Can My Name Is Khan beat 3 Idiots or Ghajini?

Can My Name Is Khan beat 3 Idiots is the hottest topic of discussion around, both in the trade and Bollywood websites.

But the benchmark that Aamir Khan has set with his last two releases is so high that any film hoping to break those mind-numbing records would need the following

1) Huge Star – Which MNIK does have in Shahrukh Khan
2) Great content and word of mouth – Very important. All the initial reviews of MNIK, so far, are good.
3) Mass Appeal – Both Ghajini and 3 Idiots had tremendous mass appeal and did great business at Single Screens in smaller cities too. MNIK is unlikely to hold the same appeal.
4) Repeat Value – 3 Idiots had great repeat value, many watched it multiple times in theaters.
5) Ticket Prices – The hike in ticket prices helped 3 Idiots greatly, but unless the film is liked greatly, it could put off a certain section of the audience.

What do you think, can My Name Is Khan beat 3 Idiots?



  • nauman bro i appreciate you review as its your view ,

    but two ?? how many star you gaved to kurbaan ?


    is mnik had that much impact to broke 3 idiots or ghajni record ?

    plzzz reply

  • Afrid bhai
    i cant say any thing if Rabne can get 80 cr then MNIK is 10 times batter . i think it can get 80-90 cr easily , but due to shive sina case may be it will get 10-15 cr less.

  • Afrid bhai Kurbaan wasn’t bad movie when i come out from hall i was happy but when i thought about whole movie in the train then i realized that it has so many flaws and looks a childish movie.
    this is far batter and there is no resemblance between both. may be we can compare it with new york or khuda ke liye. but Kurbaan …… no way man.

  • nauman bhai

    what about its overseas competition film valentines day,

    is it make difference to mnik collections?

  • @ Nauman ur review is good but u didnt give something similar like this to veer thats very bad of u in this the review is really good like the good points negative and its good but u didnt do a good job for veer

  • afrid bhai
    there are 3 movies which are releasing this week
    1. Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief ….. magic mystery movie like herry potter
    2. Valentines Day …… love story
    3. The Wolfman ……. action
    i think percy jackson has good hype and it can give tough time to MNIK in overseas market.
    the wolfman is also looking good.
    best of luck with mr khan.

  • shamry
    i am sorry to say that my Veer’s review wasn’t up to the standard . but it wont happened again.
    next target is Karthik calling Karthik which is releasing in same cinema where i watched MNIk today.
    audience really liked KCK’s trailer. looks fresh and some thing diffrent. and till 26 feb i am 100 % sure my site will be 100 % ready which is still under construction.

  • Shamry

    no friend i real got to know from nauman bhai profile from orkut that his fav is akki

    but he said in profiles that he loves good cinema i think, so am i correct nauman bhai ?

  • yea i know he is an akki fan and loves good cinema i just said that he was not upto his standards to VEER thats all other than that he is good

  • well done @nauman.After reading ur review i think mnik wl b a gud going 2 watch dis 2morrow’s evening show.

  • Shamry

    nauman bhai not given veer more than 3 stars bcoz he kepted in his mind jodha akbar and other epic stuff like hollywood troy

    but in real i didnt watch troy till yet but damn sure it 65% graphic movie but veer is 65% original done movie with horse and all its art work in film

    and another 1 is jodha akbar that indicated mughal sultanat not indian epic hero like veer for fight against britishers

    so, veer is actuall indian warrior movie which show pride and love for nation and love ones

    yaa, i am damn sure it sallu bhai movie naa that why 65% impure critics let down veer …

    if its have hrithik, srk or akki then this 65% impure will sure will gave veer 4 to 5 stars like recent ran given

    average 3 to 4 stars but what happened to ran all knows ran goes to van

  • u got me wrong brother i said the way naumans review was not specific like he has given to 3 idiots MNIK and others but for veer he just gave a plain one and he knows that to its not about he like or not liking the way he gave thats the scene. i have no offence for anyone who like it or not but the way they telling should not be offence to us

  • Shamry

    what exactly you feels for veer review from nauman bhai isit justified or not ?

    and what about you feel for veer film ?

  • Shamry bhai and Afrid bhai:
    every one knows here that i am Akki fan and fight with indicine lots of times for him.
    but if u will see that i fave 4/5 to 3 Idiots and now MNIk 4/5 it shows that i am 100 % honest person about my reviews.
    even i gave 3 /5 to veer when none of any one put his review . and none of any good and well reputed site gave it more than 3 except indicine. on that time i was also honest but just tittle mistake that i didnt put postive points properly and i didnt praise that movie properly.
    do u know what was the reason ???
    reason was Hina.
    i called her after movie and told her i liked movie and i think it deserve 3 / 5 . and she started shouting on me and said why u gave it 3 . i know u r akki fan u wont like salman. i was really disappointed that why she is saying like this even she didnt watch movie yet.
    so may be i couldnt explain Veer properly.
    but 3/5 was good rating for that movie.

  • guys i while i watch movie i never compared any movie with any other movie. every single movie is new for me. even indicine were comparing 3 Idiots with Munna Bhai MBBS, i said to them that dont compare any movie with any old release.
    but when i write review then i hv to compare it and i should mention that this movie is inspired or copy from this movie.
    and why review wasn’t good enough i mentioned it already.

  • Shamry:
    i said this time my spelling and grammar is good. so let u know that i watched this movie 2:15 pm show finished at 5:10 pm and i had to go to my college coz i had exam today. i had my Lap top with me and i wrote whole review in the train . after exam i asked my teacher who is aussie and born here that could u proof read ? he said ok coz he knows abt me and my site even now he calls me with the name of my site. he mentioned some mistakes and then i sent it to Hina and she found lots of grammar mistake. then i thought that my english and grammar is always right because i write australian english and u guys studied american english.
    and Australian english is very different than American or Uk English.

  • Nauman bhai ,

    there will be a major difference between word love and like i think so
    to one whom we love will never see negative points in them if there any negative points then we ignore it

    no needs of explaination its your wish and you view regarding each stars for there movie reviews …

    but i really want to say that veer has mass appeal and gr888 impact but not 100% promoted well specially for multiplex people and overseas one

    but really veer had win the hearts of small town villages and even major centres of india and even internationally it was appreciated in us also

    and for all sallu fans and even good cinema entertainment loving people across the globe

    veer is good move for entertainment loving people across the globe who like sallu bhai veer stands on min 3 to 5 stars ratings

    and for sallu bhai fans like me,hina,and @ all colleagues , friends , fans across the globe who love sallu bhai

    veer stands from minimum 5 stars rating and if there more than this rating the we all add more and more + that never ends ALHAMDULILLAAH

    so, that is fact and also want to clear that i am not jeolous of srk and akki ,
    i feel that they should appreciate for there works

    but going to media and 65% media supports them and repeating statements like srk is baadshaah , akki is king thats not good yaar they are good but that doesnt means that they should be overatted specially now adays even thsi farhan akhtar is overatted due to his father javed akhtar in industry but in realty

    sharman joshi and madhavan of 3 idiots were good actors and underatted against these overatted farhan akhtar .

  • afrid bhai
    i am agree with u .but lots of good movies didnt work on box office like London Dreams, Johny Gaddar . and so many craps movies win the race like RNBDJ .
    box office none of any one predict . even industry was thinking 3 Idiots will get good business and may be it will reach till 100 cr but none of any one thought it will touch 200 cr , even producer and directed didnt think.

  • there are only 2 Big Problem with MNIK which are
    Shahrukh has back ground voice in every 2nd scene. believe me more than 80 % scenes he speaks in the back ground . basically he is writing his diary and while writing he is speaking as well and all movie belongs to that diary . in start it looks good but when u will feel that every next scene has srk voice it looks like a documentary movie about a guy who suffered from 9/11.
    2nd thing is music , can u believe Karan has only 3 songs in 161 minute running time movie ??? and songs are just ok . 1st have hv 75 min with 2 songs ( tere naina and sajda ) and 2nd half which is 85 min has only one song noor e khuda.
    these tow major problems make it boring and pull it down. other wise every thing is fine.

  • nauman bhai

    like you i also appreciate always good whether if it is of srk or akki movie

    i really want srk is gr888 in his climax speech from billu with irfan khan mindblowing perfomance in billu but as it is simple film no vulgarity except one song of priyanka and srk ….the film didnt get highlight for his simplicity like salman kyuki simple movie that rejected by some vulgarity like item songs loving audience whowants items songs or adults contents for any film highlight ….

    that why these two simple movies like kyun ki and billu simplicity fail to get intentions of 100% audience
    from which 35% now adays like vulgarity of items songs in movies which both these movie lacks

    even akki bhool bhulaiyaa should be superhit comparing to its own ddd , bhool bhulaiyaa is faar better movie than ddd ….but its simplicty like @ above movie fails to get 100% audience intentions

    so, nauman bhai @ all sallu opponents i am not jeoulous of your stars …
    i will appreciate them if they work hard like aamir khan from start to end to promote his movie in legal ways

    in short i want to say every stars should have been appreciated but never they should overatted

    @ all 65% media and opponents of sallu bhai, i will never says reply anything against your stars unless except if any one from you trying to make my sallu bhai down in any aspects .

    “”” plzzz being human aap log sallu bhai jaise bande k khilaaf naa kuch galat bole ””’

    ”””toh hum bhi aap k stars k baarein kabhi koi against comments nahi dege ””

  • Afrid Khan
    farhan akhtar is a good actor. he has good acting skill.
    see his, rock on and luck by chance. both moviese dammn good film and his performane was extraordinary.
    one thing he is good director also . see his directed movie dil chahta and don.
    so gys just talk about mnik and its performance not other actors.
    ok but i wanna to say one more thing
    karthing calling karthik i s comming soon”

  • Nauman
    u say mnik like a docmentry but u like the film. so i think if u gave 4/5 means u love this documentry.hehehehthx for you honesty

  • adii i am 100% agreed with your words for dil chahta hai movie , it is classic and it is mine one of the movie

    from list never to forgot ok ….

    but for your other words i am just 35% agreed that farhan akhtar is good actor … i really dont watched his own movie as an actor b’coz it doest appeal me …

    but just understand what i means to say , farhan akhtar may be a good actor but overatted due to his father status …and specially when he awarde against imran khan in some awards for best debutant male against jaane tu yaa jaane naa a classic movie is also in my never to forgot list in which emraan khan deserved award but due to javed akhtar status in industry there is partiality cheating had done and award
    goes to undeserved person farhan akhtar comparing to emraan khan sweet and fantabuiolous perfomance.

    in real i love deepikaa padukone but i hate to watch her pair against farhan akhtar and readty to change the channel when kck trailers were shown

  • Afrid bhai
    how dare u to say i love Deepika.
    she is only mine . aaj se humari dosty khatam aur love triangle shoro. main kisi keemat pe bhi deepika tumhari nahi hone doon ga. main tumhara khoon pee jaoon ga.

    just kidding dont be serious.

    yes i love this documentary . would u mind ????

  • can any one send me link where Spiderman put his review?
    because i never read any review before watching movie. now i want to read but couldnt find. plz send me link or let me know on which page he put.

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