Box office: My Name Is Khan vs 3 Idiots vs Veer vs Ghajini

My Name Is Khan has opened to a huge response in India, but SRK fans expecting the film to beat the opening weekend collections of 3 Idiots, would be disappointed.

The film opened to a great response on Friday, but lost close to 2 – 3 crores due to a limited release in Maharastra and few others cities. Saturday saw an unexpected drop at single screens and again lost close to 1 crore in Maharastra. On Sunday, with a release all over, the collections were upto full potential, falling just short of beating the 13.5 crore nett of 3 Idiots.

As promised, here is the weekend comparison between My Name Is Khan, Ghajini, 3 Idiots and Veer. 

My Name Is KhanVeer3 IdiotsGhajini
Day 18 crores7 crores12.5 crores10 crores
Day 29.5 crores6 crores11.5 crores9 crores
Day 312 crores7.5 crores13.5 crores10.5 crores
Total29.5 crores20.5 crores37.5 crores29.5 crores

In order

  1. 3 Idiots (Aamir Khan) – Way ahead in India at the moment.
  2. My Name Is Khan (Shahrukh Khan)  - Suffered due to drop at single screens.
  3. Ghajini (Aamir Khan) – Released more than a year ago and is likely to hold on strongly to the No 2 spot for Week 1 collections.
  4. Veer (Salman Khan) – Suffered due to poor business at multiplexes.

Few points to be noted

  • My Name Is Khan lost around 3 -4 crores on Friday and Saturday. Otherwise, the weekend collections would have been around 33 crores.
  • 3 Idiots weekend would exceed 40 crores if paid previews (2.5 crores) on Thursday is included.
  • My Name Is Khan was strong at single screens on Friday, but dropped on Saturday.


  • this is from

    Picked up rapidly over the weekend. Saturday was better than Friday, while Sunday was better than Saturday. This, despite no release in Maharashtra on Friday [except a few theatres in Mumbai] and a scattered release on Saturday. The opening weekend closed at Rs. 33.20 cr. nett, which was confirmed by Fox to this writer. The Friday figures were approx. Rs. 8 cr., Saturday was Rs. 11.06 cr. and Sunday was a record-breaking Rs. 14.14 cr. [official figures supplied by Fox]. Mumbai, Delhi-U.P., Punjab, Bengal and South have performed exceedingly well, while C.P., C.I. and Rajashan aren’t that strong

  • Amit @@
    what a joke !!!!!!
    yesterday it was like this
    friday = 8cr
    saturday = 9.5 cr
    sunday = 12 cr
    total = 29.5 cr

    But today lttle bit increased
    friday (same) = 8 cr
    saturday = 11.06c r ( 1.56 cr increased)
    sunday = 14.14 cr (2.14 cr increased)
    total = 33.20 cr

    so u mean to sayIndicine is fake ??
    dont try to do that with indicine,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    after 2 days there might be once again increase
    total of first 3 days 40cr
    bad habit

  • Please don’t give wrong information. The first three days collection of MNIK is 90.2 crores which is better than 3 Idiots.3 Idiots first three days collection is 90 crores.

  • Please Indicine team give us the true picture. Bcas we believe in u. MNIK comes to break all records. Without u all sites r showing the success of MNIK. u want to say they all r wrong. No it can’t be. We trust u all please.

    SRK u r is the best.

  • MNIK 1ST WEEKEND IN INDIA(OFFICIAl)-33.20crore..sunday was record breaking 14.14crore..hurrah MNIK BEATS 3IDIOTS;-)..3IDIOTS..37.50+18.50=57.00(worldwide 1st weekend) nd MNIK=33.20+25=58.20…srk wins guyzz..some people will b very jealous..check it on…some are saying taran is kj’s..go to hell u fools..except the reality

  • on early weekend same taran has given the fig 29.5 cr that was not enough for FOX stud
    so they paid once again more to taran so he updated a little more fig
    thats the fact buddy

  • so Rimon & amit
    now Box office india is fake
    ur going through bollywood hungama hehehehe
    for VEER u told acc to BOI its below average
    Same attitude u both guys have like SRK selfisf fellow

  • Srk is the king will rule bollywood many many more years. Mnik is on its way to break all records. Srk is born to rule the world.

  • My name is Khan is OK, but Paa was better. 3 Idiots is on a class of its own. it is still doing well here in SA. All is well. Films made in the similar way as Paa unfortunately do not do good business. Surprisingly after all the negative reviews and the non acceptance of the movie in India, I thought Veer was an excellent movie.

  • Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan (MNIK) has grossed around Rs 50 crore in India and about Rs 90 crore worldwide in its opening weekend, Vivek Krishnani, head (marketing ), Star Fox Studio said.

    My Name Is Khan earns Rs 90 crore globally by weekend

    Krishnani observed, “In the US, the film made Rs 20 crore, in the UK region, £1,23,000 ( Rs 89.61 lakhs) on the opening day. In Australia, the film earned an impressive $1.5 million ( Rs 7.05 crore), and was ranked no. 11 in the market.” He added that the overall weekend collections of MNIK have been double of closest competitor 3 Idiots worldwide,” adding that Sunday global box office markets like US, Australia, UK and Middle East set new records for the biggest single day internationally for a Bollywood movie.

    Star Fox Studio, the distributors of the film had distributed close 2,000 prints worldwide in the US, UK, Gulf region and Australia. The film ranked number five at the overseas box office behind Avatar, Valentine’s Day, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and The Wolfman. MNIK has seen the biggest international opening day for a Bollywood film, grossing almost 30% more than, 3 Idiots which was released on December 24, 2009, says Krishnani.

    In India, despite the issues in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Indore and other centres on Friday and part of Saturday, the film has opened well. In states where the film opened without any trouble, including Delhi-UP, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerela, the collections have been strong.

  • Three Idiots Set To Hit the 200 Crore Nett Mark

    Tuesday 16th February 2010 12.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Three Idiots should cross the 200 crore nett mark by the end of this week. This will mean the film will have crossed the magical 200 figure in eight weeks.

    The film has so far collected around 199 crore nett in seven weeks. Every circuit apart from Bihar, Assam and Orissa have seen record distributor shares and nett collections.

    Three Idiots was always expected to do well but the business it has done has surpassed all expectations.

  • GUYS!
    this is really confusing.
    i don’t know whom to believe and whom not to believe.
    some are saying 29.50cr and some are saying 33cr.
    has mnik beaten 3 idiots worldwide gross for first 4 days?
    is there any report about that.
    what are the nett monday collections in india?
    if anybody knows,plz give the information.

    happy birthday amish!

  • Ar @
    SRk would have been born in mughals period so that he could have been ruled world against british
    born to rule the world??//

    monday’s collection was only 1.5 cr a disaster

  • hey idiot naaz kutte pahele box office report dekh then bat kar sala….
    my name is khan roxxing in the world………

  • @AR i think you are @Addi coz both nature resemble so much with each other.

    Guys MNIK Friday 1st day = 14 crore
    Sat 2nd day= 16
    Sun 3rd day=18
    Mon 4th day=25

    Total 73 crore on weekend just enjoy ALL TIME BLOCK BUSTER .Broken record of 3 idiots,Avatar,titanic,benher.
    Mind blowing movie .what a joke.

  • 3 Idiots has made an impact in my life. it has brough back memories of the many students that studied with me (the good and the very bad stories) If 3 Idiots has manged to change the life of one student out there….all the crores at the box office will not equate. I am tired of seeing Karan, Shahrukh and Kajol on every tv station promoting the movie. let the audience decide on their own.

  • Bad news for all SRK fans

    Indore Barometer Monday My Name Is Khan

    Tuesday 16th February 2010 12.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    My Name is Khan crashed badly at Indore multiplexes on Monday. The film is showing a 80% drop from Friday to Monday at Indore multiplexes. Below are the Monday numbers with Friday figures in brackets.


    My Name Is Khan – 1,58,553 (4,37,779)

    Inox Sapna

    My Name Is Khan – 72,561 (2,13,678)

    Big (Adlabs)

    My Name Is Khan – 69,167 (2,68,842)


    My Name Is Khan – 57,299 (2,20,602)

    Inox City

    My Name Is Khan – 54,012 (2,13,678)

    Satyam Cineplex

    My Name Is Khan – 47,483 (2,05,688)


    My Name Is Khan – 3,16,055 (15,60,267) -79.74

  • @ INDICINE , KHAN uses abuse languages against NAAZ . So immediately take action on KHAN . Or banned him . thanks

  • where goes ADII, Nauman , Megha, fathiya , Ar, Unknown , Amit & sami

    Sab milkar AMISH bhai ki birthday celebrate kar rahe ho kya ?

    Mnik ki FLOP hone ki GAAM mein .


  • srk once again prove his the king of bollywood .inti controvery k baad bhi jo my name is khan ko opening mili maja aa gaya.overseas ki sabse badi hit i hope so bollywood ki bhi

  • Boxofficeindia :

    My Name Is Khan held steady on Monday with around 5.25 crore nett collections. The first day collections were around 8 crore nett but that was without most of Maharashtra. The film is being helped by very steady collections at higher end multiplexes in the metroes.

    The collections in Delhi/UP have dropped in the 40-45% region while South and Bengal is around 50% as compared to Friday. Single screens in Muslim centres are also faring well. Mumbai/Thane and Pune also saw good collections on Monday but Gujarat had a noticeable drop. Circuits like CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan have seen 60-65% falls as compared to Friday.

    My Name Is Khan stands at nearly 35 crore nett after four days and it should finish the week at around 46-47 crore nett which would be the third highest first week ever after Three Idiots and Ghajini.

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