Pics: Shahrukh Khan’s new look!

Shahrukh Khan was at the Yashraj Studios promoting his upcoming film Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, when we clicked him in his all new look.

His fans feel the new look is too simple and doesn’t quite go with his image. Has it something to do with his character, that of a simpleton, in Rab Ne which releases this week world wide?

What do you think of SRK’s new look? Post you comments below.

Below are the pictures we clicked as Yashraj Studios. Check it out!

Shahrukh Khan at Yash Raj Studios Shahrukh Khan at Yash Raj Studios

Shahrukh Khan at Yash Raj Studios Shahrukh Khan at Yash Raj Studios Shahrukh Khan at Yash Raj Studios



  • Sort of copied Shahid’s boy next door look. does not suit him. he is over 40 and he has to accept it and change his image. to survive, he has to take the macho look like akshay,salman etc did. i think he is intelligent enough to know that he should change to suit his age. maybe he should sit down with anil kapoor and ask him a few tips. does anyone know how anil kapoor manages to look so good. he outshines all actors that are his age and younger. the role in Rab de….is an anil kapoor type of role. i hope shah rukh did justice to it. maybe he should go back to the psycho type of roles he did in Baazigar and Dar.

  • It’s not bad.. for a change.. shahrukh alway try to showup in some new look.. but he lost weight and when he does.. he looks a bit ill.

  • Ummmm…he looks quiet aged than his previous appearance. But I like that!!! Really I like that cozz he has grown really old. Cheers Shahrukh…….keep on growing old.

  • Hey…what you’re talking about? He’s looking great, gorgeous, absolutely stunning….This jacket with this piece of jewellry or whatever it is. This V on his shirt, this well fitting jeans…Should I go on? ;) He could eat a little bit more, but as far as I’ve heard he will do it for his next film. His hair…..oooouh, I love his warwick castle touslin’ hair…but I get accostumed with it, and it’s cute! Thank you for the pics…we love it!!!!
    Kind regards to all of you….and have a nice evening with RNBDJ!!! :)

  • i think SRK luks rly rly gud with his new look…he suits this look…and luks awesome in the film with the younger look…

  • I think with this new look looks like SRK is trying too hard to look good. He needs to know people loves him just the way he is.

  • srk is just superbbbbbbbb.i hsne seen d film and d end made mi emotional. srk is my best actor. he has worked very hard for his look. so i just salute him
    i love u srk

  • Guys….hez SRK…no matter wat he does ,wat he wears he alwayzz looks gr8….widout a second a thought…srk ur d best…just go on man….!!!!!muwaaahhh

  • he is looking cool in his new looks….whatever new style he makes suits him………………..because he is the best

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