My Name Is Khan Box Office Prediction

These predictions are real hard to get right, simply because box office is very unpredictably and a lot depends on the merits of a film. But a film like My Name Is Khan, irrespective of how it turns out to be, is likely to open to huge numbers. The first weekend will no doubt be record breaking, both overseas and India.

Here is our prediction for the year’s most awaited release – My Name Is Khan directed by Karan Johar starring Shahrukh Khan and Kajol!

  • Opening weekend – 30 crores minimum, could even be as high as 38 – 40 crores including paid previews.
  • Week 1 (if loved): 60 crores plus, could easily beat Ghajini.
  • Week 1 (if mixed): 55 – 60 crores
  • Week 1 (if disliked): 50 – 53 crores
  • Lifetime (if loved): 110 – 120 crores. The repeat value is unlikely to be as high as 3 Idiots.
  • Lifetime (if mixed): 100 – 110 crores.
  • Lifetime (if disliked): 75 – 80 crores

Overseas, the film is likely to beat the record of 3 Idiots even if the reactions are mixed, mainly due to the wide release and the SRK – Karan – Kajol fan-following. $20 million plus is a possibility if the film is loved.

Indian box office numbers will be more interesting though, here are some reasons why

  • Aamir Khan currently holds the record for two of the biggest money spinners ever – Ghajini and 3 Idiots. While MNIK is not expected to break the records set by 3 Idiots, it will be interesting to see if the film can beat the 15 month old Ghajini in India.
  • Can MNIK beat the opening weekend record of 3 Idiots?
  • Can MNIK beat the opening week record of Ghajini or even 3 Idiots?

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  • Megha: you’re saying that the movie is low in emotional..means.. it didn’t leave any impact on yr feelings!! well that’s not because the movie “lacks” what u said.. it’s because we ppl are different.. sometimes some scenes make u weep from the bottom of yr heart..but it would never affect yr colleague’s, yr sister’s, yr mom’s feelings, but instead.. you find some scenes which make (them) cry and it won’t make u cry too, exactly like comedy movies.. what makes u laugh would never make some other audience sitting next to u laugh! and that’s because we’ve different feelings towards what we see on the screen, towards certain things we see.. one more example: I can’t see in movies very cruel scenes.. torturing ppl in prison or torture someone in a bad way.. but others would see and would never touch their feelings.

    If MNIK didn’t touch yr feeling.. but it did for lots of ppl in this world.. what about the scene when Kajol’s son dies at the hospitals? it makes anyone cry and her acting was so natural in a way that I couldn’t beleive that she was acting!
    She gave her best performance and she deserves an award for that scene ( or u consider her lousy over-acting in k3G was the best!! and surprisingly..she got the award as the best actress for that movie!! haha)
    Entertainment: it’s not an entertaining movie although it had some funny scenes!! why the movie A Wednesday won at the box office in India?! was it an entertaining movie?!!!!!

    Megha: the movie was about muslim’s issue in this world, and I noticed that all bollywood movies which had the same subject.. about muslim ppl didn’t do well ( even an indian guy told me this) why the movie New York was a succssful movie in India?!! It was also about the victims of 9/11.. it didn’t hv some superstars like Shahrukh, Salman, Akshay or Aamir in it? The answer is: because it was about “the indian victim” and not about the “muslim victim”!

    I’m not surprised if MNIK didn’t do well in yr country, even the movie Kurban which was a good movie and everyone liked it in my country.. and I even don’t care if the indian audience didn’t like it.. what matters to me is: the overseas audience, so MNIK is a blockbuster in US, Europe and everywhere, except India, so was Slumdog Millionaire.. do u consider SM as a bad movie just because it did an average business in india?!! can u answer this question or the reason is: the indian audience doesn’t appreciate some good work, a good cinema, as usual!!

    I said this many times on this website and I’m repeating it again: if any hollywood movie flops.. so we can say it was 100% a bad movie, without even watching it.. but if any movie flops in India.. so we ‘ve a doubt.. we must see it to decide whether it’s good or bad!!

  • dear fathiya the kajol crying and shreiking scene the hospital scene that you say was deliberately put by karan johar ro try out kajols shreiking abilities .. i m sure she must have been told before the scene kajol this is for u ..this is gonna be a scene stealer do it..!!! and see whereas we people ignored it as run of the mill typical hindi movie scene ..u say u liked it… u cannot even say others liked it .. off course what is there to like it..!! but you people out there are so predictable .. anything concerning muslim issue u say is great.. done by muslim actors is great .. even though it is substandard stuff. you people should come out of this mentality of liking all that is salman khan shahrukh khan and etc.. if a film is bad please dislike it do not look at india to give the verdict.. please give yours too on our lines ..because nobody knows films better than indians.. if a film flops in india then it must be a bad film .. we people are the makers of these films so we also know what we like and what to dislike .. have faith on us .. our predictions will seldom be wrong..!!!but just see last year we made all the films flop except the well made ones .. doing better business is something different.. like de danadan ..may have done good business but it was an eysore and therefore we flopped it in our country.. so that that piece of waste could be liked by people of middle east .. so please encourage your country people to dislike whatt we dislike ..that way you will apprecite good cinema and not just kajol ka rona dhona ..
    but seriously what was so good bout this film … nontopical film .. it was the story of rizwan khan and rizwan khan alone ..he doesnt speak for the muslims!!!and what is being done by them or not being done by them in the world .. we dont buy his good /bad theory….and the film is just a journey ala forrest gump.. copies ..which we abhore .. the rainman act ..and please go and see dustin hoffman too..!! you mentioned earlier that it made u laff ..where did uou laugh??? we dont want comic situation in a film always .. but we also dnt like to see immature and amateur efforts in the films ..we want our films to be a class act..not flimsy excuse films like my name is rizwan/khan

    as for a wdnesday it was a taut well made film didint do too well because it was not publicized well..i will not touch upon the muslim issues so please dont bring them up

    what was there in MNIK to cry??? if u cried then you may have lacrimal overload fbut for us the hospital scene was the usual stufff.. karna could have made it more subtle ala hollywood style but then he had to show kajols histrionic abilities na…!!!

  • Megha: u think differently and it’s hard to convince you.. u didn’t like MNIK, u didn’t like the movie Paa.. two of the best movies which we saw recently.. so I can’t make u like them.. it’s your choice, your taste..but u could (never) say if any movie flopped in India so that means that the movie was a bad one, and u can’t say that MNIK was good for some MI ppl.. it was a blockbuster everywhere, in US, in Europe, everywhere except in yr country!!

    So do u consider that all the audiences in this world are just stupid, blind or know nothing and how to judge some movies.. but indian people do!! haha.. grow up girl.. you need to admit this fact to yourself.. and don’t convince yourself that you guys know in movies better than we do.. that’s not the answer.. you should say to yourself: there’re movie which were made just for us.. for our audience.. and there’re movies which r made for overseas people.. and in fact.. all the movies which won at the box office outside india were class good movies, high in quality, high in subject, in the messages, in the content, in the performance and many movies won in India but flopped overseas because they were just: shallow, stupid, silly comedies, meaningless movies.. and the best example is the movie: JTYJN!

  • i dont get it .. why hindi movies will be made for foreign audience????and if that wuld be so then the songs will be deletedna?? histrionics will be toned down… i believe hindi films are made for indian audience in mind first.. remember there are 100 crore audience out here.. the non hindi market share is very for people who understand hindi and get emotional by kajols weeping scene ..well what can i say??? silly sentimental guys…
    for me subtlety is everything and im sure a lot will agree that a very nice touchy scene was in 3I when raju and farhan get jobs and pull down their trousers to say jahanpanah tussi great ho.. that brought tears to my eyes .. not nirupa roy screaming and wailing by kajol..

    and why should any film that touches on muslim issues be good??? this movie only tells that hey all muslims there are good guys also!! so all of you are not bad…!!!! as if they are???!!! here u are trying to say please dont punish us even if few are bad… thereby admitting that muslims are doing bad to the world… and they are shown in the movie plotting also…!!!! is this how u want to portray yourself????. please think.. is the right message for the muslim community??? a death is brought upon a hindu-muslim family because of an act by a few rash muslims the 9/11 ..whom would u blame?? this movie doesnt fix the liability but rather fixes the guilty and he has to go all the way out to the president to say not!!! there by sayin look others are but im not… this is why its silly film .. 110 crore of peoples money has been wasted on this shindig .. please do not allow such atrocities on us in future…

    you didnt mention the areas where u laughed in the film???

  • Megha: well.. still you can’t admit it.. that the indian audience (in India) got a different taste than the indian audience outside india! fine.. let’s say that the indian movies r made just for the indian audience and I’m wrong, and that the indian movies were sold for US, Europe, MI, Gulf, everywhere in this world for the sake of (only) indian audience to watch it and not for other nationalities to watch it! still.. many movies, as I mentioned in my last comment, won at the box office outside india, but failed inside india.. don’t u get it Megha? Millions of indian audiences r living abroad, not only in India, so if the companies are selling movies for aborad so it’s for the sake of (the indian audience to watch it and enjoy it.. you’re absolutely right in this and I was wrong).

    Now what would u say about that? Would you still say that the indian audience “aborad” got a very bad taste because he loved MNIK, appreciated this movie including the movie Paa and made both movies blockbuster and super hit movies! ( and the movie Paa which u didn’t like and u post many comments again this movie too was also a hit and a successful movie in India.. right or wrong?) The indian audience abroad loved also Rocket Singh which was a good movie and failed in India, they hated the movie Blue for Akshay Kumar and didn’t work in our cinemas except for a week, they loved DDD for Akshay and worked for moren than one month.. they didn’t like Ishqiya – me too – and failed, they didn’t like A Wednesday and failed, they didn’t like JTYJN and failed.

    There4 I’m always saying: u can’t say that this movie or that movie is good or bad because every audience requires different movies.. whatever entertains you it won’t entertain them and vice versa.
    And u considered ppl who got emotional by some scenes r silly people!!! why?! Do u think that what make u weep should make them weep too and what makes u laugh should make them laugh?!!

  • first of all lets get it right mnik is a mediocre film a universl dislike is unlikely,,it didnt work for me as it lacks entertainment vsalue… if u were to sww the green mile u would know what a good film means ..not southindian makes like paa and dedanadan ..
    you havent answered to alot of questions raised by me…!!!
    u think mnik was made for foreign audience??? seriosly ?? then why srk was pissed when it didnt ger realease in maharashtra..???obviusly the bigger market is at home…!!!why should right or wrong for anyone ???why should veer work??here or abroad?? why should rann work for u or me?? if u didnt like ishqiya is because it has a local flavour which u people will not follow…clearly our makers are making for us.. kaminay was well recieved here if it didnt work for people abroad bad for them.. but clearly the hindi films are made for us first ..u people are secondary to its success.. the film makes only that much abroad which a single state like maharashtra would do for the film
    making your heroine doesnt mean good acting skill ..speaking like an autistic guy is no big achievement..!!! dustin hoffman has laready done it wearing an old mand makeup is no big shakes ,,benjamin button came before paa…and the makers of paa got inspired by it…
    what we want to see is quality cinema wholesome entertainment like 3I

    I ask u again where did u laff in mnik???
    what else did u like besides kajol crying??? forget for a moment the message which ive alredy discussed and bisected ..your comments on my earlier comment

  • a mediocre film like mnik doesnt need to be ahit to prove that it is a good film.. it is thoroughly poorly made afilm which was seen by srk s fans ..thats all.. it just averaged out abroad to give it a hit status otherwise we in india have rejected such inane profanities before is non touchy non classy abject vist to post 9/11 scenario which makes sense to only dumbwitted people prediction for it was total and complete annihilation .. but few odd ones chose to see it and gave itlittle respectability

  • hahaha Megha.. I saw the green mile, liked it, and I saw forrest Gum and I loved it and saw it many times, but if a movie like Green Mile was made in hindi.. so it would’ve been 100% a flop movie!

    You can’t compare hollywood to can’t compare western audience with the indian audience.. now let me ask you: why the movie Slumdog Millionaire was rated as average movie in India and it was a blockbuster movie everywhere..everyone liked the movie except the indian audience! ( well I can give it a reason and I’m not sure about it that the indian audience doesn’t want to see any story about poor ppl, it just reminds them of the misery of their nation, the way millions live in India.. probably that’s the main reason but the movie was directed very well and it won 8 oscar awards.. so can u say that it was a bad movie or the audience abroad doesn’t hv a good taste because they liked SM?!

    MNIK is poorly made movie?!! well Megha.. no comments!! and I wl not waste my time discussing all this with you.. don’t wait for any more reply and just forget about this subject.. you didn’t like it, u didn’t like the movie Paa.. so let it be.. enjoy the rest of the movies in yr theatre nowadays.. no movies encouraging..

    And one last word to say:when there’s no movies releasing for your superstars such as Shahrukh, Aamir, Salman, Saif, Hrithik, then your cinema is just suffering!!!

  • Dustin Hoffman played the role of an Autistic Savant in the movie “Rainman” that won him an Oscar way back in 1988, I guess. That was when I first got some clue on what auitsm is about. While the need to belong to a micro group that perfectly matches the traits of your son is understandable from a shared knowledge/experience pov, micro-categories are often `consolidated on purpose for reasons of a)ease of administration and identity at Academic Institutions, Medical centers, Research labs, Community groups, where micro doesn t matter much at an admission stage; b)Societal perception that does not bother to recognize the difference beyond Normal (like actors) and abnormal (unlike actors); c)Too much of micro-segregation would promote in-breeding as opposed to the desired levels of diversity sought to be attained eventually to end forced isolation/excessive introvertion. In a way, it also offers an opportunity for the broader society to willingly blend such diversity in and break its stereotypical monoculture. d)Gaining the power in numbers. A larger super group will always have a higher negotiating power than a smaller sub-group as might face ostracization underservedly, especially for someone as gifted as your son. Under your loving care and support, I am sure he’ll learn to cope sooner. In time, the society too will.

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