Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Movie Review

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi marks the return of Aditya Chopra as a director after 8 years. His last movie Mohabbatein did well at the box-office, but it isDDLJ that continues to make news a decade after its release (its still running in a theatre in Mumbai). The expecations are quite high. Can Aditya Chopra recreate the magic of DDLJ, once again, with Shahrukh Khan in the lead?

Like last year’s Om Shanti Om, SRK has a new heroine, who again like Deepika Padukone, appears slightly taller than him.

Surprisingly unlike most Aditya Chopra movies, there are just 4 characters in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi; Surinder Sahni – Raj (both SRK), Taani (Anushka Sharma) and Bobby (Vinay Pathak). Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is a simple film about a couple whose marriage turns from a compromise to one made in heaven, by Rab himself!

Surinder Sahni is a simpleton working for Punjab Powers with a personality of a nerd. At the wedding of his college professors daughter he falls head over heals in love at first with the bride, the beautiful and very bubbly girl Taani. Just when the air of happiness and celebration reached its peak, the news about the accident of the groom and his entire family puts everything to lull. Surinder being the most favorite and admired student of the professor takes the responsibility of taking care of Taani and ties the nuptial bond with her. The rest of the story tells us about the extent to which Surinder goes to bring back the liveliness and happiness in the life of his lady love. Itís about how he wins his share of love compromising yet taking his stand for the man he is.

There are 2 major negatives and flaws in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

1) The length! Its more than 2 hours 40 mins long for a movie, which preferabbly should not have exceeded 2 hours. A bunch of unnecessary scenes, just to add masala, to an otherwise simple movie is disappointing. Also the movie is a stretch, with the pace being painfully slow at times.

2) The story! How can a newly married woman, who promises to be a good wife, fall in love with her dance partner? Okay, such things do happen when the marriage has no hold. But then the Raj – Taani love story is far from convincing and just doesnt strike the right chord. When a love story involves a married lady, who is cheating on her husband, the build up and the impact has to be tad bit more.

And how in the world does Taani not recognise Raj as her husband? With minimal changes in looks which included the removal of his moustache, specs and a change in hairstyle. The face and voice was the same, wasnt it?

The dialogues are great. Sets are adequate, simple and perfect for a movie like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. The music is average. Haule Haule and the title track are good. Dance Pe Chance has been choreographed well. Rest are okay.

SRK’s character of Surinder Sahni is something most people would identify with. A simple common man, who goes through his daily routine and 9 to 5 working life. Acting wise, SRK has put in a lot of effort into this role and it shows. The mannerisms are funny, overall good performance.

Then comes the Raj makeover and SRK starts perfecting his hamming skills. The over the top character is strictly for SRK fans. Others could find it irritating.

Anushka Sharma is brilliant in a highly refreshing performance. Her expressions and dance stands out. A huge contender for the best debut award this year. Vinay Pathak is fine.

Overall, the story and the execution is a let down. The performances are decent and the movie sure has some light moments that would make you smile and laugh. At the all important box-office, the opening has been suprisingly not upto expectations for such a huge film. It should pick up over the weekend. Going past the Week 1 figures of either Singh Is King or Om Shanti Om seems highly unlikely.

Rating: ★★½☆☆ Wait for DVD release or Television Premiere

Other notes: Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, Lara Dutta, Bipasha Basu and Preity Zinta.. all have special apperances in a song. The theatre was half full for the morning show and the audience reaction was decent. They seemed to love the scene wherein SRK keeps a rose along with his phone number, for his newly married wife.



  • I’m happy that Kalyan & a bunch of bad boys on this website are burning because Shahrukh’s movie is a blockbuster!! Ohoo.. when a stupid guy like Kalyan said that the movie is a failure.. so the whole world would think so and would change their mind about the movie!! Mad people never admit that they’re mad, therefore they consider other people are mad!

    People will laugh at you Kalyan now because Indicine team under (Ask us) confirmed that the movie is a blockbuster, and Prince is always updating us with the latest about the box office collections.. so people aren’t idiots or mad to believe when a jealous guy like u come on the page and say: the movie is a failure and they’d immediately believe!! everyone read box office reports, everyone followup the news in t.v. channels or news papers and other websites.. so who the hell are u to say a lie and let everyone believe you?!!

    Burn with your jealousy u and your gang as u all were waiting for that moment to come.. to hear that shahrukh’s movie failed at the box office and haha (unfortunately) yr dream didn’t come true! ( Poor Akshay.. couldn’t get Shahrukh’s crown and he dissapointed you all.. dissapointed his crazy fans! ( and let’s wait and see if cc2c will work at the box office).

    And yes.. I wonder why the organizers of Golden Globe Awards didn’t call Akshay, Hrithik or Aamir to present the award on best motion, drama but they called Shahrukh!!

  • RBNBDJ is a great movie and it is the movie of the year 2008.Ghajini is flop show again it was not near original Ghajini at all(stupid picturisation) aamir is cute but we need hard look men for ghajini.

  • Indicine Team: youíve to watch Rabne Bana de Jodi again, itís just great.. I saw it already twice in cinema and I didnít have any plan to watch it again these days but after sometimes, I was at a mall yesterday, and saw the poster of Rabne, the time was convenient for me to watch it again.. I couldnít risist watching it again, for the 3rd time.. I donít care if other people loved it or not, I donít care if the movie was a blockbuster or was average.. I just donít care.. what I know that itís shahrukhís best best movie for me, itís his best performance so far and he derserves to receive the best actor award for his role.. most of people who didnít like it actually didnít understand the movie.. Shahrukh wasnít overacting at all ( and if u just watch it again, and on a big screen and concentrate on every sinlge dialogue in the movie youíll get to know that shahrukh wasnít over acting as Raj) he was trying to be (macho) which he couldnít be and didnít know how to be.. he was just following what his friend was teaching him.. therefore.. some audience thought that he was overacting!

    And.. Anushka deserve to get the award this year more than Asin.. Asin was only a sweet and funny girl in Ghajini, but Anushka proved herself in some difficult scenes as a good actress in Rabne..moreover, sheís cute, innocent and loveable but Asin isnít that much.. I donít know why I didnít like her!

    And I’m sure that if some ppl saw it on a pirated disk or online, they for sure wl change their mind about the movie. This is one of the movies which you enjoy the most on a big screen, therefore, I watched it 3 times in cinema as I don’t want to watch it again on a small screen ( when we watch a good movie on a big screen and we like it then we see it again on a disk, we know the difference). When I saw the hollywood movie ( Mama Mia) on a disk, as I didn’t know that it was a very nice movie, so I was really sorry that I missed it, it was a cinema movie only. some movies u have to watch them on a big screen and that’s if u really want to enjoy a movie.

    Indicine Team: Please watch it again and write a new review for the movie. You’ve to do justice to this movie.

  • I think rab ne bana di jodi is one of the best fils srk has ever made, after chak de India. Its a nice sweet simple story line, no strings attached. People who say they don’t like the movie obviously don’t like simplicity, and must be the confused types. Some people like to watch movies that are loud unreal and have nothing to do with reality and others value simplicity. I think its really good movie based a simple couple, not like in so many other riduculous movies where the husband is a multi billionaire and and they live so extravagantly, and its really got nothing to do with real life. Anyone who believes in good culture and values will really like this movie. I guess no one wants to see simplicity these days, but oneday sooner or later that’s where everyone is going to end up when they learn it the hard way. I personally think when anushka gets her feelings confused between raj and suri for a temporary while I guess that’s just normal because they had a “all of a sudden arranged marriage” having lost her fiance just before the wedding and going from this to that in in minute, so she mistook her feelings for raj as love because, she just got carried away with all the song and dance fun filled stuff for a while but in the end realized who her true partner really was. I thought that was really symbolic in the movie because it was just trying to show what love is really like, and all this partying and dancing is only for a short while and only good till you’re young and it doesn’t last forever.

  • More flaw that I discovered.
    1. When Taani expressed her desire to learn dancing, and take part in the competition, the fees payable was Rs. 3000/- (I think so). But when Raj joined the competition, (it was only by chance, and he was reluctant initially), why was he not charged any money?
    2. When Suri was beaten black-and-blue by the Sumo Wrestler, how was his mustache (this time fake one) still intact. And also his glasses never broke or even fell down. And the very next day at the office, he never showed any signs of injury.

  • i disagree with the review completely. the movie is SUPERB. I DON”T WATCH BOLLYWOOD MOVIES BUT THIS IS FORCING ME TO WATCH THEM. excellent, great, cute, amazing lovely. I DON’T LIKE SRK EXCEPT FOR THIS MOVIE.

  • wow king khan!
    what is your new style,
    mochain,wah yar shah rukh keya khub nazar aatay ho?you are so good in new style.
    it should be published shortly.
    Awounderfull film in the world/

  • RBNBDJ is a great movie and it is the movie of the year 2008.Ghajini is flop show again it was not near original Ghajini at all(stupid picturisation) aamir is cute but we need hard look men for ghajini.

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