Blue Movie Review

Blue is one of the most anticipated movies of the year and according to the makers, its by far the costliest Bollywood movie ever. Starring Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Lara Dutta, Zayed Khan and Katrina Kaif (special appearance) Blue directed by Anthony D’Silva is the much hyped Diwali release. Does it live upto expectations and justify the Rs 800 odd millions spent on this action adventure thriller?

Blue Review

3 reasons to watch Blue

  • Underwater visuals : Sequences filmed underwater are a pure visual treat, something never witnessed in Bollywood before.  Credit : Peter Zuccarini (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Fabulous Action : About 4 Bike sequences provide the necessary adrenaline rush, the sequence on the train is the best of the lot.
  • Lara Dutta :  Not in the history of Bollywood has an actress managed to look so stunning in a Bikini. Lara Dutta, for two thirds of her role, is clad looking super-hot in a variety of two-piece bikini’s.

Several reasons why Blue should be avoided!

  • Where’s the script? Like every other Akshay Kumar movie, Blue has a utterly stupid plot and completely lacks substance. Watching Blue is like flipping between Discovery (or National Geographic) and MTV on television. Just that the later would be much more informative, interesting and entertaining.
  • The director takes his own sweet time to get the point, the treasure hunt begins 20 mins into the second half and ends before you could blink an eye lid! The whole build up and the fall-out after the discovery of the treasure is a joke!
  • Dialogues are unintentionally funny.
  • Music by A.R Rahman surprisingly isn’t up to his usual high standards.
  • Background score is weak.
  • In a poorly sketched character, Akshay Kumar sleep walks through his role.
  • Sanjay Dutt looks tired and old.
  • Zayed Khan looks good, but makes no impact.
  • Katrina Kaif looks stunning, all good until she gets to mouth dialogues.

What’s laugh-worthy (Possible Spoilers)

  • The first half is wasted establishing the characters and to set-up the hunt for the treasure. Now getting to the treasure is one hellava risky task, something many have tried and lost their lives. Only the pot-bellied Sagar (Sanjay Dutt) looking horribly unfit can get there. But the ease with which the characters get the lost chest, surrounded by sharks, you wonder why no one could ever get to it in 50 odd years!
  • The 50 year old Sanjay Dutt romancing the stunning Lara Dutta was unintentionally funny. Seriously, the role demanded a much younger actor!

Overall, Blue is about 80 – 100 crores of money drowned deep into the Sea. And for the makers, recovering it wouldn’t be close to as easy as shown in the film.

Save money and enjoy Diwali with Family and Friends. At the box office, the opening is expected to be huge, but recovering the bucket loads of money that has gone into the making would prove to be extremely difficult.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ For Lara Dutta and those underwater and bike sequences.



  • @fathiya : its not abt u liking the point is u r saying indians not liking it , then i have to tell u smething i came out of multiplex found 2 groups talking amongst themselves that movies is not bad as made by the critics. people here in delhi r still queing to get a ticket of blue

    content : i dont knw what type of content u r looking for . content has never been there in SRK, AKKI and SALLU’s movie . if u r looking at good content or script ,please check out AAmir’s movie or some of Hrithik’s movies. or else watch small budget movies with nice script like wednesday, mithya etc . becoz u’ll never find logic and script in AKKI,SRK, and Sallu’s movie . note this down.

    dont give wrong reason that movie lacked content thats y movie is bad . say it straight u dont like AKKI so u dont like his movie or maybe some valid reason becoz everybody knw that big commercial movies never had great content to boast of but simple story told in a big manner thats what SRK, AKKI and Sallu’s movies have always been about . thats what have made them tower over other actors in popularity

  • I dont know what people want from a movie.I totally agree with Nauman and others who think dat ‘BLUE’ is a gud movie,atleast better than SRK movies.I dont know what kind of story people want, atleast in case of ‘BLUE’,what else could be the story then.Other movies like all the best(which got very old theme of confusion and mischaracterisation comedy) & MAMK(i dont want to speak about it),there tickets were easily available in these 4 days are all bullshit.

  • Fathiya y u r evrytime againt akshay n salman. Acha i got it now , u dont like action movies? Rght? Anyhow u want good story movies? Then go n watch ‘KAMASUTRA’ it has evrythng u want except action. It has a good story also. Am thnkng 2 direct ‘KAMASUTRA-2’. i will take SRK n u as lead actors. Dont worry we wil make it an all time block buster. Ok

  • blue is a disaster in my opinion,as much hyped over promotions,it does not live upto even 10 % of the expectation.
    i am a die hard fan of akshay and sanjay dutt,and in terms of their performance it was okk,,,all the actors are fine..but movie fails to create an impact,though few scenes were sensuous and stunts are catchy,,but the events and storyline up is realy so weak that at the end of it ,,it becomes a mockery,it lacks real thrill adventure and anykind of lasting impact,climax is a total false judgement of the writer and director,,,,it further worsen the movie.

  • To those who think AKKI gave only coule of hits
    this is list of AKKI’s hit movies list and u can see that he is also giving hits continuesly like SRK , Aamir , Salman or Hritik
    1992 : Khiladi
    1993 : Waqt Humara Hai (Avarage)
    1994 : Yeh Dil Lagi , Mohra , Main Khiladi Tu Anari, Suhag
    1995 : Sabse Bada Khiladi
    1996 : Tu Chor Main Sipahi, Khiladion ka Khiladi
    1997 : Dil to Pagal Hai
    2000 : Hera Pheri , Dhadkan
    2001 : Ajnabi, Ek Rishta (Avarage) Awara Pagal Deewana ( Avarage)
    2002 : Ankhien
    2003 : Andaaz
    2004 : Mujhse Shadi Karogi , Aitraaz, Khaki
    2005 : Waqt, Garam Masala
    2006 : Phir Hera Pheri , Bhagam Bhag
    2007 : Namaste London , Hayy Babyy , Bhulbhulaiyan , Welcome
    2008 : Singh is Kinng
    2009 : Kambakhat Ishq , Blue
    now tell me who the hell said that he gave couple of hits . he is giving hits since his first year u can see this chart only 1998 n 1999 he couldnt gave any hit other wise every single yr atlease one or some times more then one hits .

  • as above mentioned blue’s 1st day nett is 6.75+50lakhs at south bo but aafter three days its nett crossed ghajini’s 3 day collections my ratings 3 1\2 akki was at his best all others were good . akki charges
    60 +crores per film to give guarantee that film will get bumper opening . & all his movies even cc2c got bumper openinig so he is bo kinng.

  • I think mamk is better then blue but unfortunetly blue is rocking in theater…& mamk is poor…its realy sad news for good movies…salman khan unluky in diwaly…

  • pls review the new Mammotty movie Pazhaasi raja,its a rebel movie during the british reign in kerala,Its far better than any movie in hindi recently and will stand up to Rang De BASANti in all amnners.. So indicine team pls watch it and review it…. its terrific movie..

  • Punter: there’s a say in Arabic : ?? ?? ??? ????? ???? ????
    and that means: that everyone see other people the same way he sees himself.. I don’t know how to translate it correctly but means that if u guys love or hate any movie coz of actors in the movie. e.g. if u don’t like shahrukh so u consider his movie as bad, and if u like Akshay even if he does the worst, so u consider it as good.. I’m not that person.. I criticize the movie which I see even if the hero was Shahrukh or bigb.. it’s not about who acts in the movie.. it’s about the movie itself.. the way it was done, as well as the script and the performance of actors.. well if lots of people in India liked it, but Indian ppl in Bahrain didn’t ( and as I mentioned, an indian friend confirmed that to me)

    If u all loved it.. so why do u bother about my taste.. like it people.. enjoy it.. if u enjoyed it and went home after watching the movie and u were happy so that’s good.. but with me, and others, no.. we didn’t enjoy it.. I don’t consider any movie as good or bad according to the budget.. sometimes some small budget movie comes out brilliant and vice versa.. it’s all based on the script, direction and the performance.. some movies lack certain things which make it just..boring.. u all loved JTYJN, but I didn’t.. no one can force others to love or hate any movie.. can we?!

  • Movie sucked big time. What a waste of time and money. AKshay was irritating, Sanjay was good, Lara was hot, Zayed was ok, Katrina has a hot ass.

    Fathiya dont give a damn to these morons who are against you. You have all rights to say whatever you want to its a public forum!!! And i totally agree with your review

  • What happened??? I haven’t even seen the movie all of a sudden I got some comments directed at me by praveen and one other guy. I don’t think I said anything bad now did I?? Why is this all of a sudden again turning into a war between srk and akshay kumar fans, everybody both are good okay. Both have made great movies and other times bad movies, nobody can always be on a high got that. But like fathiya said its not necessarily the actor’s fault for a movie doing bad, its the script and writers and the story as well. If its a badly written script even the best actor can’t do much now can they be it srk or akshay or whoever, it no way speaks about the ability of the actor themselves. Fathiya just ignore some people in here okay, you speak your mind that’s why you get attacked so much, laterz.

    Yeah but the way I also hated JTYJN, a very good example of a movie that was soooo overrated.

  • there is an uncany simlilarity between the opening boxing scene between aklshay and sanjay dutt and that in broken arrow between christian slater and travolta right till the end of the sequence when slater says he stole the dollar from travoltas pocket!!! that somehow sets the theme for a disaster of a movie ..scenes picked up from numerous hollywood films not to mention a few psp3 games namely gran turismo and grand theft auto.. the fast and furious part I

    i also wonder why all aour movies have to begin with narration.. if the movie copies from scene one u can imagine what its fate wold be .. we the educated and learned class give this movie a total thums down …

  • thanks to NAUMAN,AMAR,AND CHICHA MAARE DICHA….for those who are completely ignorant of akki’s potentials NAUMAN DID A WONDERFUL JOB.but i know the english saying “NO MAN HAS YET BORN TO PLEASE EVERYONE ON EARTH”,same goes with akshaykumar.eventhough he is the undisputed king of bollywood,liked by billions in the world,there will be some moron retards and evils like fathiya and already the producers ASHTAVINAYAK PICTURES INTL.has announced BLUE as their biggest hits of all time and also announced next movie with same team with akshay and john abraham there is nothing over here to debate…

  • Thanks Suniel & Kiran.. I just don’t understand why some ppl think that we hv no right to criticize the movie for the actors which they liked or admired!! isn’t that so dumb?! then in that case.. they’ve to attack all the reviewers when they give Akshay or Salman 1.5/5 or say negative things about movies!! they behave like they’re the prodcuers or the makers of Akshay’s movies!! haha.. idiots!!!

  • actually FAAT HIYYA…what kind of people are you????even aliens would be ashamed of you!!!!you wont like any good movie and coming to INDICINE you write all the crap about movies and stars…then its you who is the odd one.of the 95% people made the positive review about BLUE AND AKKI there are some retards like you who crave for only family dramas and silly romances …dont come and post your ugly tongue over here…and please go and refer what CHICHA MAARE DICHA has to say to you FAAT HIYA,just read the review to you …scroll up!!!!

  • C.M.D: kamasutra is good for ppl who like dirty cinema, looking for sexual scenes.. and I’m not.. looking for good content doesn’t mean that I look for love scenes.. if I didn’t like cc2c, KI, Wanted so this doesn’t mean that I hate Akshay or Salman.. why don’t u grow up ppl? how old are you all? from yr comments I would say you’re not more that 15 – 17 years old.. there4 you sound like kids posting some funny comments here!!

    Indicine Team: why don’t u teach these ppl that we hv all the right to mention the negative points which we see in any movie.. some idiots are trying to stop us from doing that!!

  • da mvie suuuuuuuuuuuuucks…..da movie is da first silent movie after 5o years and forget dat wats so big in da water activities…im a bettr professionel n such….i think bollywood learned to swim for the first time….wooohooo congos bollywood

  • Dr. V. Anand: well said Dr.. your review is the best on this page.. u hv expressed your opinion about this movie in a way which I could never done it!

    Now u stupid guys.. are u going to attack Dr. Anand too for his comment about this movie? I bet you won’t be able to do it because u r some coward typing shit stuff on this website!!

  • @fathiya : u always try to argue and take SRK’s side . i also love movies on the basis of content and not actors . i have noticed this many times that u have been arguing with indicine team that this SRK movie is good why it wasn’t hit .
    you have a problem that you want everybody to think like you . but its not possible.
    other thing i never wanted you to like it jut becoz i have put an argument in its favor.
    i pointed out that u have been misguiding ppl by saying that ppl are not liking it . i have noticed myself and some other ppl from foreign countries substantiated the fact that movie is going housefull and ppl are liking it.anyways box office report will substantiate the same soon.

    Iam an AKKi fan but i loved Ghazini, Ghulam,KOi Mil gaya,Wednesday and so many more movies which donot star AKKI. i told u That MOST of the SRK’s Fan Dont Like Other superstar Succeed may be they are very much concerned about his future . but i wd say SRK or AKKI are not going anywhere, they are superstars so start appreciating evrybdy’s work rather than having myopic view and only like SRK movie even though they are trash

    please read what i was trying to say and then post comment , i just wanted to tell u earlier that All the superstars do just masala movies, so content always take backseat when u were saying that the movies doesnot have content and 2nd thing i wanted to tell u is that misguide ppl that ppl are not liking . INFACT MAJORITY LOVED THIS MOVIE

  • One good news for ALL Akshay fan’s :

    After having worked with some of the biggest of directors in Bollywood, superstar Akshay Kumar is now all set to go west. Apparently, Hollywood director David Ellis, who has directed films like The Final Destination, is very keen to work with Akshay Kumar after seeing portions of his latest film Blue.

    David happened to get a chance to see some rushes of Blue when director Anthony D’Souza was doing the final mixing of the film in Los Angeles recently. David loved what he saw and was blown away by the sheer magnitude of the film. Confirms Anthony, director of Blue, “David was highly impressed when he saw some portions of Blue .He was of the opinion that such stunts could not be possible in movies outside Hollywood. He simply loved Akshay’s work and truly that believes Akshay has huge potential to make it big in the West.”

    The buzz is that David has already chalked out the storyline of his film in which Akshay will be playing the main lead. The film will be a mainstream film catering to both the Indian as well as international audience

  • I agree with u guyz , (fathiya and kiran) both should be kept away from Akki moviez , otherwise they will keep thrashing their mouths . SRK fanz , go watch Rab Ney Banadi Jodi(the stupidiest film ever) and look for a plot in that movie . Akki rulezzzz . BLUE rulezzzzzzzz

  • God this is getting out of hand. The only reason why so many people are having a hard time understanding the other’s point of view is a generation gap. I don’t know how old some “Blue Lovers” here are, but its only natural Fathiya likes more down to earth family oriented movies because she is much older and has seen life. I don’t know why some people here are telling her to get lost or go watch yash raj movies, she NEVER said she hated akshay kumar only the movie and NOT because of him. Just a question to some people here what is wrong with family oriented movies? Some of you are saying its because of movies like that Hindi cinema is not progressing, exactly what is progress to some of you, losing your family values or sense of culture? I personally think Indian culture is too great and rich to give up, and correct me if I’m wrong bollywood has always been stronger than hollywood in terms of fan following, that’s just my opinion. To people here who are hating on family movies, what are you all so angry about? Do you guys not have good family lives or what?

  • Fathiya can never like AKKI’s movie . actually this is the problem with SRK fans that they cant Like AKKI’s movie. becoz they have been the biggest competition for SRK . srk ’s fan like whatever SRK do even it wd be a crap . They would like to see SRK’s movie- crying 4 girlfriend or wife………… disgusting….
    This Movie takes bollywood to a higher level , iut is something new in bollywood , i hope it takes bollywood to new level and make it competitive with hollywood. nice movie . must watch for guys who want to see something new,,,,,, not rona dhona SRK movie……

  • Kiran:do u know why these ppl r doing this? because Akshay Kumar’s latest movies flopped.. so they want this film to win and to be a super hit, and because they’re “dumb” so they think when a few ppl, like me, on this page write some negative comments about this movie so we’d be able to change the entire world’s opinion about the movie and would’ve the power to “stop” them from watching it!!!

    Punteer: when did I mention Shahrukh on this page? and why do u always mention Shahrukh’s movies?!! ahaa ahaa.. so that means that u r a big hater and Shahrukh’s enemy and u wish that his movies just flop!! and that indicates that u got a tiny small brain because if someone love to watch a movie will go for it and no one can stop him, and he or she would never bother about the negative reviews. e.g. I love to see Main aur Mrs. Khann, I know that the movie is not doing well in India, and as I don’t trust indian ppl’s taste any more so I’ll go and watch it and I’ll decide myself if the movie is good or bad ( No Shahrukh or his statue in this movie!!)

    And, obviously that u never read my old comments on this website.. I loved lots of indian movies which Shahrukh wasn’t in them.. do u want me to repeat myself and mention for u some of them? I’ll do if u wish.. and 95% of Shahrukh’s movies are just excellent.. there4 he’s the king of bollywood whether u liked it or not!

  • Fathiya

    I do agree with you on some points, that trusting the taste of the indian audience when it comes to movies these days is not so reliable. Like I said its just a generation gap. Its become “cool” to be loose and characterless that’s all, its just changing times. But these people don’t realize that life is like a circle they’ll just end up from where they started, but life doesn’t always give second chances. When I watched Love Aaj Kal, people were loving it at first but as soon as towards the end when it became apparent that time tested things do hold today as they did in the past, two guys got up in front of me and left, and people were laughing at scenes that weren’t even funny. How’s that for being confused? I know you never mentioned Srk here, but these people know what you are saying is true that’s why they are so angry. Its their burden to prove you wrong and themselves right and not vice versa. So lets just give it to them and let them be happy, yes its all cool to walk around with no clothes on, no family life, no direction in life, yeah that’s they way to go, okay so to some of you guys in here like praveen or roma d’cuz or whatever your name is, I never said anything and yet you guys said stuff about me and I never even spoke anything against akshay kumar or the movie since I haven’t seen it. So maybe I should say to you guys, get the hell outta here!!! You don’t like to read different kinds of opinions tough luck losers, this isn’t your forum.

  • Kiran: I don’t know if u will find this movie good or bad but what I know that I was eager to watch it and thought it’s a great movie – according to the budget and the trailer which I saw – but I was dissapointed then and specially the way it ends! when u watch it then you’ll be aware of what I say.. and you’ll think: is it true that they spent 80crores doing it?!!

    And yeah.. at least we could see with our eyes and feel the big budget while watching a movie like LS2050 or Umrao Jaan, the remake!

  • Poor and frustrated akki fans! I do have mercy for you people. but i dont know how you can still blindly tell blue is good movie. Please dont spread wrong things. STAY AWAY FROM THE MOVIE FRIENDS.I FEEL LIKE VOMITING EVEN AT THE VERY THOUGHT OF MOVIE BLUE.

  • I think the best thing that suits akshay is only and only comedy no action no romance nothing else.keep your eye open friends, THERE IS ANOTHER JOHNY LEVER IN THE MAKING. blue is the worst movie one can ever watch and thats the only unique thing in the movie.

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