My Name Is Khan Box Office Prediction

These predictions are real hard to get right, simply because box office is very unpredictably and a lot depends on the merits of a film. But a film like My Name Is Khan, irrespective of how it turns out to be, is likely to open to huge numbers. The first weekend will no doubt be record breaking, both overseas and India.

Here is our prediction for the year’s most awaited release – My Name Is Khan directed by Karan Johar starring Shahrukh Khan and Kajol!

  • Opening weekend – 30 crores minimum, could even be as high as 38 – 40 crores including paid previews.
  • Week 1 (if loved): 60 crores plus, could easily beat Ghajini.
  • Week 1 (if mixed): 55 – 60 crores
  • Week 1 (if disliked): 50 – 53 crores
  • Lifetime (if loved): 110 – 120 crores. The repeat value is unlikely to be as high as 3 Idiots.
  • Lifetime (if mixed): 100 – 110 crores.
  • Lifetime (if disliked): 75 – 80 crores

Overseas, the film is likely to beat the record of 3 Idiots even if the reactions are mixed, mainly due to the wide release and the SRK – Karan – Kajol fan-following. $20 million plus is a possibility if the film is loved.

Indian box office numbers will be more interesting though, here are some reasons why

  • Aamir Khan currently holds the record for two of the biggest money spinners ever – Ghajini and 3 Idiots. While MNIK is not expected to break the records set by 3 Idiots, it will be interesting to see if the film can beat the 15 month old Ghajini in India.
  • Can MNIK beat the opening weekend record of 3 Idiots?
  • Can MNIK beat the opening week record of Ghajini or even 3 Idiots?

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  • One Joke for you all on ‘My Name is Khan’ occassion —>>
    “Ek ladki Toota (perot) kharid ne ek dukan me gai. Dukandar jis ka naam Wasim tha usko Ladki boli mujhe ek khubsurat Toota dikhaiye. Dukandar ne ek Tota dikhaya. Ladki boli ish Toote ki kya khasiyat hai? Wasim bola ye Toota baate karta hai behan ji. Ladki Toota ko azmane k liye boli Mai tumhe kaisi ladgti hu Toota ji? Toota bola, behan ki Lodi Randi lagti hai tu. Ladki dukandar se boli Wasim bhai ye Toota toh mujhe gali de raha hai. Wasim Pinjre se Toota ko nikala aur dukan k andar le gaya. Andar ek pani k baalti me Toota ko duboya aur puchha aur gali dega? Toota bola.. Haan! haan!! dunga. Fir pani me duboya.. pucha aur gali dega? Toota fir b bola haan haan dunga dunga. Fir pani me duboya toh Toota man gaya aur bola, thik hai wasim aur gali nehi dunga. Toote ko pinjre me dal k wasim bola, lo behan ji ab ye toota kabi gali nehi dega. Ladki khush hogai aur fir se Toote ko azmane lagi.. Boli Toota ji mai tumhe ghar lejaungi. Par mujhe pata toh chale tum kitne intelligent ho?
    Toh batao agar mere ghar mere sath tum koi ladke ko aate hue dekhoge toh kya sochoge? Toota bola sochunga vo tumhara pati hai. Ladki boli Agar dusra koi Ladke ko aate dekho toh? Toota bola vo tumhara bhai hoga. Aur teesra koi ladke ko dekho toh? Toota thoda gussa ho k bola vo tumhara dewar hoga yar!!
    Ladki fir boli aur agar Chautha kisi ladke ko aate dekho toh?
    Ish bar Toota bhadak gaya aur bola, Oye Wasim chal pani laa, Maine toh pehle hi kaha tha ki Ye behan ki Lodi mujhe Randi Lagti hai…”

  • Bristi yaph man but my friend did arrange tickets (black ) house was definately full i admit i said few people liked movie few not mix reaction.overall average movie

  • Meina sub ko btaya tha na twist movie ka daikha kajal playing negative role use SRK for terrorism and love some one else.

  • Bristi i personaly dont like SRK thats why if i will comment about movie then it will not be fair.But i have told you opinion of my 2 friends one said nice other said typical story.My point average movie

    and it is very bad that salman fans are trying to spread bad news about MNIK so that people dont watch it.
    But take my words if we started doing these things salman movies will progress from flop to super flop
    SRK is no 1 actor. GOD BLESS YOU

  • MNIK no good response from audience,its suffering,i knew it if the product is good than why all this publicity,srk and karan knows that people wont accept it. its just that shahrukh is in desperate measures to match up with AAMIR KHAN and his success. Because he is feeling insecure now. And doing cheap things to promote it. He really sucks, SHAHRUKH IS ALL SPIN AND NO SUBSTANCE. no talent at all.

  • seems advance booking is nt gud at all in India…bt if d content is gud den it will gear up definitely.. The thing is …If the reaction is mixed overall nt dat grt…then forget abut breaking any record…..specially in India its gona be really tough for the movie…

  • Typical emotional drama expected from karan with strong grip on script which wrote specifically nature of indian audience and emotional people.A Muslim guy (Rizwan khan ) suffers from Aspersion syndrome ,kajol hindu woman(Mandira) which has son,Involve (typical drama 1st half) some comedy (like this portion 1st half) then marry Kajol , son suffer alot in school after 9/11 from his class mates (other school guys coz of Muslim father) so kajol’s son kill by school mates.

    Ridiculously Mantira put all responsibility to Rizwan khan for murder of her son and leave her and restrict rizwan dont try to meet me until u dont clear your self that you are not rizwan now try to meet president of usa for this do lot of struggle to clear his name.

    Really extremly boring movie hard to spend time in cinema if you are not emotional guy 0.3/5
    If emotional then you will like movie but not extremely 2.5/5

  • No My Name Is Khan In Mumbai

    Thursday 11th February 2010 20.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    It’s looking like My Name Is Khan will not be released in Mumbai and other places of Maharashtra. Talks are going on by the various parties involved but as of Thursday evening 20.00 it seems very unlikely that the film will release on Friday morning in Maharashtra.

    Exhibitors in Maharashtra are not willing to take the risk to release the film while there is the threat that Shiv Sena activists may cause damage to their properties.

    The film is likely to get a release if and when exhibitors feel assured that there is little chance of trouble. This could happen very soon or may take weeks for the controversy to die down.

  • Shivsena v/s Srk ki battle mein Shivsena ki jeet hui .

    Mnik is banned as follows………

    1) all over Maharashtra

    2) Mangalore some cities

    3) Gujrat some cities

    4) Ahmedabad some cities

    Congratulations to bala saheb Thackrey

  • Overseas advance booking is good but

    in India advance booking so poor that you can not imagine that like kurbaan . So sad for a big film & huge controversy not helping the film .

  • seems like it would be the fist big disaster of 2010..

    the movie MNIK would be crashing in interiors.. internal sources reveal this is not going to run second week in single screens as its very poor in entertainment.

  • Hello All,

    I just saw the movie in Dubai as it released here on Thursday. The movie is awesome…Shahrukh’s performance is topnotch!! After Chak de India, this is his best acting ever…But I feel this is better than Chak De India.

    Concept of the Movie: There are only two kind of people in the world – Good people who do good deeds and Bad people who do bad deeds and there is no other difference!!. What a concept. I really salute to the cute emotional scenes of Shahrukh!!! Truly Awesome!!.

    This movie has nothing to do with Kurbaan or Newyork….This movie has the power to change the world!!!. This movie has so much message about Humanity and also about the true meaning of ISLAM!!!.

    May be as this movie will bind Indians together, so the bad people (2nd type of people as defined in MNIK) Shivsena are protesting against it. It is so sad that the country who detained SRK at the airport are proudly praising his efforts whereas his own city is giving him problems.

    Iam proud that SRK didnt apologize to Shivsena, If he would have done that his movie would have added another 70-80 crore to the profits but not the true message of the film – which is humanity!!. hats off to Shahrukh.

    When are we Indians going to stand against the evil people?? where is democracy?. India is ruling by goons. It is really sad that hindu terrorist party like Shivsena who even lost in elections are controlling what to happen in Maharastra and what not to happen….really shame on Humanity!!!!

  • Limited Release For My Name Is Khan In Mumbai

    Friday 12th February 2010 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    My Name Is Khan is set for a limited release in Mumbai with single screens not releasing the film at all due to security concerns while multiplexes will give it a limited release.

    Multiplexes in Mumbai are likely to run the film on a few shows and see how things go through the day. Normally My Name Is Khan would be having a 18-20-22 shows at major multiplexes. The situation is being monitored by parties involved and things will change according to what is happening.

    The public is on the side of Shahrukh Khan in the controversy and this could see people who did not intend to watch the film giving it a go just to show support to Shahrukh Khan.

  • Shankar Singh I think you see only comedy movies and i pray may God bless you the sense so that you can understand this type of social issues.
    He is the best actor ever no doubt aamir is also superb actor

  • In a jolt to Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan, all theaters and multiplexes in Gujarat have decided not to screen Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘My name is Khan at the behest of the Bajrang Dal and VHP.

    All theaters and multiplexes in Gujarat have decided not to book any ticket of Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘My name is Khan’ in advance.

    According to reports coming out, Shri Ashiwn Patel, Ahmedabad based leader of Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Gujarat, when contacted by the media, pointed out that Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad have stopped screening of films even in past successfully. “Even this time, the film: My name is Khan would not be allowed to be screened in Gujarat.”

    Umesh Engineer, leader of Shiv Sena in Gujarat, on Thursday thanked Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal to join the agitation against Shahrukh Khan’s pro-Pakistan stand and his film. Umesh said the Shiv Sainiks would obey Shri Bala Saheb Thakrey’s order and would stop screening of My name is Khan with whatever strength they have in Gujarat.
    The Shiv Sena activists went on a rampage in Delhi, by vandalising the Satyam Theatre in Janakpuri, Delhi, where SRK’s movie, ‘My Name Is Khan’ was slated for a release today. The Bajrang Dal activists in Ahmedabad tore up the posters of the movie.

    Vandalism was also reported from the Akshardham area of east Delhi, Prashant Vihar and Sarita Vihar where protestors reportedly shouted anti-Shahrukh slogans and burnt movie posters.

    This came as a rude shock to Delhiites as the cash registers were ringing in the capital for the Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol starrer throughout Wednesday. Most cinema halls and multiplex chains had opened their ticket windows for the film on Monday and have been receiving a positive response ever since despite the brouhaha in Mumbai over the film’s release.

    The Delhi Police have decided to tighten the security across all theatres in Delhi in the wake of protest by Shiv Sena.

  • We thought politicians only play crook in our region but we are surprised that some Indian politicians on this event played with their wand and are mingle dingling with expression of ART.

    There are other forums where one can vent off their greivances but to hamper the exhibition of a film on a some false inference is totally uncalled for. Please do not make the people /masses suffer and those who are linked with the cinema industry..

  • just to inform you guys, the MNIK first show started with 20% attendence in interior single screens..
    multiplex in delhi started with 40% attendence..

    movie would be crashing all over despite the big hype..

  • I dont know why everyone comparing MNIK with 3Idiots……….i actually compare SRK with Amir Khan…..See the mature and natural acting of SRK……..i think SRK is far better than Amir……See the contribution of Amir in sucess of 3Idiots very few becoz there r 4 or 5 actors more and the story is superb…on the other hand SRK has more than 90% contribution in the sucess of a film…….

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