Can My Name Is Khan beat 3 Idiots or Ghajini?

Can My Name Is Khan beat 3 Idiots is the hottest topic of discussion around, both in the trade and Bollywood websites.

But the benchmark that Aamir Khan has set with his last two releases is so high that any film hoping to break those mind-numbing records would need the following

1) Huge Star – Which MNIK does have in Shahrukh Khan
2) Great content and word of mouth – Very important. All the initial reviews of MNIK, so far, are good.
3) Mass Appeal – Both Ghajini and 3 Idiots had tremendous mass appeal and did great business at Single Screens in smaller cities too. MNIK is unlikely to hold the same appeal.
4) Repeat Value – 3 Idiots had great repeat value, many watched it multiple times in theaters.
5) Ticket Prices – The hike in ticket prices helped 3 Idiots greatly, but unless the film is liked greatly, it could put off a certain section of the audience.

What do you think, can My Name Is Khan beat 3 Idiots?



  • Nauman
    no im just imagine here about mnik. what story, climax, screenplay, performance, and direction.
    by your review one thing i totally confirm, i will cry during movie. im emotional type banda.

  • Nauman bhai

    actually deepikaa looks and everything is similar to one whom i love my love , i really miss her lot in my life
    thats why i get haapy by watching deepikaa onscreen …but when its come with farhan akhtar i cahnge my chaanels …. i dont want to see my deepikaa with any one except sallu bhai in future woh bhi bhai par bharosaa hai .

  • adiii
    if u r emotional type banda like me then u will like last 15-20 minutes. and srk’s church speech or may be Kajol’s son’s death.

  • Afrid Khan
    this is because u hate farhan akthar. one think i want to say more about farhan akthar’s father.
    u ever or here about salim-javed???????
    no!! or yes!!!????
    but i want to say that
    salim – javed are two guys who maked lots landmark in bollywood cinema.they were story and scriptwriter of bollywood moviese.
    Mr India (1987)
    Shakti (1982)
    Shaan (1980)
    Dostana (1980)
    Kaala Patthar (1979)
    Trishul (1978)
    Don (1978)
    Manushulu Chesina Dongalu (Telugu) (1977) ,
    Immaan Dharam (1977)
    Chacha Bhatija (1977)
    Sholay (1975)
    Deewaar (1975)
    Majboor (1974)
    Zanjeer (1973)
    Yaadon Ki Baaraat (1973)
    Seeta Aur Geeta (1972)
    Haathi Mere Saathi (1971)

    up list of there contribution in indian cinema.

    but one thing more u hv to know thta salim is a father of your loving salman kahn.

    so if you hate farhan akthar becoz he is not self actor so u hv to a=hate also salman becoz both r in same boat.

  • gr888 adii

    i really know about salim javed but not there list film together for there work

    ”salim – javed are two guys who maked lots landmark in bollywood cinema.they were story and scriptwriter of bollywood moviese.”

    i really want two thanks for altleast respecting sallu father for @ above words the two guys ….

    and i just want to say always respect the good works salute for @ all movies you named

    i respect even javed akhtar when i saw him as judje in reality show named as fame gurukul winner of that show is qazi taukeer everyone try to put qazi down but javed akhtar hards word behind qazi winning show my fav contestant on that show …..

    i never compare these two people who work together in past ….but you get the point that i hate farhan akhtar due to some problems in past of salim javed duo … i really dont know why they split …but i know javed akhtar continued and joined big banner and get maximum fame from big banners film lyrics

    but why sallu bhai father dont continued i really dont know ….

    and back to your point i hate farhan akhtar due to his father split with sallu bhai fathers in past …..
    no dude if i only hate or dont like farhan akhtar …..then why i appreciate his son debutant directional venture dil chahtaa hai , why i love to watch fame gurukul as javed akhtar is part of judje of that show and my fav judje…..and why i sang his lyrics kal ho na ho song in my college days …

    dude you dont readed my @ last page or @ above comments …..

    i say every stars should appreciate for there works but not should overatted like some of these people are overatted despite being good actor, director , lyricist ……

    every one should respected for his efforts and hard works but never and never should overatted dude

    i just hate every that person who is overatted i also gave eg of overatted person in cricket ms dhoni who doesnt had a class bat like sachin , sorry sachin is too far …he even not gr888 as hard worked person to reach his status like gautam gambhir a magnificient batsman of indian team but underatted against this overatted dhoni.

    so, adii before making any point on another and giving hatred to someone always go beyond the opponents person words and then comments further

    adii hatred bad feels is very easy to get up in mind …but goodness and truth fact every human cant accept directly

    but the truth is that truth never fails till ends .

  • adii dude for your this statements

    ”so if you hate farhan akthar becoz he is not self actor so u hv to a=hate also salman becoz both r in same boat.”

    no one is self maded

    behind every person success ALLAAH is always there and mom dad is the one who always try hard to get there child at the top but dude everyone had to work hard to maintain position whether it is through mom and dad or some one others

    ”ek hi baat kahugaa aapse k har maa baap yehi chahege k unkaa bachaa din aur duniyaa mein top karein aur woh apne bacho ki madat k zariyaa bante hai madad karnewaala toh ALLAAH hote hai ” but everyone is not like salman khan or farhan akhtar

    yes dad had enter them in this field but they worked hard and maintain to reach this top positions

    if its so easy then why abhishek bachan and uday chopra were not at the top? like this two eg salman khan and farhan akhtar in there own ways even others stars like hrithik roshan , ritesh deshmukh there fathers also let them in field but they try hard to reach there positions

    one more thing that our mom dad can always be our source in every aspects of life but we have to work hard to maintain there respects and hard works for us

    so, adii bro one words always remeber ” ALHAMDULILLAAH ALLAAH unki madad karte hai joh khudki madad karte hain “

  • Afrid Khan
    truth will “mnik is good movie”. plz go watch mnik and give honest review.
    sorry but im honest during veer review. i gave 1 star to veer. before release of veer i like salmans ld a .sorry becoz im honest on my place at that time.plz you ill be honest at mnik reviews time.
    one thhing i wnt to say more i hate sanjay dutt too more than salman khan.but munaa bhai mbbs and lage raho munna bhai are the one of the my fav moviese. and salman khan’s hahk,tere naam,ld,mssk and heroes
    are the one most fav movise of mine.
    srk is self made man and lots of reasons for i like srk.
    amir is also ma fav star list.
    okz wait for release here!!!
    plz go and watch and give honest review

  • adii dude

    i am that kind of person who beleive in truth and if mnik appeals me

    i definete will review it in good manners being human and sallu fan ..

    my fav star salman khan who had given good wishes to srk mnik in his statements some days back … i also wish him good luck dude

  • even i wish abhishek and uday good wishes for there future and expect that they also work hard

    but also appeal to 65% impure media stop overating abhishek bingo colors television programme against

    amitabh bachan kbc1
    , srk kbc 2 ,
    salman dus kaa dum

  • i watched the movie, it will no way beat rabnebanadi jodi collections, the movie is good but doesnt hold repeat value.. it should not do more than 80 cr in India, in overseas it will be a huge success due to the fan following of shah rukh in international market..

  • Shivsena v/s Srk ki battle mein Shivsena ki jeet hui .

    Mnik is banned as follows………

    1) all over Maharashtra

    2) Mangalore some cities

    3) Gujrat some cities

    4) Ahmedabad some cities

    Congratulations to bala saheb Thackrey

  • Why 3 idiots/Ghajini hit the top>
    because Amir have the bright idea to enrol a star from the south (Madras)
    this was proved with Rang de Basanti.
    this has increase the audience as the south are great film fanas.

  • Overseas advance booking is good but

    in India advance booking so poor that you can not imagine that like kurbaan . So sad for a big film & huge controversy not helping the film .

  • Limited Release For My Name Is Khan In Mumbai

    Friday 12th February 2010 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    My Name Is Khan is set for a limited release in Mumbai with single screens not releasing the film at all due to security concerns while multiplexes will give it a limited release.

    Multiplexes in Mumbai are likely to run the film on a few shows and see how things go through the day. Normally My Name Is Khan would be having a 18-20-22 shows at major multiplexes. The situation is being monitored by parties involved and things will change according to what is happening.

    The public is on the side of Shahrukh Khan in the controversy and this could see people who did not intend to watch the film giving it a go just to show support to Shahrukh Khan.

  • In a jolt to Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan, all theaters and multiplexes in Gujarat have decided not to screen Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘My name is Khan at the behest of the Bajrang Dal and VHP.

    All theaters and multiplexes in Gujarat have decided not to book any ticket of Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘My name is Khan’ in advance.

    According to reports coming out, Shri Ashiwn Patel, Ahmedabad based leader of Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Gujarat, when contacted by the media, pointed out that Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad have stopped screening of films even in past successfully. “Even this time, the film: My name is Khan would not be allowed to be screened in Gujarat.”

    Umesh Engineer, leader of Shiv Sena in Gujarat, on Thursday thanked Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal to join the agitation against Shahrukh Khan’s pro-Pakistan stand and his film. Umesh said the Shiv Sainiks would obey Shri Bala Saheb Thakrey’s order and would stop screening of My name is Khan with whatever strength they have in Gujarat.
    The Shiv Sena activists went on a rampage in Delhi, by vandalising the Satyam Theatre in Janakpuri, Delhi, where SRK’s movie, ‘My Name Is Khan’ was slated for a release today. The Bajrang Dal activists in Ahmedabad tore up the posters of the movie.

    Vandalism was also reported from the Akshardham area of east Delhi, Prashant Vihar and Sarita Vihar where protestors reportedly shouted anti-Shahrukh slogans and burnt movie posters.

    This came as a rude shock to Delhiites as the cash registers were ringing in the capital for the Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol starrer throughout Wednesday. Most cinema halls and multiplex chains had opened their ticket windows for the film on Monday and have been receiving a positive response ever since despite the brouhaha in Mumbai over the film’s release.

    The Delhi Police have decided to tighten the security across all theatres in Delhi in the wake of protest by Shiv Sena.

  • I love srk so can’t wait to watch the movie. I hope it will be the best movie of this decade as all critics give this movie very good rating.

  • don’t worry guys after 1 week itself it will be cleared that 3 idiots is nowhere around the movie of our most loved god -SRK.then aaaaaaaaaamir would be washing SRK’S legs……After that while addressing media he would say only one thing “aal isss welll”.

  • U.K.:

    MY NAME IS KHAN previewed last night [Thursday] with an incredible [approx.] £ 123,000 from 89 sites. The film opened 4th in the market place, behind AVATAR, THE WOLFMAN previews and INVICTUS.


    On its opening day, MY NAME IS KHAN grossed an impressive Aus. $ 39,000. The movie is ranked #11 in the market. According to Fox, this is 107% of 3 IDIOTS Thursday B.O.


    MY NAME IS KHAN collected, on its opening day, NZD $ 13,627. It ranked #7 at the box-office. It may be noted that Bollywood films traditionally open on a Friday…

  • Biggest Flop for SRK….

    Trade publicists may be declaring 100% openings for MNIK but if it’s opened 100%, it’s certainly not in the country of India where it is more noise than actual box office weight at this point.

    The typical response in single screen/smaller centers for My Name is Khan is more like 8% not 80%. For example, Tarun cinema in Durg (Chattisgarh) has no more than 8% bookings for MNIK coming up. And this can be verified immediately by calling 09329108274 or visiting. In Cinemagic in Bikaner (Rajasthan), the Friday evening collections are around 10% which is also extremely poor.

    It is true the film has opened to good collections of 80%+ in Bangalore and Hyderabad multiplexes and Delhi , but it is also true that in other extreme parts many multiplexes don’t have bookings of even 30% despite not having any shiv sena there. For example Fame Highlandpark in Calcutta has no more than 30% bookings right now (Friday evening 6PM IST). And this too can be verified directly at the theater.

    Overall all the publicity apart, MNIK is having an average Friday outside of 3-4 metros where it has opened well. The film can still pick up or it can crash tomorrow even further. But its decisive indicator will be Monday. As where the bookings are good, they were similar for Kurbaan (the flop on similar theme) last November also, and Kurbaan released on massive prints before sinking away. So monday will be first major indicator as to whether the movie is a similar loser, earner or a disastrous sunk reject commercially.

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