Can My Name Is Khan beat 3 Idiots or Ghajini?

Can My Name Is Khan beat 3 Idiots is the hottest topic of discussion around, both in the trade and Bollywood websites.

But the benchmark that Aamir Khan has set with his last two releases is so high that any film hoping to break those mind-numbing records would need the following

1) Huge Star – Which MNIK does have in Shahrukh Khan
2) Great content and word of mouth – Very important. All the initial reviews of MNIK, so far, are good.
3) Mass Appeal – Both Ghajini and 3 Idiots had tremendous mass appeal and did great business at Single Screens in smaller cities too. MNIK is unlikely to hold the same appeal.
4) Repeat Value – 3 Idiots had great repeat value, many watched it multiple times in theaters.
5) Ticket Prices – The hike in ticket prices helped 3 Idiots greatly, but unless the film is liked greatly, it could put off a certain section of the audience.

What do you think, can My Name Is Khan beat 3 Idiots?



  • well mnik may beat first weekand and overseas record,but overall collections of 3 idiots are quite impossible to reach.second week collections of 3i were about 55 crore nett,i doubt weather mnik can achieve that in even its first week.3i also had the advantage of christmas weekand.well mnik has to be an exceptional to reach anywhere close to be honest this looks impossible.

  • no chance..mnik wl get maximum 70 cr in india..keep dreaming srk’s fan.srk doesnt hav da quality 2 surpass mr aamir khan.No one can beat aamir .it’s only aamir’s movie which wl brk da record of 3 idiots.

  • The Ghajini record looked ‘impossible’ to beat for 3 Idiots, but we all know what happened. So lets not write My Name Is Khan out.

    The Shiv Sena controversy has helped the film tremendously, but news is that MNIK may not release in few cities in Orissa and Karnataka too, as the Bajrang Dal has asked for a ban on the film until SRK apologizes.

    A restricted release in Mumbai and other places could result in substantial losses.

  • Because of tremendous hype it can open to a record breaking start but might not go as long as 3 idiots or gajini coz the repeat value will not be the same. The film has very weak script and larger than life story. Amir’s films has some real touch to it.

    I want My name is khan to be a hit as an answer to Shiv Sena or any Organisation like bajrang dal who did nothing at 26/11 and just want to gain popularity and come in news for nonsense reasons.

  • while releasing tym of swadesh,it lukd very promising..sharukh was in ful form with oscar nominatd film’s director we ol knw what happened with the film.3idiots has collected 75 cr frm mumbai circuit if mnik banned there ,it wl b a huge loss even karan johar might go 2

  • MY NAME IS KHAN will easily break record of GHAJINI.and overall it will certainly beat 3 IDIOTS.but in india it is 50 50.from overall i mean INDIA+OVERSEAS.

  • swadesh was a gud film bt it was nt entertaining n also didnt hav da quality 2 appeal da mass..mark my word mnik is going 2 same way wl b a average movie.

  • I am new to this site so i also wana know who r srk haters caz i like them and who like other stars like amir,salman,akshaya i also like them.So am i right above..

    MNIK wil certainly beat ghajini’s record.It wil even break 3 idiots’s weekend record as the buzz around the movie is huge to say the least…Even the reviews that have come as f nw by critics(omar qureshi,mid day,taran adarsh,stardust) all have given it 4.5 stars..Every1 is saying that it is SRK’s best performance after chak de..

    Indicine,mnik is releasing both in karnataka and orissa..extra security is being provided everywhere(i just got tickets for myself)…

    Hopefully atleast dis tym u wil put up the review well on tym:-)

  • If you do not like SRK, we are okay with it. But unnecessary bashing and stupid comments will be deleted. Don’t bother submitting.

    Sahil yes, let’s hope it does well. :) Advance booking has re-opened in Mumbai, which is a good sign.

  • 3 idiots – 200core in india+70 core overseas = 270 core. mnik at max – 120core india+120core overseas = 240 i think 3i is safe…..:)

  • @Indicine ..Nice to hear Booking has again started in Mumbai.This controversery will really help MNIK as much hype has been created.

  • i think in india anywhere between 100-110cr ……nd in overseas 150-160cr because of its wide release…….nd by the way this movie will also release in april in some countries of europe…..

  • If you dont mind guys my prediction for mnik

    1st weekend- 18 Crores

    1st week – 32 Crores

    2nd week 10 Crores

    Lifetime will be 47 Crores

    Verdict – Below average , average or flop .

  • Hei Dipen sen, u r absolutely right.,
    u said that “Mnik will not break even OSO record . This is not a masala film at all”

    neuman.bristi,,,,,,,,,,,vicky where r u…………………….???????????

  • @Aman………….. Just check reality dude . This film has no mass appeal . In single screens it will does not do well . In single screens their is no buzz around kolkata .

  • @ shahid nd dipen sen…..mnik will make around 35-42cr or more also……..this movie will surely will be super hit or blockbuster……..

  • @Aman………….. why r u expecting high sky . SRK films are not liked in single screens . SRK films are made for just multiplex audiences . @Aman………….. your prediction is just out of the world .

  • @tanumoy dutta……i dont want to start a big conversation now……..but just wait n watch …….i can also be wrong but from my point of view the movie will have some huge money……..

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