Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Reviews

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Review

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is one of the biggest releases of the year for several reasons.

1) Its Shahrukh Khan’s first release since the blockbuster Om Shanti Om in November Last Year.
2) 3rd movie directed by Aditya Chopra after Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Mohabbatein. Its over 8 years since Adi’s last film.
3) Yashraj and SRK have a 100% record. All movies in which SRK and Yashraj have come together have been runaway hits. Chak De India, their last, was a epic blockbuster.

With Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, we are starting out a new feature on the site called External Reviews. Each Movie will have a dedicated review page, which will list every single credible review on the internet.

Currently, the only review out is from Shahrukh Khan’s fan site (shahrukhkhan.org). Following are some of the key points from the review (Note – May not be completely true and could contain spoilers)

– Kajol has a special appearance in the movie and so does Rani Mukherjee.
– There are plenty of references to DDLJ.
– The review has high praises for SRK and calls it “one of his best performances ever”.
– Goes as far as to say “the movie would fall flat on itís face if it wasnít for SRK and Aditya Chopra.”
– On Anushka Sharma’s performance “Anushka Sharma looked very pretty and even acted very well. Thereís not much to say about her apart from that. She dances really well and compliments SRKís performance to the max, especially during the second half.”
– The review also praises every other aspect of the movie and rates it 9.5 on 10

More Reviews to follow. Links to all the Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Reviews will be posted right here on this page. Keep visiting for the latest.

Our Official Indicine Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Review

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  • Here is one review of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi that i got from net. It is from a person named Sam. Sounds genuine.

    Film starts off with preparation of anushka’s wedding. Kismat plays a role and barathi die in a car accident. Anuska father dies with this sadma & anuska too gets into a great depression. Anuska life worsen more when her dieing father pleads to SRK to wed his daughter as he is the only one he can trust!

    Movie from there picks up tremendously… Scene involving SRK-Anuska after marriage ( especially when the guest come over to SRK house for celebration!) Anushka, unable to recover from the double she got earlier, pretends to be a good life…

    Movie takes a turn when Anuska joins a dance show! SRK’s transformation to woo Anuska and win her is also worth applauding.. Move takes a down turn when Anushka is unable to recognize SRK! I mean how can she not recognize her own husband even when he has just changed his hairstyle and dressing…. VERY DUMB and immaturish direction

    Few scenes in the film are worth a mention

    1) Guest coming to SRK house. Anushka’s refusal to come at first, but then eventually coming
    2) End scene! – Excellent
    3) SRK’s scenes while playing the old man! Very well portrayed by SRK! Hats Off!
    4) SRK’s continous effort to woo Anuska- even when he knows he can lose her as Raj is not the real SRK!


    Anushka not able to recognize her own husband ( hairstyle and dress change only!)
    Anuska falling for Raj and crossing the husband-wife line

    Music is a mix bag: Dance Pe Chance and Title track do the trick

    Performance: SRK is tremoundous in scenes where he is showed as an old man! the expression and timing has to be applauded! He became a little inconsistent when played Raj’s role. He was ok in few scenes- but when over the top in other

    Anuska- Watch out for this actress!!! She is a talent to look forward to. Not does she only look bholi and beautiful. She knows how to act!

    Rating – 3.25/5 ( for pure entertainment and romance) Watch it… you will probably come out of the cinema smiling

  • Hope Adi understands that for a film, a good story has to be supported by a loyal screenplay, incorperating characters to highlight the gist of the plots and to enable the audience to connect with the lead actors as well. The songs used to ‘impact’ the situations and to transform the mood of the story, the sets should help to enhance the characters and the story. The ‘dialogues’ to bring life to the characters and situations. Wish u all the best Adi, for it is your call not SRK’s.

  • I’ve posted my comment under the movie videos last night coz I saw it last night at 7.15pm show.. the movie was released in Bahrain yesterday, but I got more to add here, to reply to Sam about how Anushka couldn’t recognize her husband? honestly.. If I was his wife in the movie, I woud’ve never recognized him too.. coz Shahrukh had a completely different character after the makeover.. not only the look.. hair style, removing moustache and the glasses from his face or the way he dressedup.. but the transformation as he tried to be another person. Her husband was a simple boring man, the way he walked, talked, facial expression..attitude were different, so she could never hv any doubt that Raj was Sury himself but in another shape.

    It’s a wonderful movie, we all enjoyed it, funny, happy, different and for 1st time I see a movie which a husband tries to please his wife and do a makeover.. normally wives do it and I saw it in many bollywood, hollywood & Arabic movies which.

    It’s a new script with a good direction, the best is Shahrukh’s performance.


  • Thabnks Fathiya ,
    I am stuck in my job ,so cant catch the movie today.
    But I cant wait………….
    and yes the haters will start now commenting negative about this movie.
    but who cares.

  • nothing like yash raj movie, adi can make much beter movie then rab ne…….. he shuld stop make movie with SRK ,i think adi will learn from this movie

  • Fathiya…i agree u like SRK movies but thr is always a elementary doubt wen somebody looks similar facially to a person u see in ur day to day life…guys i havnt seen this movie yet n the tickets r very costly these days n i cant spend it jus like that during recession time so tel me hwz the movie. I hav made up my mind if its >7/10 only then i will hav a go…

  • I dont understand y none of the sites are adding the reviews for this movie…i remember SIK official review were out instantly i was kind of amazed at the quick service of the reviewers…here thr have been 2 shows which are screened by now…just curious for the delay….

  • Aryan: If u don’t believe me.. watch Star news channel.. the announcer confirmed that ppl loved the movie in India and enjoyed it very much.. read also Sayed Jawaher’s comment on this web.. under The Top 5 Actors…

    It’s better than DDLJ.. Mohabbetain is different and this one I can describe it as a special movie for Shahrukh.. excellent one.. it’s not because I admire Shahrukh.. I didn’t like his OSO and I’m always honest in my comments.. everyone loved it in our country too.

    Don’t worry.. u will enjoy watching it and u may plan to watch it again and again as I will do for sure.

  • sweet beautiful movie you would enjoy watching with your lady love or family. This is not such a great movie but i has deep feeling inside. The performance and who says the execution is not good,its really good the songs are situational and the climax is good. what else u expect from a movie. Its little bit different but honest story.

  • After watch RNBDJ I wish that Ghajini succeed better in box-office n impress the audiences…
    RNBDJ is not as interesting as other previous AChopra movies coz of many looseness in the story, n in some cases acting r overexcitedly done. This is not a good way of making a movie hit. What to talk about Anushka? She is good but not the best…still then there is a chance for her to bag the best debutante actress at any award, but not as promising as it is rumoured.
    All by far, this is a SRK movie, n in place of him other actors would have made a big unexpected flop. But he is the one who carries a movie forward….thats y he is a superstar.

  • @fathiya
    No doubt u support the movie… in the previous reviews i have seen u commented RBDJ will be hit and will be good film.U girls are blindly supporting these craps of Sharukh.He doesnt know how to act Simply does some chocolate romantic commercial films and he is now termed as the King OF BOllywood! How did such a crap became a king!? U girls and some other craps are responsible for that!Just look back.. what have this man done?or what he have contributed? Some RAJs and RAHULs…… who is after 1 or two girls or vice versa some usual blah blah,6-7 songs and the usual sentiments (sniffing NOse)…..Its so pathetic! Even Hrithik Roshan is far better than SRK!these type of fools arent the king of indian cinemas… actors like Mohanlal,Kamalhassan etc are the real kings .My advice to u .. dont waste ur time watching these crappyy srk movie.. go watch some films of kamalhassan or Mohanlal

  • all was good except that anushka couldnt recognise srk as raj.

    how foolish……

    but very entertaining as all srk movies.


  • Linjo: Wow!! so u think that you’re a smart guy!! What a good advice we’re taking from u.. go and watch Kamalhasan and.. who’s the other guy which u mentioned his name?!! I don’t even know him?

    Linjo: Do u want to (ruin) bollywood with your own hand man?!! Shahrukh is bollywood.. bollywood without Shahrukh is zero.. what?!! Do u want me to go and watch CC2C.. Akshay fighting with some stupid potatos?! Hahahaha.. that’s so funny.. what did Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, Tushar, all these actors did for bollywood?!! Did they achieve anything.. R they so smart and did some best work which Shahrukh didn’t?! The only actors whom u can compare with Shahrukh are: Hrithik & Aamir.. these 2 actors did some great job for bollywood with Shahrukh.. ( and I don’t think that Ghajini will be a good movie for Aamir) and Akshay didn’t do any great job yet.. I’m just waiting to see him in some serious roles, drama or even romantic which demand great performance and good jobs but unfortunately he didn’t so far.. do u know why?! Coz he is (not) capable of doing such roles.. let’s see in the future.

    Linjo: I’m sure that u didn’t watch Rabne.. so take a heavy.. big.. spectacles with u while going to cinema and watch Shahrukh’s performance in this movie.

  • just averag movie,muic are averag expect tital song story stiling from other yash raj movie SRK performanc same like SRKother movies nothing new anuska looks good,just one time watching movie

  • unbelievable nonrealistic story badly acted ..loud avoid at all costs …do not go by the sugary reviews here ..these reviews will unnecessary push you to burn your money over trivia ..dumb .flop film

  • ia gree it is a bandal picture …people have no sense of understanding cinema some of people will appreciate any and everything here ..for me it is a nonstarter and will nosedive this very weekend..

  • weak film..undoubtedly a nonstarter will surely flop with a little help from us ..and should as pointed out by indicine with so many flaws..i dont plan to watch this flick ..id rather see the world stood still.keanu reeves thriller with lots of special effects

  • Bakhwas movie..Hopeless film.. SRK is a big huge senseless actor..He is jus running on because of some luck n karan johar.. This is totally bhakkwas movie..Inspired by sunil shetty’s GOPI KISHAN

  • Yuvvraaj is much better then this stupid movie..RNBDJ, u can count it with shah ruk’s zamana deewan, guddu etc.. SRK is ruining indian film industry..Aamir, akshay, salman, hritik are much much better then him..SRK, u gettin older n lookin older n older so please take retirement from acting & concentrate on film production & IPL..

  • dont waste ur money for dis movie, its a movie best watched at home. I don understand, wen all the actors of his age have moved up to another level, y doesnt srk even tries dat. m sick n tired of his dumb romantic movies.Plzzzz grow up srk!!….d movie is a good start for Anushka and not you!

  • Fathitya u stupid grl! We indians are fan of king kumar. U should have realized this fact. If u will praise srk in front of king kimar than u will be thrashed by all us here. Srk days now gone this is a time of akshay. Go and give ur ugly comments any other site. AKSHAY KUMAR 1000000% GOOD THAN SRK. CC2C will be the bigger hit than rnbdj.AKKKI IS A KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Punjabi Sher: U stupid punjabi boy.. Are u a hypocrite or what?! U said u liked Rabne.. and asked ppl to watch it.. and now.. see what u r saying about Shahrukh!! and who said to you ( or u said it to yourself.. heard it.. and believed it.. that “all” indians love only your Akki.. but not Shahrukh?!! Wakeup man.. don’t close your eyes on Rabne.. it did even better than SIK and Dhoom2)

    And.. you are not on Singh is King Box office collection.. your are not on Akshay Kumar’s page.. oh.. sorrryy.. sooooo sorrrryyy dear.. I forgot to call him Mahraja or Sarkar (King Akshay Kumar).. now it will be a “disaster” in India coz Fathiya forgot to add the word (King) while calling Akshay Kumar!! Oh.. no.. Mahraja is a small title for Akki.. I should’ve called him HRH.. his Royal Highness Akshay Kumar.

    Just get lost..are u trying to threaten me or what! I thought we had a peace after fighting there on SIK page, but obviously.. you are a hypocrite, u change your colour everytime u post any comment!

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