Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Movie Review

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi marks the return of Aditya Chopra as a director after 8 years. His last movie Mohabbatein did well at the box-office, but it isDDLJ that continues to make news a decade after its release (its still running in a theatre in Mumbai). The expecations are quite high. Can Aditya Chopra recreate the magic of DDLJ, once again, with Shahrukh Khan in the lead?

Like last year’s Om Shanti Om, SRK has a new heroine, who again like Deepika Padukone, appears slightly taller than him.

Surprisingly unlike most Aditya Chopra movies, there are just 4 characters in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi; Surinder Sahni – Raj (both SRK), Taani (Anushka Sharma) and Bobby (Vinay Pathak). Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is a simple film about a couple whose marriage turns from a compromise to one made in heaven, by Rab himself!

Surinder Sahni is a simpleton working for Punjab Powers with a personality of a nerd. At the wedding of his college professors daughter he falls head over heals in love at first with the bride, the beautiful and very bubbly girl Taani. Just when the air of happiness and celebration reached its peak, the news about the accident of the groom and his entire family puts everything to lull. Surinder being the most favorite and admired student of the professor takes the responsibility of taking care of Taani and ties the nuptial bond with her. The rest of the story tells us about the extent to which Surinder goes to bring back the liveliness and happiness in the life of his lady love. It’s about how he wins his share of love compromising yet taking his stand for the man he is.

There are 2 major negatives and flaws in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

1) The length! Its more than 2 hours 40 mins long for a movie, which preferabbly should not have exceeded 2 hours. A bunch of unnecessary scenes, just to add masala, to an otherwise simple movie is disappointing. Also the movie is a stretch, with the pace being painfully slow at times.

2) The story! How can a newly married woman, who promises to be a good wife, fall in love with her dance partner? Okay, such things do happen when the marriage has no hold. But then the Raj – Taani love story is far from convincing and just doesnt strike the right chord. When a love story involves a married lady, who is cheating on her husband, the build up and the impact has to be tad bit more.

And how in the world does Taani not recognise Raj as her husband? With minimal changes in looks which included the removal of his moustache, specs and a change in hairstyle. The face and voice was the same, wasnt it?

The dialogues are great. Sets are adequate, simple and perfect for a movie like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. The music is average. Haule Haule and the title track are good. Dance Pe Chance has been choreographed well. Rest are okay.

SRK’s character of Surinder Sahni is something most people would identify with. A simple common man, who goes through his daily routine and 9 to 5 working life. Acting wise, SRK has put in a lot of effort into this role and it shows. The mannerisms are funny, overall good performance.

Then comes the Raj makeover and SRK starts perfecting his hamming skills. The over the top character is strictly for SRK fans. Others could find it irritating.

Anushka Sharma is brilliant in a highly refreshing performance. Her expressions and dance stands out. A huge contender for the best debut award this year. Vinay Pathak is fine.

Overall, the story and the execution is a let down. The performances are decent and the movie sure has some light moments that would make you smile and laugh. At the all important box-office, the opening has been suprisingly not upto expectations for such a huge film. It should pick up over the weekend. Going past the Week 1 figures of either Singh Is King or Om Shanti Om seems highly unlikely.

Rating: ★★½☆☆ Wait for DVD release or Television Premiere

Other notes: Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, Lara Dutta, Bipasha Basu and Preity Zinta.. all have special apperances in a song. The theatre was half full for the morning show and the audience reaction was decent. They seemed to love the scene wherein SRK keeps a rose along with his phone number, for his newly married wife.



  • i watch a movie…believe me its crap…i love sahrukh & his movies…but in this movie 1st half is roaming around sahrukh only…its average movie…There is nothing new in the movie..same old love story..

  • @fathiya
    No doubt u will support the movie… in the previous reviews i have seen u commented RBDJ will be hit and will be good film.U girls are blindly supporting these craps of Sharukh.He doesnt know how to act Simply does some chocolate romantic commercial films and he is now termed as the King OF BOllywood! How did such a crap became a king!? U girls and some other craps are responsible for that!Just look back.. what have this man done?or what he have contributed? Some RAJs and RAHULs…… who is after 1 or two girls or vice versa some usual blah blah,6-7 songs and the usual sentiments (sniffing NOse)…..Its so pathetic! Even Hrithik Roshan is far better than SRK!these type of fools arent the king of indian cinemas… actors like Mohanlal,Kamalhassan etc are the real kings .My advice to u .. dont waste ur time watching these crappyy srk movie.. go watch some films of kamalhassan or Mohanlal….

  • I watched the film and as per me it is a very good film. The way SRK carried the role of a common man is awesome. Anuska has proved herself in the movie and shown her confidence. The songs Haule Haule, Tuj Me Rab Dikta Hain and Dance Pe Chance are well executed. The film is a very simple film which potrays the Indian culture and the institution of marraige. Dont compare it with DDLJ as it is a quiet a different film from that. Its nice to see that filmmakers are still believing in pure Indian Culture in this days of western influence. SRK you are simply great in the film.

  • i am totally disagree with the review of the movie,i saw this movie on friday
    it is a very good movie,beautiful story,outstanding performamce by shahrukh khan,anuskha and vinay pahtak.Direction,songs and picturization of the movie is fantastic..
    i am giving you a very fair review.
    i personally think it is a biggest block buster of 2008 ,Shahrukh performance was over the top,anuskha act very well,Vinay pathak is funny,it is a best movie for families.
    Go for it,i am sure you will love it.it’s a really heart touching movie .


  • Kalyan: The potato scene reminds me of the scene in the movie ( Koi Mel Gaya) if u remember when Johnny Liver see a ball in the air and tries to catch it and he couldn’t coz the alien was moving it by it’s power..so that was an alien.. it’s power.. what makes potates hanging in the air?! Some aliens too in the movie?! Not a funny scene.. and Akshay Kumar isn’t funny at all.. he’s not a comedian.. he only plays the leading roles in some comedy movies which millions of ppl love.. I found him funny only in SIK and in few scenes.. not in all the scenes in the movie.

    I just don’t understand what some ppl find in Akshay Kumar?!!

  • A reply to Indicine Team & Venessa:

    Indicine Team: Taani didn’t mention to Raj that she’s married coz of fear of losing him.. lots of ppl do it in fact, men and women.. I remember when I ued to work at a bank, a new employee we had, who was pretty and all the single emplyees eye’s were on her.. to win her, and one day, while we worked together she told me that she’s engaged.. after few days, I mentioned infront of someone that she’s engaged and she was “angry”! and she blamed me by saying: Why did u tell this guy that I’m engaged!! (as it was a big and a crime which I did!) then lateron, after few months I found out that she was a playgirl! wanted to attract other guys and didn’t want them to know that she’s engaged! So Tani was married to a middle age man, unhappy, and was looking 4 love, she got her reasons not tell Raj that she’s married. And the rest which u hv mentioned.. afterall it’a a film indicine team.. a movie which means 75% is a fantasy..we’ve seen in many indian movies a hero would do certain things to express his love in ways which no one does in fact.. Sury is lightingup the whole town with ( i love you) he’s doing it with lights.. in some other movies we saw a hero does it with flowers.. or a smoke in the air, etc.. these stuff would never affect any film.
    And.. Sury didn’t (change) overnight.. he was just trying to be someone else! Tani loved him as Raj.. he could’ve remained as Raj for her.. to please her.. but as he was only wearing someone els’e clothes.. wasn’t (him), framed himself in a fake character, so it’s difficult for any guy to be someone else.. therefore he wanted his wife to love him the way he is.. he tried to make her love him, come close, but to accept at the end the fact that he’s not Raj and would never be Raj, but Sury.

    And Venessa: If u wanted to end the story with the following: the boring husband goes to a saloon and change his look, and then the wife is surprised, and gradually falls in love with him.. so is (THE END) lived happily everafter!! the movie would’ve finished in 45 minutes! and that was the story, the movie would’ve flopped, neither the 45minutes length would satisfy the audience nor the 3 hours.. The movie length has to be from 2-3hours at maximum.. it has to hv some flavours in it, to entertain the audience.. and Sury, as he was aware, that he’s not the guy she was dreaming of, not only the look but even the character, therefore he tried to win her by framing himself into someone else’s character coz a quiet simple husband can’t do all this and change himself from a-z to please any woman, no man would do this in fact.

    Most of the movies we sea r unrealistic, what matters is: did u enjoy watching it? Did u find it a good movie? Did u like the actors? Did u like the performance and the songs?
    Most of movies which we watch hv some flaws, no flawless movies coz they are (only) movies!

    And wait till Ghaajini is released.. a movie with full flaws.. similar to Raajnikant’s cartoon movies! unrealistic at all ( the promos proves it)

  • I agree with the movie review… Not upto the mark.
    Poor script.. Not a convincing one.. I don’t think it will go upto ur expectations.. Will be average at the boxoffice..

  • FATHIYA,i totally agree wth all your comments,u r rite in almost each and every way.I dunt know why such people like KALYAN and LINJO have so much hostile attitude towards SHAHRUKH.Well if anybody likes sumthing,he or she wont change their views ,b/c of such people,and i also want to add that CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA and GHAJNI will b da biggest flops ever,which seems frm their promos which r so childish and full of flaws.
    RNBDJ *****/5



  • well….dis review is nt upto d mark…..this movie hs a long way to go when having such gr8 actors…taani aka anushka is a vry beautiful grl…

    d famous critic, Mr. Mohammad Khalid hs given it 3.5/5 stars….d movie ll definitely one of d biggest groosers of 2009…also it is d only movie of SRK in 2009…it hs to b a super duper hit…!!!

  • Humaira: Last night, I was watching an interview with Shahrukh about the movie on NDTV Channel ( u can followup on this channel today coz they’re repeating it from time to time).. and believe me.. shahrukh made me cry, made me feel sad and I couldn’t stop my tears falling after watching this interview. I felt (the pain ) in his voice that why some ppl started hating him! he didn’t commit any crime, didn’t harm anyone in anyway.. it’s all because of some Punajbi ppl who want to promote for their Akshay and want to let down Shahrukh..

    Lyers.. the worst ppl which I’ve met with on this website.. got a bad language, loud ppl and have no manners, always swear and describe shahrukh with the worst ( God please punish them and cut their tongues.. God please let them down with the continuous success of shahrukh) I always used to hear from ppl that Punajbi ppl r loud and disrespect others, but I didn’t know that they’re this way bad ppl!

    When the announcer said to him: Shahrukh, years ago, no one ever said anything bad about you.. but why now?! He replied: “I don’t know! but the success is gone behond the love” and that’s the truth which he sensed it.. coz of his success ( Shahrukh is very popular globally but Akshay.. no one even know who he is!.. I mean other nationalities, not indians). And lots of Punjabi ppl said while discussiong with them about Shahrukh & Akshay the following which shows their jealousy: He’s the king for 12 years.. now he’s to quit bollywood.. to leave and give chance to some others!!

    Well. if some others could prove themselves as good actors.. best actors.. that they’re loveable as shahrukh.. that they have a strong charisma on the screen.. that they’re funny and more than Shahrukh.. why not?! Is Shahrukh crowning himself as a king or ppl did because they loved him?!

    People loved him.. and still people do, not only millions but trillions.. so to hell with u haters & failures and God bless Shahurkh more and more and till the last breath!

  • Humaira: I forgot to add the sentence which shahrukh said and made me cry. Shahrukh said when the announcer asked him why some started hating him the following: “If out of 200 people.. 2 only love me.. my kids only love me.. and my friends that would be enough for me. This sentence made me cry.

    ( and I hope that he has some true friends and not some hypocrates who stick to him coz of his popularity and then would walk away one day.. hope so)

  • Chetan: and as usual.. u r a negative guy.. and I’m sure u didn’t watch Rabne.. so don’t express yr opinion about it. Turn on yr tv and watch Starnews channel.. if u don’t believe me!

  • Abdul Rahsid: I remember u.. you’re a punjabi.. and you r a lyer.. didn’t see the movie.. u hate shahrukh.. so get lost, you are all a gang.. want to ruin shahrukh.. God will defeat u ppl.. and Shahrukh will always rise and shine..

  • Humaira and Fathiya: Akshay is funny in few scenes and he is not in few scenes,But that doesn’t us hate him and as i said i don’t hate shahrukh khan.It’s just that when you shahrukh khan fans curse Akshay kumar or discriminate him we just can’t take it btw just saw the movie Shahrukh performance was good,Anuskha is surely gonna be a big star and has bright future,Personally i feel the movie is Average.

  • Linjo: Yes Kamal hassan is a an extraoridnary actor and is know as universal hero,Him and Rajnikanth are legends.Akshay Kumar,Shahrukh Khan,Aamir khan,Hirthink Roshan and Amitabh Bachchan are NO WHERE NEAR THEM.

  • humaira ali : What did u say Ghajini and chandni chowk will be flops? U dont know anything about cinema.. Both of them are certain hits.Just check out below to find Y i said that?

    1.Mr perfectionist aamir khan who have made almost all his films blockbusters

    2.Have u seen the tamil version of ghajini?and acting of asin? if yes u wouldnt have said that

    3.This film will be the most commercial film of aamir

    Chandni CHowk

    1. Its of Akshay Kumar or the Hit Wallah
    2. Next film of Nikhil Adwani after the flop Salaam e ishq(I am damn sure that this time he will be careful)
    3.It has a strong story line

  • Hello All,

    Shahrukh khan is the real king of bollywood!!. The figures mentioned in the review counts only India gross i guess….Shahrukh khan is the best actor in the world!!!

    How can a kid like Akshay can be compared to Shahrukh!!..sometimes i get laugh too…When u make a movie like ‘Singh is kingg”, it does not mean that it is good…I have seen the movie…at no scene i felt that Akshay has done some king role in this movie except in the title song’sing is king’!!haha…really man…I dont understnad what people think of Shahrukh khan who continuously broking his own records in the box office!!…….Common be true to yourself…

    Shahrukh khan is the best!!

    Hello All,

    I saw the movie twice already as in UAE, the movie released on 11th itself!!!.

    Rab ne banadi jodi is awesome!!! As far as performance is concerned, Shahrukh’s ‘THE BEST’ performance in his whole career!!!..truly…trust me!!. If you think Shahrukh deserves to get the award for ?ak De…then No doubt, Shahrukh’s performance in Rab ne is even more better!!!. Truly a God gifted actor…Iam sure that Yash raj banner will gain all the money which they lose coz of successive flops…

    Almost every scene is excellent….The songs are very well picturized.

    I like the dialogue when shahrukh says : Hum hain rahi pyaar ke.. phirmilenge…chalte chalte!!:)

    Forget about Raj from DDLJ…. Shahruk’s Sunindar sahni will rule the world for more than 15 years!!!.

    Excellent story…Brilliant Performance… Shahrukh has taken the movie on his shoulders and delivers a great product!!. Om shanti Om movie is nothing when compared to Rab ne…

    Atlast a good story line which describes Love to the core…Unlike movies like Dilkabaddi and Dostana which are creating ripples in lives of good people by projecting Indian culture in a bad way to the world.

    Shahrukh…u are the best..Now I understand why distributors were very impressed after the special show….God bless u. No matter how many ‘Singh is kingg’ can come….But u proved that YOU ARE THE REAL KING OF BOLLYWOOD!! :)

  • Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi First Day Business

    Saturday 13th November 2008 07.30 IST


    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi collected a very good 7.50 crore nett on its first day in India. Business was good all over with Delhi/NCR, Punjab, Nizam and Mysore doing best while some centres in Bihar, CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan were on the lower side but big centres in these circuits were good which meant healthy overall totals for these circuits.

    The business over Saturday and Sunday is expected to be better and the weekend should see the film grossing a healthy 25 crore nett. This would be the second highest weekend total ever after Singh Is Kinng which netted a huge 28 crore nett. The 2007 Shahrukh Khan blockbuster Om Shanti Om had netted 22 crore over its first weekend as had the Abbas Mustan directed Race earlier this year.

  • Who said that ghajini is gonna flop?Rofl,I am a SouthIndian I saw Tamil version Dubbed in Telugu It was a BLOCKBUSTER in both tamil and telugu and it’s gonna be the same in Hindi unless there are flaws in the direction.

  • Kalyan: I never meant to down grade Akshay.. what I (always) say ( and u can read all my previous comments on other pages) that Akshay is not so special as Shahrukh.. Akshay did only some successful movies in almost 2 years, therefore everyone like him in India now.. but the 3 movies which he did last year and were hit movies, he didn’t play any leading role in them, shared with others e.g. Hey Baby, Welcome, Bhool Bulaiya.. he was in a leading role in Namaste London, and he did a good job, and then in SIK, and I liked him in SIK too, but Akshay still lacks talent as an actor.. I’m just waiting that he does some different roles in future.. if he did.. then I would consider him as one of the best in bollywood.

    And ppl who hate shahrukh don’t have any strong reason to hate him!! they’re just (jealous) that’s all

  • Fathiya: It’s Shahrukh who isn’t as special as Akshay and wtf Akshay was a solo hero in Bhool Bhulaiyaa and welcome he was the LEADING ROLE in THEM,It’s shahrukh who lacks talent Shahrukh does ONLY ROMANTIC LOVE STORIES WHICH HE IS ONLY GOOD IN.On the other hand Akshay does stunts by himself which shahrukh can’t and cannot do in his life and he varies his genre in movies from time to time from action-comedy-romance-thriller while shahrukh is Does -romance-romance-romance-romane-action-romance-romance which he is only good in,now who lacks acting talent eh?Surely shahrukh khan,your just jealous cause akshay is rising as a star and will beat down shahrukh khan so you just can’t fact that akshay is better actor than shahrukh and you will never admit that fact.THE END~

  • Humaira: Sorry for some typing mistakes in my 1st comment about shahrukh’s interview.. please read on the 3rd para, the line which shahrukh said: “I don’t know..but the success has gone behond the love” I meant to say : “but the success has gone beyond the love”

  • Kalyan: if what u r saying is truth.. Akshay and Akshay.. Akshay is a talented.. Shahrukh isn’t.. then why didn’t he get the crown for the past 15 years?!! I will not say 17 years coz he started his career since 2 years only!!

    Shahrukh worked in action, comedy, romantic, drama & serious historycial movies.. he does different roles always, but Akshay’s 80% of his movies in the past were some cheap action & comedy, and he wasn’t even funny, he lacks all the talents as a comedian ( that’s my opinion so don’t get angry with me.. I don’t find him a funny guy!) I can’t remember that he ever did any good romantic comedy except (Waqt) and in Waqt, he wasn’t funny but Bigb, the servant, and Boman Iran..

    Akshay’s movies are good for men who love action and also 4 few women.. yes.. as they might be some macho in their nature! ladies love some cheap action movies!

    And if romantic movies weren’t in demand by the audience.. shahrukh could never ever make it to the crown.. could never win the audience.. ppl love romantic movies which touch your heart coz if they didn’t.. then Shahrukh would’ve been a failure from the beggining, when he started his career in bollywood.

  • Fathiya: That was the matter of luck by then and wtf sharukh never did comedy,romance,action films earlier he just 90% of romantic films and he will always do those and will fail just like he failed now.Akshay did action movies,romantic movies like waqt,Aitraaz,comedy like Hera pheri,Bhagam bhag,Garam masala,In furture he has promising movies,In the action category there is CC2C,Kambhkat ishq,Blue and in Romantic lovestory: De dana dan, and in comedy Hera Pheri 4 and a Thriller film Eight By ten and a historical film Komagata maru NOW THATS VARYING OF GENRES IN A MOVIE.And you were wrong akshay didn’t start his career 2 years it was 15,If you actually see from the point of a hardworking person the result always pays off at the end,he was noob/newb back then,he was knowing/studying what would work and what might not,he got hits flops and lasts he found the correct formula while shahrukh who always lacked talent in all the genres except romancting sad love stories rose as a start JUST BY LUCK he doesn’t know whats meant by a liffle struggle as Akshay does,Shahrukh fails at acting other than in romantic sad love stories no wonder now people are fed up of him and wants a new King which is Akshay kumar.You can’t avoid facts in your life,you know it better even though you just stomp those facts beneath your heart they are always true.pfft >.>

  • fatiya and kalyan why r u fight?

    shahruk is king of heart and aksay is a king of entertainment or comedy.few months ago shahruk and aksay met and discussed nearly one hour.

    they have no problem to make fool the audience and collect 100 crors.so why fatiya and kalyan or any one fight each other.

    we are audience, we love good movie and appreciate.

    all are good actor in the bollywood and we love all of them . also should respect.

    rab ne bana de jori release time is not good .but i think it will be another (srk)superhit.

    i hope gajini and cc2china also super hit.

    hum logoko keya faraq parta hai .paisa to hum logo ko paket ma sa jata hai.

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