My Name Is Khan Box Office Prediction

These predictions are real hard to get right, simply because box office is very unpredictably and a lot depends on the merits of a film. But a film like My Name Is Khan, irrespective of how it turns out to be, is likely to open to huge numbers. The first weekend will no doubt be record breaking, both overseas and India.

Here is our prediction for the year’s most awaited release – My Name Is Khan directed by Karan Johar starring Shahrukh Khan and Kajol!

  • Opening weekend – 30 crores minimum, could even be as high as 38 – 40 crores including paid previews.
  • Week 1 (if loved): 60 crores plus, could easily beat Ghajini.
  • Week 1 (if mixed): 55 – 60 crores
  • Week 1 (if disliked): 50 – 53 crores
  • Lifetime (if loved): 110 – 120 crores. The repeat value is unlikely to be as high as 3 Idiots.
  • Lifetime (if mixed): 100 – 110 crores.
  • Lifetime (if disliked): 75 – 80 crores

Overseas, the film is likely to beat the record of 3 Idiots even if the reactions are mixed, mainly due to the wide release and the SRK – Karan – Kajol fan-following. $20 million plus is a possibility if the film is loved.

Indian box office numbers will be more interesting though, here are some reasons why

  • Aamir Khan currently holds the record for two of the biggest money spinners ever – Ghajini and 3 Idiots. While MNIK is not expected to break the records set by 3 Idiots, it will be interesting to see if the film can beat the 15 month old Ghajini in India.
  • Can MNIK beat the opening weekend record of 3 Idiots?
  • Can MNIK beat the opening week record of Ghajini or even 3 Idiots?

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  • There’re two sets of people in this world – the good and the bad. No matter how strong the evil forces are, good always triumphs.
    SRK U WON!!!
    IM so proud of u
    Awsome movie

  • Kuch khaas aawazon se dil ki dhadkan achanak tez ho jaati hain, mere liye to vo awaaz mandira humesha se tumhari hasi ki thi!!!!!!!
    SRK maan u rock!!
    All dose ppl who dare to critisize hm probably dont understand the sanctity of hard work and dedication needed to be a self-dependent maan!!
    Movie is ultimate cant even comment abt it!!!!!

  • Its so funny . How SRK repeatedly mentioned that he doesnt need any promotion for his film, People would come and watch his movies with out any marketing.
    I feel bad for him, as other people and actors are begging public to go watch the movie.
    I was a huge fan of SRK once upon a time. But , now, I think its time SRK growup, act properly and watch his words. Please keep thing to your self . Dont advice on what others should do.

  • Good news for all SRk lovers
    its the time to have new movie from srk which will hitting theatre on October 2010 on eve of Deepavali
    with a low budget upto 30 Cr

    “” I am Gay””

    starring lead role : SRk & Karan
    Supporting role : Taran adarsh
    female lead role : Gauri khan
    producer : Karan Johar
    Director : Once again karan

    hoping movie is All time blockbuster
    life time collection is 720 Cr

  • MNIK rubbish film,srk cant act man boring plot,no story bad editing,waste of money and time,its all spin and no substance,shahrukh is fooling people with this crap,with this publicity and shiv sena,so cheap man. im honestly saying kurbaan is better than this film,karan lost his touch. Shahrukhs acting is rubbish same boring stuff. DONT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON THIS CRAP. I REGRET WATCHING IT.

  • MNIK what a crap,BORING like anything,srk cant even act,waste of my hard earned cash. I want my £7.50+ £4.50 for popcorn and drinks BACK. WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT. ALL HYPE MISGUIDING PEOPLE.

  • Guys, I saw this movie friday night show.. the viewers attendence was about 40%

    now here is my review:

    The movie has many pitfalls, some are listed below:

    1) Sharukh is shown suffering from disease, but his austin like acts are looking poorly imitative.. interistingly he is shown participating in functions, gives speech, does the routine works,etc .. very unconvincing, hard to beleive.

    2) Their son getting killed – is the worst ever picturisations.. its very violent to see the kids killing another in a soccer (football) playground.. and for no significant or strong reason .. ( director tries to convince, its because he is muslim, but its very poorly themed and picturised .. very bad really)

    3) He gives statements in Hindi to Americans present in a social gathering and they were singing and dancing afterwords (as if they have understood the ‘Hndi’ very well) .. its very unconvincing..

    4) Kajol is shown with terrorist alignments… which is very bad, since childrens and woments are least involved in terrorist activities… it was really not required to be shown in movie.

    5) Lastly, the sentence “My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist ” is repeated too many times.. you would struck with feeling, if the muslims are eally terrorists … another directorial failure.. it seems like director is trying to defend and protect this Khan only (you will loose interest as the message is not conveyed properly for all muslims)..

    This is very unfortunate to say that this highly hyped movie fails to deliver at every aspect.. the story seems to be revolving around 9/11 only, acting wise the stars have nothing to do but to narrate the story..

    The emothional quotient is temporary as the story treatment is poor and leaves no impact due to hard to beleive sequences/picturizations.

    This movie might only be liked by sharukh fans only, and others should skip this flic or may see it in fast forward mode from local dvd shop ..

    rating: strictly 2.5 out of 5

  • RG i totally agree with you,its a pathetic movie……………………………..oh idont know what 2 say../[;’l.cp[;’cp[;’cp[;’cp[;’cp[;’k

  • I supporting srk,he is the real king of bollywood and the movie my name is khan is going to break all the privious records.

  • @syed did u say 40 people?
    I went to see it last night here in scotland…..only 10 people, thankfully I had already bought my valentine’s day ticket and went in to c valentine’s day instead. I would have wept if I had spent £7.50 on MNIK, seriously word of mouth is not doing it any good. My friend came out hissing!

    @Aman i can’t stop laughing at ur post lol…my friend bought the largest size of popcorn and a large coke and went in to c MNIK.She was so angry she wasted that money watching MNIK. She wanted her money back! And they say its breaking records in the UK! Its vals weekend, just came in from cineworld where I went to see percy jackson and screen 4 where MNIK is screening is empty so what are they talking about?

    @Drathb I hope for SRK the movie does well but the reality is this: a lot of publicity was created around the film causing people to rush in to c it but now people that have seen it are spreading mixed reviews around so I am scared that it might not break records as many people think and it would help if the media stopped spreading false houseful rumours! The cinemas here have been empty and there is no Shiv Sena in the UK. So like I said; lets wait and see:)

  • Great movie. I have watch this movie for three times. Its going very well. So please don’t hear some srk haters. They only know to hate others and jelous of srk success. Love u srk ” The king of kings”.

  • Pune bomb blast! This is the price of srk’s publicity stunt and government’s butt licking act to srk. This is the cost of saving one man and its film, whereas sacrificing the aadmi.

    would you still go and watch this movie, the movie for which whole police force and government protect as an prestige issue, but failed to protect aam junta?

    Think people….

  • Aman,Halle and Rg i don’t know why you are writting like this about the movie My name is khan its a great are also go and watch for another time,try to understand the movie about the humanity.

  • today (Sunday) special screening od MNIK who were suppose to visits guest like CM of maharashtra, sharukh, gauri and some other political parties has been cancelled due to bomb blast in Pune German Bakery and its also confirmed taht in pune most of the multiplex will be close for security reason just to avoid groupism of public as it is valentine day
    so today therer will not be huge collection for MNIK
    overall MNIk will be below avg

  • shahrukh u really rockzZzZZ…..i really want that mnik gonna break records…..i hope its gonna b a biggest hit in all over the world…..i hope….gr8 work shahrukh,kajol,karan johar….nd the whole tem of mnik………
    plzZz guyz don’t compare 3 idiots and my name is khan ,……plz …….they have a diff storis,,,nd thier is no dobut that aamir,salman nd shahrukh is one of the best actor in industry……………………………………….

  • bad movie..

    saw this movie, e real nonsense.. atlast its visible now that sharukh has really some serious mental disorders..

    dont waste your time and money on this crap..

  • hey everyone,
    my name is khan is really a bad movie. karan johar n srk should learn that their gay chemistry, big budget n some non sense reviewers as taran adarsh can’t make a superhit movie. there should be real story, excellence in every term … matter if in a low budget such as ishqiya. n media….plz try to appreciate srk n his movies. his same acting sucks. he tried to copy hrithik from koi mil gaya. he can only act like a crazy lover.n i can’t believe how taran adarsh appreicated this movie..looked like it was all set before he even watched the movie. i admit that srk has won most of the awards…….not aamir or salman n may be he will be king of bollywood for many years…but he is a selfish,jealous, arrogant human being n the one expression- actor.poor sallu n amir never got wat they deserved. thats y amir vowed never to go to any award function. it is bcoz everytihing is bought n sold……..even awards n reviews

  • @drath8… offence but no way am I watching that film unless I get a free ticket! Like I said, cinema halls here have been empty and my friend who would die for SRK is so disappointed in the movie…so I am not going to spend £7.50 to see it for anything! Have a couple of nice foreign films that are getting fav reviews that are showing…will see them instead till another nice bollywood film comes out! Word of mouth is bad!

    MNIK is smashing records overseas…kudos to it! But it is going to do average in India! U guys have to remember that Fox will have to make their money from this movie first. I wish SRK luck and will always love him in films like Kal ho na ho, KANK, KG3….some of my favorite films of all times……! But I sure as hell am not going to see MNIK cause I have not heard anything nice from friends who have seen it and they are SRK fans! I might be a Salman and Aamir Khan fan but some of my favorite Indian movies are SRK and Kajol films! I love their jodi and I love SRK’s acting…..I was so looking forward to MNIK! I took a couple of my white colleagues to see Veer and they went crazy about bollywood and were waiting for MNIK cause I had hyped Kajol and SRK so much! Since my friend who is also a colleague and a fan said the movie is so so…no way am I taking them to see MNIK cause I have to buy their drinks too! So please do not be offended when I say…..this movie does not do it for me and it may not run in aberdeen this week. It is a quiet town and if they do not get enuff crowd here, they won’t run it for the second week!

  • My name is Khan has broken 3 idiots in some aspects

    My name is khan first day international gross 30% more than 3 idiots on first friday worldwide

    MNIK: 25 CRORE wordlwide (19th demcember) 3 idiots: 19 crore wordlwide (25th december)

    It has also broken 3 idiots records for weekend gross in UK, USA, UAE, PAKISTAN,

  • movie was substance. New York and Kurban far better than this movie. SRK is commercial, he even got Reebok to sponsor him to wear their trainers..helarious. lol.. I can watch 3 idiots again and again and this is coming from a Neutral guy who apprecaites quality in movies.

  • What a movie
    SRK u r dad of bollywood
    I dont know why you r not accepting the class of the movie
    Much much better than 3I

  • WMOTY (WORST MOVIE OF THE YEAR) Award is up for grabs both veer and mnik are vying for it along with paa and de danandan who will win???

  • I can’t believe some of u here.. saying that MNIK was a boring movie, or a crap ( bad intention behind what u say for sure!!)

    This movie created a hype in our country Bahrain ( I’m not sure in other countries but I heard it was one of the top movies in US and UK)

    Now that’s normal.. always good movies fail in India.. so what does this mean?!! Does this mean the movie was bad, the script was bad, the direction was bad, the actors were bad or it’s just the audience.. who was bad?!!!!!

    Yesterday my sister said that lots of ppl can’t stop praising MNIK and encouraging everyone to go and watch it, and when she said to them that the movie didn’t do very well in India they were all surprised and said: “what a taste!!! and what did they like then? So she told them the fact.. what the indian audience loved and mentioned the bunch of crap movies which won at the box office in India and one of them was ofcourse JTYJN, so they raised their eyebraws and replied: that crap which we just put it off after 10 minutes of watching.. they loved that poor direction movie with lousy actors!!

    So.. what would u say guys here? do u think that u all know how to value any movie “better” than the rest of ppl in this world?

  • MNIK is the best!! Better than 3 idiots and better than veer.. anyone who says it is not good needs to get his or her brain checked

  • Srk_fan: just leave them..ignore them, no point in explaining anything.. whoever say that MNIK is not a good movie.. believe me..he’s one of two: a hater or a dumb for sure.. he’s a bad audience and entered a wrong cinema to see a good film, he should’ve changed his way and pay ticket for DDLJ and watch it 100 of times as it’s still running in India!! or go and see some cartoons or watch the action movie Wanted for Salman instead or that lousy poor movie Veer.

    MNIK is a high quality movie in production, direction, script, performance, everything, it won at the box office overseas, and just now.. I read in Masala website that MNIK is the top-grosser in US and it even surpassed the collections of OSO.

  • alll good films are made by srk but doesnt mean all bad films should not have srk in them.. solely carrrying the message that all muslims are not terrorists is not enough…!!! the film is low on emotional content .. entertainment content .. and doesnt leave any impact.. the victory of good over evil is the standard benchmark of our films so what is new ???..if good wins over evil… and the protagonost so easily meets up with the prexz ..hard to believe .. we people here want some honesty also to be shown in our films .. we dont go just by srks film so we have to see .. that is why we made veer flop here in india .. a substandard stuff is not liked by indians in our hindustan .. people abroad only see the gloss and since they havent had their fill of these big stars easily fill up the halls .. but for us these people are constantly in our eye through newspapers and media that we dont pay any atttention to them and their badly made films

  • so i think in all fairness my assessment was better than everyone here.. it has truly flopped and left our hearts..

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