Main Aur Mrs Khanna Movie Review

Produced by Sohail Khan, Main Aur Mrs Khanna is yet another romantic drama set in the contemporary world. Directed by debutant Prem Soni, the movie stars Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor in lead roles along with Sohail Khan. For a  film released along with an action thriller ‘Blue’ and comic caper ‘All The Best’, promotions have been relatively low key, Salman hasn’t really gone all out to promote this like he did quite successfully with ‘Wanted’. Also Love triangles have been done to death in Bollywood. Does Main Aur Khanna hold any novelty? Or is it just another remix of the old versions? Read on

Main Aur Mrs Khanna evoles around three characters – Mr Samir Khanna (Salman Khan), Mrs Raina Khanna (Kareena Kapoor) and Mr Akash (Sohail Khan). Well, it happens so that Mr and Mrs Khanna’s wedlock is more or less like a fairytale. Eventually their happy marriage begins to fade with Samir’s career down the drains. One decision makes them go their separate ways. Enters Akash, a support to the trembling lady. So finally who wins the love of Mrs Khanna – Samir or Akash?

Main Aur Mrs Khanna Review

What works for Main Aur Mrs Khanna:

  • The story is simple and subtle. Prem Soni has avoided excessive melodrama and kept it short and neat.
  • Dialogues are wonderful. Music by Sajid Wajid is excellent. From the melody to the item number, all songs are pleasing. Also special mention for the stunning locales the movie has been shot in.
  • Sohail Khan is a good addition, for only he manages to raise a few laughs. Preity Zinta’s item number was nice, she manages to look great and also reminds you of Ash in Kajra Re.
  • Kareena Kapoor is fantastic throughout, in form after a poor outing with her over-the-top performance in Kambakht Ishq.
  • Salman Khan is good, but seems disinterested in certain scenes.
  • Plenty of special appearance apart from Preity’s. Deepika Padukone is good, Dino Morea has nothing much to do. Bappi Lahiri too has a role to play.

Why you should avoid Main Aur Mrs Khanna:

  • As mentioned above, the story is simple but it fails to be convincing, infact the relationship of Mr and Mrs Khanna has been handled rather immaturely. Also the movie lacks those moments of on-screen magic, which is a key for romantic tales. You hardly ever feel for any of the characters and while the director has avoided exaggerated emotional sequences, he has scarified a lot on drama.
  • From love to marriage, from marital bliss to break-up and eventually love once again – the director seemed to be in a rush.  The script is very inconsistent, many sequences feel detached from each other and most often you are left with many unanswered questions.
  • Although it is said to be a contemporary love story, except for the settings the movie scores a zero on freshness (storyline and direction), and is predictable throughout.
  • Deepika Padukone’s special appearance looses its charm especially because she carries the same name as our earlier Mrs Khanna and apparently so does her ex-boyfriend.

Overall, Main Aur Mrs Khanna is old stake served in a fancy dish. It has nothing new to offer and the lack of emotional connect makes it disappointing watch. At the box office, don’t expect much.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 2 stars for Kareena’s performance, good music and cinematography.

Other Notes : Blue Review coming up in a few minutes.



  • MAMK its a family entertainment which is watchable with family,its abt extra martial affairs hope this movie can do well in overseas…As salman promises their is no vulgarity in movie like kissing,smooching n all…a total family drama hope this generation can understand that….

  • salman rocks…i wud like 2 say one thing that mr.and mrs.khannna is going great in multiplexes………….its also runnin well in single theaters in lucknow and kanpur….its going houseful everywhere till now…so its hit movie…salman is back again……………….

  • Why isnt Indicine reviewing the mega movie Pazhassi Raja (malayalam) which is dubbed and released in hindi in which mammotty is lead role,Rasool Pookooty has done sound to it… Its a terrific movie… I will give 4.5 stars out of 5 for it.. pls watch it and review it… its a ,mega movie with extra ordinary visuals and techniques..

  • I think mamk is better then blue but unfortunetly blue is rocking in theater…& mamk is poor…its realy sad news for good movies…salman khan unluky in diwaly…

  • Dont worry all the salman’s fan….i know this will be flop but he will surely come back again in LONDON DREAM…It look good though it is not commercial movie but still look like it will be the best story movie in this 2009

  • many chhanel gives it 3 star so, it is a hit film but salman and kareena takes 5 star out of 5 star.the special appearence of deepika is very very rocking. so this another blockboster of this year out of blue and all the best

  • plsssssssss watch main aur mrs khanna…..its realy a nice movie…….mamak better then blue & all the best…..

  • I watched the movie this weekend and the weekend before that i watch WAKE UP SID, an i must say Mr and Mrs Khanna was bad REALLY BAD . No direction, No Story, No emotion, How can someone make such a bad movie???

    Please be real people…. This are the mistakes i saw
    1.English subtitles WRONG- i know English is not a strong point in India but please.(i can do a better job)
    2.Kareena got a job a house and everything sorted out in a matter of hours HOW???
    3.How can a waiter afford a big house and a nice life style in Ausi HOW HOW?
    4.How can Kareena not know the surname and they went to court to get married?????

    And so much more
    The whole movie seemed like a stage play.

    Kareena and Salman not a good job, the rest of the crew … i have no comments…

    Wake up Sid was such a nice movie , so real one room ,matters on the floor and all that . come on Indian have the skills to make good movies.

  • hey i jst saw mamk.. m disappointed coz m crazy for salman khan.. n dis film is a real disaster.. but m sure he’ll b back wid a bang in london dreams…salman i still luv u…

  • Indicine Team: I saw Main aur Mrs. Khanna today.. I enjoyed it, at least better than Blue which was like a drug for me and I was going to sleep.. I liked Salman Khan’s acting in this movie.

    I agree with all the positive points which u mentioned, but I don’t agree with the negative.. and Indicine Team: why do u always mention this sentence: ” why u should avoid……..etc.” this sentence will make lots of ppl hesitate and will stop them from watching any movie!

    The last scene of Depika was made just for the audience to laugh and to leave the theatre with a smile.. and that’s what happened.. everyone laughed.. counicidens happens in life in fact.. why not? In my life, there were lots of councidens as well as other people’s life! and while I was at the theatre, lots of ppl were laughing in some scenes.. the movie is good, not bad.. ppl were enjoying it.

    You said that the story wasn’t convincing and that there was a love and then a breakup!! no.. there was no breakup.. there was just a “break” for the couple, for Salman to build his career and stay away from his wife, but there was no breakup in the movie.. the story was convincing except one point which I didn’t agree for.. the couple didn’t breakup and Salman used to reject his wife’s telephone calls.. why? that wasn’t convincing.. why Salman didn’t want to speak with his wife?!

    Anyways.. it’s a light story, and not bad at all.

  • Sudeep: didn’t u see this movie yet.. I didn’t see your comment on this page.. that u saw the movie!! strange.. you’re a die hard fan of Salman then how come u didn’t watch it yet!

  • Fathiya:My exam is running so cannot go n watch any movie..Infact i havenot seen Blue ,MAMK and even All the best…And i cannot even watch London dream too..Too bad..I will put my review after nov 16

  • Fathiya:Have you seen akshay kumar new de dana dan promo??I know wht u will say!!!this movie is also not ur type hehe….but just wanna know wht u feel abt tht movie

  • Sudeep: no.. not yet.. if it’s something similar to Welcome or Golmaal, so no.. I don’t enjoy these type of comedy movies.

  • Sudeep: I will watch it on youtube then I’lll tell u what I feel about it.. ( and if I don’t enjoy those crap comedy so I don’t enjoy it even if Shahrukh was the hero in those movies.. but Shahrukh never does these kind of cinema there4 I like him)

  • Fathiya:I have no issue with u….but do u know wht Critics really hamper akshay kumar movie!!they never give him the praise wht he have done in last 3-4 year…but still people like him…It is easy to critize the actor doing movie like tht but difficult to performe and make other laugh…anyways he have done good job in recent time and comes in this position..I agree he cannot do the acting wht srk do but still his acting have charm tht people like

  • Sudeep: ok.. u said it.. the critics never praised any of Akshay’s movies because most of his movies are comedy, his acting in 8×10 Tasveer as a thriller movie wasn’t bad, at least it was better than his acting in Blue ( I didn’t like Alkshay in Blue.. there was a simile on his face in every scene, and I just wanted to omit that smile from his face!) some scenes require the actor to be serious, to have a spark in his eyes, some expression on the face.. but Akshay has non of these in his acting, I also never saw him in sad roles, weeping.. then how could we consider him as a great actor?! there4 I always say that Akshay needs to do a film with a strong role.. to show his abilities as a good actor and not only as a comedian!

  • I watched main aurr Mrs. Khanna. I thought the movie was alright good enough to watch and feel “just” satisfied, and certainly not the dissappointment that Blue was. MAMK was light hearted and it wasn’t too hyped up which is what I like about movies, that are more down to earth and realistic. Off course Salman and Kareena did look like their acting and diologues were really simple and to the point most of the time and the sets or setting was just average but then again that’s what most people are like in their daily lives anyways. I’ll give it 3 out of 5. It was simple lighthearted movie, but I know most people may not like it because it just centers around and typical average married couple, and there isn’t too much of masala thrown in and too loud. I guess its more for down to earth family oriented people, but still worth a watch in my opinion I would rather watch a movie like this than Blue. Kareena should stick to more down to earth roles and Salman was looking way too old in this movie with bags under his eyes though.


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