen Khan is a revelation, although not very consistent, his performances have improved over the years. Sanjay Dutt had a much longer role than expected, and he is terrific especially in the second half.
  • Certain scenes in the second half like the bed room scene between Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn are genuinely funny. Also Fardeen Khan has done well in those fainting scenes, a simple example of how an actor can rise above the mediocre scene and make it work with the audience.
  • The ladies have nothing to do, especially Mugdha Godse who has a shorter role than Bipasha Basu. Talking of Bips, she looks super hot and shares a good chemistry with all the male actors.
  • The supporting character actors like Johnny Lever, Sanjay Mishra, Mukesh Tiwari do well, as mentioned above its the actors that make the film watchable.
  • The dialogues are good but some of them felt repetitive from many previous movies in the recent past.
  • Limited songs (2-3) and those few aren’t senseless running around trees like in David Dhawan films. Music is blended seamlessly into the movie.

Why you could wait for the DVD release / television premiere of All the Best

  • The background noise, the dress, the makeup and the behind the scenes clips in the end – the movie in its entirety is too loud.. screeches, grunts, weird noises could give you a headache.
  • When every line in the script is written with the sole intention of making the audience laugh.. the storyline goes for a toss. So as expected, the plot of All the Best is outright stupid.
  • The movie would be enjoyed more by the masses than the so-called classes, its strictly not for the section of the audience that wear their thinking caps while watching films.

Overall, its the collective performances by all actors involved and certain well-written scenes that make All The Best one of the better funny films this year.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Other Notes : Overheard a few conversations after the movie and many seemed to have enjoyed it. Do post your very own All the Best reviews below.

To those readers who wait for our reviews before deciding to watch the movie, we regret the delay in putting up the review.



  • all the best is a gud movie…..word of mouth is really very good…..critics review by all are very good giving it 3 or 3 and half….it should do good business from monday onwards…. rohit shetty -ajay devgn combination workssssss..againnnn..gr8888888888

  • the film will be overlooked due to the other two biggies blue and mamk. so it may not be able to do as well as it would have. if it was release a couple of months earlier, it would have been a hit. poor state of affairs.

    mughda godse is hot though !!!!

  • i had an amazing nd a fun tym wachin d movie wid my frenz nd family……d movie is a must watch watch bcause ull die lafin

  • movie s just ok. nothin great. some comic scenes r gud. overactin by many. includin sanjay ajay m godse. ending was horrible. some jungly ppl comin n spoilin it. i didnt lik that lady mallu aaya. too much overactin. tempo fellow was gud. endin does give u some happiness. lik blue wer endin was gud.
    would give this movie 2.5/5
    MUMK 1.5/5
    blue 2.5-3/5

  • I think, Indicine team should watch and review the Hindi version of movie “Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja”. Its a patriotic movie about a king named “Pazhassi Raja” who lived in Kerala @ 1790’s and one of the pioneer man to fight against the mighty british east india company. The movie has famous guys like Rasool Pookutty, Ilayaraja and M.T behind the scenes. Action & War scenes are designed by Ravi Dewan. Cinematography by Ramnath Shetty. Movie has a highlight that its itro sound is dubbed by SRK in Hindhi.

    Why you should watch this movie ?

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    3. Sound design by Rasool Pookutty

    4. Action sequences by Ravi Dewan (Jodha Akbar fame)

    5. Cinematography by Ramnath Shetty and Venu I.S.C

    Finally this awesome movie is made in a budget of Rs. 25 Crores (I know this isn’t an amount in the era of movies like Blue. But I guarantee 10 times more satisfaction than Blue)

    Starred by National Award winning actor “Mammooty” as Pazhassi Raja.

    Afterall ” Pazhassi Raja is a Royal movie which is a tribute to the king and all his people who gave up their lives for fighting the mighty British for their rights,dignity and freedom”

    It will be great If you review this and such a great attempt gets enough appreciation nationwide!

  • All the best , what a llousy movie . comparing it with BLUE is like Comparing Ghajini to Golmaal , hahahaha. AKKI Rulezzz , Blue Rulezzz

  • All the best , what a llousy movie . comparing it with BLUE is like Comparing Ghajini to Golmaal , hahahaha. AKKI Rulezzz

  • plsssssssss watch main aur mrs khanna…..its realy a nice movie…….mamak better then blue & all the best…..

  • all the best – what a silly name for a film !! what next, ”all the rest” ????

    anyway, mughda godse is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT !!

  • I want to give short review of this movie..because it was so funny tht i can bearly write all
    Overall,movie has many funny scenes/moment ,u can’t stop laughing n laughing… Ending was dissapointing but overall it was good..It was surely better than BLUE

    Rating:3.5 out of 5 …..everything was funny…watch this movie after 20 mins of its start time…after tht u will laugh laugh n only laugh

  • The movie is superb ! great job by ajay in comic …. ajay ka diwali dhamaka ..

    good music & colourful scences like water colour …

  • I didn’t go and watch it in cinema coz I knew from the trailer that it’s not my type of movies.. not the comedy which would satisfy me.. pure comedy with no subject, no story never make me enjoy and have a good time.. so.. the movie’s released on a dvd and I watched tonight the 1st half..honestly.. a bad movie.. cars blast in the air, explode because of accidents, racing!!! a very colourful movie!! lots of different colours in the clothes, in the walls inside the house.. and I’m just fed up with these kind of movies.. these kind of comedies.. which show the following: Bipasha is pretending that she’s Fardeen’s wife.. in other bollywood movies this happened 100 of times!!! repeated.. repeated.. repeated.. do this movies make everyone laugh?!!! and a guy that he pretends that he’s someone else to hide a fact ( doesn’t this often happen in bollywood movies?!!)
    And.. why Sunjay, Ajay, Bipasha were in this movie?!! didn’t they find any better movie to work in? And I didn’t find Ajay Devgan funny at all.. but I was laughing at him being a part of this movie!!!

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