Pics: Zarine Khan New Pics

The stunning Zarine Khan of Veer fame was seen at a Tennis Academy in Xaviers, Mumbai.

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  • She is beautiful just needs to reduce some weight.N I will like to c her in a modern role.

    @ Naveed ..Me too w8n 4 Partner 2 eagerly :)

  • i think zerine will be in partner 2 bt wont be paired wid salman khan in partner 2…anyways she luks grt nd with western cloths she will be tremendous

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  • who’d believe that she’s a pure indian girl? who’d believe that she’s not Katrina Kaif’s sister? Are we idiots or what? And why is she in just Salman Khan’s movies?!!!!!

    Now again she’ll work with Salman Khan ( a good supportive!) she got everything in her look as Katrina got, the face shape, the hair, the lips, the smile, the face expression, the body language, everything except that she’s a bit fat..Katrina Kaif got 7 sisters and she must be one of them and a brother too ( hope that her borther wl not decide to join bollywood with a fake name! indian name!!)
    Today no one admits that she’s Katrina’s sister.. but tomorrow everyone will for sure coz no one can hide his id.

  • @Fathiya at first i thought u talking about Isabel Kaif(sis of kat) ..nd her scandal :P
    her acting is better den katrina nd yeah shez pure Indian u can check her old photos dt 100 kg pose at dancing class…lolz..u will find hw mch she transformed ….;)

  • why you guys keep saying – she is moti and loose weight !!

    She is damn good looking gorgeous lady.. reminds me my ex..

  • @ Kamal

    cant agree more

    she does not need to lose weight.

    i dont like girls dat r all bones. plz can i have da Kareena dat was in K3G, FIDA etc.

  • Fathiys are u gone crazy Zarine khan is KAt’s Sister oh Common girl use ur common sense how can u say in full confidence that zarine is sister of kat
    dont make any rumour over here just concentrate on MNIK

  • M. River: can u prove it that she’s a pure indian girl and that she’s (not) Katrina Kaif’s sister? I mean.. can i get in google search her biography, her date of birth and her mo, dad’s name, everything about her?

    I can’t believe my eyes.. I can’t believe that she’s indian.. see how she looks, see the 1st and the 2nd pictures from the left.. even her simile is like Katrina!!! Now suppose someone told u in the past.. when Katrina was just new in bollywood that she’s a pure indian girl..could u believe that?!! U can say from the way they look ( both Katrina & Zarine) that they’re half indian and half british!

  • Mn: Sneha Ullal ( I didn’t know who she is.. but typed her name on youtube..then I knew.. she’s the heroine of the movie Lucky).. no.. her eyes only like Aishwarya and nothing else.. she’s different and she looks Indian but with green eyes.

  • @Fathiya u saw isabel kaif!! she got more dissimilarity then similarity with karrina…so looking like some one does nt make some one sister.. yeah zerine looks a bit like katrina…bt hw cum it means shez her sister !! when Barak obama was elected as Us president a look alike of Obama found in Indonesia. Even there ws a lookalike of Maria sharapova competition in Florida….hahaha….

    I guess u nt yet saw her interviews….shez so mch mature…..talks like Indian,looks like Indian…yeah i accept she is a fair skinned girl….bt only that cant question some one origin…btw do u knw katrina kaif fathers name…!!!…;)

  • M. River: well ppl who are alike could be found anywhere.. I saw many ppl alike, exactly like twins and they weren’t related, but this girl Zarine doesn’t look like Katrina only, even her smile, her face expression, her hair, everything except that she’s fatter.. and also her voice and the way she talks!!!! If there’s someone like Obama in another country, so the similarity could be only in the look but not in their voice and in all what I’ve mentioned above!! therefore I can’t believe that Zarine is a pure indian.. that’s no. 1 reason and can’t belive that she is not Katrina’s sister.. that’s no. 2) reason and .. why is she in Salman Khan’s movie again? that is no. 3.. I still can’t believe what u all said.. I’ll try to search for a video on youtube and listen to her talking in Hindi.. if she’s speaking with indian accent 100%.. then I’m wrong.. I’ll believe u all.. but if she’s talking the way Katrina used to talk, when she was new in bolllywood and couldn’t speak a good hindi.. then I’m right 100%.. that this girl is cheating you all!

  • i think zarine and katrina look alike but that doesnt mean they r sisters they r better in there own proffessions and they both look pretty

  • @Fathiya i guess u just heard voice in d movie….btw in veer her voice ws dubbed by someone else(d same person who dubbed for katrina in her early movies..)..yeah if u hv any doubt abut her her accent den i can guaranty u its 100% hindi accent…even last night i saw her giving interview in star news abut valentines doubt pure indian…i think u will find quite a lot interviews of her in youtube…u can check even check Zoom or star news for her interviews….

    btw whr u from Fathiya !! u also got pretty fair skin ..(saw u n fb)

  • M. River: I saw an interview with her on youtube last night.. yeah.. she’s talking a pure hindi language, but I heard that Katrina lived her life in UK with her mom and she could never speak one correct sentence in hindi when she joined bollywood, then she learnt while she was in Mumbai.. and I also heard that her parents are divorced and that her father is living in we could assume that this actress Zarine was living since her childhood with her dad in India ( her dad is indian) so.. she’ll speak a fulent hindi if she lived all her life in India!
    Anyways.. I might be wrong.. she might be a pure indian but when I look at her face just can’t believe it.. visit youtube, watch her interviews and you’ll see the comparison ppl make between the 2 of them.. they put her picutre with Katrina.. and they were also wondering..they said she’s the duplicate! so you should never blame me or anyone who’ve a doubt about hercharacter.

    I’m a Persian living in Bahrain, was born in Bahrain ( originally from Persia.. but I speak a fluent Arabic and that’s because I was born in Bahrain, lived all my life in Bahrain where everyone speak if Zarine is Katrina’s sister and lived all her life with her dad in India, since she was born or since her parents got divorced, but she’s hiding her id for the sake of her career.. then why can’t she speak a fluent hindi language?!

  • @Fathiya I already enough of her already …..I mean she is really beautiful … :P I think zarine also knw about her similarities with kat nd its nt just her looks she also try to dress like kat ,same kind of make up and many more thing. wt u r talking if true will b the biggest conspiracy of this world…which may ruin both katrina as well as zerine career ..dont worry truth will come out if there is any . I guess media is more curious then us.. ….btw do u knw who is older kat or zarine!!!
    btw u gt really grt skills in English which is a bit rare among citizen from middle east.I met some people from middle east bt its may be my bad luck or reality none from them had gud knowledge abut English.

  • M. River: u met Arab ppl from Middle East or probably from Gulf Arabia.. Arab ppl’s English is poor comparing to Persian people’s English.. English language is much easier for us to learn than for Arabs.. even Hindi language..we find it easy language because there’s a similarity and many words are similar in hindi and persian language.. I already explained this in some other websites and don’t know if u already read that.

  • hey guys i dont think tht she loks like katrina at all. except she’s fair skin as well. n thts it. n fathiya no she’s not kat’s sis. in n interview she mentioned tht she did took some tips from kat and also they both share the same make-up artist so tht can be the reason for people sayin they look alike.

  • hey gurl i loved that movie called veer it was a good movie you and salman khan made i love it so i wanna ask u this ? if you ans salman khan are brothers and sisters will if you got faceboook add me at

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