Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Movie Review

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi marks the return of Aditya Chopra as a director after 8 years. His last movie Mohabbatein did well at the box-office, but it isDDLJ that continues to make news a decade after its release (its still running in a theatre in Mumbai). The expecations are quite high. Can Aditya Chopra recreate the magic of DDLJ, once again, with Shahrukh Khan in the lead?

Like last year’s Om Shanti Om, SRK has a new heroine, who again like Deepika Padukone, appears slightly taller than him.

Surprisingly unlike most Aditya Chopra movies, there are just 4 characters in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi; Surinder Sahni – Raj (both SRK), Taani (Anushka Sharma) and Bobby (Vinay Pathak). Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is a simple film about a couple whose marriage turns from a compromise to one made in heaven, by Rab himself!

Surinder Sahni is a simpleton working for Punjab Powers with a personality of a nerd. At the wedding of his college professors daughter he falls head over heals in love at first with the bride, the beautiful and very bubbly girl Taani. Just when the air of happiness and celebration reached its peak, the news about the accident of the groom and his entire family puts everything to lull. Surinder being the most favorite and admired student of the professor takes the responsibility of taking care of Taani and ties the nuptial bond with her. The rest of the story tells us about the extent to which Surinder goes to bring back the liveliness and happiness in the life of his lady love. It’s about how he wins his share of love compromising yet taking his stand for the man he is.

There are 2 major negatives and flaws in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

1) The length! Its more than 2 hours 40 mins long for a movie, which preferabbly should not have exceeded 2 hours. A bunch of unnecessary scenes, just to add masala, to an otherwise simple movie is disappointing. Also the movie is a stretch, with the pace being painfully slow at times.

2) The story! How can a newly married woman, who promises to be a good wife, fall in love with her dance partner? Okay, such things do happen when the marriage has no hold. But then the Raj – Taani love story is far from convincing and just doesnt strike the right chord. When a love story involves a married lady, who is cheating on her husband, the build up and the impact has to be tad bit more.

And how in the world does Taani not recognise Raj as her husband? With minimal changes in looks which included the removal of his moustache, specs and a change in hairstyle. The face and voice was the same, wasnt it?

The dialogues are great. Sets are adequate, simple and perfect for a movie like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. The music is average. Haule Haule and the title track are good. Dance Pe Chance has been choreographed well. Rest are okay.

SRK’s character of Surinder Sahni is something most people would identify with. A simple common man, who goes through his daily routine and 9 to 5 working life. Acting wise, SRK has put in a lot of effort into this role and it shows. The mannerisms are funny, overall good performance.

Then comes the Raj makeover and SRK starts perfecting his hamming skills. The over the top character is strictly for SRK fans. Others could find it irritating.

Anushka Sharma is brilliant in a highly refreshing performance. Her expressions and dance stands out. A huge contender for the best debut award this year. Vinay Pathak is fine.

Overall, the story and the execution is a let down. The performances are decent and the movie sure has some light moments that would make you smile and laugh. At the all important box-office, the opening has been suprisingly not upto expectations for such a huge film. It should pick up over the weekend. Going past the Week 1 figures of either Singh Is King or Om Shanti Om seems highly unlikely.

Rating: ★★½☆☆ Wait for DVD release or Television Premiere

Other notes: Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, Lara Dutta, Bipasha Basu and Preity Zinta.. all have special apperances in a song. The theatre was half full for the morning show and the audience reaction was decent. They seemed to love the scene wherein SRK keeps a rose along with his phone number, for his newly married wife.





  • Humaira: Thank u, and I would like to ask u a question: what’s the meaning of yr name? I’ve never heard this name before.
    My e.mail address is: fabastaki@yahoo.com and if u wish, u can answer my question by an e.mail message to me.

    Let’s enjoy Shahrukh’s movies.. and let others enjoy Rajnikant’s and Akshay’s movies.. different movies for different ppl.. am I right?

  • Hi friends. Just dropped by accident. I was amazed the way you people are fighting. I am a big fan of AAMIR KHAN. Yet I like SRK, Akki, Hritik and others also. Everone has their own style. As far as SRK is concern he is going Amitabh way. Remember how many movies Big B has done with Manmohan Desai and Prakash Mehara. Most of them were blockbuster. Very few are them are fine ( like Zanzeer, Amar Akbar Anthony ) . But when it comes to great movies then people remember Hrishikesh da, Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Same with SRK, he delivered many blockbuster with Choparas and Karan Johars. But as far as acting is concern there are very few like Swadesh, Chak De India. I havent seen RNBDJ yet I belive he has done good job, extraordinary I dont thinks so. To do extraordinary work he has to work outside Chopra camp ( remember Swadesh ). Now I come to AAMIR KHAN. He has his own limits. He is not tall, not agreat dancer, cant look macho ( i hope ghajini will do wonder ), yet he doesnt repeat himself. always play different role. Bib B has played Vijaj to death so is SRK playing Raj the lover boy ( or man ). it is a right time to do some creative work SRK, please wake up. @ fathiya, you are die hard fan of srk. I salute your spirit. Thanks and ALLAH HAFEEZ.

  • Dai kalyan nathari.. Go to some tamil movie forums and comment and spread your anger among all ajith n vijay fans.. Dont spam here.

    PPl dont listen to all those guys’ one line comments about SRK’s acting skills etc. These guys are not fit to comment a star like him. He has delivered his best in this film, and that is why everyone must watch this film.

    I dont find anything wrong in watching in a dvd or at home locking up yourself behind etc etc. But its the thrill that you watch with your friends that makes you glued on to the seat in the theatre. We were making fun of the movie, pointing out scenes where it was like a blunder (or copy from other movies) , but the last moments of the movie are well scripted, and if you are with your gf, i’m sure a tear wud trickle down your cheeks.

    No point wasting time, spreading ill comments about movies, especially if it is from a star studded team.

  • shahrukh and aditya chopra are already so rich if i spend money to watch their film they will become richer… what about me? will i become rich penniwise?so should i fill their pockets with money? should you all also fill their pockets?

  • yogu: I watched the Moview , I like to say Its is great Family entertainment after long Time.Superb Performance by SRK ,he Proves once again he is King Of Bollywood , Anushka also does well, and Vinay pathk was incredible in role.
    Great Movie by Aditya chopra for whole family

  • Fathiya: Rajnikanth movies are like cartoons?Do you even realise how big of a star he is he has a huge fan following EVEN GREATER THAN SRK,AMITABH,AKKI,HIS FILMS EVEN RUN IN JAPAN,HE IS GREaTER THAN ALL BOLLYWOOD HEROES and yeah rbdnj is an avg-below avg movie unless you are a die hard fan of srk don’t watch it,wait for a dvd or television premiere as the review suggessts.

  • Indore Barometer Weekend Rab Bana Di Jodi

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has recorded excellent figures over its first weekend at Indore multiplexes. The weekend figures for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi are the second biggest ever, just a bit lower than Singh Is Kinng. Below is a comparison with Golmaal Returns and Singh Is Kinng the other two biggest grossers over the first weekend in 2008. The figures are for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Weekend totals.


    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi-2,39,700 2,86,900 3,01,400 8,28,000

    Golmaal Returns-1,80,100 1,82,500 1,90,000 5,52,600

    Singh Is Kinng-2,08,000 2,59,400 2,89,000 7,56,400


    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi-1,72,500 2,36,000 3,67,400 7,75,900

    Golmaal Returns-2,13,300 2,18,700 2,25,000 6,57,000

    Singh Is Kinng-1,64,000 2,14,000 3,36,000 7,14,000


    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi-1,81,400 2,04,000 2,84,500 6,69,900

    Golmaal Returns-1,78,300 1,79,750 1,75,600 5,33,650

    Singh Is Kinng-1,72,000 2,71,350 3,19,000 7,62,350


    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi-1,59,100 1,87,700 3,26,200 6,73,000

    Golmaal Returns-2,44,000 1,97,700 1,72,300 6,14,000

    Singh Is Kinng-1,54,000 2,15,800 3,64,700 7,34,500

    Daily Totals

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi-7,52,700 9,14,600 12,79,500 29,46,800

    Golmaal Returns-8,15,700 7,78,650 7,62,900 23,57,250

    Singh Is Kinng-6,98,000 9,60,550 13,08,700 29,67,250

    srk will be a new king.

  • akshay kumar i think is great entertainer..but its shahrukh i like da most!! akshay shahrukh n aamir all three r gud actors…everyone here is talkin abt rnbdj script having weak what abt script of akshayz movz those r more unrealistic…eg welcome n sing iz king!
    aamir i think is great actor but his upcoming film looks copy hollywood film MEMNTO where man has a problem wid his short memory n hez in search of his wifez killer!

  • Thank you for posting an honest review.I posted a similar review and I got so much hate mail that I am flabbergasted at how people react to a negative review of a SRK film

  • I just saw on Zoom tv scroll “Rad ne Bana Di Jodi” is Off to a dull weekend star and people are prefering for flim’s dvd instead of watching in theatre. And yea guys don’t forget to watch zoom at 7:30 pm there is a show called face the review you will know how arrognt shahrukh is! He says he is king of market!And he says he likes to work with young new heroines!But look at Akshay he never called himself a king!Sharukh is an arrogant person and a flirter!.

  • 25 Crore Weekend For Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

    Monday 15th December 2008 15.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has netted around 25 crore in its first weekend in India. The Mysore circuit has seen record business. Delhi/UP and East Punjab have seen the second highest first weekend totals after Singh Is Kinng. Mumbai circuit is behind Golmaal Returns, Om Shanti Om and Singh is Kinng.

    The film is a sure shot hit and is the most profitable film of 2008 but it remains to be seen how far its Indian theatrical business can go. The opinion in the trade is divided on this as some say it will fade pretty fast from Monday onwards while others say it will settle down after the initial resistance from the youth audience.

    Mumbai circuit has seen 10.50 crore business, Delhi/UP is 5.50 crore, East Punjab is 2.75 crore, CI is 65 lakhs and Mysore is 1.10 crore. Bihar and CP Berar have fared the lowest and business is Average in these circuits.

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has done very well in all the major centres in India over its first weekend. Mumbai/Thane has seen business of around 5 crore and the first week should see 7.50 crore (a new record). Delhi is nearly 3 crore and first week should be 4.50 crore. NCR region which is Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad has grossed a further 2 crore taking the Delhi NCR total to 5 crore. Lucknow is 33 lakhs, Kolkata is good with 75 lakhs, Indore grosses 31 lakhs. Bangalore has seen record business with nearly 1 crore over the weekend.

    The big centres in Punjab like Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Jalandhar and Amritsar are also huge with 75 lakhs between them, this is lower than Singh Is Kinng but much bigger than Om Shanti Om.

  • http://www.yashrajfilms.com

    “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” is the highest opening weekend grosser ever for Yash Raj Films!
    15 December 2008

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, which released worldwide on December 12th 2008, has broken all earlier opening weekend collection records for Yash Raj Films. The film has grossed approximately Rs. 60 Crores worldwide on its opening weekend, and has surpassed Dhoom:2, which is regarded as one of the highest grossing films of all-time.

    In the Middle East, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has set a new record altogether as the highest opening film of all-time. The previous highest was Dhoom:2, which grossed approximately $1.86 million across its entire run. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has grossed approximately $1 million on its opening weekend alone.

    The film has also received a grand opening across all overseas markets, including the UK, USA, Australia, Europe, Africa, and other territories in Asia.

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has been appreciated tremendously by audiences across the board and the film’s performance promises to continue in the same vein moving forward.

  • I havent yet watched the movie, but i obviously will, as it is a shah rukh khan movie, and expectations are high! I defo agree wid fathiya, shah rukh khan is a brilliant actor, may god bless him. But i also disagree, because i watch every Akshay movie, and he is also awesome, he is one actor that can make you laugh until your stomach hurts! May god bless him also! And as for the h8ers hu ask hu made shah rukh the king of bollywood, well not jus one individual made him the king, the whole world has given him that title, kids, adults, grandads, grandmas, evrybody (not just us girls)! He has done many diverse roles, some of his many successes, Darr, Baazigar, Chak De India, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Swades, i could go on 4ever, and plzzzz they were all different roles, if he can be chocolate boy he can be a hard core villian also!!! Where shah rukh has given flop movies so have the likes of hrithik, salman, and the ever famous amitabh bachan, but that does not mean they are crap actors! There talent cannot ever be compromised!!! As for Amir Khans Gajhini, cant wait to watch it, im sure it will be a super movie like the rest of his films, amir and shah rukhs acting is unquestionable, they are superb in evryway! So all the h8ers no where the exit is! And by the way, im not even a Shahruck, Akshay, Amir, fan, i just know how to appreiciate good talent!! Good luk to all three from me!

  • kalyan,
    yes kamal hasan may be a good actor but that doesnt mean aamir ,hrithik and shahrukh are far behind him. rbndj is a good movie…. we are not going to the theatre to see only intellectual movies and hello guys if u ppl liked sing is king than y not rbndj..
    wht they showed in singh is kingh is pure crap but it was a hit as it was a light hearted movie same is going to be the case in rbndj


  • Go home srk. only 20-24 crore in a weekend. This will be flop, because srk has not done good acting. In next week this movie has to get only 5- 8 crore. All is about 40 crore. Rbndj will be flop. Go to dubai srk, where is your new home.

  • i think the wimter chill has taken the wind out of the movie up in the north .. the word of mouth is on the side of so so..to dekhni hai dekh lo to koi aisi khas naheen hai type comments .do u think i will watch this after listening to all this? the more people pwersuade me to see this the more im convinced ki…hum to mare so mare aap bhi maro!! i cant be sure of anything ..so best ting to do is save your money in these times of recession..and watch the movie on tv. patience is the best option after all why should my money go into the pockets of srk and company and make them more wealthy

  • boxofficeindia.com

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has sustained well on Monday. The film saw very good collections in the North ranging between 60-80% while most other parts in the country was 40-60%. Delhi and Punjab were fabulous on Monday while Mumbai was pretty good. Smaller centres in Bihar and CP Berar are poor.

    The Monday all India total for the film is around 4.50 crore nett which takes its first four day nett gross to just under 30 crore as the film looks set to finish the first week with business of over 40 crore nett going by the trends on the Monday.

  • The Game: I wish that u would fall apart and not shahrukh and his movies… what you mentioned about Shahrukh’s interview proves that u r a moron.. idiot!) If a superstar would say about himself he’s (the cheapest), so he meant that he is not (greedy) and never asks for the highest paid although he could.. he’s the king of bollywood and could do it years ago.. ( and that proves how much shahrukh is modest.. simple & beautiful man and doesn’t care about money.. what he cares about is ppl to love him, appreciate him).. but your Akshay ( Kalyan Chetan, Neeraj, all the punjabi putars) if it’s truth that your Akshay really asked for over 70crores after his success in 18 months!! See how greedy he is?!! Don’t defend him coz that’s obivious.. he’s working for money only.. would rather fill-up his pocket and use the producers’ budget!

    And.. if u r going to defend him by saying: They offered him this much…so haha..haha.. producers aren’t so idiots to raise someone’s salary from few crores to this no. to give an actor, unless he asked for it!

  • Fathiya! Donīt talk this nonesense to us!

    And srk is a greedy person. Because he is a muslim like me. And all muslim are greedy if there is about women, money and prise. And we muslim donīt like any muslim who has a hindu wife. And srk is totally hindu now. And do you remember the childeren nameīs of Srk. Srk is now totally hindu. That īs why he is so famous in India, because 83% of Indians are hindu. And Srk is a bloody bastard who is living in india. because he has done only YASHRAJ FILM. And this YASHRAJ is a bloody bastard. Who is also greedy.

  • Gafoor Mia: Just shutup with yr fake name.. u aren’t muslim and u want to give other ppl a bad impression about us.. about muslim ppl!!! if u were muslim u would’ve never said that!! that we all msulim r greedy!! Is that something we would be pround of?!!! Lyer!! And Shahrukh got in his house a temple and Quran.. and never try to influence his kids about his religion.. he just tells his kids: This is your mom’s religion.. and this is mine ( means they r free to choose their belief and their God as they wish). Shahrukh is not a controlling man, he’s married to a hindu woman and that’s his fate, if he fell in love with a hindu girl so he had no choice but to marry her.

    Shahrukh doesn’t know these differences which u know.. u r not a true muslim..coz yr heart is full of hate ( and see your dirty lousy tongue which swears this way!!) do u really consider yourself as a muslim?! U call someone as Bastard and didn’t harm u in any way?! And because of ppl like u who have bad hearts therefore everyone is dying in this world.. ppl like r the ones who hold weapons and kill innocent ppl everywhere..who did nothing just because their religion is different.. yes I’m a muslim woman but I don’t hate other ppl who r different.. I make friendship with everyone. I worked with many hindu, christian, budthist ppl already and never had all these hates in my heart, I even had a hindu friend ( a girl) whom I loved so much as she did and we were friends for years, but we were separted after her marriage and left with her husband to USA.

    So just shutup your big mouth and get off from this page.. never step into it again.. u lousy man.

    God bless Shahrukh and his wife (if she loves and respect him)

  • lo ..the verdict is coming out in full force ..wednesday has dipped and the winter has set in north india ..poor collections ahead for this week as rain and squall expected.. anyways since im not planning to waste money on this so im safe at home..why this review is talking of srk as person i dont understand

    we are here to discuss the movie and if it is not good those 2% people who liked it should repect that!!instead of barking back after all its only a review..we have not assembled here to spread hate ..its just that the movie doesnt work as reported by some reviews thats their thoughts..after all there has to be some neutrality also ..

    frankly after so many years the same person behaving the same way starts appearing irritating that may be a spouse behavior or a friend who behaves in the same manner and we start disliking tose actions similarly srk has not been able to evolve much .. im told that he has hammed very badly in hindipunjabi in the movie..now that may irritate many and come as repetition for lot many so unless there is something new on the plate ..98% will not take it..and we have to take the lead in this regard and tame these people to toe our line ..meaning ask them to change or else we will change and show our backs to box office ..with this movie too we should show our backs only then change will come

  • To the readers:

    Just ignore the negative comments.. some ppl here hate shahrukh and r spreading false reviews!

    Read the positive reviews, the report which was submitted by (Prince) visit also http://www.boxofficeindia.com and read: ( it’s written that Rabne has a huge response in overseas) means it’s even doing better at the box office overseas, as in India, ppl aren’t so happy to go and watch movies at cinemas, 7 movies flopped during this period of time, but despite all the bad circumstances, Shahrukh’s movie won and lots of ppl went to watch it. ( and I’m going to watch it again this week and with the same members of my family and friends as they all loved the movie very much.. it’s a cinema movie, not to be watched on dvd or online, you’ll enjoy it more on a big screen)

    Never bother about those who r trying to spread lies about Shahrukh and his movie.. all out of hates.. want to dump him and that’s their intention! it’s their (Diwali day) if shahrukh loses his stardom and vanish from bollywood.. they will celebrate.. but this will never happen.

  • Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi On A Steady Run
    Wednesday 17th December 2008 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is continuing with rock steady business. The business on Tuesday was nearly as much as Monday at many places.

    The trending is suggesting Blockbuster business in the North and even other areas like Mumbai, Nizam and Mysore could reach there but will depend on how the second weekend fares. Even a circuit like CI has grossed 85 lakhs in five days which is just 10% short of the more preferred type of films in the circuit like Dhoom 2, Om Shanti Om, Welcome and Singh Is Kinng.

    The first week is almost certain to be the second biggest first week ever after Singh Is Kinng.

  • Guys some people here are just crazy shahrukh khan fans don’t believe them!This film is a l00ser and they want to make sure this film will get it’s money back by posting positive reviews abt the film,coming to box office it was poor and dropped quite severly,for more info go to http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/trade/top5/index.html Aka Indiafm.com it’s made by the famous crictic Taran adarsh,and for it’s review go here http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/movies/review/13824/index.html <– Taran Adarsh gave it 2/5 rating and so this very own site Indicine team gave it’s 2.5/5 and also suggested that wait for dvd or television so does everyone suggest that,don’t waste your time and hard earned money on a useless and worthless movie like this!.

  • Business Talk With Taran Adarsh
    SRK comes to the rescue

    December 17, 2008 – 08:41 IST

    First things first! After a lull, when theatre managements were forced to call off shows due to lack of audiences, it was back to good old days this weekend. RAB NE BANA DI JODI, the first of the three ‘Saviours’ [the other two being GHAJINI and CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA], has succeeded in luring audiences back to movie halls.

    Another observation! SRK’s star power came to the rescue of RAB NE BANA DI JODI. A majority of those who watched the film were unanimous that the script was faulty, with loopholes aplenty. But SRK swept everyone off their feet!

    Now let’s talk business! RAB NE BANA DI JODI has come as a respite for the strife-torn industry, especially since everyone’s talking non-stop of how the global meltdown and the terrorist attacks have hit movie business hard. The Saturday and Sunday numbers of RAB NE BANA DI JODI were excellent.

    All through the weekend, the industry kept comparing RAB NE BANA DI JODI with RACE, SINGH IS KINNG and GOLMAAL RETURNS, the biggest openers of 2008. It was ahead at ‘x’ centre, behind at ‘y’ centre, they said.

    If you ask my opinion, RAB NE BANA DI JODI should’ve had the biggest start of 2008. When SRK and Aditya Chopra shake hands, you expect the ultimate — in terms of entertainment, in terms of numbers. Surely, the Adi-SRK combo is any day bigger than the Vipul Shah-Akshay Kumar combo [SINGH IS KINNG], Abbas-Mustan-Saif team [RACE] and Rohit Shetty-Ajay Devgan jodi [GOLMAAL RETURNS]. Come to think of it, it can’t get bigger than Adi-SRK.

    All said and done, RAB NE BANA DI JODI should’ve started with a bang, should’ve set new records, should set new benchmarks in business, should’ve been a trendsetter. Is it one?

    Monday onwards, the film is sustaining well in North and parts of Central India and also South. But the severe drop at several screens cannot be ignored either. The feedback is mixed, people aren’t going ga-ga or into raptures over RAB NE BANA DI JODI.

    For the producers, who are also its distributors, RAB NE BANA DI JODI is a profitable venture, no two opinions on that. They will make pots of money on this venture. It’s one of the biggest money spinners for YRF to date. The cost of production isn’t much and the only expensive factor is SRK’s remuneration. The recoveries from India theatrical, Overseas, Home Video and Satellite is sure to make the Chopras grin from ear to ear.

    But as a cine enthusiast, you definitely expected Adi to push the envelope, to take Hindi cinema forward. When new/debutante directors can attempt films like ROCK ON!!, A WEDNESDAY, AAMIR, JANNAT and JAANE TU… YA JAANE NA, it inspires 20 people to take the torch forward. But if someone like Adi, the front-runner, thinks out of the box [within commercial parameters], it will inspire a whole new generation. Right?

  • Flying start!

    – By Taran Adarsh, December 17, 2008 – 08:58 IST

    As expected, RAB NE BANA DI JODI has taken a flying start in the international markets. The combined total from U.K., America and Australia alone is approx. Rs. 8 crores in its opening weekend. However, the film is below other achievers in some markets .

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has raked up a huge 16.50 crore from overseas. In North America it has grossed 6 crore, United Kingdom grossed 3 crore, Australia was 60 lakhs while UAE was a huge record breaking 4.75 crore. The opening is the second biggest ever after Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. The numbers in the traditional overseas markets North America and United Kingdom are big but not as huge as some in the trade were expecting. The other smaller and newer markets are huge especially UAE where all records have been smashed. The film is probably heading for total overseas business of 35-40 crore.

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