Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Movie Review

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi marks the return of Aditya Chopra as a director after 8 years. His last movie Mohabbatein did well at the box-office, but it isDDLJ that continues to make news a decade after its release (its still running in a theatre in Mumbai). The expecations are quite high. Can Aditya Chopra recreate the magic of DDLJ, once again, with Shahrukh Khan in the lead?

Like last year’s Om Shanti Om, SRK has a new heroine, who again like Deepika Padukone, appears slightly taller than him.

Surprisingly unlike most Aditya Chopra movies, there are just 4 characters in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi; Surinder Sahni – Raj (both SRK), Taani (Anushka Sharma) and Bobby (Vinay Pathak). Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is a simple film about a couple whose marriage turns from a compromise to one made in heaven, by Rab himself!

Surinder Sahni is a simpleton working for Punjab Powers with a personality of a nerd. At the wedding of his college professors daughter he falls head over heals in love at first with the bride, the beautiful and very bubbly girl Taani. Just when the air of happiness and celebration reached its peak, the news about the accident of the groom and his entire family puts everything to lull. Surinder being the most favorite and admired student of the professor takes the responsibility of taking care of Taani and ties the nuptial bond with her. The rest of the story tells us about the extent to which Surinder goes to bring back the liveliness and happiness in the life of his lady love. It’s about how he wins his share of love compromising yet taking his stand for the man he is.

There are 2 major negatives and flaws in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

1) The length! Its more than 2 hours 40 mins long for a movie, which preferabbly should not have exceeded 2 hours. A bunch of unnecessary scenes, just to add masala, to an otherwise simple movie is disappointing. Also the movie is a stretch, with the pace being painfully slow at times.

2) The story! How can a newly married woman, who promises to be a good wife, fall in love with her dance partner? Okay, such things do happen when the marriage has no hold. But then the Raj – Taani love story is far from convincing and just doesnt strike the right chord. When a love story involves a married lady, who is cheating on her husband, the build up and the impact has to be tad bit more.

And how in the world does Taani not recognise Raj as her husband? With minimal changes in looks which included the removal of his moustache, specs and a change in hairstyle. The face and voice was the same, wasnt it?

The dialogues are great. Sets are adequate, simple and perfect for a movie like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. The music is average. Haule Haule and the title track are good. Dance Pe Chance has been choreographed well. Rest are okay.

SRK’s character of Surinder Sahni is something most people would identify with. A simple common man, who goes through his daily routine and 9 to 5 working life. Acting wise, SRK has put in a lot of effort into this role and it shows. The mannerisms are funny, overall good performance.

Then comes the Raj makeover and SRK starts perfecting his hamming skills. The over the top character is strictly for SRK fans. Others could find it irritating.

Anushka Sharma is brilliant in a highly refreshing performance. Her expressions and dance stands out. A huge contender for the best debut award this year. Vinay Pathak is fine.

Overall, the story and the execution is a let down. The performances are decent and the movie sure has some light moments that would make you smile and laugh. At the all important box-office, the opening has been suprisingly not upto expectations for such a huge film. It should pick up over the weekend. Going past the Week 1 figures of either Singh Is King or Om Shanti Om seems highly unlikely.

Rating: ★★½☆☆ Wait for DVD release or Television Premiere

Other notes: Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, Lara Dutta, Bipasha Basu and Preity Zinta.. all have special apperances in a song. The theatre was half full for the morning show and the audience reaction was decent. They seemed to love the scene wherein SRK keeps a rose along with his phone number, for his newly married wife.



  • Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Opens Well

    Saturday 13th December 2008 17.00 IST

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was slow to take off in the early shows but made rapid progress through out the day and was running to full houses at the end of the day at the major centres. Smaller centres were much slower to improve. At the end of the day the first day business was around 80-85%. The reports are good and the film is likely to be a huge earner (around 40 crore) for Yashraj films. The first weekend business should come in around the 25 crore nett mark.

  • i never vouched that ive seen the movie please read my comments..after reading indicine views of an average film i dont plan to see it ..dear faathiya so you please help yourself to dollops of movie watching and hey dont forget your morning show of dostana ..anyways i dont like your views and dont go by what you say..if im negative let me be ..but i will not waste my hard earned pie on anything frivolous and i will say it to all those who read this site and reviews please do not encourage banl stuff from bollywood instead by staying away pull the makers up to make sensible tales..
    i agree with indicine there should be an explanation for everything even in a potboiler but for someone who liked sawariya!!! well who can say anything

  • To Indicine Team,

    You are saying that how can he light up the whole city? How can she not recognize Surinder in Raj?

    If we go by your logic then a man can’t really fly like super-man or shoot web like spiderman or jump from a building like batman with artificial wings. Right, Indicine? A man also can’t force govt to kill 4 terrorists, hero and heroines just can’t go to any other country just like that to sing and dance, also people can’t sing without any instruments playing, right?

    It’s just a movie for godsake!

    Well, Taani never cheated on Surinder. She just fell in love with Raj because she used to spend quality time with him. Any person will fall for someone who can make him/her laugh, brings back joy. It’s common sense.

    Also, how did he just change his personality? If you watched the movie carefully then you might have noticed that when he came for the first time in the dance class, he didn’t want to go in front of her as he was shy but his love for her did it. He forced himself. And again I say, it’s just a movie. Your negative points don’t justify as you don’t have proper reason to backup your statement.


  • i haven’t seen this movie but being optimistic about this film. hopefully will do well. Hope GHAJJNI and CHINA FILM OF akshay will do well. They all are great actors.

  • Mahmoud: U love all the good actors.. but not all the commentators here love Shahrukh, as I explained earlier and I’m just defending him, that’s all

    Kalyan: You said shahrukh will fail just like he failed now!!! R u out of yr mind or what?! Who said that Shahrukh failed?!! R u closing your eyes and blocking your ears about RBNDJ as u can’t tolerate to hear about his success any more?! Rabne will be a super hit despite the bad time of the release, otherwise it would’ve been a blockbuster.. you don’t know yet.. the rating is a matter of time.. if for 1st week will do around 25crores.. then.. wait and see.. u can’t just say whatever u like about Shahrukh and his movies coz u don’t like him.. u can’t say that he’s a failure and he’s done blockbuster movies, super hit movies and a hit after a hit.. wakeup man.. I think u saw shahrukh as a failure in yr dreams only!!

  • Fathiya: It’s you who is closing all the ears and sleeping RBDNJ Isn’t A SUPERHIT MOVIE IT’S GONNA BE AVERAGE/BELOW AVERAGE/FAILURE,It’s Akshay who is giving superhit after hit you just can’t tolerate akshays success and you can never will he is gone passed shahrukh but you won’t accept it,it isn’t worth argueing with you.>.>

  • Kalyan, Chetan, Abdul Rashid and all Punjabi Putars:

    U guys go and have some pills tonight.. that u sleep well and relax coz u all dreamt that Shahrukh would fail with his new movie ( and Kalyan.. I’m sure that u don’t like Shahrukh!)

    It’s going to be a huge hit, I’ve visited many indian websites now.. 95% r praising the movie, cinemas r housefull as it was announced today on tv, ppl loved it so much, some left 160 comments on chakpack website and 95% of the comments are “positive” by saying: brilliant, superb, awesome, outstanding movie.

    So.. u have to accept the fact that Shahrukh is (great) and is (strong & solid) and ( unbreakable)!

    Akshay has to wait another 3 or 4 years or maybe forever! till he’s crowned as the next King of Bollywood!

  • I havent seen this movie and was keen to read something about it. I’m a Westerber outside India who has recently developed a passion for Bollywood.
    I see so much in the review and comments here demands some lofty level of excellence and even believability.
    I like something I can connect with and enjoy and not everything has to be arty or capapble of surpassing all others. I have not been getting that enjoyment much from Hollywood for a while with its focus so much on the violent, the dark and the ‘real’ (which I get enough of in the papers and in my job). Bollywood gives me colour, emotions, love, song, dance, often people with ethics and heart- and a nice way to spend time. It that sounds trivial and simple minded ,so be it. I have an intellectual day job and I like connecting with other parts of me in movies like the current one is likely to do.
    Many of these movies are more morality tales and myths rather than a reflection of truth and they work really well in that way.
    Does there need to be competition between whether Shahrukh or Askay is the best to watch. It’s all personal taste rather than right /wrong. I’m not into slapstick type humour so Ashkay only is of interest in some of his movies where he does less of that.
    I do llike Shahrukh in almost everything he does as he is very good at playing on emotions and has moved me a lot in many of his films. As with Hrithik, there is a humanity and depth that shines beyond the part.
    I dont mind a bit of over -the- top with Shahrukh as he almost does it with a twinkle in the eye that says ‘I’m smarter than what I’m pretending’ and at other times his ability to express open- hearted love and sadness are almost uneequalled in my Hollywood background.
    Let these movies keep coming and enjoy them rather than put them down. We’ve all seen a lot of movies by now and its hard to do new. But does that matter? Life is pretty repetitive in its themes too.
    Where I am from in Australai I dont get the chance to see these in the cionemas so much so I WILL be buying it on DVD . as soon as it is released as the plot, music and actors all sound worth spending time with. I like the music I’ve heard.
    Length? – as DVD watcher principally I now like the longer length. You can really get into characters and care more about them when they take time developing them. At home you can watch them over several evenings as a miniseries too. You really get your moneys worth!
    Keep it up Shahrukh and the rest of you! I have developed a deep love of India through his and other movies and I have only gratitude.

  • Hi, i already watch the movies last night at 1’clock and believe me it was awesome movie.
    finally SRk prove it, he is the best and also lucky for his buddy(Adi).
    such good entertainment movie for family and a good couple who believe on each other.
    each husband and wife has to take a lesson from this movie couple.

  • @Fathiya

    Please don’t waste your time in arguing with AK fanatics like Kalyan. They won’t accept it and keep on talking nonsense. Check out boxofficeindia.com, RNBDJ is doing great all over India despite the attacks. 7.50 crore in day 1. Just see the figures and be happy and don’t argue with these people. The more you’ll argue the more they’ll talk nonsense. They can’t slow down the business by talking like this, can they? Ignore them.

  • I dont know hw the movie is but the intial battle has been won by Akshay Kumar for this year. So it wud be interesting to see hw it will sustain once Ghajini hits the theatre. Now the battle is betn Aamir and Akshay for records to be created. Personally i wud say Akshay is ON PAR with SRK when it comes to popularity. SRK shud stop his ultra cool guy image on screen it just becomes overboard does look natural.
    I like this battle though, its the competition which gets the best out of a person.

  • Well Aryan,

    When the awards will come, the battle will be between SRK, Aamir and Hrithik (For Jodhaa Akbar). What Akshay does is comedy. Nothing else and there is no variety in his roles. Bhool Bhulaiya, Heyy Baby, Welcome, Tashan and now Singh is Kinng.

    Despite giving 4 hits last year, he didn’t get any award. Why? Because he’s not showing his acting skills. He should take on some other roles.

    A Wednesday should win the award for Best Film of the year and Farhan winning Best Debut actor award.

  • i never criticize a movie for one person.. the battle here has erupted for shahrukh and akshay .. its not a question of heroes for me.. its the complete lunch packet . the entire package has to be sumptuous for all to like ..you cant just have the roti good and daal bad ..so in terms of entirety if the film is flawed then im sorry it wonr work with people like me .and shouldnt with those who like their meals well laid out.. but for somoene who liked sawariya ..pataalbhairavi ..hai ram kya hai drama…trimurti and all bollywood stuff ..for someone who will stop at nothing to take her favourite to unbelievable heights this piece of advise will surely fall short…

  • i don’t agree with this review, the movie is great even great performacne by SRK all commercial masala is in the movie great acting, great song, great comedy.

  • shahrukh khan movies work only because of songs get the songs out of his movie and his movie cant work

    king akhshay rules

  • Aryan: I think u posted yr comment without even reading the review, the story, and our comments on this page! I think u didn’t see the pictures of Rabne which r published everywhere and in all websites including this one.. shahrukh as a simple man with a moustache, thick glasses, uncool hair style and look.. do u really find him cool in this new image?!! If u want to see how good Shahrukh is in his performance then u (must) watch this movie, but not online, at cinema.

    Kai: Thanks for your good comments

  • hello, shahrukh u r the boss.. dont need anything, only shahrukh is enough to make a film hit… not only hit but also blockbaster… and i know all the movie of srk is tremendous. and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is also rocking.

  • Indore Barometer Second Day Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

    Sunday 14th December 2008

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was excellennt at the Indore multiplexes on day one as business improved from a very good start on Friday. Below are the second day figures for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi with first day in brackets compared with recent big release Dostana and the weekend grossers of 2008 Golmaal Returns and Singh Is Kinng.


    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi-2,86,900 (2,39,700)


    Golmaal Returns-1,82,500

    Singh Is Kinng-2,59,400


    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi-2,36,000 (1,72,500)


    Golmaal Returns-2,18,700

    Singh Is Kinng-2,14,000


    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi-2,04,000 (1,81,400)


    Singh Is Kinng-2,71,350


    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi-1,87,700 (1,59,100)


    Golmaal Returns-1,97,700

    Singh Is Kinng-2,15,800


    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi-9,14,600 (7,52,700)


    Golmaal Returns-7,78,650

    Singh Is Kinng-9,60,550

    terror attac,all movies when face big flops then rab ne bana di jori may be blockbluster.

    srk we saloot u and love u.

  • fathiya u cant just say blindly RAJINIKANTH’S CARTOON MOVIES have u even tried watchin his movies dear if u hvent please do and if u still dont like it then atleast dont comment about the super star. We south Indians love him for the reason that he comes up with movies we all like. I am not tryin to tell that srk is horrible or something i hav seen his movies continuosly frm kkhh and this was not wat we expected thats it so there no need to get hyper. And about Ghajini ppl pls wait till the movie is out its storyline is too good and just be patient till the release.The review was good though but could hav told a few more +ve points.

  • Fathiya i ws not talking abt his older/middle class look, its the ultra modern cool personality which is a prob…it was pathetic in OSO n i thnk he has repeated it here too…im not telling that he is not a good actor els he wudnt hav survived the 2000 debacle in the form of Hrithik…
    A dialogue comes to my mind of the recent mega blockbuster “The Dark Knight”, “U die a Hero or live long enough to c urself being villlion”, its becoming very irritating with his ultra cool over acting, it was grt8 in KKHH get over it kil the character…
    n to all, this movie was Aditya Chopra’s, to me he was never a good director, DDLJ just happened to him yes a good producer i agree….

    n finally awards, i think this time none of the superstars r good/worthy contenders.

  • Here is the review from another site

    Total garbage.

    Immune to our cries of mercy, oblivious to our pain and without a flicker of remorse, two Bollywood veterans unleash a 167-minute cruel nightmare in Rab Nahin Bana Di Yeh Bosudi oops Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi that boggles the mind.

    What were the devil’s apprentices Aditya Chopra and Shahrukh Khan thinking, if they were thinking at all, when they made this piece of trash.

    With no story worth speaking of save a newly married uxorious husband Surinder Sahni (Shahrukh Khan) making a monkey of himself to get his young wife Taani (Anushka Sharma) to love him, an inept screenplay that makes junk like Yuvvraaj and Drona look glorious, mediocre acting by Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma that make the grotesque Tamil film stars seem great and soporific dialogs that have less life in them than Manmohan Singh’s speeches, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi heaps more shame on Bollywood and fresh infamy on the fading Yash Raj Films banner.

    And mucho disgrace on Shahrukh Khan and Aditya Chopra as well.

    To ask the audience to believe that a woman can’t recognize her husband just because he’s removed his moustache and donned a flashy dress (and even after practising dancing with him for several days) is to suggest that Indian moviegoers need a brain-transplant.

    Au contraire, it’s Yash Raj Films’ heir apparent – and the mooncalf behind Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – Aditya Chopra who desperately needs a brain transplant. After all, it’s this lobotomized bozo who is credited with the silly story, hopeless screenplay, banal dialogs and complete misdirection.



    Mon dieu, the sheer arrogance of Shahrukh Khan in deluding himself that the audience would lap up any tripe he throws their way has few parallels in Bollywood.

    With his affected mannerisms (Thank you Ji. Mention not Ji. Taani Ji…), lifeless dancing and flat dialog delivery, Shahrukh Khan is an embarrassment to behold in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi whether as the mamooli aam aadmi Surinder with that forever constipated look or as his rustic alter ego Raj wearing that clownish mien.

    Is this joker really the Bollywood Badshah?

    Anushka Sharma is as mediocre an actress as Bollywood’s previous import from Bangalore Deepika Padukone, who made her debut in Om Shanti Om. Anushka resembles Sonam Kapoor (of Saawariya fame) from some angles but the buxom Sonam is a slightly better actress than this Bangalore boob.

    In three crucial scenes (the initial confrontation with Surinder about not loving him, with Raj in the auto-shop and when Surinder tries the Sumo-wrestling nonsense), Anushka flounders and is all at sea. Send this schmuck back to Bengaluru with a one-way ticket.

    Like the rest of the Rab Na Bana nonsense, music is drivel.

    None of the songs are likely to stand the test of time. Both Haule Haule and Dance Pe Chance were so badly picturized that we have a hard time believing human were involved in their choreography.

    Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte accomplished the seemingly impossible task of making the pretty babe Preity Zinta look like a weirdo.

    A piece of trash like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi begs to be shown the middle finger.

    To all Shahrukh Khan fans whose hearts are aflutter and flesh aquiver each time their hero’s movies are released, we say to waste either time or money on this rotten carcass would be a sin.

    Instead of watching Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, you might as well commit harakiri and scoop your entrails out. That way, you’ll suffer lesser pain.

  • hey guys, I am a tamil guy and I watched it in some theater in Vancouver (with subtitles) and I loved it. Trust me, if you want to take some time off from your busy schedule and have some enjoyable movie, Rab Ne … is the one.

    Don’t worry about what anyone feels about this movie. It must be experienced by every one, and it truly is a gripping movie. I’m very picky about movies, and I liked this movie because of King Khan’s acting skills (although some useless critics would say he over-acted in certain scenes) and his flow of emotions.

    He tactically plays with his wife in two different roles, just to understand her feelings about life, fun & happiness, her husband and her passions. He tries to impress her either ways (as suri and as raj) to know what she likes.

    Its not an illicit love story between raj and taani, but of Raj trying to relieve himself off his original character and become a modern guy just to impress his wife and make her happy again. SRK has done it. Hats off to him

  • I love the rivalry amongst the Bollywood superstars as I feel this would mean that we movie buffs are get to see better performances and some great moments created on celluloid. And, I honestly felt that SRK would do just that. He would have but I think the story and the execution failed him.

    I felt that the first five minutes are too abrupt and pacy to understand the characters but once Surinder Sahni sings ‘haule haule..’ we are ready for a cinematic rollercaoster ride and it surely starts but then…..Aditya Chopra slips up..

    We have seen ‘Raj’ so many times – it is Suridner Sahni who we would have loved to watch…

    I would say an average film. SRK fans have to wait for something else if they want to defend him with sufficient armoury, this time Yashraj has got it all wrong – both the music and the plot.


  • This is really one of the most accurate reviews of the movie. It is good in spells but terribly irritating at others. SRKs hamming is at its worst but like in om shanti om his hamming comedy is justified by the director through his character. Raj comes out as a complete idiot. WOnder why a sensible woman like that would fall for such a nonsensical and hollow character. SRKs huge female fan base will help the movie in the box office.

  • fathiya ,thanks 4 telling me abt.NDTV`s interview,but we cant see that channel in PAKISTAN,ANYWAYS THANKS.But i have seen SRK`S interview at zoom,and dere he said only 1 line abt.all these rivalries,he said SAU SUNAR KI,EK LAUHAR KI.Means no matter how many hits da different actors hav given,he has just 1 movie this year and he wll rule da box office by this(INSHA ALLAH).SO dunt worry and i advice u to just ignore all dese KALYAN`S and linjo`s comments.Last thing wll u plz.GIVE ME YOUR ID ,I WLL LOVE 2 B IN CONTACT WTH.U,i m da die hard fan of SRK,AND I WILL B GLAD TO FIND ANOTHER ONE LIKE ME.BYE ,TC.

  • Now srk is flop. Wha a bad, crap movie. Hey don´t waste your time to watch the movie, because it old method and the movie has not special.

    This movie will be flop . Srk go to your home in Dubai. what are you doing in mumbai.

  • Abinaya: Believe me.. that I’ve never in my life spent even 5 minutes to watch any of Rajnikanth’s movies coz the trailers of his movies say it.. some bad action movies!! And when he’s doing some horrible action movies which r similar to some cartoons.. then why do I hve to waste my time on such craps!! these movies never please me.. I know that these type of movies r not my type and none of us Bahraini ppl ever watch these kind of cinema.. we love bollywood movies and their best actors.. u might find a romantic movie as a crap.. it all depends on yr character.. if u r not so emotional, then ofcourse you’d never admire these emotional movies and u don’t want to watch them coz they touch yr feelings.. yr hearts.. I know lots of ppl who always run away from these movies as they don’t want to be so emotional.. do u know why? Coz some macho men think that men must be strong and never be emotional, they think that sensitive ppl r weak ppl, not men enough!, and they don’t know that these emotional movies make them (humen!)

    The directors/producers show some best parts in their trailers.. now I saw Akshay is trying to cut/fight.. whatever a potato hanging in the air.. do u think that I will enjoy these kind of movies while some for sure they do?! I’ts a big production, and might be a good script.. I don’t know. .but the trailer of CC2C & Golmaal Returns.. these kind of cinema r not of my interest.. I love comedy but some quality.. like Dostana and Rabne.. and few years ago Masti & No Entry as some pure comedy movies.. but not Bagan Baag.. & Hera Pheri series, Welcome and some Salman Khan’s movies.. no.. sorry

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